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Verik of Abadar's page

803 posts. Alias of Vorduvai.

Full Name

Verik Jarrow of Abadar


Human Cleric (Abadar) 5th / Fighter 1st / AC 24/10T/24F / HP 47 / F +9 R +2 W +10 / Init. +0 / Perc. +5 / Sense Motive +13



About Verik of Abadar

LG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Age: 25 Birthday: Neth 16th, 4684 A.R.
Init +0; Senses Perception +5
Hero Points 2

Experience: N/A

AC 24, touch 10, flat-footed 24 (+10 full plate, +4 shield w/ focus) / AC 14 (Chain Shirt only)
HP 47 (5d8+1d10+12+1) Current HP 45
Fort +9, Ref +2, Will +10 (includes bonuses from Cloak +1, CON belt, WIS headband)
Spd 30 ft. (Heavy/Medium Armor) / 40 ft. (Light or No Armor)
Melee Mw Warhammer +7 (1d8+2/x3) or Mw Longsword +7 (1d8+2/19x2) or Mw Handaxe +7 (1d6+2/x3) or Light Hammer +6 (1d4+2/x2) or Dagger +6 (1d4+2/19x2)
Ranged Light Crossbow +4 (1d8/19x2 80') or Light Hammer +4 (1d4+2/x2 20') or Dagger +4 (1d4+2/19x2 10')
Spiritual Weapon Light Crossbow +9 (1d8+1 force dmg/19x2 150', 5 rds.)
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 14(12), Int 10, Wis 20(18), Cha 15 (includes CON belt and WIS band)
Attractiveness 14(13 w/o Belt) (based on Lorekeeper's ATTR rules)
Base Atk +4; CMB +6; CMD 16
Feats (Heavy/Light/Medium Armor Proficiency, All Shields Proficiency, Martial/Simple Weapons Proficiency) (Hu)Extra Channeling, (1st)Selective Channeling, (3rd)Craft Wondrous Item, (5th)Craft Wand, (1st FT)Shield Focus
Traits Ease of Faith, Suspicious
Skill Points 23
Trained Skills Diplomacy +11, Heal +11(+9), Knowledge: Arcana +4, Knowledge: History +4, Knowledge: Religion +5, Knowledge: Engineering +4, Linguistics +4, Profession: Bureaucrat +9, Sense Motive +13, Spellcraft +9
Untrained Skills Acrobatics -6, Climb -4, Escape Artist -6, Fly -6 (-4 w/ spell), Intimidate +2, Perception +5, Perform (Oratory) +2, Ride -4(-6), Stealth -6, Survival +5, Swim -4
Languages Common, Celestial
SQ Strong Lawful Aura, Channel Energy 30'R Burst 3d6 Will DC 14 7/day; Command Will DC 17 8/day; +2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, or Sense Motive 8/day.

Personal Gear:

Verik's Enchanted Cloak of Resistance +1 520gp (1000gp value)
Verik's Enchanted Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 2030gp (4000gp value)
Verik's Enchanted Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 2100gp (4000gp value)

Absalom Enchanted Full Plate +1 2650gp
Absalom Enchanted Heavy Steel Shield +1 1170gp
Steel Chain Shirt 100gp

Masterwork Longsword 315gp
Masterwork Warhammer 312gp
Masterwork Handaxe 306gp
2x Light Hammers 2gp
1x Dagger 2gp
Light Crossbow 35gp
10x Bolts & Bolt Case 1gp

2x Traveler's Outfits 2gp
1x Cleric's Vestments 5gp
1x Courtier's Outfit (Fine Abadarian) 30gp
Golden Holy Symbol (Banker's Abadarian Key) 100gp
Silver Holy Symbol (Clerk's Abadarian Key) 25gp
Silver Medallion (Call of the Enlightened Order) 25gp

2x Belt Pouches 2gp
Waterskin 1gp
Backpack 2gp
Tin Tankard 1sp

Abadaran Prayer Book The Order of Numbers 10gp
Writing Journal 10gp
Abacus 2gp
Merchant's Scale 1gp
Bedroll 1sp
Blanket 5sp
Grooming Kit 1gp
Mess Kit 2sp
Small Steel Mirror 10gp
Flint & Steel 1gp
50' Twine (marked) 1cp
4x Scroll Cases 4gp
10x Parchment 2gp
2x Ink Vials 16gp
1x Sealing Wax 1gp
3x Chalk 3cp
7x Candles 7cp
2x Soap 2cp
1x Whetstone 2cp

Wand of Cure Light Wounds (CL1)(48 chgs) 375gp (750gp value)
Wand of Protection from Evil (CL1) (50 chgs) 375gp (750gp value)
Healer's Kit (8/10 uses) 50gp
2x Alchemist's Fire Flasks 40gp
2x Acid Flasks 20gp
2x Holy Water Flasks 50gp*

Total Personal Gear Value (crafted cost): 10703gp, 9sp, 15cp
Total Personal Gear Value (full value): 15953gp, 9sp, 15cp
Wealth By Level Cap: 16000gp (6th CL)
Encumbrance: 164/175 lbs. (Heavy Load)

Horse Gear:

"Giles" Heavy Draft Horse 200gp (HP 19, AC 17, Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +3)
Leather Barding (+2 Horse AC) 40gp
Military Saddle (+2 Ride Check) 20gp
Saddlebags 4gp
Saddle Blanket 5sp
Bit & Bridle 2gp
Large Tent (4-man) 30gp
50' Hemp Rope 1gp
1x Grappling Hook (common) 1gp
Hammer 5sp
Iron Pot 8sp
Fishing Kit 5sp

Horse Gear Value: 300gp, 3sp, 0cp

250gp, 25sp, 13cp

Inevitable Sub-Domain (of Law):
Command (Su): As a standard action, you can give a Command (as per the spell), Will DC 17 (10+.5CL+Wis). You cannot target a creature more than once per day with this ability. You can use this ability a number of times per day (3+Wis). 8/day. 8/8 remaining
Domain Spells: 1st—protection from chaos, 2nd—align weapon (law only), 3rd—command undead, 4th—order's wrath, 5th—command (greater), 6th—planar binding (inevitable only), 7th—dictum, 8th—shield of law, 9th—summon monster IX (lawful only).

Trade Sub-Domain (of Travel):
Base Speed increased by 10 feet (Ex)
Silver-Tongued Haggler (Su): Whenever you make a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Sense Motive check, you can, as a free action, grant yourself a +2 bonus on the roll (.5CL, minimum +1). You can use this ability a number of times per day (3+Wis). 8/8 remaining
Domain Spells: 1st—floating disk, 2nd—locate object, 3rd—fly, 4th—dimension door, 5th—overland flight, 6th—find the path, 7th—greater teleport, 8th—phase door, 9th—gate.

