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Forwell Hog

Kratos's page

78 posts. Alias of seekerofshadowlight.


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Kratos nods "peaceful yes, but something sets not right with me." he says as rain drips off his hood. Kratos had stayed alive this long because he was a survivor and that very instinct that kept him alive was screaming in the pit of his stomach that something was very wrong. His hand shifts toward his weapons "Not right with me at all"

"Agreed, we should not drink much, and we need to set watch. I like not the feel of this night at all" He says , watching from the boarded window out into the night

I'll take 10 on search that will give me 20 total

Looking at the Gnome he shrugs "Sure, two are better to carry things back as well. And your right in a fight getting caught alone often gets one dead"

Kratos nods "We should hit some houses for supply's, it might be good to burn the bodies but might be best to see to that in the morning as it will be seen"

Kratos starts helping the others fortify the chosen building

Kratos keeps quite for the most part until it come to talking about pressing on

"Can we make it to the next village before night fall?" He nods toward the bodies "Something did this and it's out there. Now I know this place is unpleasant but we could hold up in one of the houses and a good chance of making it very defensible in two hours. I do not like the odds of a camp with not much in the way of defense "

Kratos sits back in the back of the room as the briefing goes on. He really didn't care where he was being scent, he did look around to room to see who he had been stuck with. A ruddy looking dwarf, a blond human, a blond woman with odd gold eyes, a gnome. He signed Gnomes were always trouble he though and a brooding fellow who looks like he could use a drink.

He does peak up at undead, humm he thinks have to see if I can get some holy water then. After they are dismissed, he makes his way to his room. Every thing he owned pretty much fit in his little haver sack. Kratos did not believe in being held down. He dons his armor, and weapons, slings his haversack across his shoulder and makes his way toward the others


If I have time I would like to hunt down some holy water

Ok mostly done just a few odd and ends left

Here is a start, the stats are half his, half from the recycled name. It'll match up in time :)

I am still game if y'all are, I posted that in all my games as I have been missing for about a week from them all. We can always gain more players, we have 3 it seems you always lose players in a pbp, which is way I always like 6 or so in mine that way loosening 3 or 4 dont auto kill the game.

Sorry All I have had major RL issue that has kept me away from the PC. I will try to get something posted up when I can.

We still alive here?

Kratos is showing off her knot

Looking up at leux Kratos smiles and holds up her new prize "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Look what I found !!! Lookie!" she squeals bouncing up and down like a small child on a sugar rush.
" It was hanging in the curtains , it's all pretty and green and , Look! see the little patten in the knots ! It has 4 twists, Four!! and , and look he wraps around maybe 3 times I mean look how well formed the twist are and the green just catches the light like magic!' She says with one breath while holding up her prize to be inspected.

Blissfully unaware of anything Kratos humms to herself as she rooms the halls, oh she knows drinks are waiting and shes been missing a while but she spotted such a lovely knot on that curtain she just had to have it.

Not sure where it is at, but Kratos wonders about the whole place taking orders and well sometimes she just likes to roam about. Any chance she could hear this as well?

Am still around Kratos will help out where she can or just hang about the ol work place

Kratos sits on the table playing with some knot that looks to be made of silk. Looks at Jean-Paul she smiles and winks at him

'Hey Mr. rough and tumble, your looking at a city run by thieves, murders and pirates. Heh and you think the politics of devils are controverted'

She humms happily to herself and bounces with joy at the thought of the conflicts and back ally dealing to come

Kratos takes the snake, and heads off to skin it. She climbs up to the cutting board and takes little head to whats going on as she butchers the snake. Humming and smiling all the while. Once done she hands to the cook the snake meat "Save this for me will ya " She says with a wink ans she washes her hands and makes off toward the front

Was I able to find anything out with the heal check?

