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Quinn Hildring's page

234 posts. Alias of DarkLightHitomi.

Full Name

Quinn Hildring




Taoist, Sworddancer



About Quinn Hildring

Quinn is a minor noble from the mercenary House of Hildring in Zongguo. House Hildring has been declining under the economic might of the other local houses(mostly because the other houses have more varied investments) and has been the target of several attacks and sieges recently, so the head of the house, Lady Antebelle, has sent a few of her people to scout other lands to find opportunities for business or possibly a place disappear to, though the latter doesn't sit well with most of the house and many have been crying to find and destroy the attackers who have thus far remained unknown but believed to be using necromancy and other dark arts.

Quinn distinguished herself during the battle at Delgado where several undead were used to attack the towns docks. Lady Antebelle has thus sent her to Calabria to search for opportunities for the house, hoping that in foreign lands others may be more open to deals with them, or to find a place unclaimed by anyone significant that House Hildring may be able to claim.

Looking at Quinn you see that she has a very athletic build. She has bright reddish orange fur with black stripes which form interesting geometric patterns on her face. Her gaze is constantly shifting, aware of everything nearby, yet you cant quite tell whether the look in her eyes is serious or playful.

She dressed in loose fitting black robes with intricate embroidery of various colors in a style that is obviously foreign, and revealing. She has a longsword and a dagger, both of which have a slight curve to them and the patterns from the robes continue on the scabbards. The pack though beautiful, obviously comes from a different set then everything else. It has green as the base color with red and black embroidery that show stylized pictures of tigers and a weasel in various scenes though it seems incomplete.

She obviously has not yet mastered Calabrese vocabulary, yet her foreign accent is smooth and flowing.

Quinn has just recently arrived in Triskellian on a boat that stopped over here on their way to Govoria.

Name Quinn(Kuin Hiriderin)
Species Tiger
Personality Willful
Local Knowledge
Motto Caution does not preclude curiosity.
Starting Goal Scout this land.

Ini 2d8 spd+mind
Stride 1 1+gifts
Dash 4 1/2 spd+1 if bod>spd
Sprint 8 spd
Run 20 spd+bod+dash

Atk weap
Def type
Dodge d8+d6 spd+skl
Soak d8 bod
Armor eq

Body d8
Speed d8
Mind d8
Will d6
Species d6
Career d6 Taoist
Career d4 Sword Dancer

Skill marks
Jumping 1+s
Presence 2+s+csd
Stealth 1+s
Academics 1+ct
Observation 1
Supernatural 2+ct
Brawling 1
Craft 1
Dodge 2+ct+csd
Melee 2+csd


r Increased stat: body
r Nightvision
r Strength
c Taoist Apprentice
c Taoist Trappings
1 Sword Dancer Trappings
c Literacy Zhongwén
1 Language Calabrese
1 Ambidextrous
AG2 Fencing
AG3 Increased stat Career d4 -> d6
AG3 Performence: Dance
AG3 Extra Career: Sword Dancer

XP-4 Mark in academics
XP-10 Secrets of water taoist magic
XP-10 Water hexagrams
Exp = 3/27

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