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Nareem Daress

Meat's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 104 posts (105 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Everybody is doing PFS rules... my favorite is still from Nuke War the card game... if you have all three sets when you fire a Scud missile, point left or right, roll the die and count that direction to see who you hit. Why this isn't in the rules to begin with is beyond me.

Sovereign Court

One Power builder in the area did a Zen Archer, a year later there where like 4 at a table. Have yet to try it out.

I'm running a 1/2 Orc Druid in both PFS & Skull and Shackles that's pretty broken (One has Fire Domain, other a big ape with Improved Bull Rush), I only wild shape for tactical advantages because an 18 str and a great axe (or Shillelegh (sp?)) plus the tusked trait is fine in melee.

My half orc fighter was AC 24 at creation (think it was Chain Mail, Tower Shield, Ironhide, Dodge, 15 Dex) and is at 28 at 6th and still in the chain mail. With his lucky halfling bard/luck cleric behind him, he's an immoveable object.

I have a goblin cert in PFS, I was cracking out 33 stealth rolls at first level with the goblin ninja... he has Roll With It! too, but has yet to use it.

But my favorite is the Half-orc Sorcerer (orc blooded) (Yes, I like 1/2 orcs, and I like axes): Its all about anything that adds to caster level for Fireball. I think the feats included (Varisian tattoo, and Spell Specialization? A friend and I had an email chain about this over year ago) Take the 1/2 hp damage per level on fire spells racial bonus. I think we figured out how to add 4 Caster Levels (10d6), Orc Blooded is +1 per die (so +10), +3 for favored racial bonus, then *1.5 for the MM rod. Blunt, to the point.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Cavalier....

Its awesome if you think outside the box a little, and Order of the Cockatrice is just roleplaying gold.

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A first level wizard with Enlarge Person....

Abbbraccaaabig..... Hellllooooo Ladies!

Sovereign Court

Other races? I thought you'se guys where just the ugly runt half-orcs....

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Agree, bard!... for all the reasons above plus roleplaying gold opporutunities including:

1) Excuse for the DM to SING
2) Excuse for the DM to DANCE
3) Excuse for the DM to taunt the encounter they have to fight but are trying to negotiate with
4) Excuse for the DM to negotiate with the encounter they need to talk to but are trying to fight
5) Excuse for the DM to drop random one liners from popular "Taldorian Operas"
6) Excuse for the DM to wear sequined shirts to "get into character"
7) Excuse for the DM to wear a funny hat to "get into character"

My bard PC is the backup, does the bard stuff plus is the backup wizard, cleric, melee fighter, and archer. There is usually someone who does each role better, but she can step in any of those roles that need assistance (or the primary is temporarily out of action).

Sovereign Court

I assume you mean something other than... sure you can make an artifact... but your character isn't going to have any free time to do this whole "adventuring" thing he/she has come to love and enjoy... but by all means spend years/decades/centuries(for the dwarves and elves out there) crafting away for the slim chance you get a workable artifact against the slightly better chance you create something that just might eat you/drain your immortal soul/clone your mother-in-law a million times over and invite them all over to tea.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You got your Pathfinder judging material all set up, a demon filled year 5 PFS mod with Chronicles and track form in good order, and all the players have Living City characters ready to go.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Michael Brock wrote:
Meat wrote:
Your GM for the GC special bailed and Mike Brock has to fill in and he hasn't slept in over 48 hours :-)
That was a terrifically fun game! "I'm sure you could hitch a ride on the back of the tiny creature hovering over lava. Do you still wish you to try?" ;-)

Actually I was the other one that died. Half-orcs aren't that dumb! Human clerics on the other hand....

It was a blast, I was pretty much on the edge of my seat until I died... if you have an auction for "get your PC killed by Mike Brock at the special" at the GC auction I would surely bid :-D

Sovereign Court

Dhjika wrote:
Meat wrote:
Your GM for the GC special bailed and Mike Brock has to fill in and he hasn't slept in over 48 hours :-)

Then I guess you have to give up your six-pack of Terrapin Rye Ale (or other fine craft beer) for the party survival.

I did not survive.... no beer allowed at GC... :-D

Sovereign Court

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Your GM for the GC special bailed and Mike Brock has to fill in and he hasn't slept in over 48 hours :-)

Sovereign Court

"You Rang?" - I thought a cool idea for like the natural 19 Boon would be a gift from a pathfinder wizard of a permanent unseen servant merged with a silent image. If dispeled it would return at dawn. The image would flicker and be semi-transparent and not look at all real. There would be a whole list of images on the boon, like a Koblod with a sunflower, or a skeleton with a bucket helmet. Each boon would have one circled, with no duplicates. Each one would be unique then.

