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Angvar Thestlecrit

Lo-Fawn's page

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber. 14 posts. 5 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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As expected

****( )

Hi Everyone this is my 5th Case by now and nothing has changed much.
The Sculpts in this one here are wonderful, except for the Piggy. I have so many NPC and Animal Figures, i had to put them in a seperate Place.

Anyway, the figures are overall well done. In my case there seemed to be a problem with the Elf Archer. 1 was Ok, 1 leaning of his Base and 1 completely broken of.
As always i got a full Set and the Hill Giants will come in Handy during the next King Maker AP.

See you soon :)

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Nice figures, bad execution

***( )( )

I buy reversed, so this is my third Case i bought from Paizo :)

I'm very satisfied with the figures coming from Legends of Golarion.
if you are playing the Serpent Skull AP this is definitely a nice addition to the campaign.
As this is an older release i find the manufacturing mistakes from the past in this one.
Broken Minis (2 in this one)
The Beatific one is missing an Arm, i believe it never found it's way on to the figure,
The Paint Jobs are 50:50. I cannot fully support the views of other reviewers (my Goblins look fine, my Lini is ok) King Irovetti however is an bad example for a paintjob.

After all, i have to say Paizo has done a lot to improve the transport, the packaging and the control since this release but you have to expect old mistakes if you buy old products.
I like the figures and they really help my AP setting but i'm a little sad seeing my Serpent Demon stabbing itself in the back because a dagger was paintglued to it's back.

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a little confused

****( )

So this was my second case i got from Paizo.

First of all I can say the packaging got much much better. Like the others mentioned before me, no broken Minis were found in this case :) BIG PLUS.

But i am a little bit confused with the Sets. As I Mentioned some time ago I live in Germany, and the Reign of Winter AP just got released here. If i take a look at the miniatures and then look at the Monsters from the Pawn Box (wich i do not own but look at the lists for assumption of how many figures i need in the play).

I thought the Cases were meant to fit the setting but when i look at the lists from the Pawns i don't see anything that says "Catoblepas or Wolliped". I know that in order to play almost fully with figures i do need to buy the additional Pawns but looking at this set I am left a bit confused of what to do with e.g. 4 Wollipeds in this or another AP.

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Unbeatable Price, but not a Bargain

****( )

I'm a Subscriber and my second Case is on the way. If you intend to collect the Miniatures or play with them in your adventure Path the subscribtion is the best choice for you if following points seem to fit to you:
1. You have the Money to Spend 1000$ or a little more a year because you have to have in mind that there are 3 to 4 Cases coming out a year.
2. Getting Most of the Miniatures of a Set to below standard prices. Ordering a full case does not guarantee you to get all Miniatures to a set (though i have been lucky concearning that)
3. If you live in Germany....hell yeah ( A Case here costs roughly 700$ that is without the Premium)

After i got my first Case from the Toll collectors i can only advocate the Case Subscription if you are determined to get more than one Case just for fun.

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Total Satisfaction


Got this as my first case from my subscription.
I live in Germany so i panicked a bit as the toll collectors called me. Had to pay an additional 62$ for the Pickup in my Country but it's a bargain compared to what the Retailers in Germany take for a full Case.
All in all I paid around 260$ less than i would if i bought them locally.

Now regarding the Case itself :)
I was very Pleased finding 1 miniature for every there is in the set :)
3 of the Figures broke from their base. I can tell 1 wasn't fixed well enough because it simply slipped from its position....the other 2 broke apart because of problems with the packaging density :)...but i'd rather have 1 for every there is instead of everything packed neatly but missing some figures.

Sorry for Spelling Errors, you may keep'em
I will certainly continue my subscription and can't wait for the next shipment :)

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