Untrained heal 16

"Nope, nope it does not look good, humm say did you save that snake? Snake is good eating' With that and a wide smile she turns back toward the woman

Kratos makes her way toward the injured woman to see if she can help

Upon hearing the scream and seeing Jean-Paul kick in the door, Kratos goes to investigate. "Oh, I so love snake meat" She says with a wicked grin as she makes for the busted doors

Kratos really does not pay much mind to the going on it the room. She is happily serving drinks and skipping about a bit erratically though the crowd

Kratos just nods at the waitress thing, she really does not care what she does right now. She hums to herself as she skips along on the tour but really keeps to her self, something she has not really done to date

Kratos is up before dawn. She says her prayers to Besmara on the docks, with the sea in her face. She breaths it in feels it move though her. Here with the coming sun standing on the edge of land and sea with the city behind her, birds over head and ships starting to stir she feels close to her Goddess. She feels all tingly and alive with whats happening like shes in the mist of some great struggle and she loves it.

She makes her way back to the others skipping along singing a brandy tune about and elfmaid, and ogre and a pony while the city wakes as she passes.Stopping by a morning vinder she takes in a meal of lovely roasted sweet meats wrapped in some bread. She licks her fingers clean and makes her way back to the goblin singing the same tune as before. Seeing the others gathering at a table shes skips over too them singing as she seems to bounce across the room. "Hi ya! , Rashmi honey you snore but you have the cutest little tush" shes says pinching the monk on the rump as she passes to climb into a chair at the table . Smiling wide at the gathering group "So who we get to kill today?" She asks in a sweet almost child like voice

The bracers ,wand or scroll might be useful for Kratos. The other stuff holds no interest as it is sized wrong for her. Smiling up at Saul she says "I am Kratos , servant of Besmara. Oh bunks you say, who do I get to bunk with?" She throws a wink Zareby way as she grins

"Yay wings!" She cries, Looking up with her dark eyes " Oh yes I can be a waitress, But your tables are tall." She shugs her shoulders and smiles even wider, a fighting thing as the corners near or near her eyes. "I've walked a deck near the eye and wadded though guts and blood waist deep, eh tall tables arnt much"

She seems happy and excited at something she claps her hands and laughs " Corse getting the blood off was a bother, I mean really so much of it. Humm I'll ...oh" She seems enchanted with something and skips over to the wizard. Dagger out as she closes ans with a slice his belt comes off " Oh a nice one so nice, even stills a little damps ....Oh yes you are" With that she drops what looks to be the tied end of his belt into a sack

Looking back at the group and smiling "Wings you say?" she flashes Saul a wide smile

The mere thought of being at the center of such ongoing strife filled her with chills. Kratos tingled with joy and anticipation of it all. Hopping up and down with thrill she sequels Oh, Oh what can I do? What can I do! She sings in a hyper high pitched voice Oh so much I can do some much She claps her hands squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee She crys jumping up and down Oww, oww can I have some wings I do so like the wings. What holds em on? is it silk , Oww I like silk. She beams up at him with the wide smile on her pale face. Like looking at a shark or a bodie to long dead with pools are dark crimson for eyes sparkling darkly in the light

Watching the exchange of words Kratos cheerfully adds " Well I have seen it happen, someone wants it to happen more powerful then you, or you want to cut out investors "

Don't worry with order, In my games I just let everyone post for that around then arrange it, keeps games moving. It's all good

Coming from under the table, Kratos breaths in the aftermath of the fight,such fun. She heads toward the others to see whats going on

Heh, watch out for that storm now. It makes wind and rain:)

19 init, that should place me 2nd.

Takeing aim at the wizard from under her table Kratos mutters "Besmara lend me your fury" and unleashes a storm bust at the wizard.

22 to hit, 2 damage, info in my profile

she will move closer if she needs to do so

YAY, a hold up

will 15

If not blinded kratos will hide under a table

stealth 10, not very good at hiding..oh she gets a +4 for small so 14

Unable to get alot at the wings kratos starts back toward the bar, she'll see if she can find the group from eailer they may be fun

perception 12

At the mentioning of silk rope the gnomes eyes grow big and she smiles a wide smile "Ooooh I can I see?" she asks with such a small little voice

Kratos seems to look all pouty "Awww I can't speak that one little winged man...sigh" With that she skips off the see what she can find then she spots the winged lady, Humm what does hold them wings on she thinks. Deciding she wants to find out she walks up to one and puts her widest smile on "Hi there, I like your wings, what holds them on?"

Kratos makes her way though the hall oh so many things to see. Then she spots the thing in the cage, and with a wicked smile makes her was to it. Getting as close as she can she whistles and says "Hi there, in the cage. You the pet here?" she says with such sweetness in her voice



What do the non gamblers do? are they allowed in the room or must we all gamble?

