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Rydlon One of the Unknown's page

14 posts. Alias of Adelain.

Full Name

Rydlon One of the Unknown











Special Abilities

Low-Light Vision, Elf Blood, Elven Immunities, Keen Senses,Multitalented, Bardic knowledge, bardic performance, cantrips,countersong, distraction, fascinate, inspire courage








Commen, Elven and Varisian



Strength 15
Dexterity 10
Constitution 15
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Rydlon One of the Unknown

HP:(HD 1d8+2con+1Favored Class)tot hp 11 current hp 11
AC: (10 +3armor +0dex)tot13 FF13 touch10
CMB:(bab+0 str+2 size+0)tot +2
CMD:(bab+0 str+2 size+0 dex+0 +10)tot 12
Fortitude save:base+0 stat+2 Trait+1 tot+3
Reflex save:base+2 stat+0 tot+2
Will save:base+2 stat+1 tot+3 (+5 against Enchantment)
Speed :30ff

BaB +0
Initiative +0
Attack Melee (0bab + 2Str)tot +2

Experience: 300 XP


Rydlon is a storyteller using rumors and aspects being told in context to the horror setting. He uses (black) humor and leads horrible stories to absurdum. But on the other side he is a someone who wants to take revenge to the undead, as in the past he was being used by clerics of Urgathoa as a familiar.
After some years he was rescued by Myra a hunter of the undead traveling through the Ustalav lands; his transformation to an undead being was stopped, but he also had lost his former idendity as his memory could not be restored completely, yet.

Myra accompanied Rydlon to Karcau and there to the Academy of Pettoria. Because of his physical conditions he was selected to be trained in the ways of a fighter. After his election to the academy Myra left and Rydlon did not see her again. In the Pettoria Academy he was not performing as a fighter should perform, and learn. He was more interested to learn about the stories and what parts of the rumors could be seen as true. He wants to find out if the stories and rumors will gave him a hind what happend to him and what are weaknesses of the undead. As we all know every story contains a little true. Therefore after one semester he changed the class back to the storytellers and actors. In Stories and Imaginations he can forget this world and move mindwise to a better place. The stories are also the source of his inner drive to overcome his fear. Rythmen of all kind makes him feel save and courageous, especially when spoken by a strong voice.

From now on he highly regards the live in all of his forms, as he knows better than the others that the current day could be your last one, at least the last one as a living being. But as he saw so much horrible things and sorrow around the people, he also has sworn to take revenge to the undead, especially to his former mistress Nerani. He wants to prevent her from getting more and more might provided by Urgathoa. And on the other hand this female opponent might know where he is coming from...

The Character uses insults and offenses as soon as he is facing a challenge or is being in a situation without a backdoor. By doing so he does override his deepest get caught again and be a willingness tool of his - former - mistress.

Favored Class
Second (will be decided on 20.12.2010)

bonus from favored class:
Lvl 1: 1 HP

Simple weapons proficiency [class]
Longsword proficiency [class]
Rapier Proficiency [class]
Sap Proficiency [class]
Short Sword Proficiency [class]
Shortbow Proficiency [class]
Whip Proficiency [class]
Light armor proficiency [class]
Shield proficency (except Tower) [class]
Skill Focus (Comedy)
Combat Expertise

Armor Expert: When you wear armor of any sort, reduce that suit’s armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum check penalty of 0.

Freed Slave: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves

Ghost Sight: You receive a +2 trait bonus to Perception checks when trying to locate undead, and can attempt to locate ethereal undead (though they are still considered merely invisible, +20 to Stealth

Performance Comedy (3 Cha + 1 Rank + + 3 Class Skill + 3 Skill Focus)
Performance Oratory (3 Cha + 1 Rank + 3 Class Skill)
Performance Dance (3 Cha + 1 Rank + 3 Class Skill)
Perception (1 Wis + 1 Rank + 3 Class Skill + 2 Half-Elf) * +2 to detect Undead
Use Magic Devise (3 Cha + 1 Rank + 3 Class Skill)
Knowledge History (1 Int + 1 Rank + 3 Class Skill) * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge local (1 Int + 1 Rank + 3 Class Skill) * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl

Sleight of hand
Knowledge Arcana * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge dungeoneering * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge engineering * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge geography * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge local * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge Nature * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge Nobility * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge Planes * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl
Knowledge Religion * + 1/2 Bard-Lvl

Selected Spells
Lvl 0
Detect Magic
Dancing Lights
Ghost Sound 10

Lvl 1
Cure Light Wounds
Grease 10

Studded Leather

16 Gold

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