Faulty Item - For the natural 20 Boon you would receive a free magical item from the PFS. Unfortunately there is something very wrong with it. Again a whole list of items, one circled, no duplicates. Example: a Ring of Invisibility, but it makes you want to sneeze. Every round while invisible you must make a DC 15 + 1/per round invisible Fort Save or sneeze (revealing the square your in). On a natural 1 you reappear and the ring will not function for 24 hours.

Sovereign Court

Who says you have to be hungry to have a doughnut? Doesn't make it taste any better.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires. -Grandpa, Lost Boys (Last Line)

Well, I'd certainly say she had marvelous judgment, Albert, if not particularly good taste. -Blood (the dog), A Boy and His Dog (last Line)

A cautous young fellow named Lodge / Had seatbelts installed in his Dodge. / When his date was strapped in / He committed a sin / Without even leaving the garage. That's clever, isn't it? -Blood, A Boy and His Dog

Love. You can learn all the math in the 'Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her a home. - Mal, Serenity

The Operative: Do you know what your sin is Mal?
Mal: Ah Hell... I'm a fan of all seven. But right now... I'm gonna have to go with wrath.


Juuusst a bit outside... -Harry Doyle, Major League

These engines are the fastest in any tanks in the European Theater of Operations, forwards or backwards. You see, man, we like to feel we can get out of trouble, quicker than we got into it. - Oddball, Kelly's Heroes

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? - Oddball, Kelly's Heroes

Human females enjoy stories about one person dying slowly..... The males prefer stories of many people dying quickly. -Narrator (describing a movie date), The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human

Sovereign Court

There are 31 goblin boons at the peak (rumor is several are deceased). There were 6 each for the tier 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, & 11-12 tables for winning round 2 of the Gencon 2012 special and 1 awarded to a staff member. No one from tier 10-11 survived to receive a boon. Mike Brock has confirm they will not be awarded again.

If you are a goblin boon holder please check in on this thread, your cousins are looking for you:

Sovereign Court

Improved Trip, Improved Overrun, Improved Bull Rush....

Sovereign Court

I'm a Half-orc Druid with a Ape Animal companion... after several heroic moments (in particular one with the Death Knell), a monkey cult is forming on the ship.

The captain (a Bard) has turned us into a Soviet Socialist republic, we take crew votes then swing opinions the way we want them. Now he's a little worried about the "new religion" on the ship.

Its all very Animal Farmish....

Sovereign Court


There's an intruder in my house, I can't decide which axe to use, Great, Battle or Hand?

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The party consists of 3 paladins, and a bard, and the only player willing to talk to anyone is your CHA 5 Dwarf. (happened at GenCon)

Sovereign Court

Meattroller - (Meat-TROLL-er) is an old friend, he's taken on maybe forms in various campaigns, and I add things that happen to him to his personality quirks....

He's a half-orc, and a shining beacon of naive goodness, hyper protective of his friends. He usually follows one party member around like a puppy dog (great fun when its the rogue trying to be sneaky)... he has a tree in his backpack he talks to constantly, loves gnomes, and is afraid of cows.

The PFS version is a barbarian Invulnerable Rager, with nearly all his feats and traits going to crack out his will save so when the wizard tries to fear or dominate him he laughs and puts the wizard in a headlock.

Sovereign Court

At the GC battle interactive I pulled out for the first time the PFS version of my Carrion Crown character.

A Half-orc cavalier(OoCockatrice)/Rogue[Rake] - who focuses on dual weapon fighting and not the mounted combat feats... he's a flanking/intimidating monster, that can grant precise strike to the whole party...

Sovereign Court

Awesome to hear.

Zill, what class is Pickle?

James, 8th... awesome... what favorite enemies?

William - really we had like 30 ideas just walking over to the RAM at GC that night LOL

Any other goblins, or confirmation of goblin fatalities?

Sovereign Court

Well it only took what a year and a half, but Slugtooth the Goblin Knee-job... errrr Ninja hit level 2 (I, soooo need to find a regular game) and he passed his CONFIRMATION!

Wondering what his various cousins are up to in Society life.

Sovereign Court

The fact he murdered the individuals for mere sport and no other motivation makes it evil. You could justify the act as possibly a non-evil if there were a greater motivation (like framing Guilder, and in framing Guilder, Florin would attack them to save tiny Good Land). But there was not, his act was an act of mere self pleasure at having them die by his hand. By dening doing so to avoid repurcussions it shows he even knew the act was evil and lacked remorse over the act. Chaos is liberty, freedom from Heirarchies, not I get to do anything I want to those I have power over. (That's either Lawful or Evil depending on what the anything is).

