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hughnme's page

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Thank you all for the replies.

Joynt,would it be possible to post or send me you your Cleric's build?I'd be greaful.

I have to confess Prc stuff is a little hard to grasp however I'm getting there.

Joynt Jezebel wrote:

I have a suggested improvement.

My last character was very similar to yours, a cleric of Sarenrae.

I took 5 levels of cleric, then one level of the Exalted Pr C, then went into Evengelist with the aligned class as Exalted.

This has numerous benefits and is very efficient, you only have to take and comply with diefic obedience once to qualify for both classes. Amongst other things, you eventually get back most of the channel energy feature you stopped progressing in when you went into the prestige classes. And as I recall, there is almost no reason not to.

Read both PrCs, drool a lot over what you will eventually get, then follow my advice. :)

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Thanks for the reply,sorry I'm new to this Prestige Class stuff.
What do you mean by SLA and PrC


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Hello everyone,

I've recently picked up Inner Sea gods and I want my Cleric of Sarenrae to take the Evangelist Prestige class.I'm fairly new to playing Pathfinder in the sense that our group is now starting a regular campaign playing Rise of the Runelords.

So to check I understand the criteria-it states you have to have the ability to cast 3rd level Cleric spells,5 ranks in any skill other than Knowledge Religion.So I cant take my first level of Exalted until 5th level?

With Aligned Class (Ex) Does this mean that the first level of Evangelist cannot use any of the aligned class features until Evangelist level 2?

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the quick replies,I was thinking that may have been the case,when I did the print preview in Hero Lab it had "Cleric Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (4/day, DC 11) (Su)"

The DC 11 part through me,I'm guessing that's what undead have to roll to mitigate damage? rather than (as you confirmed) what I have to roll for the spell to work.

Hi all,

quick dumb question-Do I as a Cleric have to make a roll to channel positive energy or does it just I opt to do and it goes off?

Thanks in advance.

Wonderful work chaps,now to be an even bigger pain,presume I choose the buff up and charge into melee option type Cleric choosing David's base stat allocation-pretend I'm facing a blank character sheet.

What stats do I allocate where,what skills do I choose and what spells and other options do I allocate at each level progression?

If this is too much work for a stranger I completely understand,I figure there is no harm in asking,and once again thanks for all your awesome responses to date.

Thank you all for your replies and apologies for for my vagueness.Yes,what I was looking for was a level by level PFS legal synopsis of my character so I can plan ahead.

The Clerc I'd like to play should be able to assist the Fighter with a bit of fighting while still being a decent healer.Level 8 was just an arbitrary number I came up with.So,starting stats,favorite spells-anything at all from you guys would be most helpful.

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Following on from my wonderful experience playing PFS at Paxaus I was handed Kyra as a pregen and I've decided to play a Cleric for PFS.

Would it be a big ask for someone to build a Cleric of Sarenrae up to level 8 or so with all the stats and spells and whatnot.

Basically what I'm asking is a kick arse Cleric build I can play from the get go with explanations on why you picked certain things at certain levels.

Thanks in advance.

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I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Pathfinder Society crew present at PaxAus, I had a wonderful day on the Friday and was able to play in 2 sessions, the second of which was my first outing playing Pathfinder Society .I’ve been a subscriber for a while however this was my first opportunity to play PFS.

I played the Cleric (a random choice), Cleric was the first class I ever played in D&D so it was kismet. Time to start converting my gaming group to Pathfinder!


I'm relatively new to Pathfinder and the only module I've managed to run for my group was We be Goblins.Well,the group loved it! So I'm going to run We be Goblins too,problem is there will probably be 6 or seven in the group.Are there any extra pregens floating about somewhere? Sorry to be a pain.

It just occurred to me typing this I've only played Pathfinder once and that was a GM gig! I've got to get more Pathfinder under my belt,I've been listening to the Paizocon coverage from the Know Direction podcast,what an awesome company.I might change my plans for going to Gencon to Paizocon...maybe...

Thanks for the prompt reply Andrei, wow, my search-fu is seriously lacking.

I will keep an eye on both sites with interest. I’ve got to say I’m a little shocked by the lack of an rpg presence in general on the PAX site, perhaps it’s my expectations at fault not having attended a PAX con before.

Andrei Buters wrote:
We'll also be giving updates on gaming times in this thread: Official Forums thread

Hi all,

Is there someone who can give me more information on the Pathfinder Society play scheduled at PAX Australia in a fortnights time?

I’ve not played Pathfinder Society yet although I’ve subscribed to a heap of Pathfinder stuff. I’m wondering if the Pathfinder events at PAXaus are sort of demos or an actual Pathfinder event where I bring my Pathfinder card?

There is precious little info on the internets and the PAXaus site to refer to.

