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Haladir's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 2,946 posts (4,080 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 22 aliases.

Current Campaigns

GM Ghost's The Haunting of Harrowstone

Dr. Stefan Von Herzog

An old friend has died and you are called to Ravengro, but it seems you are here for more than just a funeral. Ravengro

GM Holden's Rise of the Runelords

GM HaladirLynnda WindstrikeShadow the Cat

RotRL Anniversary edition Adventure Path.

Shattered Star

Ziomarra Callinovo

'Shattered Star' - Part 1, 'Shards of Sin'

Party Health
Ziomarra Callinovo 12/12 HP, 2 Hero Points
Josephina Annabella Whitehall 20/20 HP, 2 Hero Points
Teldon Moore 15/15 HP, 2 Hero Points
Nalathi Estrid 15/15 HP, 2 Hero Points
Briana Kaddren 17/17 HP, 2 Hero Points

Maps / Images

The Crow, Level One

Magnimar from the Varisian Gulf
Magnimar and the Irespan

Party Treasure

Spooky's Carrion Crown

Dr. Stefan Von Herzog

Previous Campaigns

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