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Mask Golem

Siren's Mask's page

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I'm trying to find any spells or items that can remove all shadows from an area. Does this exist? And if so how long would this effect last?

I'm trying to prepare my character's lands from a "curse" that will make any shadows particularly dangerous (as in something could be lurking in each shadow).

Hello, I DM frequently but play rarely. So I am finally getting a chance to play in a friends campaign coming up next week and I find my self at a loss for character builds. What I am asking is for help optimizing/ helping me build my character. Here is the rundown:

Starting at level 6, 25 point buy,no alignment restrictions, Human only, we could only use the core classes ,but all Paizo material is a go ( so archetypes,feats and such from any book are okay). I rolled a cleric for my class and decided I wanted to play a battle cleric, as I have no seen anyone at my table play one yet.

Other factors( DM restrictions)- I am basically starting as if just being born, so I don't have a concrete personality/ type yet. No animal companions.I can only have one level or multi class if i choose. And I cant worship a God, think more aspect/ animism. I do have my wealth for my level, but my weapon is only allowed to be a +1, but I am proficient in any one martial weapon. Party make up so far is a healing focused archer paladin, boreal seeker sorcerer, Barbarian/ martial artist monk.

Please help, and thank you.

This question applies to weapon, armor, and shield enhancement bonuses.

For example:
I have a +5 falcata and have the unfortunate problem of walking into an anti-magic zone.

Would my falcata still provide +5 to my attack and damage rolls?


Would it function simply as a masterwork weapon providing +1 to attack and damage rolls?

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Simple question, do multiple castings of resist energy stack. As in can i cast it multiple times to gain resistance to fire, cold, electricity and acid. I ask because my party is about to fight a buch of elementals and the druid wants to cast the communal version four times, giving everyone in the party ER 30 vs everything.

I ask because I dont know if you can only have this spell cast once on you, and each successive casting replaces the older version. Or that each casting counts as a separate buff, thus allowing all to be sustained at once.Currently in game so if anyone has a speedy answer to this, i would be very appreciative.

Thank you for your help.

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So let me first start of by saying that I love the People of the North player companion.It is full of flavor and delivers on crunch. Those who haven't bought it should.

My issue is with the Viking archetype. At first I was very excited about this archetype, thinking that the fighter got some loving. I then started looking at the numbers and comparing it to a normal Barbarian and base line fighter,and it looks to me to be a poor mans Barbarian, am I missing something?

Its a fighter who gets a very cool intimidate ability instead of bravery( big plus here). He looses armor training in favor of shield defense (+1 ac when using a shield 4th, 7th, 11th, 15th) and trades weapon training 1,2,3,4 for rage at - 3 level, and can replace fighter bonus feats with rage powers after level 6. He looses heavy armor prof, tower shield prof.

The only main fighter abilities he keeps are weapon master and armor mastery.

It does not state that he gets Mighty or greater rage.

The barbarian still gets fast movement and a better skill selection.
I guess trap sense and fearsome are a push, same with uncanny dodge and DR vs. shield defense. They are equal in armor weapon prof. Indomitable will and tireless rage are comparable to armor and weapon mastery.

access to rage and rage power are amazing but at a lover level and with the sacrifice to weapon and armor training, is it worth it? Compared to a barbarian by level 20 he looses 20hp and 40 skill points. Am I missing something? Why would someone not just play a barbarian?

19 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Staff response: no reply required. 1 person marked this as a favorite.
PHB wrote:

Quarry (Ex)

At 11th level, a ranger can, as a standard action, denote one target within his line of sight as his quarry. Whenever he is following the tracks of his quarry, a ranger can take 10 on his Survival skill checks while moving at normal speed, without penalty. In addition, he receives a +2 insight bonus on attack rolls made against his quarry, and all critical threats are automatically confirmed. A ranger can have no more than one quarry at a time and the creature's type must correspond to one of his favored enemy types. He can dismiss this effect at any time as a free action, but he cannot select a new quarry for 24 hours. If the ranger sees proof that his quarry is dead, he can select a new quarry after waiting 1 hour.

