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Reeky Shanks's page

3 posts. Alias of d13.


Smurf Healer,
From what I heard from Brainy...

You should never have tried to smurf it in her smurfhole without asking. Or at the very least you couldv'e used a little smurfroglide. It just nasty and un-smurfing-polite. Its no smurfing way to treat a lady smurf. Especially the only lady smurf.

Smurfing in the smurf-hole indeed! The "Dirty Smurfchez" was a bit much, dont you think?

I hope you look forward to self-smurfing for a while. Cuz aint no way a smurf is gonna smurf on your smurf or give a smurfjob or let you have a smurf-around any time soon.

Dirty mother-smurfer.

I heard that it was actually the movie version of "Spamalot"

Und zis es de Apryl Fuls Dei? Es J0kk3?

Glad to 5ee zer es no h4rd fee1!ng5 orr v!ru5, but hons3t prank und fun f0r zee holiday.


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