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Belkar Bitterleaf

Michael Boozer's page

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I went to my FLGS (the Guard Tower here in Columbus) and they had the Inner Sea Map Folio. It's about 5'x3.5' pretty much what I was looking for. I guess it has more than just Varisia but all of Golarion (is that what you meant Feytharn?).

I had Kinkos laminate all four pieces of my Forgotten Realms poster like you have Punchinpaper, but they said nothing about special permission. When I go in tomorrow to get this Golarion map laminated, I hope I don't get any guff. ;)

Thank goodness my wife games with me or else I might really be in trouble with the Forgotten Realms map on wall and the Golarion on another.:P

To the FLGS I go on this great quest to buy a four poster map! I was definitely looking for the giant one. This will also help in my current campaign which is an attempt at converting the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon into a campaign. Thanks for the speedy reply.

Does anyone know which map folio (or whatever) contains the largest poster map of Varisia? I want to blanket a wall of my house with this thing in such a way as to have my wife wonder why she married me and yet be a reminder to all who come into my house that I'm a geek. :-)

Seems like a cool little program. Not sure how they are going to accommodate the extensive amount of material, but we will see. Personally I don't like the monthly subscription aspect. I mean, if it's like DM Genie where I can use it in game and it essentially replaces my need for most of my rulebooks, then maybe.

I would like to cancel at this time.

Received mine today which was a Paizo pre-order. It was shipped extremely well, so not a chance those corners could have been dinged. I have to say this thing is a monster all on it's own. Largest book I have in the whole house! Just what I wanted, thanks guys!

What is it about waiting that sucks. And then when it finally gets here it's like, yeah cool, no what's next? I'm brainwashed.

EDIT: ToHC is going to hold my attention for longer than the average delivery however. :)

But... but... I want one that says Unlimited too... hey...


Please cancel my subscription now, thanks!

T O wrote:

Can I have some more information on the project?

What's it written in, and is it cross-platform? What is the license going to be? I'd be interested in contributing to a cross-platform freeware or open-source project but otherwise probably not.

I am also helping, albeit only data entry, but we are simply making DM Genie work well with the Pathfinder changes. At this point, the program isn't getting updates via its creator, so the userbase is updating it via scripting and such. We has no control over the program's licensing.

Interesting, suggests October 28th. Hehe

Ok, FLGS had the first in the AP, so I decided to buy it and then subscribe. So far, I'm enjoying the quality and of course I have the PFRPG Core as well.

Vansung wrote:
I don't know if this has been asked yet, but is there any downloads or files for DM Genie to be updated for Pathfinder Beta Rules?

Wink, wink, hey man!

It seems due to Zanik (the creator of DM Genie) completely disappearing from the scene, the program is really at a standstill. So I know the Yahoo Groups are trying to push on, I just don't know how much DM Genie is going to continue. Personally I find the program pure genius, but I'm not too excited about any future for it. I guess I'll just keep hoping they can put in some PFRPG scripts and we can use it.

Crap, yet again I missed signing up to the subscription when the AP started! One of these times I'll get it right...

I can't believe I don't like it. I've liked all the other versions, but this one just isn't the D&D I love. Oh well, 3.5 is still going strong thankfully.

Ok, if I order RIGHT NOW (3/28), what will be my first Pathfinder book? I really don't want to start mid campaign arc... or for that matter start anywhere but the first book of the new campaign arc. ANyone? My finger is on the purchase button as I just dropped my WoW account and figured this would be a good replacement.

Ok, then maybe I'll post up in Customer Service, I didn't see it originally. :)

Ok, if I order RIGHT NOW (3/28), what will be my first Pathfinder book? I really don't want to start mid campaign arc... or for that matter start anywhere but the first book of the new campaign arc. ANyone? My finger is on the purchase button as I just dropped my WoW account and figured this would be a good replacement.

Oh and btw, WoW just isn't a replacement for DnD if anyone was even remotely interested. I thought I'd give it a try since I hadn't found a group up here yet. Oh well.

Well, I wonder if Shackled City was a success. If so, then that's the only reason we need I guess. Unless WotC hands out free digital version of both mags in the future, then I haven't the slightest idea how their new initiative is so exciting and better then two very cool mags. Notice how the Age of Worms adventure hardcover isn't happening now either. Heh.

Part of the problem for me, possibly, is that I feel like D&D belongs ot gamers not a company. But clearly WotC thinks the opposite. They claim they did this as "an end to an era" but personally I think we should make WotC's era come to an end by just ignoring them. :)

I can't imagine this is Paizo's doing. So I'll just say this: I will never forgive WotC for dumping the two most iconic publications of D&D. Heck, I bought a couple issues of Dragon before I bought the 3.0 core books because I wanted to see what they said in there about the new edition ( was just getting back into D&D).

Paizo, you clearly made a mark with your publication of the mags though. Specifically your Adventure Paths. Before those, not many of my friends really talked about Dungeon adventures with any real seriousness.

I'd display my true feelings about this, but the forum has rules I have to abide by and I can't find a good place on the WotC forums yet to voice my discontent.

edit: I'll make certain to see what you're going to do with Pathfinder. I like the idea, though the price might make it less of a "just walked into the game store with a few bucks" kind of purchase - which the mags were.

All understood and I know I appreciate Technical Directors and others in the packing warehouse!

One thing though, does your last comment mean there is a chance that even if it says ready to shop, we may not get one due to this unique backlog? Just curious is all. I know one time when I was a manager at a retail store, we had a day where an odd 50 people ordered items that needed shipped. Some were items that had com in on special order too, but regardless it took us two days to ship everything and that was working very hard with 3 people. That was long compared to the usual day-of shipping we were used to. SO I can understand the situation here at Paizo, though don't get too surprised by frustrated customers in this day and age of fast shipping.

I know and coddle me with their shipping times. I sometimes wish the drivers would go slower because they ship almost too fast.

Well, I understand, though I am sure you guys understand that making a person wait a month (ordered on June 21st myself) or more for a product isn't going to garner future patronage.

I bought this because it was a good price for a specific mini and while waiting isn't killing me, I can't imagine I'll use Paizo for anything other than subscription orders in the future. To be honest I am not one of the folks who added other stuff onto the order, so possibly I am of the minority that isn't so much of a loss. :(

Either way, I still thank you for selling a specific mini from the War of the Dragon Queen set.

These items are taking a long time to ship due to a backlog.

Funny thing is these minis, though painted differently, are available in the War of the Dragon Queen boxes. Granted, those are random boxes, but it's interesting to know. And am I the only person unhappy with random minis? Who needs random minis? I want specific minis. Thanks for letting us pick one up specifically Dragon. :)

Wow, I am surprised at how long it's taking actually. So what percentage of sales increase are we talking here that a 4 oz. miniature causes a 3 week backup in ordering? You guys better be making a profit or I am going to slit my belly.

Oh I didn't see anything about it being an Anniversary item. Cool. Maybe someday I'll get Dragon again, but for now I have enough extra d20 crunch and fluff with hardbacks and Dungeon Mag.

I'll bet it's been asked before but what are we Dungeon subscribers? Chopped Liver!!? We pay just as much per month but you're handing out cool minis to current Dragon subscribers. What gives? Or are you already planning on such a handout to Dungeon subscribers.

Digruntledly yours,
Mike Boozer

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