Channel Positive Energy (Su): Standard action, 3d6, 30’R Burst, Will DC 14 (10+.5CL+Cha). Heal Living/Harm Undead. Can exclude 2 foes (Cha) from Channeling area (Selective Channeling). You can use this ability a number of times per day (3+Cha+2 Extra) 7/day. 7/7 remaining

Spells per Day (4\6\4\3\0\0\0\0\0\0 CL 5th, Concentration d20+10)
Spells Prepared on Rova 28th 4710:
Orisons(DC 15) Light, Mending, Create Water, Stabilize
1st(DC 16) Bless, Shield of Faith, Doom, Sun Metal, Remove Fear, Floating Disk* Cast NONE
2nd(DC 17) Sound Burst, Spiritual Weapon x2, Align Weapon (Law)* Cast NONE
3rd(DC 18) Prayer, Communal Resist Energy, Fly* Cast NONE
* Domain Spell

A boxy short fellow with curly short cropped sandy brown hair. Verik is handsome with broad freckled features and stocky, but muscular rather than stout.


An orderly, often pedantic, perfectionist, with a strong sense of duty and a kind heart. Verik loves lists and is a great organizer, though he can be infuriatingly inflexible at times. His penchant for lists and books conceals the fact that his memory is poor and is not very clever away from prepared study. He is often jovial when not in a cycle of sermonizing or stating his opinions, and is able to poke fun at both himself and others in equal fashion. While he has the ability to be sociable and diplomatic, his dealings with women have been naive and conversation of a baudy or amorous nature easily embarrasses him, often to the amusement of opposite sex. For these reasons he can seem prudish at times. Verik is humble and willing to admit his faults, though at times his self-doubts tend to preoccupy him. He is well-kept but never flashy, and always solid and dependable to those that ask for his help.

4708: In Spring 4708, his self-doubt over his battle skills and near-death experience at the mercy of tatzylwyrms caused him to leave his company of friends for a more sedentary existence, reinforced by the demands of the Brevian Archbanker Vinodragov shortly before Taxfest. This led to Verik not fighting by the side of his comrades during the Battle of Stagfall on 16th Gozran, indirectly leading to Jemini Lebeda's death. Due to Verik's guilt over the battle and his giving in to self-doubt, as well as having to found a new Bank without much help or communication from the Brevian Banks have made him stubbornly bolder and more suspicious of his own faith's leadership. Keenly feeling the loss of Jemini (and a growing love as he was the only one to see her spirit) and how it affects his companions, he tries to goad Berrin into fully realizing his potential, with mixed results. The emotional distancing of his cousin after Stagfall intensifies Verik's concern and self-guilt over his judgments of him, and tries to heal the broken bonds wherever he can.


The Jarrows are a family of Absalom based Lawyers and have been for generations, but as the fifth son Verik was not encouraged to follow the family profession. Instead after exhibiting an interest in Abadar, the family's choice of worship, he was encouraged to explore his faith and join the Church.

At thirteen he petitioned to join the Grand Bank of Abadar in Absalom and was accepted as an Initiate, accomplishing the journeyman rank of First Initiate in just two years. He spent four years total learning the faith before receiving his full clerical vestments of a Junior Clerk at age seventeen, just past his Naming Day. Working in the sprawling halls of the First Lady of Laws as a Junior Clerk, he earned the distinguished promotion of Full Clerk and Arbiter-Magistrate by the young age of twenty, and had a bright (if somewhat boring) future in the bureaucratic arena.

At twenty, however, his distinction within the Church took a very different direction when he was offered the rare chance to travel as a cohort with the famed diplomat and negotiator Benervan Knesh, a greatly respected cleric of Abadar, and a mighty Justicar in his younger days. With Venerable Master Knesh, Verik gained real-world experience and learned the valuable lesson that not all civilizations and societies are fair and just. During this period Verik learned from Knesh of a philosophy within the Abadarian Church that some adhered to, the Call of Enlightened Order, and was profoundly moved by this school of thought.

Over a two-year period they traveled to all of the great cities of the Inner Sea, and many more besides, as well as venturing further afield to Korvosa. It was on the return passage from Korvosa that their ship was attacked by pirates - The Red Reavers. Verik was injured early on and fled below decks, while Knesh's divine magics secured victory for the sailors, but cost the aging Justicar his life.

Thoroughly ashamed of himself, Clerk Verik vowed that he would not be found wanting again and returned to the Grand Bank of Abadar in Absalom to train for combat. After some months he was ready to set out into the world seeking to bring civilization, order, and law to those lawless lands where it is most needed. His chance came in the form of a call to far-off Brevoy, where an effort to explore and reclaim the Stolen Lands was taking place. Verik found himself suddenly promoted to Senior Clerk (with little fanfare) and "selected" for the task by Banker Ramuel Lorrell along with his cousin Taisper, who had also answered the call and traveled to Absalom to begin the journey with him up the Sellen River.

Call of Enlightened Order:

A philosophy of thought by a minority group of Abadarians, more frequently spoken and discussed in Absalom and Andoran, and more openly practiced at the Abadarian Banks in Lastwall and Mendev. This philosophy started during the Shining Crusade, but has gained more prominence in the last century following Aroden's death, and what many have cited as the "corruption" of Cheliax to evil. At its heart, the writings and teachings of the Enlightened Order state that while the advancement of civilization is still the goal for those who serve Abadar, civilization must have a purpose towards Light and Weal, so that its citizens may prosper and move society towards a higher state of being. Conversely, those civilizations that are excessively cruel to its citizens and thrive on poverty and the downtrodden are destined for collapse and the subsequent destruction of civilization's promise to mankind. The symbol of those that revere the Call of Enlightened Order is a dual image of the Lawgiver construct with wings unfolded wielding the gavel, side-by-side with an Archon bearing his shield.

Abadarian Clerical Ranks of Note in the Bank:

* Clerk-Initiate or "Initiate" – Describes a novice who has not passed the full examinations and consistently receives the Master’s blessings on a daily basis (pre-1st Level Cleric). Initiates, when not at their many studies, are tasked to labor in the many areas that Clerks of Abadar are expected to perform at a full Bank: Counting coin, scribing dictation, copying contracts and texts, cataloguing the library, serving at negotiations and reciting relevant passages from memory are but a few of their functions. At most Banks, Initiates are not required to take more than just rudimentary weapons and armor training, though it does vary according to the locale and realm.

* Junior Clerk – A fully qualified member of the clergy who receives the Master’s blessings daily, but one that is new to his/her ‘key’ (1st Lvl Cleric), and are often referred to as "the newly minted" clerks. Junior Clerks find that their labors are even more numerous and strenuous than when they were Initiates, as their examination studies no longer apply. Partially, this is to help determine the Junior Clerk’s strengths and weaknesses in a given discipline, so that they might be channeled to a specialty for greatest productivity. Junior Clerks tend to be promoted to Full Clerks after approximately a year or two, when their assessment of talents and drawbacks is fully understood, with drawbacks corrected and talents tailored to maximize their productive output to the Bank.

