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Maximo Interresante's page

1,072 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Kobash.


Human Gentleman | AC 20 FF 19 T 13 | HP 78/79 | F +15 R +13 W +13 | Init +1 | Perception +5

About Maximo Interresante

PFS#: 7162-2
XP: 24
PP: 45 (14 spent)
FAME: 45

DESCRIPTION A handsome and distinguished man with dark hair and beard just starting to show gray. He wears armor and a military uniform of Taldor style, but without emblem or rank.


RACE Human
CLASS/LEVEL Paladin of Shelyn 6/Arcane Duelist Bard 1/Grenadier Alchemist 2
DIETY Shelyn

STR 14 DEX 12 CON 12(14) INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 19 (21)
*Level 4 and 8 Stat bonuses applied to Charisma*

Initiative +1
HP 79 (10+5+6+5+6+6+5+6+6 class, +18 con, +6 favored)
AC 20 [Flat 19 Touch 13]
FOR +15 REF +13 WIL +13

Base Attack +7 CMB +9 CMD 22
+1 Greatsword +11/+6 (2d6+4, 19x2)
[SMITE EVIL + PA] +1 Greatsword +14/+9 (2d6+15, 19x2) +5 AC vs smitten foe
[MUTAGEN] +1 Greatsword +13/+8 (2d6+7, 19x2)
[MUTAGEN + SMITE + PA] +1 Greatsword +16/+11 (2d6+19, 19x2) +5 AC vs smitten foe
Silver Warhammer +8/+3 (1d8+2, x3)
Cold iron Shortsword +8/+3 (1d6+2, 19x2)
Bomb +8 ranged touch (1d6+1, x2) *Splash 2 damage (DC 11)

acrobatics 3 +7
diplomacy 8 +19(+20)
intimidate 2 +12
bluff 1 +9
knowledge (arcana) 1 +5
knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 +5
knowledge (history) 2 +7
knowledge (local) 2 +7
knowledge (nature) 1 +5
knowledge (nobility) 1 +5
knowledge (planes) 1 +5
knowledge (religion) 2 +6
linguistics 6 (Kelish, Osiriani, Polyglot, Tekritanin, Azlanti, Giant) +10
perception 1 +5
perform (oratory) 5 +13(+15)
spellcraft 1 +5
swim 1 +6
use magic device 2 +10
Languages - Common (Taldane), Draconic, Kelish, Osiriani, Polyglot, Tekritanin, Azlanti

FEATS power attack, weapon focus (greatsword), arcane strike (arcane duelist bonus), throw anything (alchemist bonus), greater mercy, extra lay on hands, persuasive, furious focus

Iron Liver
Source Adventurer's Armory 30
Due to a lucky constitution or frequent exposure, your body is resistant to poison, including alcohol and drugs. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Fortitude saves against poison and drugs, and a +4 trait bonus on Fortitude saves to avoid the effects of alcohol.

Chivalrous (Taldor)
Source Inner Sea Primer 21, Taldor: Echoes of Glory 13
You were raised on stories of heroic knights and benevolent wizards, and wish to emulate their great deeds. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy and Knowledge (history) checks.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: aura of good, detect evil, divine grace (charisma bonus to saves), bombs (1d6+1 damage, 2/day), smite evil (2/day), aura of courage, divine health, mercy (fatigue, dazed), channel positive energy, bardic performance (inspire courage, rallying cry, cantrips, countersong, distraction, fascination), bombs, mutagen (+4 strength, +2 natural armor, -2 intelligence), discovery (infusion), divine bond (weapon)

Bardic Performance (8 rounds/day) Used: 0
Lay on Hands 5d6 +1d6 without Mercy (12/day) Used: 0

Paladin Spells
Level 1 (3) - grace, hero's defiance x2

Bard Spells
Level 0 - mending, prestidigitation, resistance, read magic
Level 1 (3) - featherfall, saving finale

Alchemist Extracts
Level 1 (3) - shield, true strike, *open

Known Extracts
Level 1 - true strike, enlarge person, shield, comprehend languages



