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Captain Josper Creesy

Gudada Purrun's page

336 posts. Alias of hustonj.

Full Name

Gudada Purrun


Varisian Human


Rogue 1 | AC14 T14 F10 CMD15 | HP 9/9 | F+1 R+6 W+1 | Init+4 | Per+5+




5' 4"; 143#




Chaotic Good


Desna (primary), significant interest in Calistria and Cayden Cailean as well.




Common (Taldoran), Varisian, Shoanti, Goblin



Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 13

About Gudada Purrun

Gudada Purrun was almost a native son of Sandpoint, born on the trail still two days travel outside of town. Such is the traditional life of a Varisian, though. Nadya, his mother, had little trouble with the birthing of this, her fourth child. Djordji, his father, was preparing to forsake the traditional nomadic lifestyle and find a more permanent home where he could raise his family. Sandpoint was large enough to offer protection and small enough to ensure that he could prove useful. Much to his disappointment, Djordji found himself settling into an environment where he was more valuable as a craftsman than as a freelancer. In order to better serve his wife and children, at least in his own mind, Djordji settled into life as a blacksmith, hating the mundane existence the position forced upon him.

This led, eventually, to Djordji becoming more bitter and frustrated. He expressed this violently upon his wife and children. Typically, the Varisians are violent to their children as a teaching tool. They are teaching their children not to get caught, instead of trying to funnel their energies into mundane pursuits. Djordji was not quite blatant enough to make other Varisians suspicious of abuse, but he was teaching his children to spend their time somewhere else. As soon as they were old enough, each, in turn, found someplace else that they could be. Simza had spent enough years growing up in a caravan that when she decided to leave, she was able to get herself accepted as a supporting dancer and an imported bride for one of the caravan's young men. Loiza took up as a guard on a non-Varisian merchant caravan, being far more interested in leaving his father than in being Varisian. Djordi married Donka off to another travelling Varisian shortly after Gudada started spending his time elsewhere.

Gudada hd found a typical pack of Varisian children and started running with them. They taught him to distract and relieve visitors to Sandpoint of anything Petsha, the young man in charge of their group, desired. Gudada developed quite the skill, and was promoted to a primary filcher role, as opposed to the distraction and runner roles he had filled earlier. During the Late Unpleasantness the pack stayed close together, depending upon their numbers and speed to protect each other should things go badly. When Petsha examined a bag Gudada had taken from a random man on the street, the pack disbanded and everyone was left to figure out how to proceed on their own. The bag contained a pair of bloody knives wrapped in a shirt.

As Gudada fled, Kizzy, the youngest sister, was just beginning to find viable ways of not being in Djordi's house. Whatever her answer was, she was there when Gudada sought her out to take her with him, and so he found himself forced to flee without her. His choice of opportunities meant that he missed the fire which consumed the old chapel. Running into a Varisian caravan out on the road, Gudada managed to impress Shandor, the caravan's "Papa", by returning items that Shandor didn't realize were missing. This got him a place in the caravan, and began Gudada's true education in being Varisian. An aspect that grew to mean more to Gudada than most of the "settled" people of Golarion would prefer is that property rights belong to those who can keep the property, not to those who claim them.

After a few years, the caravan returned to Sandpoint, again. This time, though, unlike all of the earlier visits, Jubrayl Vhiski, a business associate of Petsha, and thus the entire pack of street children, came looking for Gudada. Djordji had died as a result of an accident in the forge, none of the other children had returned to Sandpoint, and Nadya was ill. Gudada needed to care for his mother. Shandor refused to burden the caravan with a seriously ill woman, and so Gudada found himself needing to settle, at least temporarily, in Sandpoint as his father had chosen to do before him. Nadya lasted five weeks after Shandor's caravan moved on. He managed to learn that Kizzy was probably still alive, but Nadya was incapable of communicating where she had gone or what she was doing. Gudada found himself alone in the place where he grew up, mourning his mother's death in the traditional fashion while the crowds began gathering to celebrate the opening of the new cathedral. He found himself wondering about his brother and sisters, and he found himself obsessing about what had become of Kizzy. The day of the festivities falls on the 39th day of the 40 days of mourning, when the rituals to protect the community of Sandpoint, himself, and his family from the anger and frustration that Nadya took to her grave would conclude, and Gudada would be free to consider what to do with himself next. Celebrations are never timed well for everyone.

Personality Notes
'Dada has learned many things from his dysfunctional history. Probably the most important is that you really can NOT survive alone, but you need group, a family, a clan, or whatever you want to call it, working together for the betterment of their shared community in order to have the best life possible.

Having spent most of his life helping support his immediate group through pick-pocketing efforts, he has a decided lack of concern with the whole concept of personal property. He sees his job similar to that of a hunter: He is supposed to seek out the best targets that he can, and take from the ready supply what his family needs. Over hunting leads to hunger that could have been avoided. The same is true of picking pockets.

