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Xulgag the Wanderer's page

19 posts. Alias of Jurgen of the Shroud.




Drunken Master








Lawful Neutral




Common, Orcish,

Strength 15
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 10

About Xulgag the Wanderer

Master Hyung watched as Xulgag trained. It'd been 19 years since the Half Orc babe was left at the monastery's gates. Many of his fellow monks disagreed with his decision to raise and teach the babe. They assumed he would never become as disciplined as the others, that his anger would get the best of him. "How could I ascend to serve the Master of Masters if I can't accept this task?" He would ask his peers. "Doubting is the first step on the road to failure." A follower of Irori knew this to be true.

To perfect his self, Master Hyung taught him the teachings of Irori, to achieve perfect in mind, body and spirit. His body was never a problem and combat came natural to the Half Orc. As predicted it was self-discipline that was his biggest problem. Xulgag spent many hours going through various drills as punishments for not using his training correctly (or even at all) during spars.

That was many years ago thought Hyung as he watched Xulgag approach. Xulgag's freshly tattooed skin was still healing from the day before. "You did well in the arena yesterday but don't let pride overwhelm you. You've progressed well and are no longer a student, but you'll never stop learning. Only the strongest can test their skills in the Irorium." Hyung said to his former student. "A drunken master's road is the toughest to follow Irori, you must maintain control of your mind at all times. Master this and it'll be your opponent who misjudges your attacks."

"Yes master," Xulgag replied "You've taught me so much but I think it's time I find my own way to perfection."

"You've been outside enough to know you will not be accepted everywhere you go. They do not see the individual as we do here, Xulgag." The Master continued, testing his former student. "Outside you will face prejudice and even hatred you've never met before. Stay here and master your skills so that you might one day serve in Irori's Great Palace."

"How could I ascend to serve the Perfect Man if I don't face the challenges that lie outside these temple walls?" Xulgag replied. A smile crossed his Master's face for the first time in 20 years. The next day Xulgag set out with the supplies need to begin his journey. Master Hyung saw to it that he was well equipped for the start of his journey.

Xulgag entered an in months later where he'd meet his first trusted companion. "Wine please," he asked the barkeep.

"You should try the mead, it's the nectar of the Gods!" Ragnar said to Xulgag. "Hey ugly! Did you hear me?"

"My name is Xulgag of the Staggered Fist," Xulgag replied. "What's yours?"

"I didn't ask."

Xulgag looked at the man for a second, then noticed the whole inn was looking at the two of them. Other men began to approach Xulgag. Taking a drink, he prepared for what he assumed was next. One of the men grabbed him, dropping him from the chair to the floor.

"We don't want no trouble from no Orc's bastard!" The drunk man said as he tried kicking Xulgag. Xulgag rolled to his feet, dodging the blow and surprising his attackers.

"Yah shoulda kept yer mouth shut when a purebred is talkin' to yah!" the other said as he charged. His drunken swings missed Xulgag, who's staggered right then left his movements like the waves of the ocean. Xulgag spun and in a flash delivered two punches to the man's face and abdomen. The man stumbled back not sure if the half orc was falling over or fighting back.

"More drink!" Xulgag asked the amused Ragnar who sat on his chair. The first drunk drew his dagger and thrust it lazily. Xulgag collapsed on to dodge and quickly regained his staggering posture. "Please?"

Ragnar sat amused as the Half Orc stumbled to and fro. He grabbed a random bottle and tossed it to the Half Orc. Always a good time for a drink! Ragnar reflected.

Xulgag caught the bottle as he stumbled out of the way of the first drunk's second thrust. He uncorked the bottle and began drinking, unaware the second drunk had picked up an empty bottle for a weapon. The bottle smashed over Xulgag's head in mid drink and he fell to his knees a bit stunned from the blow. Not wasting anytime, the first drunk lunged yet again. This time the alcohol had taken full of effect and Xulgag could dodge fast enough as the blade cut his arm.

"What did you give me?" Xulgag asked kicking the drunk and returning to his feet. Ragnar shrugged.

"Get that bastard out of my inn!" the innkeep screamed pointing at Xulgag.

Ragnar and two more humans stood up to join in the brawl. "We got this drunk, sit down and drink yer ale boy!" One said to Ragnar. Ragnar smiled and threw a punch knocking out the first.

"What'd yah do that for?" The second said to Ragnar before receiving a similar blow. Having finished his opponents at about the same time, Xulgag looked at the barbarian with a look that asked the same question.

"It just didn't seem fair," Ragnar replied.

The innkeep shook his head as the Half Orc tornado that destroyed his bar and Ragnar walked out of the inn. Ragnar looked curiously as the Xulgag, who miraculously seemed sober, began repacking his gear . The hilt of a sword could be seen just barely at the side of his pack mule.

"Why don't you carry that sword on your side like the rest of the world?" he asked. "You afraid you'll get too drunk and stab yourself? Where you headed? Uh, the name's Ragnar by the way."

Xulgag looked at the man before him puzzled.

"Pleased to meet you, I'll be heading west as soon as possible. You won't be bothered by this half breed anymore." Xulgag replied continuing to ready his things.

"I got a lead on a new job that requires some muscle, I'm sure I could use your talents if you'd be interested."

"You don't mind a half breed?" Xulgag gave another puzzled look at the man.

"You seem like a competent brawler, I could use that. I don't know if I trust a man who doesn't trust his life to a sword though." Ragnar replied.

"The man who walks into a bar with a sword is only looking for a fight."

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

AC: 17 = 10 + 2(dex) + 5 (wis + monk bonus) touch:14 flatfooted:14

Fort:5 Reflex:5 Will:7 BAB:0 CMB:2 CMD:18

Unarmed 1d6 Crit 2x MONK
Temple Sword 1d8 Crit 19-20/2x MONK, TRIP
Sling 1d4 Crit 2x (10 bullets)

Acrobatics: 6
Intimidate: 6
Knowledge History: 5
Knowledge Religion: 5
Perception: 8

Flurry of Blows, AC Bonus, Imp. Unarmed Strike, Dodge

Sling, Bullets (10), Temple Sword, Backpack, Rations (5 days), Monk Outfit, Donkey, Feed (4days), Belt Pouches (2), Wine (10.5lbs), Hemp Ropes (50ft)

Wisdom in Flesh - Acrobatics (dex) modifier is switched to (wis) instead.
Sacred Tattoos - +1 luck bonus to all saving throws. (racial)
Bullied - +1 damage when making unarmed attacks of opportunity.
Intimidating - +2 to Intimadition checks (racial)
Darkvision- Can see up to 60 ft in darkness. (racial)

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