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Queen Ileosa Arabasti

Queen Ileosa's page

2 posts. Alias of Xaaon of Xen'Drik.


Queen Ileosa sits upon the Crimson Throne. She is a vision of celestial beauty despite the black mourning dress and veil she wears in honor of her husband’s death. A small silver coffer sits in her lap.

The throne room itself is pristine but strangely empty—an open area with a vaulted ceiling, stained glass windows of past kings and
queens looking down from the eastern wall, and crimson tapestries hanging along the others. An immense fireplace offers additional light and heat to the hall, and a silk carpet provides a gently arching path to the throne’s base. Sabina takes the brooch from you and hands it over to her queen with a flourish, then takes up a position at the throne’s left side as Ileosa addresses you.

“This brooch was stolen from me some time ago — I had not expected to see it again, truth be told. And yet, here on my darkest day, you come before me with kindness. The return of this brooch is much more than an honorable deed. It is inspiration. It is hope. “I love Korvosa, as my husband did before me. His death has shocked the city as it has me, but I will not see his legacy destroyed in death, and I shall not see my city torn apart. All Korvosa stands at the precipice of a disaster wrought by her citizens—these riots cannot continue. You have already done my heart a great service in returning this bauble to me on this dark day, and you shall be rewarded. Yet, perhaps you can serve your city more."

"And you two, you have aided the city, assisting my guards and even the hell knights in quelling the riots, but with an even hand of kindness, not the overwhelming hand of tyranny, for this I must commend you. For these brave acts you shall also be rewarded."

“If you so choose, I shall have Sabina see to it that you have an escort of guards when you leave here—they can see to your safe journey to Citadel Volshyenek. I shall send word ahead of you to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft to let her know you are on the way—the Korvosan Guard is stretched thin, and it can certainly use the aid of heroes such as yourself. Now, I need to retire to my personal quarters — my grief has drained me. Again, I thank you for the kindness you have shown me, and I hope your days of serving the crown are only just beginning.”

With this, the queen directs Sabina to hand over the reward for returning the brooch—the bodyguard swiftly does so, handing the small silver chest to Pavo. She also takes an additional piece of velvet from the queen, and hands it to Sollus.


When you open it, you will find 12 gold ingots stamped with the Korvosan Seal.


When you open the velvet, you find 4 gold ingots stamped with the Korvosan seal.

DM X wrote:
The Queen is getting impatient, close are we to beign ready to continue?

taps foot impatiently

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