* Full Clerk or "Clerk" – A fully qualified and vetted member of the clergy, shown to have aptitude in one or more sub-disciplines of the Bank, channeled to reach their utmost potential in productivity and efficiency. Full Clerks are often simply called “Clerk” as the rest is implied. This may be the highest ranking an Abadarian cleric can attain for several years, depending on the size and available positions within the Bank. The larger the Bank, the more the Full Clerks tend to specialize into disciplines such as: Contracts, Arbitration, Commerce, Proselytization, Diplomacy, Archives, City Planning and Dweomercraft. Very large Banks may specialize Clerks further into sub-disciplines. It is at this rank that some Clerks are specifically chosen to begin the path of a Justicar if they so choose, though the road is long and on its own progression completely separate from the Bank.

* Senior Clerk – An elevated rank for those clergy which consistently demonstrate high performance in a discipline or sub-discipline of the Bank, entrusted to the more sensitive tasks as assigned by the Bank’s leaders. Alternatively, Clerks who show signs of leadership potential may be promoted as Senior Clerks, so that their more routine duties can be delegated in preparation for advanced instruction. It is considered the highest ranking that the majority of Abadarian clergy may aspire to at a working level, and also simultaneously is the lowest level of recognized Bank leadership – at times the Senior Clerk is exposed to the interpretation and decision-making process of the Bank’s full leadership. As such, Senior positions over the disciplines and sub-disciplines of a Bank are rare and highly coveted – in many cases this competition for advancement is encouraged by the leadership as long as it serves to provide greater incentive for production. The exact number of positions varies greatly by each Bank.

* Junior Banker – The title assigned to very senior clergy of leadership quality, who act in one or more of the following capacities for a Bank based on its size and specialization:
- The declared founder of a fledgling Bank in a new settlement or growing village, one that has not received its full charter and status.
-The declared successor for a Banker at a small Bank in a transition.
-The second-in-command for a Banker at a medium-size Bank, responsible to carry out all operational duties as the Banker specifies or in his absence.
-The head of a full discipline of a medium-size or large Bank, responsible to carry out operational duties on behalf of the Banker in that discipline.
At this rank, the Junior Banker must move past rigid hierarchy and be able to both interpret policy and make decisions for the rest of the clergy to follow, subject to the decision of the Banker they report to. They are responsible to create and adjust the clerical hierarchy that best suits their population’s needs and promotes the highest tenets of Abadar.

* Traveling Banker – A variant of the Junior Banker, equal in prestige and equivalent in rank. Traveling Bankers are assigned to rural areas where no single village, hamlet or thorp is large enough to maintain a full Bank, but where the clergy can routinely travel between populated areas to perform the duties of Abadar. Traveling Bankers are not considered “true” Bankers because, quite simply put, they have no Bank to permanently maintain, and it is not the preferred arrangement of the leadership to do this. However, services to civilization must continue even in the smallest hamlets and settlements, and the knowledge gained by such activities often is the best preparation on the paved road to full Banker status. As such, Traveling Bankers often do not serve for long periods of time, being promoted and moving on to better ventures once they have seasoned themselves. Exposed to constant travel and other faiths, the position can be contentious but extremely instructive, though dangerously exposed. Usually the more dangerous locales are traveled by full Justicars and not Traveling Bankers.

* Banker – The Banker is simply the highest authority over a Bank in any given town or city. Bankers are required to set the priorities, focus and hierarchy for their faith’s clergy in that location, taking into account the area’s existing laws and traditions, moving ever-forward towards the goals of greater order and civilization for its population base. As Bankers lie outside the rigid hierarchy they are supposed to provide for their lesser brethren, the review of a Banker’s performance is relegated to the following means:
-A review by the Banker’s peers in a given region, with precedence given to the Bankers and Archbankers of larger Banks. In some cases of newly established Banks, peer review is instead based on the Banker’s authorizing locale, or is a mix of both.
-A review by a fully-ranked Justicar of Abadar, who has complete knowledge of the location’s laws and history to make a fully-qualified and binding judgment. Such reviews are rare and infer some dire issue that could not be rectified by a more gentle peer review. In some cases, however, a Bank is isolated and can only be reviewed by regional Justicars in the area.
-Divine review, reserved by the Master of the First Vault for the most heinous of cases.
Other than in rare cases where a Banker is forced to step down, he represents the ultimate authority of a Bank in the populated area. Rank between Bankers is a subtle affair, taking into account factors of Bank size, area population, affluence, and history, but also the Banker’s divine power, wealth and age.
In rare cases when a metropolis has grown so large as to require multiple Banks (Absalom, Oppara), the Bankers and Archbankers of a city tend to form into a "Grand Conclave" to ensure their overall policies are coordinated and have symmetry with one another. Distinction between the Banks tend to lie along lines of specialty, appropriate to the districts or wards they reside in.

* Archbanker – Contrary to outside perception, an Archbanker does not directly preside over multiple Bankers in a region, though there are exceptions. Rather, the title is afforded to those Bankers that govern Banks in the largest cities and metropolitan areas, they themselves demonstrating a degree of power, wealth and divine ability unmatched by the majority of Bankers. Though they may not have direct authority to formally review a nearby Banker, their prestige and affluence can greatly affect a nearby Banker’s reputation and overall success – not the least of which through trade and commerce between the Banks themselves. Throughout history, Archbankers of Abadar have occasionally risen to take part in some momentous event, demonstrating the full might and majesty of Abadar to protect a civilized population. Such historical deeds of the Archbankers have only ever been rivaled by the Justicars, whom can obtain a high degree of divine power outside of the traditional Bank hierarchy.

Once every seven years, Archbankers throughout Avistan are invited to attend the “Golden Conclave” in either Oppara or Absalom (rotated between the two cities, as Westcrown no longer applies since Aroden's fall), whereupon a thorough review of the faith’s highest policies and ideals are debated and discussed, with full results made available to every chartered Bank known throughout the continent. At this time the status of Banks and civilization in Avistan are evaluated and tallied, to better chart the progress of civilization across the known lands.

Abadarian NPC's of Newhaven:

The “Clerks” of the Bank of Sanctuary (6)
Reside In: The Bank of Sanctuary

* Senior Clerk Thomas Quiss (Human Male 3rd Cleric) Age 21, LG, Absalom
(WIS 16, CHA 14, INT 10, CON 12, DEX 13, STR 10) (15pt)
Spells: 4 Orisons, 4 1st, 3 2nd (Domains Nobility, Trade (sub)) Weapon: Light Crossbow, Light Mace
Verik’s most senior Clerk, arrived from Absalom in early 4709 with the response back from the Archbankers there on the validation of Verik’s mission. He is the third son of a prominent but minor merchant family in the city. Thomas is thoughtful, handsome, confident and assured, recently taken the tests of the full clerk and was ready for an assignment of adventure. He is tall and lanky, and fancies himself a good shot with the light crossbow. He is a naturally talented speaker, but finds the duties of scribing and cataloging of lawful works somewhat tedious, and would rather be debating or speaking his opinions to the “unlearned” – as such Thomas is a bit elitist from his upbringing in Absalom, and is relatively inexperienced in the ways of the world (which is why Banker Lorrell sent him to Verik for his first post abroad). Thomas acts as the one in charge whenever Verik is elsewhere, though he defers to Anya on matters of scribing, research or preparing texts for use. He also oversees the duties of the other clerk-initiates, having been recently brought up as one.
1/4710 Update: With the looming position of Junior Banker upon his mind as Olegsgrav grows, Thomas is determined to show Verik that he can handle all aspects of the Bank despite his youth, having just turned twenty-one. His role as Senior Clerk is to oversee routine Bank tasks for Verik, conduct various sermons and observances on the non-holy days, and oversee training of the Initiates.

