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Kimiko's page

85 posts. Alias of JAF0.

Full Name

Kimiko Asami


Azlanti human


monk(Sensei, Quinggong, DM)/2


HP 22, AC 19 (T 19, FF 14), fort +6, refl +7, will +7, melee +5, ranged +5, CMB 7, CMD 26, init +7, perc +9


M 5'4", 112 lbs



Special Abilities

hero points: 4




common, Minkaian, Tien, draconic, elven, infernal

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 9

About Kimiko

Descendant of Varian. - You have given your descendant the Legacy of Combat and Speed. +1 initative(stacks with all types), +5 Movement Speed and +2 CMD and CMB. You may use any monk weapon regardless of class.

All descendants gain Duck and Cover teamwork feat, when around each other your inner souls react without thought.

crunchy bits:
Monk(Sensei, Quinggong, Drunken Master), HP 22, AC 19 (T 19, FF 14), fort +6, refl +7, will +7, melee +5, ranged +5, CMB 7, CMD 26, init +7, perc +9

acrobatics +9, knowl. local +6, knowl. planes +5, linguistics +6, perception +9, sense motive +9, stealth +9


reactionary: +2 inits
iron liver: +2 vs poison & drugs, +4 vs alcohol

also: see specials above


dodge (monk bonus feat) +1 ac
Endurance +4 to avoid non-lethal dmg
Drunken Brawler (1st lvl feat) -2 refl save, +2 will and fort saves, +1/lvl temp hps
Duck and Cover Teamwork Feat (bonus feat, see specials above)

special abilities:

improved unarmed strike
stunning fist
inspire courage (wis bonus+lvl rds/day = 4+2=5 rds/day)
insightful strike (wis instead of str or dex for attk rolls, cmd and cmb)


lite crossbow, double-chained kama, 20 bolts, quiver, monk's outfit (hakama, kimono, tabi, zori, obi), belt pouch, journal 11 gp


lite crossbow (+5 to hit, 1d8 P dmg, crit 19-20, x2)
monk unarmed attack (+5 to hit, 1d6+2 B dmg, crit 20, x2)
double-chained kama (+5 to hit, 1d6+2/1d6+2 S dmg, crit 20, x2, double, reach, trip)

fluffy bits:

Kimiko Asami was born into a Minkaian family of powerful merchants living and thriving in Absalom as local representatives of the Asami clan. Her mother was the actual 'power behind the throne' of the local clan enterprises, while her father, a quiet and unassuming man, was more of a figurehead.

But Kimiko had no aspirations toward being a merchanting mogul, to her mother's distress, and family obligations that should have been hers fell on the head of her younger brother, Sho, instead. This left Kimiko free to explore other pursuits and she began training in martial arts with a passion not just for direct combat but for general learning and for inspiring others to better performance as well.

She also discovered as she grew to adulthood that she had a ferocious capacity for alcohol and a prodigious taste for all types of liquor. Sometimes her binges led to encounters with other local youths and Kimiko was often reprimanded for these by her mother.

When Kimiko was 17, her mother died, the target of an attack by a rival merchant house, though nothing could ever be proven. Kimiko swore to train and study further so that one day she might seek justice against her mother's killers. In truth, she has only the faintest idea of who might have been behind the attack, and even less proof, but she hopes one day to rectify this lack of information.

In the meantime, she continues her studies and devotes time to the Riftwardens as well as to her own pursuits, combining the two whenever possible. She has devoted even more time to the Riftwardens since her mother's death, in the hopes that her training there will help in her long term goal.

On the surface she seems a bit intense and not so inclined to try to curry favor with others. She CAN be polite and courteous when the need arises, but only to a point. However, she simply did not learn her mother's diplomatic skills, like her brother did, nor does she have the innate tendency towards such endeavors.

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