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Nuveril's page

998 posts. Alias of Joana.




Barbarian (superstitious) 7 | hp 72/72 (86/86 raging)




Small (2'11", 30 lbs.)



Special Abilities





ancestral spirits




Kelish, Badawi (spoken only)


nomadic warrior

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Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 17
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Nuveril

When Nuveril was only a small child, her mother was taken by gnoll slavers. Judging that such a weak creature could never survive the long trek across Katapesh to the slave markets, the gnolls abandoned her on the savannah. Fortuitously for the girl, a woman from a nomadic tribe soon passed near enough to hear her squalls. Feeling unusually soft-hearted since she had recently given birth to a still-born baby, she investigated. Originally intending only to grant the creature a swift death, she was startled when the seemingly helpless child attacked her vigorously with teeth and nails when she laid hands on it. Charmed, and still feeling the loss of her own baby, she decided that the tiny girl was a gift from her ancestral spirits and determined to raise it in her child's place. Of course, the halfling's difference from those around her was soon felt, as the other children began to tower over her. Her foster mother knew enough of the ways of the gnolls to infer Nuveril's family's fate and imparted all she knew and guessed to the child. This knowledge, accompanied by her adopted tribe's own conflicts with the gnoll tribes, redoubled the halfling's hatred for the race, and the dismissal she received from her peers due to her Small size fueled her need to prove herself as a warrior. Provided with the opportunity to strike a blow against the gnolls, Nuveril accepts it as a gift, both to avenge her mother's fate and to prove herself to her adopted tribe.

Gestures & rituals:
When witnessing death: Nuveril listens to the screams with a stoic frown. When they finally die away, she performs another of her rituals, touching her head and then the ground with two fingers.

Respect to resident spirits of the dead: She lays one palm against the stone wall and touches her chest with two fingers, a gesture of respect to the resident spirits.

To ward off evil spirits: Nuveril repeats her ritual of touching her lips with crooked fingers and spitting in the dirt against evil.

Sign of respect: She goes down on one knee, touching her head, then her chest with two fingers, in a Badawi sign of respect.

Favored class: Barbarian
Improved Uncanny Dodge (cannot be caught flat-footed, unless immobilized or feinted; cannot be flanked)
Sixth Sense (+2 to initiative & to AC during surprise rounds)
Keen Senses: Low Light
Rage Powers: Superstition (+3 morale bonus vs spells, supernatural & spell-like abilities; must make saving throws vs. all spells); Witch Hunter (+2 bonus to damage spellcasters); Ghost Rager (+3 to touch AC; do normal damage to incorporeal creatures)

Racial Abilities: Fearless (+2 morale bonus vs Fear), Low Blow (+1 to critical confirmation rolls against larger creatures), Sure-Footed (+2 racial bonus to Acrobatics & Climb checks), Underfoot (+1 AC vs. larger opponents and +1 save vs. trample), Weapon Familiarity

Traits: Savannah Child (+1 Knowledge (nature)), Gnoll Killer (+1 to attack & damage, 1 extra round of rage vs. gnolls)

Skills: Acrobatics +15, Climb +12, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (nature) +7, Perception +10, Stealth +7, Survival +8

Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Shield Bash, Power Attack (-2, +4), Pack Hunter (+1 when flanking), Risky Striker (-2, +4)

Initiative: +5
AC: 21, Touch 15, Flat-footed 18
HP: 72 damage 0
Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed: 30 ft.
Base Attack +7, CMB +8, CMD 22 (19 flat-footed)
Armor check penalty when using madu: -1

Rage rounds: 19/19 per day (+1/1 vs. gnolls)

Stats while raging:
Strength 18 Constitution 21
CMB +11, CMD 23 (20 flat-footed)
AC: 19, Touch 16, Flatfooted 16
Fort +12, Ref +7, Will +6
HP: 86
+1 warhammer +13/+8 d6+5 x3 (vs. gnolls: +14/+9 d6+6)
+1 warhammer +11/+6 d6+5 x3 (vs. gnolls: +12/+7 d6+6)
AND +1 bashing light steel spiked shield +11 d6+3 x2 (vs. gnolls: +12 d6+4)
Ranged javelin +11 d4+4 x2 (vs. gnolls: +12 d4+5)


+1 warhammer +11/+6 d6+3 x3 (vs. gnolls: +12/+7 d6+4)
+1 warhammer +9/+4 d6+3 x3 (vs. gnolls: +10/+5 d6+4)
AND +1 bashing light steel spiked shield +9 d6+2 x2 (vs. gnolls: +10 d6+3)
Ranged javelin +11 d4+2 x2 (vs. gnolls: +12 d4+3)

ancestral hammer of the pugwampis
+1 bashing light steel spiked shield
javelins (9)
+1 studded leather armor
masterwork backpack
silk rope (50 ft.)
flint & steel
trail rations (7 days)
1 potion cure light wounds
cloak of resistance +2
ring of protection +1
belt of mighty constitution +2
ring of fire resistance, minor
mysterious bronze disk

XP: 35,000
Net wealth earned: 997.81 gp

Gnolls killed: 14
Hyenas killed: 1
Criticals confirmed: 6

Pack Hunter:

Your time spent with the blink dogs of the hills of Kelmarane has developed your skills when fighting as part of a group.

