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Mask Golem

The Supervisor's page

14 posts. Alias of Kajehase.


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snickersimba wrote:

Why the heck are my teachers, knowing I am an avid computer geek, allowing me to handle an acer netbook without checking to see if the thing has working internet and then leave me alone with it for almost two whole months?

I ask for the mighty dinosaur god to grant me insight apon these incompetent fools

The school nurse is writing a thesis paper on self control among students as part of her further education and set it up as an experiment. Do not ask how I know this, you will not like the answer.

Nothing to see here. Please carry on as normal, Citizen.

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The Informant wrote:
There will be, but not until we hit 111,111. You've time to study.

I don't think he's classified to have that information. Please report to my office for re-education, citizen.

Dalek Thos wrote:
Delek Omega wrote:
Tenth Doctor wrote:
Cosmo wrote:
I can't go to any of the Day of the Doctor screenings. I blame Sara Marie.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


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How about crocheting classes? Deep Valley tells me there's a lot of hooking going on in those.

What's this then? Wot wot?

Ahem... Anyone got any questions for the rest of us?

We're keeping on eye on things here.

Your performance will be e-VAL-you-ATE-ed

You're all banned because I have supervised this thread long enough to realise you're all naughty, naughty people!

Dalek Thos wrote:
*death ray*

Eh-vah-lyu-ate! Eh-vah-lyu-ate!

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