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Rafael's page

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I'm sure that a lot of people have looked into modifying this weapon in some way. I know there was a version on that dealt with this idea, and I know it has been discussed on this forum quite a bit. If you search the archives for the SCAP, I'm sure you'll see several discussions on the topic. Your current ideas sound decent: have you thought about who is likely to use this item in your party? I know that since many think of this weapon as a arcane tool, they feel it should be modified to be more useful to mages.

Sadly, I too haven't received Dragon 348. I usually try to wait, since the post office is slow around here (sad since I live right next to the regional office), but I think this is a little long even for them. Is there anyway I can get a replacement?

Just thought this was an interesting situation. I hadn't receieved Dungeon 132 as of Saturday, but I had received the newest issue of Dragon. However, I wanted to wait first before reporting because the mail is always a bit behind in my area, and because of the recent shootings in the post office here that disrupted everything. I open my mail today, and see issue 133. Thinking, "Aw, darn it," I pull it out, only to see a green tentacled thing hiding beneath it! This is a first for me: getting two issues of a monthly magazine at the same time! :-) I'm glad I waited to report things.

B.S. In theoretical mathmatics and English, minor in applied statistics and death. Masters in theoretical mathematics, working on Ph.D. It's a living. :-)

Sean Mahoney wrote:
When I posted everything was gone. I can see it all again now, but even after several full refreshes I was getting nothing but functioning, yet empty boards... Seems to be all good now though. (mostly I was posting the snide comment to test).

Heck, at least you could see the board. I couldn't even log in yesterday. My browser said that the website did not exist.

Just turned 25. I began playing back in 7th grade, which was about 13 or so for me. First game was DnD, although a Shadowrun suppliment was the first book I picked up. Spent most of my high school and college DMing and trying to get my friends to try new things. Got to be a player a bit before moving on to the wider world. Now, mostly a lurker-job/school eat most of my time. Still dream of playing or even DMing again. I so want to run Shackled City. Wonder if I'll get to before 4th edition comes out?

rfox wrote:

How to I find the older messages for the Shackled City?

I can't find the archive to the messageboards anywhere.


So far, the only way I've found to access the archive is to do a search for topics in the forum search (right corner of the messageboard for Shacked City). Doesn't help if you weren't around to know the topics in the first place though.

Sean Mahoney wrote:

What?!?! Have you guys never been to a Cold Stone Ice Creamery?!?! (for you Paizo guys I am sure there is one close by as they are popping up all over the sound, but if nothing else there is one in the Crossroads shopping center in Bellevue that is well worth a quest to obtain).

Sean Mahoney

Ick.. You mean that tasteless junk? :-) Sorry, but to me Cold Stone sucks. To each his own though.

On my subscription page, it lists #126 of Dungeon as shipping in July. Still haven't actually received anything yet though. :-(

(Okay, I have no clue where my post went, so if this double posts, I'm sorry.)

Just chiming in as well: I'm in the same club as the rest. Still haven't received anything yet. I did post in another thread on this topic, and was advised to email customer service. I did so, but still haven't received a response.

Still nothing for me, so I passed an email onto customer service. We'll see what happens.

Hmm...that makes me feel a bit better. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll wait a bit longer, then email CS. With the holiday screwing scheduling at the post office, it might even take a bit longer.

That's amazing. I was about to send the same message. I placed my order on June 2nd instead of May 30th, and I'm pretty sure that the correct address was given since some misc. books I ordered have already arrived. My first magazine still hasn't arrived as of today. Does anyone have any advice on this?

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