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Jason Skavlebo's page

Goblin Squad Member. 15 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists.


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this could use some hero lab love... ;D

Thanks Kyle! Combat Manager is an awesome tool.

Hi there,

One of the players at my table is using the android version of Combat Manager with her character. We are having a hard time finding the roll function for attacks. Does anyone know where we can find this function or is it not part of the program?


Jason. is a great tool!


Thanks! I did a bit of digging before I asked this about the back order and saw the communication issue. My group really wants to play this AP and it is nice to have the physical book. We are a few months away from starting so Ill keep my fingers crossed.


Any chance of this coming off back order or should I spend the cash to print the pdfs?


Does this include the hero lab file or just the PDF?

Thanks. ppy-campers-pathfinder-character-sheets

This guy has a great skill reference sheet located in the 4th pdf.

Excellent reading! I will be following your log.


Check out I believe they are working or have a port to ipad.



Will a mythic crafted weapon over come epic DR? Like the "Dagger of a thousand Bites" or "Fire goddess's Blade".

Could the Epic tag be dropped and repaced with Mythic? Would doing this cause confusion or clear up confusion?

Jason check this out for ideas.

Cool stuff here!

Any plans to make monster figs?

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