Kratos was silent most of the time at the table. She feed off the feeling of conflict in the air. Oh yes, the red headed one was full of it, he sipped conflict. She liked him he would be fun to watch. And she did drinking and smiling and silent. Oh so silent. She liked this group they were interesting. This blot thing yes, a blot a big ol dark thing in the sky, eh growing up along the sodden lands odd things where not odd to her, the eye never stopped after all.

She drank her ale, watched the cutie with the scarf, humm that scarf. She does wonder just what all he can do with it. She has a wicked gin making a note to ask him later. Humm this cheat the devil thing, might be fun to watch. So when the group goes she tags along, skipping though the streets and singing a little ditty . She takes in all the sights at the golden goblin and likes the little silk wings. Humm she wonders how those wings are held on, what kind of knot it could be. With a smile she starts toward the area to watch with so many others. As she splits off she slaps Zareby on the romp with a wink "Good luck there cutie" The she skips off toward the rooms. Oh yes she can almost feel it, there will be much conflict here...She claps her hands and giggles at the thought

Looking over at Zareby and staring at him with her dark red eyes, like small pools of blood she smiles "Oh that, eh we had a disagreement. The look upon his face as Scrgos gutted him and we sent his soul to Besmara was priceless I tell ya. It's like that on the sea sometimes. Watch your back and don't be pissing off ones crew, or the priest" She giggles and slaps the table "Ho, it where funny though" She seems to give Zareby and appraising look." Say your a cute one. Ever find interesting uses for that scarf?" She says with a wink

Seeing the new comer swagger over she noticed the roll of his legs, that mean seems to have spent some time on a ship. Good she though this group is interesting she could almost smell the conflict coming off the redheaded one. Yeah it was in the air around this group this will be fun " Hummm never cheated a devil before, knew a man called em self the green haired devil, he got eaten by a shark. We had to disembowel him and push him over the side first, was a lovely frenzy though" She cheerfully as she munches on a bread roll.

Kratos smile grows even wider, a bit distrbing to behold." Is that a short joke" She laughs with impish giggle "Oh , I like you Mr.tall pointy ears."

An impish giggle comes from behind the gathering "Would you know the ogre and the candle maker? I so like that one" A pale gnome with a freakishly large smaile looks at the group " Did someone say a drink, I do find my self thirsty I'm kratos By the way" She says as she skips about the group 'You guys look intresting, I like intresting people, and I like stories" She flashs the group a thoughly gnomish smile the kind a human face could never make

ohhhh but the pretty knot, so so pretty Claps hands and squeals with joy

Kratos walked the streets, the little gnome was abuzz with the chatter. She liked the chatter of city. Oh yes, she did like this city Besmara smiled on this place, yes she did. Such a free willing place, full of strife and conflict.So much like an over full kettle ready to boil she rubbed her hands together at the thought. She skipped down the streets singing in the hob posh language of hers, drawling looks as she skipped past, rapier dangling and the skull and cross bones of her goddess slinging about her neck as she happily roamed the streets. She stopped at a tavern far from the docks thinking a pint might be nice, only to spot the wagon loaded with barrels. It was not the cargo that caught her attention but the rope holding it and that lovely knot. Yes it was such a nice knot, 3 finger slip very well crafted truly a master or knot making had done such a thing. She had to have it. Making her way toward the wagon she looked and saw no one watching her, she lovely caressed the knot before cutting it free, with a hop and a skip around the coiner she was by the time the barrels came tumbling, the shouts and disorder mattered not to her as she held her new prize with a smile she placed it in her pouch with her other treasures.

Know feeling even better she skips along the crowd singing the ranchist song she knows. Slapping a fine looking human chap on his bum as she passes, she burst out in wicked laughter. By Besmara today might be fun

Know locale 11

am done I think

here is my start on my cleric

seeing his master out of danger,kratos picks up on the struggle behind him. seeing a small geep[ towleggers are so sososo odd the thinks] fending off the rat he rushes to his aid jaws wide as he leaps at the rat.


attack 12+3=15
damage 5+3=8

seeing is master in trouble kratos rushes across the room and leaps at his masters attacker


attack 19+3=22
Damage 5+3=8

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