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Dungeons & Dragons: The Art of Dragon Magazine Hardcover

****( ) (based on 6 ratings)
Dungeons & Dragons: The Art of Dragon Magazine Hardcover
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The World’s Greatest Fantasy Art!

For 30 years, Dragon magazine has published genre-defining fantasy masterpieces. This beautiful treasury features classic pieces by undisputed masters such as Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Jeff Easley, Wayne Reynolds, Brom, Todd Lockwood, Tony DiTerlizzi, Tim Hildebrandt, Daniel Horne, Denis Beauvais, Clyde Caldwell and more!

    The Art of Dragon contains:
  • Three decades of fantastic art in 160 full-color pages
  • Notes and anecdotes from artists and Dragon editors
  • A gallery of famous Dragon covers from all eras of the magazine’s history

ISBN: 0-9776778-6-9

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Product Reviews (6)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 6 ratings)

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Rich images from a great magazine!

****( )

Turning the pages in this book reminded me how much I miss Dragon magazine. But what a showcase of the great artists and their covers. In particular, I loved the page dedicated to the memorable and striking series of chess covers by Denis Beauvais. This collection of art is inspiration for a game and a reminder of an era when great artwork was hand-in-glove a part of enjoyment of rpgs.


Very Cool

****( )

This is a really nice book. For an art book, it's at what I consider a standard price. 4 stars because it was missing some of the more recent art from dragon I would have expected, and only made mention of many of the interior illustrations (would it have been hard to show more than one of the comics from over the years?).
Anyway, this is a cool product, and will sit next to my tsr art books. ;)
Now... where's my art of Dungeon?

Great Art, But Price is High

***( )( )

This book has some terrific art, and the layouts and everything are nice; however, after getting it, I'm not really sure if 35 bucks was worth it.

Not worth the price

***( )( )

I was really disappointed in the production quality of this book. The art is great and the book uses quality materials, but it looks like it was put together by amateurs. Heck, I wouldn't have even minded a Dragon Art book done by amateurs, but not for $35. Disappointing.

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