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Kutholiam Vuere

Vernon Fults's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 140 posts. 6 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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The pose is also a bit different from the cgi render shown earlier. Maybe there are 2 thri-kreens in the set? Or maybe they are doing variants with different weapons?

Erik Mona wrote:

A mini of the iconic spiritualist would cover the old and disabled requests in a single figure.

The occultist is also obese, or at least "quite fat."

So it would be awesome to have minis of the Occult Adventures iconics, that's for sure!

Is that a hint? That sure sounds like a hint to me. :)

Well played, Drahliana! Well played!

Chief Guh willl be a good Mama Graal proxy.

Erik, will the unpainted new sculpts eventually be repurposed for minis in the Pathfinder Battles PPMs?

I picked up set 6 and just wanted to say the quality of the sculpts and paint jobs is amazing. My only question is why does Seltyiel have light gray skin? I thought he was an elf; is he half-drow or something?

Zadim, the iconic slayer, seems to be what you're looking for. The mini is available as a prepainted plastic figure in Iconic Heroes Set 5 or as unpainted metal from Reaper minis.

I got Set 5 today. All of the paint jobs were superb! Zadim is my favorite of the set; excellent sculpt, wonderful detail, and his face is perfectly painted. I suddenly feel the need for more middle-eastern themed characters! Enora is my next favorite; her robe and cloak have wonderful designs applied to them. Kes is exceptionally well sculpted and painted. She'll see use as a monk at some point in my campaign. Adowyn was my most anticipated figure from the set but I'm disappointed in the end result. The sculpt's proportions seem off to me; legs too long, waist too narrow, and her fur boots too bulky. But the face is amazingly wel painted. Oloch is a nice figure; he'll fit in well with my orcs. Lastly, we Leryn. I want to like the wolf, but there is something about the way it's head is sculpted that doesn't seem right; it's like it's head is too flattened. In all, a good set with a few minor problems.

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RDI is the best minis release ever! The sculpts and the paint jobs are wonderful. My personal favorite is the bartender; a beautifully sculpted piece with a perfectly painted face. WizKids should do a revision of the sculpt to add a weapon and armor to her so we could have a rogue or fighter version of the bartender.

Would it be possible for WizKids to make a promotional set of one table and two stools to be sold in the web store? I know I'd snap up six to help fill out the tavern.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

Thx for the info, Vernon!

Can you tell me how many squares the bed occupies on a flip-mat - is it 1 broad and 2 long or a little smaller?
The same with the cart and wagon mini.


The bed is a bit larger than 2 squares long x 1 square wide.

I received my case today. From the previews I felt this might be the best set ever, and the case did not disappoint! Excellent paint jobs over all, and no botched faces.

I did have one of my four City Watch Commanders missing her bow. One of the Pious Guards and Feiya popped off their bases, but Superglue fixed that. The paint jobs on Fieya and the King's faces were better, but it is obvious that the sculpts lack detail and that even though the paint jobs are the best that can be done on the minis, the detail on the faces is shallow, so paint only goes so far in fixing the problem.

The dungeon dressing is great. I got two beds, two crates, and one of each of the rest. The bar incentive is very cool, but we need more tables and stools!

If RDI is pushed back to 01/27/16, that means IH-5 and IH-6 will also be pushed back. :(

The FLGS had Iconic Heroes 4 this weekend. The paint jobs are excellent. Rusty Dragon is hopefully still on track for 01/06/16 release.

Cool Stuff Inc. lists the street date as 12/23/15. Rusty Dragon Inn is listed as 01/06/16.

The bar looks amazing. I hope it will be a big success and lead to other sets such as a wizard's study, a temple, and a throne room.

What an amazing set! Can't wait to get my case and the incentive. Erik, do you know if Iconic Heroes IV is still being released later this month or has it also been delayed?

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Cleanthes wrote:
Wizkids once did a couple of sets of prepackaged terrain for their Mage Knight line (called Artifacts, if I remember right.) I have no idea how they did in the stores, but I know they're still very much in demand on Ebay. The first set they released in particular had a lot of really useful pieces (including a table and 4 chairs.) The second set was considerably more niche.

Mage Knight Artifacts Set #1 is highly useful with 2 tables, 4 chairs, a throne, a pair of columns, and a few other bits. A few years ago, a game shop I frequented marked down the set to $5; I snapped up 4 of them specifically for the tables and chairs. Now they will see use with the new bar incentive! The set is now harder to find and most eBay sellers mark it up to around $50.

I really look forward to setting up a tavern scene with the dancing girls, the dwarf drummer, the half-elf violinist, Rosie Cuswell, and Lem. :)

Erik Mona wrote:
There are (many) more townsfolk coming.

Huzzah! I've liked every preview for this set so far. This will be a case purchase for me instead of just picking up singles.

Spoiler Alert! Some images for Set V can be found here: es-miniatures-box-sets-revealed

When you paste the url into your browser, for some reason a space will appear between the o and e in heroes. Close the gap to get the link to work.

Though it would be nice, I doubt that Seltiyel, Feiya, and Lem will be in the same set due to their popularity. WizKids will probably spread them out a bit to boost sales of other sets.

Jirelle looks amazing! Can't wait to add her to my collection. Hakon also looks very good. Nothing wrong with Lirianne, but I don't use firearms in my campaigns, so she'll be of little use to me.

I am liking this set more and more. The half-elf bard looks amazing; pair her up with the dwarf drummer and the dancing girl and the RDI has entertainment for the evening.