Thanks in advance.

no one ? :(

Hi all,
I'm attending my first GenCon this year,coming from Australia,I'd love to play my first ever Pathfinder game,I see quite a lot of sessions on the hiprogrammer site.
Would I book a 1-5 level session and just rock up with my dice or are ther some prerequisites I need to do first?

Are there going to be new player friendly sessions I guess I'm asking,I played a little bit of 3.5 back in the day.
Any advice more than welcome

that's the one!
thanks guys

one of the Pathfinder books had a nasty looking vampire on the cover,I cant find it anywhere,anyone know which on it was?
thanks in advance

Sorry to come in late,the pre gen Kyra in the back,she has a Scimitar,is this right for a Cleric?

I was reproducing the character for my players in Hero lab and the program says its a "martial weapon proficiency" required for the Scimitar and attacking with it would be at a -3 instead of the +1 stated in the back of the book,is the Scimitar a mistake in printing?

thanks in advance

Thanks for the replies,I'm a dummy,all the time I'm thinking d20 d20,d100 percentage dice!
you can tell I don't roll them very often

anther newbie question from me,I've been reading about Arcane spell failure chance,the failure percentage varying according to armor worn-etc.When you roll your Arcane spell failure check,what is the target number? how do you work out the percentage check?Could you give me a "in game" example
I don't get it.Sorry to be such a newb.
Thanks in advance

logic_poet wrote:
hughnme wrote:


just a quick one,if Ezren's Dex is 9,why is his reflex +1 on the pregen sheet for Crypt of the Everflame?
His weasel familiar is good for a +2, did they leave it out of his stat block?

Ahh,thanks logic,the pet is the key,Exren's Dex is 9(-1)and with his Weasel +2 to Dex makes it +1

I'm getting there slowly...:)

just a quick one,if Ezren's Dex is 9,why is his reflex +1 on the pregen sheet for Crypt of the Everflame?

Thanks for the replies,it's all clear now.what I'm doing as a brand new GM is looking at the pregen sheets and digging under the numbers to see how they arrive at the total.

Newb question.

On the Valeros Fighter pregen at the back of "Crypt of the Everflame" he has +3 and +2 with his duel wielding,is this because he is "proficient" with both weapons (longsword and short sword)and does not incur the -2 to both weapons from TWF?

Also,one of his feats is Weapons focus longsword which says "Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon."
so should not his +3 on the sheet be a +4?

thanks in advance

Thanks for the quick reply,wow,that seems kind of harsh punishment for first level characters.
I'm guessing that the "incorporeal' nature of the attack will mean it goes through armor and the like?
I'm also wondering if I'm right and perhaps given there will be 3 adventures at most I should tone the monster down?

I'm a newbie GM with a question concerning an encounter that occurs in "Crypt of the Everflame".
In one of the rooms the players encounter a Shadow that deals strength damage,could you provide me with an example of what would happen when a character is hit by strength damage from a game mechanic point of view.
Say a Fighter is hit with normal fighter stats and how that effects him,or a wizard etc.
Thanks in advance

I have the Core rule book, I’ve ordered the GM screen, I’m about to get the Bestiary and I have Crypt of the Everflame...and I'm going to GM for the first time. Ever.

Now I'm scared.
I have been looking around the site for a while now and the adventure paths look like the way to go. Start with The Bastards of Erebus you recon?
What would you do?
What Adventure path should I start at? Should I go with the modules till I get a feel for how to run a game? Or start with an Adventure path?
Any advice would be more than welcome.

Thanks for your awesome quick and informative replies, what I meant for “build” is; where would you put your highest ability scores,18 str ,16 wis? what is the dump stat ect,what is key for making a effective druid. I have no frame of reference as to what is best (and perhaps I’m not being clear, wouldn’t be the first time)
Perhaps this is too vague a question, if so, put it down to newbie drivel :)

Hi all, I’m a new player to Pathfinder, I’ve mainly played 4E in the past and I have a couple of questions.
I received the core rule book in the post yesterday and I decided I want to play a druid. I guess I’ve been spoilt over at the wizard forums with character builder software, guides and builds aplenty. I have no idea what starting stats to use and how to play my Druid, so my first question is; is there a resource here or elsewhere that that can guide me in the creation of my Pathfinder character with regard to starting stats and build options?

The second question is about skills, I just cant work it out, my class skills are 3 and all the rest are zero?-I’m confused. “You can never have more ranks in a skill than
your total number of Hit Dice” so at first level my druid can have a maximum of 8?

Sorry to be such a newb,thanks in advance

Thanks for the links and the replies, I will be downloading and reading strait away, cheers!

I’m a total newbie (and first post) to pathfinder adventures,Ive ordered my copy of the core rulebook and I’m waiting for it to make its way to Melbourne, I have a question about this particular AP.

Can I form a group and start this campaign from Level 1?

Thanks for your time

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