* Senior Clerk Anya Amitel (Human Female 2nd Cleric) Age 18, LN, Brevoy (Restov)
(WIS 16, CHA 8, INT 15, CON 13, DEX 12, STR 10) (15pt)
Spells: 4 Orisons, 4 1st (Domains Law, Defense (sub)) Weapon: Light Mace
Anya was an Initiate of the Bank of Abadar in Restov, product of a poor family of no consequence there. As such, despite her gifts she was abused and relegated to the most menial tasks at the Bank, subject to the whims of a cruel Master of Initiates and his favorites. In 4708 when Verik visited Restov to get word of his mission to Absalom, he caught the attention of the young girl, who was relegated to serving him in the library while he conducted research. When Verik left Restov back for Newhaven with a wagon of supplies, he found Anya had stolen away and begged him to “keep” her, for she could no longer endure her plight. Verik assented, and so she became part of the Bank of Newhaven - under his tutelage she has progressed far and gained full status as a Junior Clerk in the Spring of 4709. Due to the violence inflicted upon her in the past, she is still shy and reclusive, preferring to spend her time lost in the fledgling library or scribing whatever is required. She has trust in Verik, Thomas and the “boys” but little else, distrusting the “chaos” and unpredictability of people, leaving Verik somewhat unsure on how to help in this regard.
1/4710 Update: Despite some awkwardness of her non-so-hidden feelings for Verik, he encourages her development and trusts her implicitly. He makes her a Senior Clerk by the end of 4709 after she turns eighteen. As Thomas has his hands full, Verik leans on Anya to oversee all library research, cataloging and scribing duty assignments, requiring her to use Initiates to conduct the menial tasks. She is still hopeless at oratory and sermons due to old fears, but Verik is focusing her on advanced law. One day he intends for her to preside over a new library that he hopes to build.

* Full Clerk “Old” Eben (Human Male 2nd Cleric/2nd Expert) Age 64, LG, River Kingdoms (Riverton)
(WIS 15, CHA 14, INT 13, CON 9, DEX 10, STR 8) (10pt)
Spells: 4 Orisons, 4 1st (Domains Protection, Trade (sub)) Weapon: Quarterstaff
“Old” Eben as he is called originally hales from the Sellen near Riverton, where for years he haphazardly practiced a variety of trades: fisherman, deckhand, peddler, gambler and (at times) beggar. Once long ago he was married, but lost contact with his wife through neglect and mischief. Going from port to port up and down the River Kingdoms, he was smart but never successful at any endeavor for long, and as he grew older he was drawn increasingly to drink and gambling. Indebted to the thieves guild and jobless, Eben would have ended up just another wasted life in Riverton, when in a vision he saw a golden clockwork creature speak to him, offering him a chance at redemption and purpose if he forsook all else. This he did, and found a small cache of freshwater pearl oysters in the river with which to clear his debts, having just enough proceeds to do so. Joining Abadar at age fifty-six, he worked hard to prove his value and was admitted to learn with the Initiates, surprising even himself that he could learn a new way of life. He earned his ‘key’ at age sixty. Not long after, a second vision of the golden clockwork creature called him to aid the life of another young Abadarian, whom he must protect and bring ‘to previously untamable lands, now tamed by the Master’s agents’. Though he did not know whom he had to save, he was ready by the time young Dannil LeVane came to Riverton with Galtian agents not far behind. Eben used his connections and wiles to hide Dannil on a friend’s river barge, getting upriver towards Mivon before they could be discovered. Old Eben is protective and proud of Dannil LeVane, wanting to see the lad fulfill his true purpose as per his vision. Originally bound for Restov, Eben heard of Newhaven and felt it was where they had to be, arriving with other immigrants from the south in Desnus 4709.
Eben is patient and kindly, enjoying tricks and tales for the children. Admittedly he is a poor public speaker and his hands do not ply the quill so well anymore, but his mind is very keen on counting numbers, and he implicitly understands the art of trade and merchanting from his former days. His favorite hobby is fishing, and lately he has shown Verik how to do so on select mornings down by the lake.

* Junior Clerk Dannil LeVane (Human Male 1st Cleric-Evangelist) Age 16, LN, Galtian (Isarn)
(WIS 14, CHA 15, INT 13, CON 10, DEX 11, STR 9) (15pt)
Spells: 3 Orisons, 3 1st (Single Domain Leadership (sub)) Weapon: Light Mace, Dagger
Dannil was one of a promising number of Galtian youth in Isarn, being raised to foster in a “Reformation” by a group of devout Abadarian order-seekers. Like so many revolts and revolutions before them, theirs was ferreted out and crushed shortly after Dannil gained his ‘key’ as a Junior Clerk of the movement. His family and friends hunted down and killed, Dannil and a few others were spirited upstream to the Sellen River from Isarn, though Galtian trackers were in close pursuit. At Riverton the young priest would have been captured or killed, had it not been for the intervention of “Old” Eben, who successfully hid him on a local barge and gained safe passage upriver to Mivon. Dannil feels a connection and debt to Eben, and followed him to Newhaven in Desnus 4709 after hearing about the fledgling realm and its town of Sanctuary. Dannil has wisdom but is fiery and passionate about the need for Order and Law, reminding Verik somewhat of his cousin in that regard. Dannil is charismatic, a gifted speaker and an intense worker, though opinionated and overly prone to debate with his peers. Verik strives to temper his oratory to what Newhaven needs and preaches tact and restraint, eliciting Eben’s influence on the lad to do so. Verik formally validated his Junior Clerk status in the Summer of 4709, and eventually plans to increase Dannil’s role with the Bank after Thomas Quiss relocates to Olegsgrav, as he needs another congregation speaker. However, it is not lost upon Verik that Dannil will, one day, return to Galt to free his homeland from chaotic oppression.

