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Maelorn's page

225 posts. Alias of Ramarren.

Full Name





Cleric 3







Special Abilities

Mending @ will, Artificer's Touch/Touch of Good/Channel Positive = 7/day ea








Common, Dwarven, Abyssal, Infernal


Itinerant Priest

Homepage URL

Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 9
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

About Maelorn

Progress on armor (1406sp of 42000sp - DC16 to 2000sp, DC 20 thereafter)

Fortitude: +2
Reflex: +2
Will: +7

AC:19 (+1 Shield, +1 Dex, +1 Natural, +6 Armor), Flat:17, Touch:11
HP:19, Initiative:+1
Current HP: 19
Masterwork Hammer (+4, 1d8+1. 20/x3. Bludgeon. Cold Iron or Alchemical Silver, depending on particular one used)
Shortspear (+2, 1d6+1. 20/x2. Pierce. 20' Range)

Diety: Torag. Domains: Good, Artificer
Domain Power-Artificer's Touch: Mending at Will. Damage Object/Consruct 7/day on touch. 1d6+1 Dmg, bypassing DR/Hardness 3
Domain Power-Touch of Good: Std Action - Grant +1 Sacred Bonus on Attack Rolls/Skills/Saves/Ability Checks for 1 Round. 7/day
Channel Positive Energy: 2d6 Healing in 30' Radius 7/day. May exempt up to 2 targets from effect (Selective Channeling). Causes Dmg vs Undead - DC13 Will Save for 1/2 Dmg
*Currently Used* - 4 bursts

Tall & thin, with wiry muscles, Maelorn keeps his long hair back in a ponytail, held in place by a steel ring, as is his Dwarven-style beard. His breastplate is crude but functional (and he'll proudly tell you he made it himself) and is generally covered by the smith's apron that Torag's Builders use for vestments.

At his waist are a matched set of warhammers, one of cold iron, one of silver, but his pleasant demeanor seems to indicate that he rarely feels the need to use them.

Extra Channeling, Selective Channeling

Ease of Faith (+1 Diplomacy)
Scouting for Fiends (+1 on Attack Rolls vs. known Evil Outsiders)

Maelorn grew up in Riddleport, the child of the streets, his mother a prostitute, his father most likely a sailor. Unlike many in that life, he grew up cared for and basically happy. His early years were spent running errands at the House of the Silken Veil, and he would has likely ended up as part of the seamier side of the hospitality industry were it not for a chance meeting with a Dwarven priest of Torag who had come to consecrate a recently-repaired Gas Forge. Within minutes of hearing him ramble about the "Joy of Creation", Maelorn heard his calling...he joined the priesthood and never regretted it.

While Maelorn did leave for a few years to pursue training, he returned as soon as possible to 'give something back' to the city that had given him birth. He sincerely believes that people are better served when there are Just laws applied with compassion, but feels that people must be convinced by example, not coercion. He loves the town, for all its flaws, and still maintains a cordial relationship with those at the Silken Veil, including his mother, now well past her 'on her back' years, and working in support services at the Veil. The church hierarchy (if there were one local) would likely be scandalized by his lack of disdain for the machinations of Calistria's Temple, but he can't bring himself to dislike the place he grew up.

He's known in the poorer sections of town as 'Fixit' or 'The Water Man' due to his custom of taking a walk through parts of town in the early morning and casting the Create Water orison for anyone who brings him a bucket, as well as his willingness to use Mending at will to fix small items that the residents can not afford to replace or repair.

740GP 3SP
+5.0# - Masterwork Cold-Iron Warhammer (waist)
+5.0# - Masterwork Alchemical Silver Warhammer (waist)
+6.0# - Shield, Light Steel
+0.0# - Artisan's Outfit (Brown Shirt/Pants, Leather Apron)
+6.0# - 2 Shortspears (back-slung)
+1.0# - Silver Holy Symbol
+0.0# - Potion, Cure Light Wounds (belt loop)
+0.0# - Potion, Spider Climb
+0.0# - Thunderstone
+0.0# - Amulet of Natural Armor +1
+1.0# - Everburning Torch (in apron pouch, or set partway in pack so it shines above left shoulder)
+2.0# - Backpack
+0.5# - - Scroll Case (pack)
+0.0# - - - 3 Sheets Paper (scroll case)
+0.0# - - - Inkpen (scroll case)
+0.0# - - - 1 oz vial black ink (scroll case)

26.5# - Gear Weight: - Light Load - Move 30
STORED: Masterwork Armorcrafting Tools

(Base 2/Level, +1 from Int, +1 Human
INT-Craft: Armor.......2.....+3.....+1....+6
CHA-Diplomacy..........1.....+3.....+3....+7 (Ease of Faith +1)
DEX-Escape Artist......0.....+0.....-3....-3
INT-Kn:The Planes.....1.....+3.....+1....+5
WIS-Sense Motive......1.....+3.....+4....+8

Default City Memorization:
0-Create Water, Guidance, Light,Resistance
1-Bless, Bless, Shield of Faith, (Domain) Protection from Evil
2-Bull's Strength, Spiritual Weapon, (Domain) Wood Shape
*Currently Used Up* - All spells except Shield of Faith

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