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Meriui bin Mircea's page

189 posts. Alias of hustonj.

Full Name

Meriui bin Mircea


Human (Keleshite)


Paladin (Sacred Shield/Warrior of the Holy Light) 2 | AC20 T12 F15 CMD16 | HP15/24 | F+8 R+4 W+6 | Init+2 | Per+0




Medium (5' 3", 160#)










Common (Taldane), Kelish, Abyssal



Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Meriui bin Mircea

Description: The dark tattoos across the young man's clean-shaven chin and the dark pits the matching ones make of his eye sockets are pretty universally the first things people notice about the young Kelishite. His almond-colored eyes, black hair and the tattoos combine to leave little doubt that he is Kelish in origin. His equipment gives him the look of a low-level soldier in the Crusade. Scale mail armor and a wooden shield demonstrate a desire to keep him alive, but a very limited budget for trying to do so. His pack appears well-worn and as loaded as most other soldier's packs. His cheap wooden holy symbol doesn't stand out compared to the similar trinkets worn or carried by the other soldiers in this army. Were it not for the tattoos, there would be nothing about this particular solider to make you take note of him.

Meriui was Mercia's 4th son and 7th child. Her inheritance was typical of the low-end desert nomads, consisting mostly of the equipment and animals necessary to survive the nomadic lifestyle. Her husband, Zayed, had been raised as a trader, and spent a great deal of time teaching their children the arts of negotiation and flattery, mostly through examples and story-telling. Their lives were fairly normal for desert nomads. The family was camped at an oasis, while Ishaq, the eldest son, was wooing an eldest daughter expected to inherit enough goods and materials for him to easily start a business as a trader or merchant. One night during the negotiations, the other family's enemies attacked! They came using magic and summoned creatures, focusing their efforts on the tents of their enemies, leaving Mercia's family alone.

Except for the ones who tried to help fight off the attack. The other family was almost destroyed, one of the youngest girls managed to escape by hiding with Mercia. Zayed, Ishaq and Meriui (who was far too young to have been seen as threatening) threw themselves at the attacking force. The summoned creatures included not just djinn, but also demons. One of the demons took Meriui out of the fight with a couple of almost lazy attacks. Meriui survived, but was unconscious and unresponsive.

When Meriui awoke, he was in a monastery devoted the the Dawnflower. The monks said that they had been caring for him for months, since his mother had brought him in after the attack, and that she had taken the surviving members of the family to find her Mother, Rahaf. Asking why that was necessary is how Meriui found out about the deaths of his father and brother. Too young to be allowed to travel in the desert alone, Meriui found himself stuck in the monastery. Remembering his father's stories, Meriui frustrated the monks because he would try o use anything and everything that he found as though it were one of the mysterious objects from the stories. This proved especially frustrating for them when he would mange to get his hands on something actually of value, and occasionally activate them! The monks took the responsibility to their charge seriously, though, and they worked to teach him about the Dawnflower and how focused she is on helping people redeem themselves, regardless of their past, how well she works with the other gods of Good to try to protect the innocent and improve the lot of people everywhere. The lessons took, but they failed to over-ride the stories Zayed had filled Meriui's head with. As he was becoming a teenager, Meriui managed to convince Sati, a travelling cleric of Sarenrae, to allow the boy to accompany him.

Sati provided more practical lessons than the monks had, and worked on helping Meriui train his body for the dangers of the world where the monks had trained his mind to find the good and see opportunity. Sati and Meriui wandered, dong Sarenrae's work as they went, until they chanced upon Alhena, Meriui's second sister. After visiting and catching up with his sister, Meriui had little trouble getting Sati to change their plans so that he could visit Mercia. She was ecstatic to see that he had survived, introduced him to her new husband and they both encouraged him to continue devoting his life to serving Sarenrae. That shocked Meriui, and he had to think about it for several days before he could admit to himself that he had been doing exactly that. He had been reacting to his situation, to the circumstances he found himself in, but he had never actually chosen to dedicate himself to anything, yet.

Meriui asked Sati to help him actually, formally dedicate his life to the service of Sarenrae, and through her the people he would meet. Knowing the boy would never manage to be a Cleric, Sati took the older teen to the temple complex in Katheer where eh could be put through a series of ordeals and evaluations so that Sarenrae herself could tell the clergy how best to use him. His focus on positive opportunities, belief in redemption, demonstrably foolish courage, and good physical shape was matched perfectly to a vision Sarenrae gave the young man late in the process, telling him to take up the scimitar, defend those who need help and guide those that he can to the proper path. Thus, Meriui found himself become a Paladin of Sarenrae. Once the church agreed that she had bestowed that honor upon him, they gave him some basic gear and shipped him to the one place on Golarion where they thought he could do the most good: The Crusade against the Demons in the Worldwound.

