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Haladir's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 3,961 posts (7,452 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 31 aliases.

Current Campaigns

Bloody Jack, A Tale Most Dreadful.

Vera Marshall

Party Health
Amelia Blackheart: 43/43HP
Amelia's Phantom, Lily: 42/42HP
Vera Marshall: 33/33HP
Gar the Red: 48/48HP
Mama Frill: 38/38HP
Elliomander Ostarian: 35/35HP


GM Haladir's I6: Castle Ravenloft

GameMaster GM Haladir

Campaign site on Obsidian Portal

Tactical Map: Castle, Third Floor

Player maps:
Castle Ravenloft (main floor)
Castle Ravenloft (third floor) <---Party Location

Castle Ravenloft Exteriors

Map: Village of Barovia

PC Status
Celowyn hp 47/47
Countessa hp 32/32; exhausted
Damion hp 45/49
Petracleus hp 36/38
Theodora hp 45/49
Verran hp 30/30

Party NPC Status
Ireena hp 33/38

Active Buffs: All: inspire courage; Theodora: bull's strength

GM Haladir's Rise of the Runelords

GameMaster GM Haladir

Rise of the Runelords Book 1: Burnt Offerings

Current Map: Thistletop - Dungeon Level
Thistletop: Ground Level

Party Status
Cerin hp 16/24
Gwyn hp 12/13
Helena hp 17/24
Kyrian hp 12/20
Orik hp 25/34
Shalelu hp 1/28

Active Buffs: None

Map: Sandpoint
Map: Sandpoint Hinterlands
Treasure List

GM Harker Presents: Carrion Crown

Dr. Stefan Von Herzog

Legendary Planet - an Adventure beyond this World

Zoreck the Unclean

The 'Legendary Planet' Adventure Path from Legendary Games.

Book 1, 'To Worlds Unknown' which our heroes arrive in Argosa...

Party Health
Zoreck the Unclean: 35/35HP (nil Temp HP), 2 Hero Points
Shieldmaiden Illonna: 33/33HP, 2 Hero Points
Rikkan Anardi: 31/31HP, 3 Hero Points
Locke Lestrange: 31/31HP, 3 Hero Points
Astraea Guillory: 26/26HP, 3 Hero Points
Drancis Mordaron: 31/31HP, 3 Hero Points

List of technological, phantasmagorical and arcane wonders... plus some junk.

The Lost Temple

Shattered Star

Ziomarra Callinovo

'Shattered Star' - Part 2, 'Curse of the Lady's Light' which our adventurers, having retrieved the Shard of Greed, prepare for further adventure.

Party Health
Ziomarra Callinovo 27/27 HP, 2 Hero Points
Josephina Annabella Whitehall 26/44 HP, 3 Hero Points, 1 Blessing of Iomedae
Teldon Moore 33/33 HP, 3 Hero Points, 1 Blessing of Pharasma
Briana Kaddren 39/39 HP, 3 Hero Points, 1 Blessing of Pharasma
Arsith D'Arabiane, 40/48 HP, 3 Hero Points
Shadlah Broken-Earth, 47/48 HP, 3 Hero Points

Maps / Images

Party Treasure

Previous Campaigns

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