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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Kobold Quarterly 8

***** (based on 1 rating)

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The mysteries of ink magic, the power of extradimensional monster, and the joy of bar brawls—KQ8 has it all!

This issue also features articles on medieval medicine, an Ecology of the Golem, an indestructible new PC race, and we even provide dozens of warlord battle cries for the 4E gamers.

Not to mention the interview with R.A. Salvatore, the new flagellant prestige class, clever swords, a fiendish set of traps, and the Cults of Zobeck!

KQ #8 also provides you with our finest Map of Fantasy ever: the icy Frostrift awaits your DMing skils or offers a challenge for any explorer!

Pick up KOBOLD Quarterly #8 today, and enjoy a better game tonight!

  • The Ecstasy of Ink
    by Joshua Stevens
  • Horrors from the 5th Dimension
    by Tim Connors
  • Legends of the Golem
    by Ross Byers
  • Interview: The Brutal Honor of R.A. Salvatore
  • Medieval Medicine
    by Phillip Larwood
  • Smarter than the Average Sword
    by John E. Ling
    And much more!
  • Tossing Kegs and Smashing Chairs
  • Traps of the Mind
  • Roachlings: Indestructible New PC Race
  • 4E Warlord Battle Cries
  • The Flagellant
  • Book Reviews
  • Bolt & Quiver Cartoon by Stan!
  • Maps of Fantasy: The Frostrift Oracl
  • The Free City: Cults of Zobeck

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Into year three!


The cover is gorgeous, but a little busy. KQ is hitting its stride.

The glyph magic article presents a school of magic with spells running from 1-6th, with the bulk in the 2-5th range, a nice mixture.

The horror article gives a new creature type and provides lovecraftian terror that is, thankfully, not far realm inspired.

The Golem ecology article has engaging background and variant stat-block goodness that doesn’t forget real-world roots.

The Salvatore interview looks at his worldbuilding, a certain drow warrior, and the directions he’s moving in now.

The article on Medieval Medicine covers a topic usually ignored where disease is a 5th level cleric away from being a non-issue.

Ling shows how a weapon can act as a story hook, an NPC, an enemy, or a story in and of itself. Intelligent weapon stat blocks with histories makes campaign integration easier.

The barroom brawl article nicely adds mechanics, considers the tactics, & provides the insight to make memorable encounters.

The roachlings are a non-psionic alternative to the OGL dromites. The addition of a roachling god and evil rites makes for a creepy foe.

“Traps of the Mind” is about psychological warfare against dungeon delvers. Nothing prevents this article from applying to a 4E game with a few DC adjustments.

The Warlord battlecries piece adds to 4E roleplaying elements, the quotes are perfect. This article has no crunch, unusual for 4E material.

The book reviews focus on new novels, one unreleased—an indication of KQ's growing reputation.

The Flagellant embraces roleplaying potential with great crunch; the flavor of this class is outstanding for that method actor.

The Frostrift provides a “Side Trek.” The map is well rendered with good suggestions for optional monsters.

The issue closes with the Cults and Heresies of Zobeck. It has no crunch, so the material could provide for any system.

Good stuff, KQ continues not to disappoint. Gift Certificates
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