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Jill Greenscales's page

4 posts. Alias of W. John Hare.

Full Name

Jill Greenscales




Alchemist 1












Branderscar Prison



Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 6
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Jill Greenscales

Jill looks mostly human, but her mismatched eyes unnerve most. She has a small set of green scales that run from under her ears down to the backs of her hands.

She is arrogant and likes to show other up with her skills.


Jill's crime is that of Arson. She wanted to demonstrate how good her alchemist's fire recipe was and the firestorm that burnt down the alchemist guild spread to take out several city blocks killing hundreds and injuring thousands.
She would love another opportunity to 'show-off' her recipe.


Jill has always been a bit arrogant about her skill in alchemy. To the point where she would revel in revealing the errors others made. Her boasting caused her to enter into a bet with another alchemist on who could make the better alchemist’s fire. Jill worked feverishly to make a better version than that hack James Carder.

When it came time to demonstrate the effectiveness in front of the membership of the Alchemist Guild, Jill’s version fizzled. Furious to be embarrassed in front of the whole guild, Jill returned to her lab and discovered that James had mislabeled one of her key ingredients.
Making a new batch, Jill returned to the guild headquarters and proceeded to lob her new version at the entrances of the building, with a few for good measure at the surrounding buildings. As Jill walked away from the building firestorm, she smiled as she contemplated all those fools trying desperately trying to put out her improved recipe.

The fire ripped through several blocks of the city, killing hundreds and injuring thousands. At her trial Jill freely admitted that she was responsible and that her recipe was obviously superior to that of her now dead peer. She was sentenced to Death by Burning.

If she got the chance she would love to see all those fools burn for their ignorance of her greatness.

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