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Son of Mercy

tonton's page

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My group could not get Erilyum after 3 encounters while exploring the catacombs. Very frustrated, they decided to forget her. Just the mention of her name could break the harmony of the party. It brought us some funny role playing while they kept arguing about who was to blame for their nonsuccessive attempts to get rid of the quasit.

They met her again in SotS back at her old job as The Scribbler's familiar and they finally killed her.

How did they kill him? I'll be running that encounter soon and I'd like to plug some loopholes if possible.

Karzoug is immune to mind affecting spells! Feeblemind is a mind affecting spell!


David Fryer wrote:
My group chose to let Tsuto live when the confronted him at the glassworks. They subdued him and turned him over to the local authorities. I'm going to have him escape while they are clearing out the catacombs and Thistletop and become a reoccurring villian in my campaign. Has anyone else ran into this and how has it been handled?

My group did as yours. When they got into Thistletop, they brought Lyrie under 0 hp and stabilised her, then went on the lower level and easily killed Nualia, surprising her. As they had spells running, they continued exploring and stopped to rest for the night in the collapsed treasury to lick their wounds and grab the loot, forgetting about Lyrie.

That is when Orik found the stabilized Lyrie and the dead Nualia. He cured Lyrie and escaped Thistletop with her. After resting a day, they organized the evasion of Tsuto. The 3 of them are in Magnimar where they will probably get in touch with my players very soon.

Savage_ScreenMonkey wrote:
These counters are great! Are there any plans to finish off the rest of the Rise of the Runelords AP? Would anyone be willing to make counters for Curse of the Crimson Throne and future AP's and modules?

Thank you for the praise... Yes I will finish the Rise of the Runlords, I will soon start my 2nd reading of Hook Mountain massacre and I will make the counters while reading.

I do not plan to do Curse of the Crimson Throne.


Tokens (counters) for all the monsters of rise of the Runelords & Skinsaw Murders

Are also included many NPC.

I print them on a 8,5 X 11 inches Avery label, then glue it on cardboard and cut them. Your players will love those

Burt the Ogre wrote:

They are skipping the Glassworks and everything else in-between.

Has this happened to anyone else? What's the best way for me to get them back on track and hold off going to Thistletop.

I had the same problem and I did not want it to happen mainly for the level issue, a problem you do not have. I brought in greed and Shelalu.

Greed: The mayor offered them 10 gp a day to help guard the city while the Sheriff was away to get reinforcement from Magnimar.

Shalelu: Mayor & Sheriff introduced her to the PC and stated that Shalelu will be the city's eyes and hears scouting on the goblins on the outside while the Sheriff was away so they can concentrate on the city defense, pass go and collect 10gp a day.

Forgottenprince wrote:

I wanted to add some pictures to give the other players a face to remember when I'm discussing an NPC.

Any help would be most appreciated.


I use counters that I already posted. Just follow that thread. You will find all the pictured NPCs & monsters to run RRL & SSM plus a bunch of unassigned NPC you can use as you wish.

I personally print the counters on a full page Avery full sheet label, then glue it on cereal cardboard & cut them with an X-Acto. th/runelords/countersAddedForSkinsawMurders

Or that thread: tlebackFerry

Blackdragon wrote:
Is there a map for Turtleback Ferry? I'm just starting to run HMM and I was thinking that if the PCs are going to be based in the fort, it would be best to have a map of the closest town.

Rustle's excellent map:

Dualwolf wrote:
I'm confused though, why is the scarecrow man a large size??

It is the scarecrow from SSM page 49: Large construct, space/reach: 10'/10'

The map without roads, building & monsters

The file also include Burnt Offering

All the monsters & NPCs

I also put a gang of Boggard for the lucky adventurers navigating on the Yondabakari River.

If you have suggestion for additions, let me know, I will try to add them in further update.

tbug wrote:
Perfect! Thanks!

Glad to help! There is a snowstorm here, everything is close and I have time to spare.

tbug wrote:
Do any of you have an edited version of the bottom level of Thistletop that you can send my way? I need areas E8 through E10 to look like solid rock.

Try this

evilvolus wrote:

These are fantastic, thanks!

One suggestion for future versions: 'shop some numbers into the corners of each counter. Knowing that it's "Gobbo #7" that has initiative on this round is very helpful. I generally use d6 for my monsters, which is a pain when there's more than 6 mobs in an encounter. These will be great to have.

It's faster and more flexible for me to put the number by hand. You can also confuse metagaming players and make them wary by having a "Gobbo #44" guarding the gate.

I will probably complete Skinsaw Murders counters tonight while watching the hockey game.

Dualwolf wrote:

Cool! Did you do these yourself?

Whats the likelyhood of you doing it with the other pathfinders? Or alternatively, explaining in dimwit terms (so I can understand) how to go about doing this myself.
Thanks DW

Yes I did it myself, I just started to work (or play) on Skinsaw Murders. I will post it when I'm through.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to do that. You need the following:
1- A drawing software, I use Photoshop
2- An editing software. I use Quarkexpress, Publisher or Word would do fine too. You need a software that can do 1" square and import and resize pictures.

Almost all the pictures I use are from the web, just right click on the picture and select copy picture (not the link). Then you paste it in your drawing software to work on it if you need to. The snapshot tool of adobe reader allows you to get pictures you want from .pdf documents.

My main source is the
D&D Art & Map Gallery Archive. I also use Fiery Dragon Productions Counters

janxious wrote:
tonton wrote:
I would like to share that tool, I just need a place to store the .pdf file. Can somebody helps me help us?
You could try something like MediaFire or any of a number of other free hosting services.

Thank you Janxious, I started a new thread with a link to the download.

Instead of miniatures, I use counters. The following link is for a PDF of over 170 counters to use in the Burnt Offering Adventures. I think that all the monsters are included, even a few spiders for summoning.

You just have to print it on a WHITE FULL SHEET LABEL (Avery 5165/8165) ; apply it on cardboard (cereal box) and finally, take out a good XActo and cut the 170 counters.

I hope you will enjoy that tool as much as my players do.

Download here

Dan Kamstra wrote:
Echoing: This is Bloody Brilliant. I can't wait to give it to my players...

The echo bounces a few more times with me. My PC just received Tsuto journal yesterday night. They will love to see in flesh it next Monday.

I love the tools that everybody is sharing, it really helps. I just completed 3 counter sheets that covers all the monsters of Burnt Offering and lots of NPCs.
You just have to print it on a WHITE FULL SHEET LABEL (Avery 5165/8165) ; apply it on cardboard (cereal box) and finally, take out a good XActo and cut the 170 counters.
Me and my players love to use those. Every PC has its own counter. Every encounter shows the real monsters on a real size counter (space&reach). And they are very cheap to make, a 10$ investment gives you 2000 counters (printing not included).
I would like to share that tool, I just need a place to store the .pdf file. Can somebody helps me help us?

Rauol_Duke wrote:
Check this out!!!

I checked this out and I come back with a question. What is the 8th rune, the one between Pride & Wrath?

Zuppel wrote:
I would like to know if a reprint is planned ^^

As a game retailer, I know that Paizo recently asked pre orders from their distributors to evaluate the size of an eventual reprint. That's a good omen

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