You gain a +1 competence bonus to melee attack rolls when attacking a flanked opponent.

Nuveril's name:
One night, when you were just a teenager learning the ways of the hunt, you had to climb a tree to escape a dire lion looking for a quick snack. To big to climb but unable to knock the tree down it watched you hungrily from the bottom for hours. The other hunters found you in the morning, sleeping blissfully wedged into the topmost branch. You received a nick name from that, roughly translated “She-who-sleeps-with-lion-below”. A credit to receive a name when so young.

Information discovered in Kelmarane about Nuveril's family:
Your learning has been slow and frustrating but bit by bit, month by month, your tenacity has yielded results.

With Linah’s patient assistance, you can read now, if slowly.

The records contain an enormous amount of irrelevance given that they relate to a town of 2000 people who you would not be interested in to start with and are now long dead. They provide no clues to Xulthos’ motives or activities aside from a clear hole where things started going wrong. The fall of the town was amazingly swift.

Your search reveals four families of halflings who lived in the town (indeed it seems in the section of the upper town where you found the amulet): the Duffys, the Perimacs, the Proudfeet and the Tufnells.

Three of the four appear to have lived in Kelmarane for decades, the fourth, the Perimacs appear to have arrived a few years before the disaster. This is not much to go on and you have grown increasingly frustrated as you move through the pile.

You are near the end and on the verge of giving up and devoting your full energies to looking for enemies around the town, when you come across what appears to be a record of births, penned by a clerk and signed by Halruun, Knight Protector of Kelmarane.

4 Pharast 4682


Bellsa Perimac (mother), Timor Perimac (father)

Mimsly Perimac (f), Tanelia Perimac (f)

Twins delivered healthy. Such beautiful little girls.

Zeladiel's knowledge of the bronze disk:
"Your medallion is a link to a bound genie, possibly the Djinn princess Nefeshti, leader of the Templars of the Four Winds. Khalid may know more of her. It will let you draw upon her power. It is linked to you, implying that you may be decended from the great Wizard and Genie Binder Andrathi, a halfling and reputed mortal lover of the Djinn princess."

Sev's journal in the Pit of Screaming Ghosts:
...... cursing myself for being so greedy. One last job to buy that villa. Maybe make an honest woman out of Yiella. But truth be told it was always the rubies. Dark red, like blood. I don't think I've ever seen anything so damn beautiful.

Getting down here was easy enough. The halflings were right about that at least. The illusion magic kept us hidden and those potions let us see in the dark (Gods a burglar could get used to that).

The upper levels were practically empty, only a few dogs in that bloody temple and we got past them with the magic easy enough. The smell though! Never come across anything like it not even in the worst holes in Dog Town. The mechanism was right where she said it would be. It's all supposed to be written down in that book she carries although it's not like I get to have a look for myself. I can read well enough. B#&~$.

The garden gave me a bad feeling right from the start. Those plants, underground in a place like this. Just isn't natural. Hadn't been there a minutes when we got attacked. Took a cut to the leg, damn thing is paining me still despite drinking a healing potion. We're resting now for a few hours before venturing down.

And what is down there is what worries me. What they don't know and what they know and aren't telling me. There is supposed to be some kind of creature, a waiting beast, guarding the seed. Something powerful and nasty to be down here so many years I'd wager although they say there's a way to get past so I can filch it.

The two of them don't trust each other one bit. That is for certain. A blind man could see it and I didn't make it to my current respectable age without seeing what is in front of my face. Tamir just wants the seed. All he can think of are those rubies as well. And the other one, this Perimac, she just wants to find this supposed tomb. Obsessed with it I say and you can tell Tamir is suspicious about it. Who in their right mind wants to bring down on themselves the curse of some old god of the bloody dogmen.

Not Sev, Abadar's oath on that.

Though maybe if she finds some grand treasure there will be a way to see some of it sticking to my hands. A cut of the rubies and ancient treasure as well sounds fine, just fine. I need to take care though. I need to be just as quiet and careful as I can. And patient. Bide my time and we will see what we will see.

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