* Junior Clerk Casil Whitestag (Human Male 1st Cleric) Age 19, LN, River Kingdoms (Pitax)
(WIS 14, CHA 9, INT 11, CON 12, DEX 14, STR 13) (15pt)
Spells: 3 Orisons, 3 1st (Domains Earth, Travel) Weapon: Spear, Light Crossbow
(See Below)

* Junior Clerk Sulda Whitestag (Human Male 1st Cleric) Age 19, LN, River Kingdoms (Pitax)
(WIS 14, CHA 12, INT 9, CON 12, DEX 12, STR 14) (15pt)
Spells: 3 Orisons, 3 1st (Domains Metal (sub), Protection) Weapon: Morningstar, Light Crossbow

Known commonly as the “Twins” by the rest of the Bank, the young men are athletic and strong, preferring tasks out-of-doors as often as they can. Sulda and Casil lack a family name, both being of half-Kellid blood after what most likely was a forced siring by a Pitaxian mother and Kellid barbarian father during a raid. Given up at an early age in Pitax, the brothers were left to fend for themselves until their near-teens, but through some unknown grace were taken in by a caravan trader who operated between Pitax and Silverhall. The boys were worked hard but treated fairly by the trader, and taught the rudiments of money and letters as they grew older, as well as martial combat and how to defend the caravans. At some point the boys’ mentor died, and the boys were given entrance to an orphanage in Silverhall with meager funds. The orphanage was run by Abadarian devoted, who saw a “spark” of the Master in the pair and led to their admittance as Initiates. Still, being of half-Kellid descent with no family name to speak of, they were encouraged to take caravan to Newhaven to try for their keys there, for no Brevian Bank would be likely to retain them.

Sulda is more talkative and speaks often for his brother as well as himself, being the slightly stronger “protector” of the two. Casil is shy and quiet, though quick and dexterous, showing natural skills in hunting and tracking. Casil is also slightly more quick-witted than his brother, feeding him sly comments for Sulda to verbalize. Verik finds both twins to be resilient and hardy, performing all their labors without hesitation or complaint. They have a strong preference to perform all their duties together, something Verik wants to change for their long-term development, but also mindful that they perform much more efficiently when they are together. Verik oversaw their examinations in the Fall of 4709 and gave them their keys as Junior Clerks. Moreover, he senses both have talents of crafting – particularly the more talkative Sulda who spends his free time watching the blacksmiths work their forges and asking questions on forging.

The Young “Initiates” of the Bank of Sanctuary (11)
Reside In: The Keyhouse

* First Initiate Ethen Hoefurrow (Human Male 0 Initiate) Age 15, LG, River Kingdoms
(WIS 14, CHA 12, INT 10, CON 11, DEX 11, STR 13) (10pt)
Spells: 3 Orisons
Ethen is the youngest son of a local family of farmers that settled in Newhaven. Both Jhod and Verik have been willing to take on initiates from the promising youth, with the majority of them gravitating to Jhod’s side – the familiarity of Erastil to the rural families as well as the prospect of mastery with a bow far outweighs the scribing and cataloguing of Abadar’s initiates. Ethen was the one exception, who willingly chose Abadar as his calling. A strong young boy seasoned from work on the farm, he has a kind and unassuming nature about him, as well as enormous patience for one his age. He dreams to build grand buildings one day, and works hard to improve his literacy and mathematical skills.
1/4710 Update: Verik is very proud of Ethen and boasts of his progress to his family, confident that when he turns 16 late next summer, he will fully pass his examinations and gain his key as a Junior Clerk. In the meantime he has made Ethen “First Initiate” to both recognize him and give him an added role to keep the other Initiates in line. He is the only Initiate Verik will not allow Thomas to take on his eventual founding of the Olegsgrav Bank. Whenever possible, Ethen tries to assist and learn from Master Galen Laviil on building design, something Verik encourages when his duties allow it.

* Initiate Petyr Mikhaila (Human Male 0 Initiate) Age 14, N, Brevoy (New Stetven)
(WIS 13, CHA 14, INT 14, CON 10, DEX 11, STR 9) (10 pt)
Spells: 3 Orisons
Petyr, an orphan, came to Sanctuary from the caravans of settlers and traders in the Spring of 4709, having somehow bribed or tricked his way to be taken away from the streets of New Stetven. He originally was going to be part of Tandlara’s “flock” of orphans after being caught trying to steal food from the farmer’s market, but made a passionate case to Verik at his trial and so impressed the cleric that he suggested the sentence be one year in service to the bank. Petyr is a confident and charming youth with an easy demeanor and admirable wit and memory, self-taught in reading and writing despite his poor upbringing, showing raw intellect nearly as adept as Anya. Verik has seen the potential in Petyr these past months, and despite his occasional lack of discipline and desire to cut corners, he seems to be favored by Abadar. Verik ultimately does not know if Petyr can succeed in full dedications as an Abadarian clerk, but even if not he will see to his apprenticeship to a merchant house or magistrate. Petyr has a fascination with numbers and money, and desires to be a famed negotiator of trade or diplomacy one day – though his dreams and aspirations vary on a whim. Between Thomas and Bertram, they tend to keep the lad out of most trouble.
1/4710 Update: Verik is proud of how far Petyr has come from his thieving and begging days, but knows the lad does not have the devotion to become a full-fledged Clerk of Abadar; he tries but his heart is not truly in it. When his year of service is up in the Spring of 4710, Verik will have to let him know of his decision, but he wants to give the boy a future under his guidance, and is planning on lining up an apprenticeship for him with a respectable merchant family. In the meantime, Petyr is his main ‘informal’ contact with the Crow’s Orphans, and vital to his meager efforts to receive and relay information.

* Initiates Jokubas, Artur, Marta, Lukas, Alise, Matas, Oliver, Emilija and Samson (6 Human Males / 3 Human Females, 0 Initiate) Ages 11-16, LN/LG, Brevoy/River Kingdoms
The young initiates came throughout 4709 with the families of immigrants and refugees, bolstering Verik’s eventual need for Clerks. Verik has arranged for their living and schooling at the ‘Keyhouse’ nearby, putting them under the practical watch of Madam Ryton with Bertram Dakkone as reliable enforcer of her will. Ethen Hoefurrow is the First Initiate and is tasked to lead by example for them (though Petyr tends to get one or more of them into trouble with his antics). Most of the children have families in Newhaven, whether in Sanctuary or on an outlying farmstead.

The Devoted of the Bank of Sanctuary (5 Guards, 3 Experts)
Reside In: Either the Keyhouse or Private Residences

* Guardsman Bertram Dakkone (Human Male 3rd Warrior) Age 48, LN, Andor
(STR 14, DEX 15, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 10)
Weapons: Halberd, Light Crossbow, Warhammer / Armor: Chainmail
Bertram Dakkone is an oathsworn guardsman of Abadar, being in the service to the faith for over twenty years. Prior to that he was a caravan guard in his homeland of Andor, but left there to Absalom to strive for something better. Seemingly content with steady pay, a roof over his head and warm meals, Bertram has never been married and has no ties other than the church, though he keeps a decent account in Absalom for his niece that also lives there with her family. He has been a fixture for many a season in Absalom, but volunteered to accompany young Thomas Quiss on his mission north to the new mission in Newhaven, wanting to see something of the world before he was too old not to. Spry and tough for his age, his strength is deceptive, and he is a good and practiced shot with the crossbow. Bertram also has a knack for woodworking and carpentry, and helps to maintain the bank when he is not otherwise engaged in his guard duties.
1/4710 Update: Bertram now leads and trains a small contingent of four additional oathsworn guards for the Bank, and has moved his living quarters to the Keyhouse to keep an eye on matters there for Verik. Rumor has it that he has become acquainted with a woman in town that was widowed from Dragonshead.

