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Pork's page

53 posts. Alias of Fredex.

Full Name





Fighter (Archer) 1










Goblin, Common

About Pork

Pork was born into a small goblin fishing village that belonged to the Blood Bashers tribe. From a young age he enjoyed peculiar luck that landed him as the leader of a squad of archers belonging to the Blood Bashers army. This was a prestigious position as it allowed him to enjoy the spoils of war without putting himself in as much harm as the average goblin foot soldier. He enjoyed a comfortable life until a clan of bugbears conquered all the goblin tribes in the region. The bugbears saw themselves superior to goblins and collected many "taxes" leaving little for the native goblinoids. Fearing a life of servitude, or even worse: poverty, Pork gathered his belongings and set off to look for riches elsewhere.

A few days later he came upon a family of humans: father, mother and a young boy. They were cornered inside a cart by a large wolf, who was tugging at the breeches of the child. Pork always fancied a wolf skin pelt and he killed wolf, thereby saving the family. A patrol of Militia heard the commotion and were ready to apprehend Pork thinking he was the cause of the trouble. But the family spoke in his favor, and Pork was instead brought to the Marshall for questioning. She saw that Pork was not as chaotic or bloodthirsty as a regular goblin and offered him a position in the Militia, which Pork gladly accepted.

Pork stands three feet tall and has a pot belly characteristic of most well-off goblins, however he is surprisingly quick on his feet and very accurate with his bow. Living the good life (for a goblin) has also imparted Pork with better health and constitution than the average goblin. His primary motivation is treasure, however being a squad leader has given Pork an appreciation for teamwork.

Character Sheet:

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