Ranger archetypes like the Wild stalker, Warden and Freebooter loose favored enemy, but still retain Quarry and improved quarry, so how is this suppose to work if the Quarry ability is dependent upon favored enemy? Possible errata, FAQ? Or has this been answered somewhere and I haven't found it?

I am typically a DM, but for once I am playing a pc in a friends campaign. A situation occurred that set off my DM rules senses and am looking to make sure I am not "misinterpreting" a situation.

The situation is that a group of lv 1 pc's are in a 5ft foot wide alleyway, that is 20ft high and very long. a typical overgrown city back ally. They are attacked from behind and from the roofs of the 20ft high buildings. Combat begins and the enemies on the roof start throwing/swinging grappling hook like weapons down from the roof and hooking Pc's up. The DM ruled that after an attack hit, the hook was snagged into the pc, there was an opposed strength check (they had a additional +4 from height and two people pulling) to see if they could hoist you up the side of the wall. Once this happened they then puled the pc up 10ft a round.

One of the players got hooked and was being dragged up, she was already out of spells from fighting 12+ minions and didn't have a slashing weapon to cut the rope, so was quickly on her way to being surrounded and beaten to death onto of the building.

Now my question comes from what one of the other players did. she playing a ninja with a very high Dex, attempted to make a acrobatics check to spring board up the wall like parkour, and then attack the rope to save the suspending hooked character who was 10ft off the ground. She rolled well and got a 24 total. What happened next was an disagreement over acrobatics rules, as we could fine no ruling for this kind of check the DM ruled that it was a standing high jump, so 10ft x 4=40 then x2 for not having a running start, so an 80 dc. While I know this is RAW by definition of they type of jump the DM ruled it as, but I thought I remember a rule for this kind of check somewhere, possibly in a feat. I just think an 80 dc is a bit extreme for a 5ft wide multiple bounding jump that is only 10ft high. Now I know a climb check would have been easier, but the walls of the buildings in this rundown city are all stucco and apparently incredibly smooth and have no crumbling parts.

Any idea where this rule might be? A possible different way of interpreting the situation, or how you would have ruled it?

Thank you for your time.

So I have been DM'ing without a break for awhile now (5 years), and I finally get to take a break and play in a campaign again and I am very excited. One of my players has decided to run a dark/evil campaign. We are of varied levels 1-4 and have a 25 point buy, as well as few bonuses (because we are evil, and his logic is you either need to be strong or smart). My group tends to play pretty well and have a nice grasp of the rules, I tend not to allow power gaming too much, but it appears that in this campaign it may be somewhat of a necessity. My problem, I need help creating an effective necromancer(or something that mimics it) and I truly cannot decide what to play. After looking at Wizard, sorcerer and cleric(undeadlord), it seems that cleric is the only real choice in terms of real necromancy, is their something i am missing? Help please.

character fluff/ progression- I am playing the equivalent of a damphir, in a world in which there are no others. My character was created in some elaborate ritual by heretical noble cultists that worshiped the god of death. He has been raised in a secluded mansion that has no windows or doors(apparent), and has been groomed in magic, religion and the knowledge that he is special (his teachers and servants tell him so every day). He has not been pampered(evil wizards/clerics tend not to pamper disciples) and has never seen the outside for fear that the true sunlight might destroy him.This is going to change. I want to focus on the magic part, but am not apposed to multi-classing to get martial or special abilities, oh and I intend on eventually turning him into a lich.

Ideas i have thought on:
1)wizard (necromacer)
2)sorcerer undead(wild blooded/sanguine)
3)cleric undead-lord
4)oracle -Life(asking Dm to change positive to negative energy)
5)synthesis summoner with undead path

I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong section, but this monster has eluded me for the last hour of poring over books. For all I know, it may not be Pathfinder but 3.5 or 4th. Regardless, I can't remember its name for the life of me and would greatly appreciate help.

I remember a humanoid monster, possibly undead, that had long white hair which was prehensile. The monster fed on blood, and after feeding its hair would become red for a period of time. It can look entirely human, though its feet do not touch the ground (floating). If I remember correctly, the monster was of someone that betrayed another then died due to it.