Silent Tide 1xp/2pp/453gp
The Citadel of Flame 1xp/2pp/553gp
First Steps II - A Vision of Betrayal 1xp/2pp/401gp (GM)
The Disappeared 1xp/2pp/520gp (GM)
Severing Ties 1xp/2pp/516gp +50gp Day Job
Black Waters 1xp/2pp/550gp +10gp Day Job
Before the Dawn II - Rescue at Azlant Ridge 1xp/2pp/1282gp (GM)
Quest for Perfection Part 1 1xp/2pp/1895gp +10gp Day Job
Night March of Kalkamedes 1xp/2pp/1197gp (GM)
Thornkeep - The Enigma Vaults 3xp/4pp/4800gp (GM)
The Immortal Conundrum 1xp/2pp/2533gp +20 Day Job
The Veteran's Vault 1xp/2pp/1888gp (GM)
Fortress of the Nail 1xp/2pp/1550gp +50 Day Job
The Devil We Know Part 2 1xp/2pp/2219gp +75 Day Job
The Devil We Know Part 3 1xp/2pp/2268.5gp +50 Day Job
The Devil We Know Part 4 1xp/2pp/3162gp +50 Day Job
Shadow's Last Stand Part 1 1xp/2pp/3167 +20 Day Job
Shadow's Last Stand Part 2 1xp/2pp/3460 +75 Day Job
The Jester's Fraud 1xp/2 pp/3968 + 75 Day Job
Feast of Sigils .5xp/1pp/3098gp +5 Day Job (slow)
Thornkeep - Sanctum of a Lost Age 1.5xp/2pp/5893gp (slow)
Fabric of Reality .5xp/1pp/4049gp +50 Day Job (slow)
Portal of the Sacred Rune .5xp/1pp/2274gp +20 Day Job (slow)

6 PP for wands
1 PP Noble Title - Baron
2 PP for spell retraining (hypnotism for saving finale)
5 PP Vanity - Tavern "Maximo's Hideaway" (+1 knowledge-local/gather information)


Starting Wealth + Scenario Treasure Gained = 48363.5gp

Starting Equipment
scale mail 50gp
greatsword 50gp
warhammer 12gp
heavy wooden shield 7gp
dagger 1gp
traveler's outfit 1gp
waterskin x2 2gp
flint & steel 1gp
50' hemp rope & grappling hook 2gp
10 pitons 1gp
3 sunrods 6gp (1 expended)
signet ring 5gp
map case 1gp
holy symbol 1gp
*SubTotal - 140

Citadel of Flame
2PP - wand of cure light wounds (Lvl 1/Charges 28)
SELL scale armor 25gp
chainmail 150gp
hot weather outfit 8gp
alchemist fire x2 40gp
waterskin 1gp
rations (16 days) 8gp
ioun torch 75gp
backpack 2gp
sack 1sp
belt pouch 1gp
50' silk rope 10gp
silver weapon blanch x3 15gp
oil of magic weapon 50gp
potion of touch of the sea 50gp
potion of feather step 50gp
air crystals 50gp
potion of jump 50gp (expended)
fine bottle of wine 10gp
*SubTotal - 345.1

Severing Ties
Qadiran clothes 10gp
scimitar 15gp
monkey-handled Whip 1gp
drinks 20gp
musicians 10gp
more drinks 20gp
stone to flesh (shared cost) 94gp
spring-loaded wrist sheath x2 10gp
*SubTotal - 180

Black Waters
2PP - wand of magic weapon (Lvl 1/Charges 48)
Courtier's outfit with jewelry 80gp
Shortbow 30gp
Arrows (20) 1gp
+1 holy arrows (4) *Citadel of Flame 360gp
Ghost salt weapon blanch 200gp (Already used on 6 normal arrows and all holy arrows)
Bladeguard 40gp
Antitoxin 50gp
Vermin repellent 5gp
*SubTotal - 766

Quest for Perfection - Part 1
2PP - wand of expeditious retreat (Lvl 1/Charges 50/48)
2 potions of borrow skill 100gp
1 vial of nightdrops 250gp
cold weather outfit 8gp
masterwork greatsword 300gp
*SubTotal - 658

The Immortal Conundrum
SELL chainmail +75gp
SELL warhammer +6gp
SELL heavy wooden shield +3gp 5sp
Enchant greatsword (+1) 2000gp
+1 mithril breastplate 5200gp
+1 ring of protection 2000gp
Silver warhammer 102gp
Cold iron shortsword 20gp
Cold iron arrows (20) 2gp
Mwk performer's tool 50gp
*SubTotal - 9289.5

Fortress of the Nail
Ioun stone (cracked pink and green sphere +1 competence bonus to diplomacy) 200gp
Boro bead (1st level) 1000gp
Potion of jump 50gp
Daredevil Boots [Boon]
*SubTotal - 1250

The Devil We Know Part II
Headband of alluring charisma +2 4000gp

Shadows Last Stand Part I
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier 5000gp

Feast of Sigils
NPC spellcasting - shared cost (lesser restorations) 239gp

Portal of the Sacred Rune
Bracers of the Merciful Knight 15,600gp
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 4000gp
Pearl of Power I 1000gp
*SubTotal - 21,600

The Blackros Connection
Resources used: wand of cure light wounds - 4 charges

TOTAL SPENT - 43467.6gp

Arcane Duelist Archetype:

A master of the martial applications of steel and spell, the arcane duelist blends both into a lethal combination.