Sovereign Court

Just my half-orcy two coppers if you do go Barbarian... my barbarian has a 14 WIS, Iron Will and Improved Iron Will... You will be the target of every Will Save out there, and its so darn funny when you easily succeed against the Dominate spell and put the stupid wizard in a head lock :-D

Sovereign Court

35. Has been slumbering in the form of the parties by far most powerful magic item, they encounter a magical anvil that they determine will increase the power of the item... striking the item on the anvil said more powerful BBEG is awake, peeved and has disarmed the party of their best asset.

Sovereign Court

Sneak Attack - an action by certain classes to blantantly move around a fully aware opponent in an obvisious attempt to increase damage output.

Fireball - a powerful burst of flame that somehow seems to always do 1/2 X [your level] x d6 to the BBEG, while the BBEG's does 1 X [your level + 4] x d6 x 1/2 to you.

Magic Missle - A sure striking spell that does little effect.

Sleep - A spell of ultimate power at 1st level, and completely worthless there-after.

Evasion - A class feature guaranteeing that a 'one' roll will result will result when you really really need this to work.

"Meat"ing your saves - Always succeeding at your absolute worst save, while always failing your best.

Sovereign Court

Orc 3.0 - A Creature deemed a challenge for a 1st level character whose Great Axe with 1.5 str mod, would kill most 1st level characters 15-35% of the time on a hit.

Orc 3.5 - A revision to Orc 3.0 to reduce its lethality to 1st level characters, whose falchion with 1.5 str mod & improved crit range dramatically increased the kill rate on 1st level characters over the earlier model.

Sovereign Court

Half-Orc - The most awesome race in the game.

Elf - The most conceited race in the game.

Dwarf - The most stubborn race in the game.

Halfling - The most underfoot race in the game.

Gnome - The most exasperating race in the game.

Human - The most aggrogant race in the game.

Half-Elf - See Elf, See Human, shake don't stir.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

CR - A made up number to hide how really awesome an author's new monster is.

EL - A number supposedly derived from the CR's present and totally ignores author created conditions that hose the PCs but the CR's are immune to.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Cavaliers are boring: Are you kidding? Order of the Cockatrice alone is role playing gold...

All you do is lance charge: My Order of the Cockatrice cavalier 5/Rogue[Rake] has zero mounted combat feats, & I've lance charged once so far (Ok it was a devastating crit). (Using in an AP, loved him so much I rolled out a PFS version). I'm a flanking off-tank and the rogue in the party's best friend. I TWF + bite attack (Tusked), the Rogue [Rake] ability or Dazzling Display let me Demoralize for the Orders' bonus to hit. Challenge lets me crank on extra damage per hit (Order increases the damage output on Challenge), and tactician lets me gift Precise Strike on the party... with our melee heavy group its brutual.

Sovereign Court

ShoulderPatch wrote:
Dasrak wrote:

Do you like to call your shots on the fly? You'll like a Sorc.
Also, you'll be RPing someone who's very charismatic.

My 5 CHA Dwarf sorcerer would disagree with this statement.

Sovereign Court

Change from elf to half-orc
Change from create a creature to destroy all living things

Problem solved.

Sovereign Court

I was at the tier 1-2 winning table at last year's Gen Con special, we posted 2 fatalities (including my Inquistor).

The qualifying round was crazy, lots of skill checks but not overly dangerous.

The 2nd round.... ohhhhh boy....

There was no winning table in the tier 10-11 group... they were all TPK'd.

The winners at each tier received a cert allowing them to play a goblin character.

So high risk, cool reward possible. (The cert for the mod itself I believe was pretty generous as well, but I didn't get that one, having died.)

The EX special I have done was unusually tough but we had a 4 player 1st level table... well 3 1/2 player, one was a halfling... It took a couple heroic moments from us, and an extremely well timed great axe crit not to get TPK'd. A well balanced party will be tested...

(I might mention the two fatalities were at -1 then taking 10d6 fire damage, and at -9 then taking 10d6 falling then 10d6 fire damage - we weren't dead, we were way beyond all dead.)

Sovereign Court

There s/b, I remember the cavalier at a table of mine at a con.

Sovereign Court

"Eclectic feat allows me to choose an additional favored class and gain either +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever you take a level in that class"

You answered your own question.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well four of us played our goblins (Ranger, Rogue, Ninja, Druid) for the first time earlier this month... no other PCs in the group.

