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Othoe's page

652 posts. Alias of Euan.

Full Name

Othoe Drik


Halfing (Chelaxian)


(HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))




3' 34lbs


44 yrs


Chaotic Good


Abyssal, Aklo, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, Sylvan

Strength 11
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Othoe

Stats & Saves:
Wizard (evocation) level 5
Specialized: Evocation (* spells +1 damage/2 levels)
Opposed: Necromancy/Enchantment

Saving Throws
Fortitude = +4
Reflex = +4
Will = +6
+2 vs fear (halfing)
(+1 luck (halfling))

Armor Class = 12
Touch AC = 12 (+1 size, +1 dexterity)
Flat-Footed AC = 11 (+1 size)

CMB = 2 (-1 size)
CMD = 12 (+1 dexterity)

HP = 32

BAB = +3
Initiative = +1 (+1 dex)
Move = 20' base

Feats & Traits:
Magical Lineage (metamagic feats are treated as 1 level lower for Magic Missle)
Ease of Faith (+1 bonus on Diplomacy, and it is a class skill)
Warslinger - Halfing ability to free action load a sling

Weapon Proficiency: club, crossbow, dagger, sling, staff
Scribe Scroll
Toppling Spell (metamagic: trip with force spells)
Spell Focus (evocation)(+1 DC for Evocation spells)
Spell Specialization (Magic Missile)(+2 caster levels)
Merciful Spell (spells can do nonlethal damage)


Acrobatics = +2 (1 rank)
Appraise = +4
Bluff = +3 (1 rank)
Climb = +2 (2 rank)
Diplomacy = +9 (3 rank, +1 trait)
Disguise = +7 (2 rank)
Disguise as Gnome (taking 10) = (15)
Escape Artist = +1
Fly = +1
Heal = 0
Intimidate = +2
Knowledge(Arcana) = +10 (3 rank)
Knowledge(Geography) = +8 (1 rank)
Knowledge(History) = +9 (2 rank)
Knowledge(Local) = +10 (3 rank)
Knowledge(Nature) = +8 (1 rank)
Knowledge(Planes) = +9 (2 rank)
Linguistics = +12 (6 ranks)
Perception = +11 (6 ranks)(+2 halfing)
Ride = +1
Sense Motive =0
Spellcraft = +12 (6 rank)
Stealth = +6 (1 rank)(+4 size)
Survival = 0
Swim = +2 (2 rank)

Spells & Special Abilities:
* +1 DC, +2 damage (evocation spells)
Concentration: +9, SR +5

Typical Daily Slate
0) Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost*, Spark
1) Endure Elements, Grease, Magic Missile* w/ Topple x3
2) Flaming Sphere*, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Knock, Scorching Ray*
3) Dispel Magic, Fireball*, Haste, Haste

Cantrips All DC: 14
First Level DC: 15
Burning Hands*
Color Spray
Comprehend Languages
Endure Elements
Infernal Healing
Mage Armor
Magic Missile*
Obscuring Mist
Stumble Gap
Touch of the Sea

Second Level DC: 16
Flaming Sphere*
Scorching Ray*

Third Level DC: 17
Dispel Magic

Equipment & Wealth:

Arcane Bond: Ring
Spell component pouch x2
Sling w/ handful of bullets (6)
Scroll case, Ink, Pen & Paper
Key to Brickasnurds back door
Spell Book
Candles x2
Waterskin w/ water (quart)
Versatile Cloak (command word - Snurd)
Pearl of Power, first
Pearl of Power, first (ON ORDER & PAID)
Tanglefoot Bag x2
6 days rations
1 day wandermeal
300gp in rare inks for scrolls
4,505gp in gear (or gear on order)
1,066gp in cash

- Color Spray (1)
- Burning Hands (2)
- Comprehend Languages (1)
- Grease (1)
- Knock (3)
- Magic Missile w/Topple (1)
- Magic Missile w/Topple (1)

Othoe is originally from Chelliax where he spent the bulk of his youth as a slave. Serving a wizardly master, he picked up a thing or two and eventually impressed his master enough to obtain some formal training - his master believing he could keep his new apprentice under his thumb.

Just a year ago, Othoe got the upper hand, and slaughtered his master while he slept. He then fled across the countryside disguising himself as a Gnome and traveling NE out of Chelliax and eventually into Andoran.

In reality his 'mentor' was in fact his father Othan - a stern Asmodeus worshipping powerful wizard in servitude to Vassindio Drovenge. They were slaves to be sure, but their lives were more comfortable than many free men. Othan manufactured magic items and scrolls for the House Drovenge and helped seal Vassindios place on the Council of Thieves.

Othoe has 'confused' his past - his brain making a last ditch effort at sanity. He believes his own story of a rough past and a domineering master whom he killed. However, it is not the Chellish constabulary that is out to get Othoe, but rather his own family. Yes - House Drovenge has lost a productive slave, but slave fights are slave fights and the son was not nearly as skilled as the father so their interest is merely in passing. They have bigger fish to fry.

Fearing pursuit none-the-less, Othoe has chosen to hide in Falcon's Hollow. He has heard of the plague there, but fears the long arm of the Chellish slavers more than any mere disease. He hopes in fact that any pursuers will be more afraid of the disease than catching a single fleeing slave.

What wealth he had left after his meager supplies and his spell book have long since been lost to the ravages of flight with the exception of a small flask of antiplague which he guards carefully.

Personality and Appearance:
Othoe is disguised as a Gnome as much as possible, though a perceptive person (Perception DC 14) can tell he's actually a Halfling. He is meticulously clean cut in both visages and seems to take great care with his nails. They sport a glossy polish earned more from constant care than any applied unguent.

Disguised, his hair is the bright orange of autumn (wig). His eyebrows have the same color roots, but he dyes the tips a bright green. Gnomes are, after all, a colorful lot. His normal hair color is a dusty but bright-ish blond. He wraps his feet in low soft boots a size too large to allow his feet to breathe a bit.

He's on the neutral side of good having had to do many thing to gain his freedom that would otherwise be repugnant to him. He looks for a way to preserve himself and his freedom while at the same time redeem his recent past acts.

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