His lack of concern with personal property extends to the few items that he himself has. The family group has property, not the individuals. Some items are always kept by specific people, but this is reflection of their ability to use those items better than others, or the items themselves are symbols of position within the family. He understands that most of society has this false concept of personal property, but it is beneath consideration within the family group.

'Dada's story ends with him needing to find a new family in order to see to his own survival.

The most striking thing about the young human before you is color. His pants are a bright orange and his burgundy brocade vest is trimmed with yellow and orange ribbon. The scarf tied over his hair is a swirl of oranges, reds and yellows. Even the otherwise simple peasant shirt is trimmed with the same ribbon.

His hair and eyes are both dark, and his skin tone matches a lighter stained wood shade. If he didn’t smile so readily, dark might be the best descriptor. As it is, exotic might be a better choice. All-in-all, a typical young male Varisian appearance.

Varisians dressed in this fashion tend to be part of a caravan instead of having settled into a more mundane community, though pockets of traditional Varisian culture do exist in such settlements.

Combat Statistics:
Init +4
Move 30'

BAB+0, Melee+1, Ranged+4, CMB+1
Rapier +1 for D6+1 18+
Sap +1 for D6+1 nonlethal x2

Sneak Attack for +1D6

AC 14, Touch 14, Flat-footed 10, CMD 15 (Dex+4, Str+1, BAB+0)

HP 9 (8 + 1xCon+1)

Fort +1 (Con+1)
Ref +6 (Dex+4)
Will +1 (Wis+1)

8+2 (int)+1(Skilled)+1 Favored Class=12 Trained Skills per Rogue level
Modifier Skill Attribute+Ranks+Class+Specified(+Conditional)
+ 8 Acrobatics 4+1+3
+ 6 Appraise 2+1+3
+ 5 Bluff 1+1+3
+ 1 Climb 1+0+0
+ 5 Diplomacy 1+1+3
+10+Disable Device 4+1+3+2 Deft Hands [untyped](+2 equipment [circumstance])(+1 trapfinding [untyped])
+ 1 Disguise 1+0+0
+ 8 Escape Artist 4+1+3
+ 4 Fly 4+0+0
+ 1 Heal 1+0+0
+ 1 Intimidate 1+0+0
+ 7 Knowledge (Local) 2+1+3+1 Family Ties
+ 5+Perception 1+1+3(+1 trapfinding [untyped])
+ 5 Perform (Dance) 1+1+3
+ 1 Perform (All others) 1+0+0
+ 4 Ride 4+0+0
+ 5 Sense Motive 1+1+3
+14+Sleight of Hand 4+1+3+1 Varisian Wanderer+3 Skill Focus [untyped]+2 Deft Hands [untyped](+1 equipment [untyped] when juggling)
+ 8 Stealth 4+1+3
+ 1 Survival 1+0+0
+ 1 Swim 1+0+0

Feats & Traits:
Deft Hands (Character level 1)
Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand) (Focused Study Lvl 1)

Varisian Wanderer (Inner Sea Primer - Sleight of Hand)
Family Ties (Modified for the fact 'Dada IS Varisian, so the benefit is reduced)

140 gp budget
15.00 Juggler's Kit 10#
100.00 Masterwork Thieve's Tools 2#
20.00 Rapier 1D6/18+/2#/P/Finesse
1.00 Sap 1D6/x2/2#/B/Nonlethal
2.00 Backpack, Common 2#
Entertainer's Outfit 4#

2 gold remaining
22# for all gear, Light Encumbrance

Varisian Human:
25 Point Build
+2 to Dex
Medium Size
30' Base Speed
Focused Study {Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand)}
Languages: Common, Varisian, Shoanti, Goblin
Favored Class (Rogue)

Rogue 1:
BAB +0
Fort +0
Ref +2
Will +0
HP 8 (8)
Sneak Attack +1D6
Trapfinding +1
Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbow, Rapier, Sap, Short Bow, Short Sword
Light Armor

Advancement Thoughts:
Stay pure Rogue
Keep Favored Class bonus in skills.
Keep skill points in SAME skills.
Feats:Skill Focus (Perception) (Lvl 3)
Alertness (Lvl 5)
Skill Focus (Disable Device) (Lvl 7)
Skill Focus (Acrobatics) (Focused Study Lvl 8)
Acrobatic (Lvl 9)
Rogue Talents:
Combat Swipe?
Finesse Rogue?
Trap Spotter?
Weapon Training?
Advanced Talents:
Fast Tumble?
Hunter's Surprise?
Redirect Attack?
Weapon Snatcher?

15 point buy attributes:

20 point buy attributes:

20 point 1-for-1 attributes:

25 point buy attributes:

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