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Greep's page

207 posts. Alias of niel.

Full Name

Theriopodid Proudtalon (aka Greep)


Robbit (variant halfling with reptilian appearence)


Rogue2 / Wizard (transmuter) 1










The Ancestor ( but only a sunday worshipper )




member Silver Rose merc comp

Strength 9
Dexterity 16
Constitution 11
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Greep

Theriopodid Proudtalon is from Raerth, a distant planar world. Like many such spheres, Raerth has a distinct theme. Once just a normal world, it happened to be the birthplace of the one now known as The Ancestor. T. A. was a slightly mad (epic class) sorcerer with a fetish for reptiles. Once he was done with his oddball casting, Raerth was populated with reptiliod variants of the various races (rhumans, relves, drarves, grones, rorcs, retc). Theriopodid is a robbit (in game terms identical to a halfling except for appearance). Like many Proudtalons, Theriopodid has itchy feet (talons?). One of his forebearers, from before the Adjustment, was said to hail from another plane. So when Theriopodid was presented with the chance to join a planar caravan leaving Raerth, he jumped at it. Unfortunately, his unfamiliarity with planar booze resulted with him waking up from a three day hot mud bath at the World Serpent Inn. Since his employer had left without him, he has been paying his tab by acting as a maintainence man (robbit?)- cleaning as needed and repairing broken crockery. As his name is difficult to pronounce without a snout, he's known as Greep, after the croaking sound he peppers his speech with.



Acrobatics +10
Sense Motive +8
Diplomacy +8
Linguistics +8
Perception +7 (Kit bonus +4 to search crimescene or other mystery)(+2 for listen and taste)
Profession (clerk) +6
Stealth +13
Disable Device +8 (MW tools +2 to open locks)
Use Magic Device +8
Spellcraft +9
K(Arcana) +9
Climb (untrained) +1


Common, Halfling, Draconic, Goblin, Abyssal, Auran, Terran, Undercommon

Although his early training was as an assistent to an inspector general for a thieves' guild, Greep also enjoyed magical training from his Uncle, a (minor) professional wizard. When he was accepted as a member of Polynesia's planar caravan, the inspector presented him with one of Greep's most prized possessions- a masterwork pen- to honor his years of service. His Uncle, not to be outdone, gave him his bonded item- an attractive mithril 'wand', suitable for enchantment. Greep continued his education by watching and learning and asking questions of his fellow caravaners. Now, he can't wait to find a better position than as handyman at the World Serpent Inn. He's heard of a new merc company that's hiring- the Silver Rose. And he's joined them.

Of course, Greep may be deluded as to his background. After all, what is more likely- that the Powers That Be allowed The Ancestor to have his way with a whole world or that one oddball halfling is slightly crazy? Regardless of the truth, Greep believes everything he remembers to be true. Greep also has his self-worth tied to the quality of his job.

Game Stats
BAB +1 Melee+1 Ranged +5
CMB -1
Init. +3
Fort +1
Reflex +7
Will +4 (+2 vs fear)
Hit Points: 23
1st: 8 + 1(favored class) + 1(con bonus)
2nd: d6 + 1(con bonus)1d6=2
3rd: d8 + 1(favored class) + 1(con bonus)1d8=8
Move 20'
Age 33
Ht. 3'
Wt. 34 lbs
AC 18 (10+1size+3dex+3armor+1dodge)
touch AC 15
Flatfooted AC 14

Racial Abilites

+2 Dex +2 Int -2 St
Small: +1 AC +1 tohit +4 Stealth
Speed: 20'
Keen Senses: +2 Perception (sound, taste)
Surefooted: +2 Acrobatics & Climb
Luck: +1 all saves
Fearless: +2 vs fear
Weap Fam'l: Prof( Sling)
Beginning Lang's: Common, Halfling
Favored Class: Rogue

Class Abilities

Sneak Attack +1d6
Rogue Talent: Dodge

Specialist: Transmuter (prohibited: Necromancy, Enchantment)
School Power: +1 to St, Dex, or Con (chosen daily, default= Con)
Arcane Bond: (Bonded Item: Mithral 'Wand')
F: Scribe Scroll