* Guardsman Karl “Archer” Mersen (Human Male 2nd Fighter) Age 24, LN, Brevoy
(STR 13, DEX 14(formerly 18), CON 14, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 8)
Weapons: Shortsword, Light Crossbow / Armor: Chain Shirt
Karl Mersen was one of the fledgling Newhaven Army’s best longbowmen, having learned as a boy to hunt and shoot in the farms of southern Brevoy. He came in Summer 4708 after Stagfall like so many others, joining the new army under Akiros Ismort. A worshipper of Abadar from his family, he was one of the few that would routinely take blessings from Verik when he took to the training grounds in 4709, and instructed the Banker on how to better aim a crossbow. During Dragonshead, Karl Mersen’s left arm was badly burned and torn in the dragon assault on the square and nearly died; he survived but lost his arm in the process. Right-handed, he can still wield a blade but can no longer shoot a bow, and was declared unfit for full army duty. Verik gave Mersen a job under Bertram Dakkone shortly thereafter, asking for him to take up the crossbow and teach his people how to shoot. He took the oath from Verik in late Summer of 4709. Though not his true love of the bow, Karl Mersen can shoot and load a modified light crossbow one-handed. The Initiates called him “Archer” as a poor jest, but he has since taken up the nickname and threatens the ‘younglings’ with penance if they call him by anything else now.

* Guardsmen Davies, Ellard and Romett (Human Male 2nd Warriors) Age 32-44, LN, Brevoy
(STR 12, DEX 11, CON 12, INT 9, WIS 12, CHA 9) (5 pt)
Weapons: Longspear, Longsword, Light Crossbow / Armor: Scale or Chain
Oathsworn to defending the Bank of Abadar and its clergy, all three men were formerly guards of merchant caravans, having become older and less fit for constant duty on the road. Verik specifically wanted older men hand-picked by Bertram to guard the Bank, as temperament and experience was more important than strength and speed – particularly around the younger Initiates. Davies and Ellerd live at the Keyhouse, while Romett is married and lives in town.

* Master Galen Laviil (Human Male 2nd Expert-Architect) Age 26, LG, Brevoy (New Stetven)
Master Lavill is a learned but relatively inexperienced architect. Having nearly completed his journeymanship from the New Stetven Guild, he accompanied a noted Brevian architect to help design and build the “Brevian Manse” in Sanctuary during Desnus 4709. Though completed by Sarenith, Galen Lavill remained behind to offer his services to the Founders, fond of the idea that he could earn his name on building a new town from its beginnings. A worshipper of Abadar, he convinced Verik of his designs and ideas enough to earn a stipend on the Bank’s ledger. After Dragonshead, he worked tirelessly to inspect damaged buildings and work with town laborers to reinforce what could be saved. Since that time, his projects have been less than he had hoped, but his design for both a pier and channeling for improved city runoff from the Spring’s thaw have been approved by the Founder’s Council, and he has adapted to life (mostly) in the much smaller town of Sanctuary. Galen is likable and witty, though at times he gets lost in his own thoughts as he dreams of the cityscape that could be Sanctuary one day. His plans for a true cathedral-like Bank nearly brings tears to the Banker’s eye. Galen has a room at the Keyhouse, but would like to build his own house in town in the next year (and eventually attract a good-looking wife if he can manage it).

* Master Dominic Kobach (Human Male 3rd Expert-Lawyer) Age 42, Brevoy (Whiteseat) LN
Master Kobach arrived in Sanctuary in the weeks following Dragonshead with his wife (Myra) and teenage daughter (Katia), offering his services as a practiced Brevic lawyer in contracts and disputes of trade and property. Verik eagerly took his offer, as his Bank was sorely lacking in this area (his upbringing delving into criminal law), and the mound of contract reviews and rival claims over property in Newhaven threatened to endlessly mire them all. Master Kobach organized, fixed and resolved much of the gridlock by the Fall of 4709. He is a solid and devout Abadarian, but at times is prideful and even arrogant in his expertise of law, something that chafes Verik but which he puts up with. Opposite of Galen, Dominic is utterly devoid of humor, as is his wife (invitations for dinner or tea with the Kobach family is dreadful even for Verik). Their daughter, however, is not a rigid Abadarian, and Verik surmises she is going to ruin Dominic’s meticulously laid plans for her upbringing. The Kobach family live in a smaller villa of the well-to-do Brevian Manse.

* Madam Gerda Ryton (Human Female 2nd Expert-Governess) Age 41, Brevoy (Medhold) LG
Madam Ryton is a solid matronly woman of no-nonsense values, coming from the town of Medhold and the nearby Grozni Forest. She was governess of a minor noble Brevic family, but lost that position to a younger (and more attractive) caretaker. With little connection in New Stetven and a loathing of the revived Aldori customs of Restov, Gerda heard rumors of a stir of Brevian nobles in the upstart town of Sanctuary to the south, arriving after Dragonshead. Though her presumptions were incorrect, Verik learned of her skills and made an offer for her to preside over ‘The Keyhouse’, as he needed a governess to oversee day-to-day necessities of the Initiates’ upbringing. She accepted, and now anchors the activities of the Keyhouse with organizational skill that continues to impress Verik. She attends Abadarian sermons regularly but is not wholly devoted to Abadar, yet Verik does not consider that a necessity as she is not responsible for their religious training. Never having children herself, Madam Ryton’s “children” of the Keyhouse are very special to her, and although she takes a firm hand with them on their chores and manners she is quite protective of them. She is the only adult to live on the upstairs floor at the Keyhouse in modest quarters, and has a fondness for her room’s décor, though her manner of dress is quite spartan.

The New Bank of Abadar in Sanctuary:

Built: Arodus 4710 (replaces older Bank built back in Erastus 4708)

Overview: The Bank of Abadar in Sanctuary is a massive main structure roughly in the shape of an ‘I’ comprised mostly of stone, with the exception of its roofs and ceilings. The ends of the ‘I’ are the fore and aft wings of the building and two stories (twenty feet) in height, the outer-facing ends containing no windows (though set with decorative bas-relief on the end that is its main entrance) and more heavily fortified as a stone wall. Set out to the sides of each end are two small square twenty-five foot crenellated towers, making four towers total. The shaft of the ‘I’ exclusively comprises the forty-foot tall worship hall with buttressed walls of stone and with a high-peaked wooden beam roof; the uppermost sides of the tall hall walls set with windows containing beautiful panels of stained glass to let in natural light.