Though I would have preferred a guard dog, the riding dog is nice and I hope this means we will have a riding horse in the set as well as the draft horses.

Like others, I've never given much thought to ghouls being more than savage undead; these ghoul minis have changed my perception.

I'm happy to see both a cart and a wagon in this set! And uncommon draft horses are perfect campanion pieces. Looks like I will be buying a case this time instead of singles.

I'm hoping for Lem, Seltyiel, Adowyn and her wolf companion Leryn, Quinn, and Jirelle.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Please, WizKids, don't screw up the faces! I've liked every figure previewed so far; this set is going to be another winner.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I had some time today, so I broke out my paint kit and tried to do a fix on the dwarves. With the female dwarf, the fix was easy. Use a fine brush and paint flesh along the sides of her face and under her chin to push back the brown paint and expose her ears and the under chin. Next take some brown paint and extend her hairline a bit down her forehead. It's amazing how much better looking this makes her face! Lastly, carefully dab a bit of red paint on her lips. The lips are there; they are just very hard to see under the flesh paint.

The male dwarf is more problematic since the flatness of his face is the main reason he looks bad. I had to mix a bit of red and brown paint to match his hair and paint in the sides of his head where he's supposed to be shaved and paint over where a stripe of flesh was painted in his beard to indicate a mouth. Next, carefully brush flesh paint over the top of his nose. Let this dry and repeat the process three more times to build up the nose. Lastly, do a light wash of black over the beard and hair to even out the color. Let the black settle into the spot in the beard where the mouth should be. This isn't as good a fix as with the female dwarf, but it does improve the face quite a bit.

This time around, it was the dwarves that got hit with the bad faces brush. As noted by others, the Barbarian's face is rather flat and the paint just seems globby on it. The female dwarf has a very round face with only a hint of a nose and mouth; the paint easily obscures the detail. Also, she's painted as though she has a receding hairline but I can see where the hairline should be under the flesh paint while too much brown paint for the hair was applied to the sides of her face covering what should have been her exposed ears. The faces on my Mad Prophet and Edano Kline were well done.

My only other complaint about the paint jobs is that the Gnoll Warrior received a very dark paint job that hides a lot of the sculpt's detail. It should have been given the same lighter palate as the Gnoll Slaver.

I just want a large blue dragon and large black dragon. :)

These are some of the best pc/npc ppm's on the market! Harsk is my favorite; great detail and action pose.

Colorful, feathered dinos are pretty cool. This article indicates that even the t-rex may have been feathered:

Super Glue or Krazy Glue will work to re-base the figure.

There are some spoiler pics from Toy Fair at

Tabletop Props recently completed a Kickstarter for pre-painted wagons. They should appear in retail outlets later this year. n

The masters look great, especially Valeros. This time around, it looks like he has a clearly defined mouth; every Valeros mini from the beginners box set I've seen either didn't have the mouth clearly sculpted or the painters obscured it with too much paint. Looking forward to these sets!

Erik Mona wrote:

I cut the "action throw" because it looked too goofy and WK couldn't figure out how to make it removable.

Thanks, Erik!

Erik, can you confirm if the Merisiel figure will come with the action effect thrown daggers shown in the WizKids solicitation pictures? I hope that it does not or that the action effect can be easily cut from the mini.

jimibones83 wrote:
No preview again this week?

I always feel so down when we don't have a Friday preview. But, there are only 7 minis left to reveal and this set doesn't drop until November; I can see wanting to stretch out the remainder.

Excellent news! Question: Is Seelah supposed to be left handed? The last mini and all the artwork I recall have depicted her holding her sword in her right hand.

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The Avenger's exaggerated proportions and costuming doesn't appeal to me; same with the Shadow, to a lesser degree. However, the Shoanti is excellent.


Adventures in the East Mark is a fun frpg from Spain based on the BECMI D&D rules but expanded to include rangers and paladins. The pdf is available at Drive Thru rpg and there is also a pay-what-you-like quick start rules; more info about the rules and setting can be found here:

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Love this preview! Both of the humans can serve multiple npc roles in a campaign, and the leucrotta is a classic monster that has never been done before. I'm glad that WizKids is getting the message from Paizo that they need to address the painting on human minis. Hopefully, The Lost Coast will not suffer from the problems that plagued the last few sets.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've lost faith in WizKids' ability to paint human/humanoid faces. This is the third set in a row where the pc/npc figures I want most have lousy paint jobs. Where is quality control? Why can the painters do excellent jobs on monsters but not on humans? I can not justify blind purchases when the quality is so spotty.

Ezrin from the Beginners Box Heroes set. He actually looks more like Mordenkainen from 2E era D&D than the Mordy DDM figure. s-Set

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Erik Mona wrote:
How many people would tolerate Tiny fey about the size of the demonic familiar or dero from Shattered Star?

That's the ideal solution to the problem. I think that the majority of players will get behind this idea.

Pigraven wrote:
Berk the Black wrote:
The raven is fantastic, I'll take a murder, please.
I'm not sure if you are referring to a group of ravens or not, but if so the correct term is unkindness. But I agree, these are fantastic and I can't wait to unleash an unkindness of ravens on my players.

An unkindness of ravens and a murder of crows. :)

I'm really liking all the animals in this set! The winter wolf is awesome, and I'll find plenty of uses for the raven and weasel.

Some Rust Cohle/True Detective humor: mcconaughey-pickup-lines

It's a must-have!

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