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Man with a Pickaxe

Sejanus Corvus's page

105 posts. Alias of Tanner Nielsen.

Full Name

Sejanus Corvus III




Gunslinger (Bolt Ace) 1 -- HP 12 : AC 17 CMD 13 TAC 14 FAC 13 : LCrossbow+5; 1d8 : F+4 R+6 W+3 : INIT+6 Perc+7 CMB+0










Sandpoint, Varisia



Strength 9
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 7

About Sejanus Corvus


Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120lb

You see a well-groomed man, cleanly shaven with short-cropped gray hair premature for his age. His eyes are an icy blue, with flecks of silver near the iris. His skin taut against his frame, with an angular face and stern looks. He is dressed in studded leather armor, with a green cloak. He carried a light crossbow at his hip and a dagger on his belt. He is medium-height, with a lanky frame and straight posture.


Sejanus leads personal interactions with a no-nonsense, business-like attitude that comes from several years of mercenary work. He works hard to overcome his negative attitude to see the good in people, but has been disappointed enough in life to not expect much from those around him. He is loyal and courageous to those who have his friendship - while terrible and vindictive to those who attack or betray him.


Our story begins in the year 4702 AR, during a period of time that the residents of Sandpoint would later come to call, 'The Late Unpleasantness.'

Sandpoint was no stranger to crime, or even to murder. Once or twice a year, passions flared, robberies went bad, jealousy grew too much to bear, or one too many drinks were drunk, and someone would end up dead. But when the body count suddenly began to mount, the town had no idea how to react to the killer dubbed 'Chopper.' Over the course of one long winter month, every few days brought a new victim to light. Each was found in the same terrible state, bodies bearing deep cutting wounds to the neck and torso, with both hands and feet severed and stacked nearby and the eyes and tongue missing entirely, plucked crudely from the head.

Sheriff Avertin himself became Chopper's last victim, slain when he finally caught the killer mutilating his latest victim in the side street that would come to be known as Chopper's Alley. Avertin managed a telling blow against the murderer before dying himself. When the town guard found the sheriff dead with another victim several minutes later, they were able to follow the bloody trail left by the killer. A trail that led straight to the stairs of Stoot's Rock, the prominent stone outcropping just north of the Old Light.

Jervis Stoot and Chopper were the same, and the eyes and tongues of all 25 victims were found in a horrific altar to a birdlike demon whose name none dared speak aloud. Stoot himself was found dead at the base of the altar, having plucked his own eyes and tongue loose for a final offering. The guards collapsed the entrance to the chambers, burned Stoot's house, tore down the stairs, and tried to forget.

One person, however, could not forget. For you see, his parents were #17 and #18.

The Corvus family were regarded as decent and hard-working folk. Vilnius Corvus was an apprentice glassmaker at the Sandpoint Glassworks, while Lucretia Corvus was a full-time mother and part-time seamstress. They had moved to Sandpoint from Magnimar a few years earlier and owned a small home next to the local theater. Their deaths occurred during the night while they slept, leaving their baby son Sejanus an orphan.

The local priest, Ezakien Tobyn, arranged for the baby Sejanus to be cared for by the church. It was thus that Sejanus was raised among the clergy, knowing little of his parents and the horror that robbed him of them. Young Sejanus took quickly to helping out with the local town guard, who helped him to find a place when so little of his past was known. Sejanus would have continue in blissful ignorance, if not for the fateful day when he turned 18.

Father Tobyn had a heart-to-heart with the young man and shared with him the story of his parents. Distraught, angry, and confused, Sejanus swore that he would protect others that might suffer without protection. He became a full member of the town guard, and has spent several years protecting the outskirts and farms with his trusty crossbow.

Right now he sits at the Rusty Dragon, slowly drinking a mug of mead and enjoying the jovial air before the Swallowtail festival.

Racial Abilities:

Bonus feat
Bonus skill point

Equipment and Money:

light crossbow (35gp, 4lb), dagger (2gp, 1lb), crossbow bolts (30) (3gp, 3lb), studded leather armor (25gp, 20lb), chalk (white, red, green, blue) (1sp, --lb), twine (50ft) (1cp, --lb), whetstone (2cp, --lb), signal whistle (8sp, --lb), wooden holy symbol (1sp, --lb).


Weight: 28.0lb
Load: Light

Combat Statistics:

HP 12 (10+2)
Spd 30ft
Initiative +4
CMB +0 (+1 BAB, -1 Str)
Base Attack +1

dagger -1, 1d4-1/19-20x2

light crossbow +5, 1d8/x3

Rapid Shot
ligh crossbow +3/+3, 1d8x3

AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+4 Dex, +3 armor)
CMD 13 (10 base, +0 BAB, -1 Str, +4 Dex, +0 Size)
Fortitude +4 (+2 base, +2 Con)
Reflex +6 (+2 base, +4 Dex)
Will +3 (+0 base, +3 Wis)


[4 class, 0 Int, 1 race]

Acrobatics +7 (1 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex, -1 armor)
Knowledge (local) +4 (1 ranks, 3 class, 0 Int) *creation bonus
Perception +7 (1 ranks, 3 class, 3 Wis)
Profession (soldier) +7 (1 ranks, 3 class, 3 Wis) *creation bonus
Sleight of Hand +8 (1 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex)
Stealth +8 (1 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex, 1 trait, -1 armor)
Survival +7 (1 ranks, 3 class, 3 Wis)

Class Abilities:

Rapid Reload - At 1st level, the bolt ace gains the Rapid Reload feat.

Grit (Ex) - At the start of each day, a gunslinger gains a number of grit points equal to his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1), and cannot go higher than his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). [3 points]

Critical Hit with a Crossbow: Each time the gunslinger confirms a critical hit with a crossbow attack while in the heat of combat, he regains 1 grit point. Confirming a critical hit on a helpless or unaware creature or on a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the gunslinger’s character level does not restore grit.

Killing Blow with a Crossbow: When the gunslinger reduces a creature to 0 or fewer hit points with a crossbow attack while in the heat of combat, he regains 1 grit point. Destroying an unattended object, reducing a helpless or unaware creature to 0 or fewer hit points, or reducing a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the gunslinger’s character level to 0 or fewer hit points does not restore any grit.

Sharp Shoot (Ex) - At 1st level, a bolt ace can resolve an attack against touch AC instead of normal AC when firing a crossbow at a target within its first range increment. Performing this deed costs 1 grit point. This deed replaces deadeye.

Vigilant Loading (Ex) - At 1st level, as long as a bolt ace has at least 1 grit point, she does not provoke attacks of opportunity when loading a crossbow. This deed replaces quick clear.


Bitter Nobleman - You gain a +1 trait bonus to Stealth, and it is always a class skill for you.

Reactionary - You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative checks.


Class - Rapid Reload
Race - Point-Blank Shot
1 - Rapid Shot

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