Besides the main ‘I’ structure and accompanying four towers, two mostly wooden manor-style buildings are located at a 45-degree angle to each side, their front entrances facing towards the front entrance of the main structure. Stone walls fifteen feet high (without parapets or crenellations) run from the ends of the towers to enclose the manor-style buildings within their own courtyards, making for a hexagonal full stone enclosure around the Bank.

Unless otherwise noted, each area or “wing” of the Bank has Continual Flame globes ensconced into the walls or ceilings for normal light, though some are covered during the day where natural light is available.

Front Entrance: The front of the Bank is clearly meant to convey a solid and fortified presence to any onlookers or parishioners, made entirely of stone and lacking any windows. Only a solid set of bronze-plated reinforced large double doors allow access to its interior; clear views of the entrance can be seen from the front towers farther down on either side. However, the stone has been recessed immediately to either side of the doors for two decorative columns, with frescoes decorating the stone work above the doors and to either side of the columns themselves. Of particular note is the elaborate bas-relief sculpture above the double doors which illustrate an impressive image of Cobblehoof looking down upon any who enter, with wings spread to either side and the Golden Key of Abadar at its heart. A painted fresco on the left-side wall depicts the stag seal of Newhaven, whereas the bas-relief on the right-side wall depicts a set of scales upheld by two armored figures – one more angelic in appearance while the other clearly some sort of construct (the dual images of the Call of Enlightened Order).

Main Foyer: Within the double entrance doors lies a sizeable square foyer with a white stone pedestal at its center; the pedestal holds a utilitarian copy of The Order of Numbers for review as well as registry books for appointments and sign-ins, complete with quills and inkwells inset into the basin. A tile mosaic is set upon the floor with the Golden Key of Abadar. Each of the other three walls hold archways with closeable iron-reinforced doors, though the archway directly across from the entrance is larger and set with double doors (whereas the side archways contain single doors only). Along the side walls and corners between the archways are white stone sitting benches; the far wall on each side of the double-doors has insets containing various notices and proclamations of the Bank, such as:
- schedules for vigil hours, formal congregation services and arbitration reviews
- services available by the Bank (most by appointment only)
- bounty rewards for uncaught lawbreakers (updated weekly)
- visitation hours for families of the Initiates
- recent proclamations and laws enacted by the Founder’s Council
- Charter of the establishment of the Vaultmen
- Outlaw and Oathbreaker Bounty Proclamation (states that lawbreakers may voluntarily submit themselves for arrest at the Bank if they fear for their safety and will be escorted to jail, but those that flee arrest are considered “cast outside of the Law” and no longer subject to the Privileges and Protections of the Accused, fully at their own risk)
- Religious Declaration, Registration and Taxation Proclamation (states that all practicing faiths in Newhaven must register with the Office of the High Cleric within one week of arrival, subject to approval by the Founders and taxation for maintaining a permit. Also states any clerics of faiths that seek to reside in Newhaven must declare themselves to the Office of the High Cleric or risk fines and arrest, including banishment)
- Freed Sootscale Protections Proclamation (proclamation by Banker Jarrow stating that uniformed kobolds in Newhaven not engaged in an active crimes are afforded full protections under the Law, with violators of those protections subject to criminal penalty)

From the entranceway, the left-side archway leads to the Vault Wing and the right-side archway leads to the Chamber Wing, with the far-side double-door archway leading into the Main Worship Hall. During public hours the Main Foyer is always staffed with two Bank guardsmen and two to four Initiates and/or Junior Clerks, which assist visitors in making appointments or providing directions to various public areas of the Bank.

Vault Wing: The Vault Wing comprises the areas reserved for the secure storing of goods, coin and property of paying clientele to the Bank, both short-term and long-term. It also offers moneychanging services. There are no windows on this wing, and no exits other than back to the Main Foyer. The reception room of this wing from the Main Foyer is not very deep and taken up with a long raised stone counter across its width, where attentive Clerks and Initiates conduct requests for deposit and withdrawal of items after being dutifully recorded on account ledgers (and verified by at least one Full Clerk). Behind the counter upon the wall is a mural depicting the First Vault of Abadar, with a bas-relief Golden Key symbol at its center (a concealed panel contains a coffer that actives a Glyph of Warding w/ Invisibility Purge if opened. A single access door beyond the counter leads to a hallway which makes a ‘U’ turn around the lower floor; the rest of the lower wing level is a series of locked rooms with marked shelves, each containing chests and coffers for patrons requiring services of lesser value. The hallway eventually leads to a locked and barred door that is guarded and can only be opened from the other side which leads upstairs. The upstairs wing is reserved for more select rooms that are individually reserved for wealthier patrons, often with additional paid protections (superior locks, lead panels, Vaultman watch duty) and enchantments (glyphs, arcane locks) upon them. Upstairs is also where the Bank’s own vault rooms are located, as well as the office of the Vaultmaster, Ignacius Lago.

A varied number of Bank guardsmen and Vaultmen are always found here, both at stationary posts as well as on patrol through interior halls and chambers, usually with full Clerks to observe and support them. Initiates are typically not allowed in the Vault Wing, except to assist in counting and tallying efforts under direct supervision in the reception room at the counter.

Chamber Wing: This wing provides both public and private meeting rooms for facilitating negotiations and arbitrations of contracts between parties, settlement of commerce disputes and otherwise engaging in various contracted services of the Bank (contract writing, appraisals, arbitration, architectural design, Vaultmen services, dweomercrafting and enchantment services, etc.). Small narrow windows are found on the upstairs level only, and no exits other than back to the Main Foyer. The lower floor holds several sparsely furnished common chambers for ease-of-use, though small common rooms are available as well for ad-hoc needs by small parties. The upper floor holds finer, more decorated chambers reserved in advance for specific needs, with refreshments and accessories available. Upstairs is where the private offices of the Bank’s professional experts are located: Dominic Kobach (contracts and law), Galen Lavill (architecture), and Jamus Marquett (appraisals and moneylending).

Bank Clerks are often found in the Chamber Wing, assisting the professional experts in supportive spellcasting (Abadar’s Truthtelling, Fairness, Bless, etc.), research or scribing duties. Initiates too are often found here, though they are relegated to guiding patrons to their chambers and serving them, cleaning chambers for use and otherwise assisting the Clerks.