The Pathfinder Chronicle report as transcribed in the edited words of Pathfinder Slugtooth:

The Vent couldn't wait to get rid of us and find "competants"... we attacked the Headnodders and gave the Headnodders the thing, then we got attacked by the right Headnodders we were supposed to get the thing to, we trailed the right Headnodders to the place without the thing, where we totally kneecapped the guards despite being noisey. We set fire to some more nodders, and beat on a klanky thing for hours til it stopped klankity klanking. Then the Nodder and his Big Meow ate our Big Meow but he didn't munch us because we totally talky talked him meezy.

Sovereign Court

Huh, I have just the opposite problem, I have trouble finding a class that can't be made better, by being a half-orc. :-)

To each his own.

Sovereign Court

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The whole feat can be fixed with the phrase:

"This feat can only be used in combat (after initiative) against a target that is hostile,"

Sovereign Court

Consider the consequences of the noise they're making by rushing on occassion... after they rush through areas and draw in multiple encounters to their location, they'll slow down.

Sovereign Court

deuxhero wrote:
^ Or the mage could use a divination to do it. Plus if they are killed by fireball (CL d6), they aren't that very tough mooks in the first place.

If your not doing 1.5(((CL+4) * (d6+1)) + .5CL) you just aren't fireballing.

Sovereign Court

bdk86 wrote:
Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Kitsune Cavalier beast rider with bear mount?
Fox is riding bear?! HOW CAN THIS BE?

What would the acrobatics check for a Kitsune Barbarian tumbling over a tired, halfling cavalier's mount be?

Sovereign Court

John Lynch 106 wrote:
And thankfully I live in Australia so I won't have to jump through these hoops to permit goblins at my table. And I want to make it clear, I have no issue with those who gained these boons to use these boons. If I had survived insurmountable odds I would also want to benefit from the reward I had received.

I and at least one other party member did not survive, luckily the rest of my team did (waves at teammate Lady Rabbit)....

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

TWF, your looking for stuff to add to all attacks, sneak attack, cavalier's challenge, Dirty Fighter trait, etc....

I love half-orcs for Tusked trait (secondary bite)... which stacks well with TWF...

I have a TWF Half-orc cavalier/rogue[rake]in one AP that I can grant Precise Strike to the party and flank with our rogue and paladin.

Sovereign Court

200) How many squares by how many squares is Collassal?

201) Are you sure you want to do that?

202) DM: So this is the last encounter of the AP, so the gloves come off... Players (looking at each other): Gloves?!

203) So there are special rules for this encounter....

Sovereign Court

228) (in gameplay) - Blew up the skirts of a bossy noblewoman to stop her from berating a commoner child.

229) three words - Wagon Racing Stripes

230) No no you said blue dragon, but clearly it is gold.

231) (w/ghost sounds) Pull My Finger....

232) Messing with the rogue checking for traps: DM - "Ok so you start fiddling with the lock and it turns red... now it moves... then it gets all grimey... and now its not... now it smells like cinnibuns... and now like trog dung."

Sovereign Court

I played a cleric of Saren Rae through it, had fun, was way useful later... I was a blaster, and my party complained I didn't heal enough but only one guy died from damage (other than myself and before the finale) and that was from full to dead before my init.

Breathe of Life is your friend, pearl threes to get back your fireball are too.

Sovereign Court

Name your group based upon something that happened. Early in LG our party was deep in a pit and we came up with this complex idea for using ropes and pulleys to move something. The DM asked us how much rope we had, and all six of us had dumped rope due to weight in character creation. Thus End of Our Rope Adventuring Company was born.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

LG at a con - We are a 1st level party:

Mod 1-

Went ok until the final encounter, we KNEW the opponents were in a room hiding behind crates... we came up with a plan to move in and flank them. The DM then draws the room around our marching order with us dead in the middle in a crossfire... oh and the summoning wizard had all his available summoned creatures cast and the duration clocks on all of them at zero. Most of the summoned creatures needed magic weapons to harm... we basically fought defensively for 7 rounds before asking what caster level they were... oh 3... and they were the summonded things for the tier 5-6 caster [facepalm]

Mod 2-

Encounter #1 - He threw the tier 3-4 encounter at us but we handled it somehow.

Encounter #2: This is a "your going the wrong way turn back" encounter... the DM felt 12 zombies weren't enough of a challenge for a party of 1st levelers... it became the tier 5-6 6 Wraiths... After he gleefully killed two PC's I slipped off to talk to the Con Co-ordinator to find out what the heck was going on with these encounters... who shook his head and threw the DM out of the con.

Sovereign Court

Doug Miles wrote:
Mike is the one with the Coordinator title, and takes the punches if things don't go perfect.

I dunno about Mike taking punches, he sure dished them out though... OK it was dragon's breathe weapons and not punches... but you get the idea.

Any rec's on which paizo staffer wants to take out one of my characters next?

Jason Buhlman check
Mike Brock check

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