Arcane Strike : Arcane duelists gain Arcane Strike as a bonus feat at 1st level. This ability replaces bardic knowledge.

Bardic Performance : An arcane duelist gains the following types of bardic performance.

Rallying Cry (Su) : At 1st level, an arcane duelist can use performance to rally dispirited allies. Each round he makes an Intimidate check. Any ally (including the bard) within 30 feet may use this check in place of his own saving throw against fear and despair effects. Those already under a fear or despair effect can attempt a new save each round using the bard's Intimidate check. Rallying cry does not work on effects that don't allow saves. This is a mind-affecting ability that uses audible components. This performance replaces countersong.

Grenadier Archetype:

Alchemical Weapon (Su): At 2nd level, a grenadier can infuse a weapon or piece of ammunition with a single harmful alchemical liquid or powder, such as alchemist’s fire or sneezing powder, as a move action. This action consumes the alchemical item, but transfers its effect to the weapon in question. The alchemical item takes full effect on the next creature struck by the weapon, but does not splash, spread, or otherwise affect additional targets. Any extra damage added is treated like bonus dice of damage, and is not doubled on a critical hit. The alchemical treatment causes no harm to the weapon treated, and wears off 1 minute after application if no blow is struck. At 6th level, a grenadier can use her alchemical weapon ability as a swift action. At 15th level, this ability becomes a free action. This ability replaces poison resistance.

Precise Bombs (Ex): At 2nd level, a grenadier gains the precise bombs alchemist discovery as a bonus discovery. This ability replaces poison use.


#4-11 The Disappeared - House Thrune’s Favor: Your complete discretion in infiltrating the Chelish embassy has earned you a rare token stamped with the insignia of the House of Thrune, signifying your favor in the eyes of Cheliax’s ruling house. This grants you a +3 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks to influence high-standing members of House Thrune, the Chelish government, or a Hellknight order in good standing. This bonus remains in effect as long as the token remains on your person, and the token imparts its bonus only to you.

First Steps Part III - Kayle's Blessing: You gain a +2 luck bonus on any saving throw against a dragon's breath weapon. This bonus can be applied after a roll is made but before the results are determined. You may only use this ability once per saving throw. This ability may be used three times. Uses Left: 3

#4-07 Severing Ties - Nemesis of the Aspis: You are an expert at sabotaging the Aspis Consortium's nefarious schemes. During any scenario in which you encounter the Aspis Consortium, you may, as an immediate action, force an enemy Aspis agent to reroll a single d20 and take the worse result. Once you have used this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.

#4-19 The Night March of Kalkamedes - Gift of the Ghaele: (USED to cast see invisibility in Shadow's Last Stand Part 2) Sulianna the Luminescent, an azata whom you rescued, owes you a debt and has granted you a fraction of her power. You may use one of the following as a spell-like ability once, using your character level as your caster level. After using this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.
Subtier 1-2: You may cast aid, detect thoughts, lesser restoration, or see invisibility.
Subtier 4-5: You may instead cast continual flame, dispel magic, lesser globe of invulnerability, or restoration.

#4-13 Fortress of the Nail - The Paracountess's Debt: In thanks for freeing her from her infernal prison within Citadel Vraid, Paracountess Zarta Dralneen of Cheliax offers you any single item you wish for, paid for out of her personal wealth rather than Chelish or faction resources. Choose one item worth up to 1,500 gp that you receive for free. This item is not restricted by your current Fame score, but must otherwise be an item you could purchase. If the chosen item is worth less than the listed value, any difference is lost. Item Selected: Daredevil Boots

#4-13 Fortress of the Nail - Respect of the Nail: You have earned the respect of the leadership of Varisia's Hellknight order, the Order of the Nail. At a future date, should you encounter members of this order, they will remember you for standing up for the law, even if doing so meant opposing them.

Year of the Risen Rune - Proud but Discouraged (Taldor): The people of Varisia stubbornly resisted Lady Gloriana Morilla's efforts to found a new aristocracy. In that time, you have learned to rely on your fellow nobles and sympathizers. Increase the bonus of any aid another action you receive from any member of the Taldor faction by 2.

Current Notes:

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