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Vongoosewink's page

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Just a heads-up for gamers who will be attending the Salute show in London this weekend. Crocodile Games will have a booth there (#TK23), and we'll be bringing along a limited number of Pathfinder Minis. Since we're coming a loooong way to the show, we won't be bringing a lot -- but we will have limited numbers of the entire range. If you are coming, please stop by and say hi!

--Chris FitzPatrick
Crocodile Games

Here is the first of the Goblins "Gobdolf the Green" -- sorcerer and leader of the misfits.

On a balmy summer afternoon, the local wizard's dirty laundry was being washed by his lowly apprentice. While the wizard's star and moon hat was left to dry, the wandering goblin called "Gobdolf" spied it hanging on the line and thought "I'll ave me sum of dat!", hopping over the fence and stole the hat! Convinced now that the hat is a powerful magic artifact, Gobdolf has manifested sorcerous powers... And has renamed himself "Gobdolf the Green"!

He has since convinced a band of goblin rogues that he is infact a powerful wizard and together they are roaming the hills outside of Sandpoint causing mischief. He is pursued by the wizard's apprentice, who seeks to retrieve his master's hat at all costs...

Gobdolf is my conversion and paint job. His body is a GW gnoblar plastic body, with a Crocodile Games Pathfinder goblin head. The hat and wand are both free-sculpted out of green putty. He took about 4 hours to convert and paint.



Sorry if this question has been asked already, but here goes...

I know Pathfinder has been described as 'greyhawkish' in tone, but I was wondering if there were any plans to actually post conversion material for running Pathfinder in Greyhawk (or Forgotten Realms or Ebberon. But I'm really just interested in GH, though I thought I'd mention the other 2 as some subscribers would no doubt be interested.)

It seems from what I've seen so far, the 2 worlds are actually quite different (different gods, even). So, if I was going to run it, I'd obviously want to make the conversion as simple as possible, and especially keeping it in tune with what the designers intended. My gaming group are too old and set in their ways to switch to a new game world after 20 years!

Simple notes for this published online would suffice to get me to subscribe -- like what was done with Age of Worms "Overload" (Manzorian is Tenser, the Free City is Greyhawk, etc.) Even if this was done in an 'unofficial' capacity, it would be a huge help, as Eric Mona & company know both Greyhawk & Pathfinder much better than I do, and we could certainly use some advice on this come August.

Thanks for your consideration.


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