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Dr. Wizard's Patented Elevation Indicator

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

Our Price: $10.00

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Don't know if the flying dragon is in range of the sorcerer's fireball? Get rid of the confusion!

Dr. Wizard’s Patented Elevation Indicators are the solution every gamer has been waiting for. His clear, three-inch tall rods are designed to hold a single medium-sized miniature and still fit any one-inch grid or hex system. Inscribed along the length of the rod are the elevation amounts and the colored bands clearly identify the character’s position.

Each Dr. Wizard’s Patented Elevation Indicators comes with two bands to determine the character’s location. The top set of numbers are a multiplication table (X0.1, X1.0, and X10), and the bottom set is 10-100 in tens, allowing for an elevation of 1 unit (foot, square, yard, meter, etc.) to 1000 units (foot, square, yard, meter, etc.). You can also invert your Elevation Indicator to show depths if you’re falling down a ravine or flying down a pit.

Whether playing in the sky or plunging down a rift, these great gaming aids will revolutionize your games and bring more fun to each combat.

Note: Figures and accessories sold separately.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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****( )

I like this product but there could be many impovements. Currently this comes with two black bands that are cloth covered rubber so they do slide around a bit, eiter notch the pillar or use gummier rubber bands. The first time I put this on the table everyone loved it and went and bought one. A must if your character flies. The base expansions need work but overall I really liked this product and the price is right.

A useful tool for gaming

****( )

This item is most certainly a useful tool for gaming and of solid craftmanship. It is a 3" long and 1" solid arcylic resin cylinder with markings. I would give it 3.5 stars so I will round it up to 4.

Firstly, the items does not come as it appears in the picture. It only comes with 2 black bands unlike the 2 black and 2 red bands as suggested. The package it comes which it comes in suggests to buy a second set of bands for more precise measurements. Sadly at this time, paizo does not offer this.

Finally, their is only one indicator per pack, I bought this with special codes that made the price more appealing. This product is over priced and as suggest before missing parts.

With this identified issues it is still very useful and I would recommend it to DM or players with characters who fly or climb. Though it does not come with a base, it is fairly stable. The base would add stability but it would also interfer with surrounding miniatures. There are two extender sets that you can add to this product and I would refer you their product page to read my review. Gift Certificates
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1. Dr. Wizard's Patented Elevation Indicator
****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

Our Price: $10.00

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