Init+1 (Dex+1)
Speed 20' (x4; both Armor & Encumbrance)

BAB+2 Melee+4 Ranged+3 CMB+4 (Str+2, Dex+1)
Scimitar+4 for 1d6+2 @ 18+, S
Shortbow+3 for 1d6 @ x3 to 60', P, 20 Arrows

HP 24 (10+8 + [2xcon+2] + [2x Favored Class])

AC20 T12 F15 CMD16 (Armor+5, Shield+2, Shield Focus+1, Dex+1, Dodge+1, Str+2, BAB+2)

Bastion of Good 1/Day - Halve damage to allies w/i 10' & Add Charisma Modifier as Deflection to personal AC both against target
Fight Defensively -4 Attack, +2 Dodge
Total Defense No attacks allowed, +4 Dodge

Fort+8 (Con+2, Cha+3)
Ref+4 (Dex+1, Cha+3)
Will+6 (Wis+0, Cha+3)

Exposed to Awfulness - Reroll failed save caused by Demon which would kill or physically incapacitate this character

2+1 Int
Total Skill Attribute+Ranks+Favored Class+Others (Specify)(+Optional)
+ 1-Acrobatics 1+0+0
+ 1 Appraise 1+0+0
+ 5 Bluff 3+0+0+2 Silvered Tongue
+ 1 Craft 1+0+0
+11 Diplomacy 3+2+3+2 Silvered Tongue+1 Ease of Faith
+ 3 Disguise 3+0+0
+ 1-Escape Artist 1+0+0
+ 1-Fly 1+0+0
+ 0 Heal 0+0+0
+ 3 Intimidate 3+0+0
+ 6 Knowledge (Religion) 1+2+3
+ 0 Perception 0+0+0
+ 3 Perform 3+0+0
+ 1-Ride 1+0+0
+ 0 Sense Motive 0+0+0
+ 1-Stealth 1+0+0
+ 0 Survival 0+0+0
+ 2-Swim 2+0+0
+ 9 Use Magic Device 3+2+3+1 Dangerously Curious

Armor AC Penalty -4
Armor & Shield AC Penalty -6

Feats & Traits:

Shield Focus

Dangerously Curious (Magic) +1 UMD; UMD is Class Skill
Ease of Faith (Faith) +1 Diplomacy; Diplomacy is Class Skill
Exposed to Awfulness (Campaign) Free Action reroll of failed save that will incapacitate or kill, caused by a demon, 1/Day - Guardian

150gp Budget
15.0.0 Scimitar 4# 1d6/18+/-/S
.7.0.0 Heavy Wooden Shield 10# +2/-2/15%
50.0.0 Scale Mail 30# +5/+3/-4/25%/20
30.0.0 Shortbow 2# 1d6/x3/60'/P
.1.0.0 Arrows, 20 3#
11.0.0 Paladin's Kit 30# (backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, cheap holy text, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, and wooden holy symbol)
FREE.0 Explorer's Outfit 8#
15.0.0 Manacles, Common 2#
20.0.0 Lock, Simple 1# for manacles

149.0.0 spent for 90# 57# with only armor, clothing & weapons)

58# is Light Encumbrance (-/-0/30'/x4)
116# is Medium Encumbrance (+3/-3/20'/x4)
175# is Heavy Encumbrance (+1/-6/20'/x3)

Generation Notes:

+5 14 S 14 +2
+3 13 D 13 +1
+5 14 C 14 +2
+2 12 I 12 +1
+0 10 W 10 +0
+5 14 H 16 +3

Human (Keleshite) Qadira
+2 Charisma
Normal Speed
Bonus Feat
Silvered Tongue (replaces Skilled) +2 Diplomacy & Bluff; Diplomacy can shift 3 steps
Languages: Common (Taldane), Kelish; Abyssal
Black hair, almond eyes

Paladin (Sacred Shield/Warrior of the Holy Light) of Sarenrae 2
Lawful Good
Simple & Martial Weapons
All Armor
Most Shields
Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Bastion of Good (replaces Smite Evil - Sacred Shield) 1/day - Target deals half damage to allies w/i 10'; gain Charisma (+3) deflection versus Target
Divine Grace
Lay on Hands (1d6 4/Day)

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