Main Worship Hall: The heart of the Bank between its two-story wings on each end, the Hall is over forty-feet tall and comprises mostly one large open hall for worship, with a high peaked ceiling supported by strong wooden crossbeams; around the hall on its upper reaches are tall rectangular windows with panels of stained glass, letting in the greatest amount of natural light during days of good weather. Below the windows are frescoes painted on the walls, depicting worthy scenes and symbols of Abadarian importance. The near end of the Hall just past the double-doors has a small space that is partitioned by decorative wood and silken panels where a mixture of doorways and stairwells allow access to other parts of the Bank: two side staircases allow access to a balcony level above, and doorways allow access to the outside courtyards on each side, which are commonly used by Bank guardsmen, Vaultmen and Initiates to gain access to the Bank from the manor houses. Most of the bottom level of the Hall is devoted to rows of wooden pews for the bulk of the Abadarian congregation on days of worship and ceremonies. The balcony level has more private and reserved seating for its devoted and noted patrons. On the far end of the Hall past the pews, the floor steps up to a raised floor for the Abadarian clergy to preside over its congregation in worship services: the noted Banker’s “desk” is centered there as well as a white stone speaking podium slightly forward and to one side, and the sanctified altar flanking opposite to the other side. Chairs for Senior Clerks facing the pews are arrayed behind and to either side of the Banker’s desk, set in order by seniority. Atop the altar lies a glass-topped gilded metal box Glyphed w/ Bestow Curse with the Bank’s formal chartered copies of The Order of Numbers and The Manual of City Building contained within. A white marble font basin for the consecration and use of holy water is back by the far wall, and on the other side stands an eight-foot tall bronze statue of the Lawgiver with a gilded tower shield with a white and golden embroidered shroud over it. The tower shield has a Symbol of Healing (3rd Lvl, CL5) inscribed, activated if the shroud is removed and the passphrase ‘Light of the Lawgiver’ is uttered – as a shield it can be removed outside to aid the public in a crisis. A wood and silken panel directly behind the Banker’s desk hides an archway leading back to the Clergy Wings (see below), and is the only way out of the Main Worship Hall on the far side.

Clergy Wings:

Verik's Current Crafting Schedule:

Crafting in chronological order as of 4710:
************************(For Main Characters)**********************
NIKOLAI) Red-Scaled Pelt of the Rogarvian Scion +2 (ENHANCEMENT) (Resistance +2, Fire Resistance 10) - 3000gp (22000gp-19000gp) base price / 1500gp (8750gp-7250gp) materials cost (paid by Nikolai). Crafting DC10. 3 Days Crafting Time.
Success would enhance Nikolai's 'pelt' (cloak) to a +2 status.
Description: "...his red dragon pelt stylishly covers his right arm to the elbow, disappearing behind his back to form a diagonal point on his left side. The flattened dragon snout lays over his right shoulder, clamping down on a golden ring, anchored in the wing that folds under his left arm. The velvet and leather affair is striking - scales, shining leather, and gold trim."

AKIROS) Red Dragonscale Full Plate Armor +2 – 4000gp (+3300gp mw armor value) base price / 2000gp (+1650gp mw armor cost) materials cost (paid by Akiros). Crafting DC11. 4 Days Crafting Time.
Success would enchant the finely crafted masterwork dragonscale full plate from to +2, his first attempt at armor enchantment.

AKIROS) Red Dragonscale Heavy Shield +1 – 1000gp (+340gp mw shield value) base price / 500gp (+170gp mw shield cost) materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC8. 1 Day Crafting Time.
Success would enchant the finely crafted masterwork dragonscale full plate from to +1, his first attempt at shield enchantment.

JEMINI) Circlet of Persuasion - 4500gp+circlet value base price / 2250gp + circlet materials cost (paid by Jemini). Crafting DC10. 5 Days Crafting Time.
Success would make this Jemini's own circlet (head item), his first attempt at crafting such an item.
Description: Mithril??

*******************(For Verik - Primary Importance)*****************
TBD) Verik’s Headband of Mental Prowess +2 (ENHANCEMENT) - 6000gp (10000gp-4000gp) base price / 3000gp (5000gp-2000gp) materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC17. 6 Days Crafting Time.
Success would enhance Verik's Headband of Inspired Wisdom with Charisma, both at a +2 bonus.
Description: Seven bands of gold-plated bronze interwoven with three turquoises placed around a Moonstone surrounded by seven yellow Garnets in an elaborate gold setting cluster.

TBD) Verik’s Belt of Physical Might +2 (ENHANCEMENT) - 6000gp (10000gp-4000gp) base price / 3000gp (5000gp-2000gp) materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC17. 6 Days Crafting Time.
Success would enhance Verik's own Belt of Mighty Constitution with Strength, both at a +2 bonus.
Description: A fine brown leather belt reinforced with brass clasps on the sides and back, with a mithril silver buckle upon the front, etched with the dual-representation of Inevitable and Archon, symbolizing the Call of the Enlightened Order. The brass clasps have brass rings that allow for Verik's golden chain key belt to be strung through it as desired.

TBD) Absalom Full Plate Mail +2 (ENHANCEMENT) – 3000gp (4000gp-1000gp) base price / 1500gp (2000gp-500gp) materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC11. 3 Days Crafting Time.
Success would increase the enchantment of the finely crafted full plate from Absalom to +2, his first attempt at armor enchantment.

TBD) Verik’s Cloak of Resistance +2 (ENHANCEMENT) - 3000gp (4000gp-1000gp) base price / 1500gp (2000gp-500gp) materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC10. 3 Days Crafting Time.
Success would increase the enchantment of the finely crafted cloak to +2.
Description: Finely-woven cloak of Brevian wool that is white with embroidered golden trim, made in the southern style to be worn and clasped over the shoulder with no cowl. The cloak has embroidered symbols of Abadar and the Stag Insgina of Newhaven upon it.

TBD) Verik’s Warhammer +1 – 2000gp base price / 1000gp materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC8. 2 Days Crafting Time.
Success would enchant the masterwork warhammer to a +1 tier enchantment bonus, his first attempt at weapon enchantment.

TBD) Spectacles of Understanding – 3000gp base price / 1500gp+?? materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC7. 3 Days Crafting Time.
Success would make the spectacles Verik’s first attempt at crafting an eyeglass item, negating the need for a similar-type hat.

******************(For Verik - Secondary Importance)*****************
TBD) Absalom Heavy Steel Shield +2 (ENHANCEMENT) – 3000gp (4000gp-1000gp) base price / 1500gp (2000gp-500gp) materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC11. 3 Days Crafting Time.
Success would increase the enchantment of the finely crafted full plate from Absalom to +2, his first attempt at shield enchantment.

TBD) Lesser Restoration Wand (CL3) - 4500gp base price / 2250gp materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC8. 5 Days Crafting Time.
Success would make this Verik's wand.
Description: A wand of shaped and polished solid oak from the nearby Narlmarches, rich tan in color and just over a foot in length.

TBD) Imbued Votive - 1250gp base price / 625gp materials cost (paid by Verik). Crafting DC6. 2 Days Crafting Time.
Success would make this Verik's Imbued Votive.
Description: A simple, short candles of beeswax, pale golden yellow in color, set in a well-crafted small steel metal bowl. When lit it gives off a strong masculine musky scent, and does not burn down no matter how long it is lit.

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