Does anyone remember this monster? It's driving me crazy.

So I Have been running a campaign (25pt epic, slow progress), and my player are level six now. The group was composed of 4 (lion druid, undead scourge pally, anger inquisitor, blade-bound Magus)and the pally in my group will be moving soon, much to my dismay. An old player who hasn't played in about 8 months asked if they could join back with the group(they're a good player). They came too me with a request about the summoner: a dragon tamer/bonded. This idea that would work in this particular world so i didn't have and issue with it fluff wise, until he asked if we could tweak the class. I have been know to do this with other classes, though I try to have them as balanced as possible(even a little under if the idea is a bit much, more for fluff).

His idea in thought: create a summoner that wasn't a summoner to fill void created by poor dragon shaman/ non-flying/dragon riding cavalier and less summoning oriented summoner.

The idea mechanically: make a summoner with an eidolon that has full hit dice/ Bab progression with summoner and uses the base type of dragon instead of outsider.

summoner loses : all summon monster(sp), Life link, Maker's call, Transposition, Aspect, Life bond, Greater aspect, Gate , Twin eidolon

-keeps:Bond senses, shield ally, Greater shield ally and merge forms still function respectively

Eidolon becomes an actual dragon(not summoned), can be killed normally, can be healed normally, must be resurrected if killed. cannot be banished, still gains evolutions, must be spend evo points to augment eidolon in a Draconian like fashion.

Please let me know what you think. Is it too over powered/underpowered? Should I add some ability to summoner? Should I keep normal evolution point progression/ increase it/ decrease it? My biggest concerns are: first it weakens the summoner in respect that if his eidolon/ dragon dies he doesn't have use of summon eidolon spell or any summon monster(sp), and can retrieve his eidolon until it is resurrected. Secondly, a fully leveled full HD eidolon would be a monster.

Thank you for your time.

I recently bought a harrow deck (so far loving it) but for the life of me I cannot locate the book or information on each card's role in the hero point alternative. I keep reading snippets of it throughout the forums but I haven't been able to pinpoint it.

I am starting a kingmaker campaign this weekend, and as usual some of my players have asked a few questions that I'd like to receive more input before i make a ruling.

1) One of my players is thinking about running an alchemist, he came up with the idea of attaching a vial of inhaled poison(this is done outside of combat) to a concussion bomb. The intent is that when the bomb explodes it will also break the additional vial full of poison, filling a 10x10ft area with the toxic gas. I have already ruled that should I allow this it should not work with any fire/ lightning based bombs.My question : is this even allowable by RaW? is it over powered, and if so should i attach a negative to the attack because its not a normal bomb?

2)Another player wants to run a Synthesist summoner. The fluff is he is a tiefling who has a stronger tie to his infernal lineage and "summons" the power of hell into him. My question is regarding the summoner retaining his old proficiencies while he is fused, more specifically his ability to use weapons. The character wants to use the heirloom trait to be able to use a great sword. does this work? can they have a level one character wielding a two-handed weapon over their natural attacks?

Thank you

So far I am adoring Ultimate Magic, but this has been severely bugging me. In previous PDFs I could simply click on a spell's name and magically be transported to its full description. I enjoyed it because it saved time and mindless scrolling. Now the spells in UM are listed by letter instead of by spell and I cannot instant click.

Also, the spells in the wizard and sorcerer listings are not separated schools. This makes it difficult for me as I have to look up every individual spell, which is made more bothersome by the current menu limitations.

Just my two cents on a rather minor issue, but still something I wish could be improved upon.

So I am starting a kingmaker campaign and one of my PC asks me if he can play a half-orc with the Giant creature template from the Bestiary 2. My question is twofold one should I allow this? and if I do, does the +1 CR adjustment convert directly to the old 3.5 one level adjustment, meaning he will have to level to 3rd, to get his actual 2nd character level? or is it more?

Oh the fluff behind it is he is a "Half-ogre" and be is going to play a ranger.

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