Spells Known

0:All except (daze, disrupt undead, touch of fatique)
*0:Amanuensis (pg 9 Spell Compendium)
*0:Launch Bolt (pg 130 Spell Compendium)
1:Animate Rope
1:Expeditious Retreat
1:Reduce Person
1:Mage Armor
1:Instant Search (pg 124 Spell Compendium- Swift Action)
1:Nerve Skitter (pg 146 Spell Compendium- Immediate Action)
1:Ancient Knowledge (pg 94 Eberron Book Of Magic)
Ancient Knowledge (divination) (bard 1, sor/wiz 1)
Comp: V,S,F (ivory worth at least 100gp)
casting time(1 min) range(personal) target (you)
duration(1hour/lvl or until discharged)
"You tap the knowledge of fate and fortune, giving you a greater ability to focus on a particularly difficult academic problem. Before making a Knowledge check, you can decide to discharge this spell as an immediate action to give yourself a +5 insight bonus on the check. If you do not have any ranks in the Knowledge skill, it is still treated as an untrained check." note: greep does not have ivory yet
*1:Enlarge Person
(* = purchased and learned)

Typical Spells Per Day

0: Launch Bolt , Detect Magic , Prestidigitation
1: Reduce Person , Instant Search
From Bonded Item: 1 spell out of any known, any level


Investigate (Eberron Campaign Setting, pg. 55)

Cull Wand Essence (Magic of Eberron, pg 46)
preq: Use Magic Device 4 ranks
benefit: When using a spell trigger device, such as a wand or staff, youcan expend a charge from the device and produce a ray of magical energy that you can fire a a single target within 60 feet. With a successful ranged touch attack, the ray deals damage based on the level of the spell normally produced by the magic item, according to th following list. 1st=1d6 2nd=3d6 3rd=6d6 4th=10d6 This attack benefits from Weapon Focus(ranged spells) and similar feats and effects. The ray is treated as a spell of the same level as the spell normally produced by the magic item. Spell resistance applies to the damage, using the caster level of the spell trigger item.

Scribe Scroll (from wizard class)

Dodge (from rogue class)

Gear (22.5 lb lt load/ 45 lb med load/ 67.5 lb hvy load)

*Dagger .5 lb 2gp (+1 tohit, 1d3-1dam/ +5 tohit, 1d3-1dam, 10' rng)
*Crossbow Bolts, Lt (10) 0.5 lb 1gp (+5 tohit, 1d6 dam, 80'rng)
*Sap (MW) 1 lb 301gp (+2 tohit, 1d4-1 dam, nonleathal)
Studded Leather Armor (MW) 10 lb 175gp (+3 armorbonus, +5 maxdex, -0 armorpenalty, 15% arcanespellfailure, 20' move)
Backpack 0.25 lb 2gp
Bedroll 1.75 lb 0.1gp
Waterskin 1 lb 1gp
Whetstone 1 lb 0.02gp
Flint & Steel 1gp
Soap 1 lb 0.5gp
*Explorers' Outfit 2 lb free
Artisans' Outfit (worn) 1 lb 1gp
*Pouch, Belt 0.125 lb 1gp
*Rope, Silk 5 lb 10gp
*Signal Whistle 0.8gp
*Spell Component Pouch 2 lbs 5gp
Spellbook (spells) 3 lbs 15gp
*Spellbook (empty) 3 lbs 15gp
*Thieves' Tools (MW) 2 lbs 100gp
*Inquisitives' Kit 4lbs 300gp (Eberron Campaign Setting- pgs 121-122)
Total: 39.125 lbs 931.42gp
*1 ounce salt in a cheap cloth pouch
pipe (used) 2gp
*Worn Gear: 20.125 lbs

Special Gear


Mithril 'Wand' 1 lb 500gp (bonded item)

Psionic Tattoo (lvl 1- Astral Traveller) 50gp (Expanded Psionics Handbook- treat as 'potion-of-join-astral-caravan', 1 use only)

Potion of cure light

Wand (lvl 2) Cat's Grace 5 charges 450gp -1charge

Wand (lvl 1) Expeditious Retreat 2 charges 150gp ("Cursare" to activate)

Wand (lvl 1) Animate Rope 8 charges 120gp

Inkpen (MW) 6.1gp

Broach, Silver (symbol of the Company of the Silver Rose)

Scrolls (learned 2x 0, 2x 1st) 75gp
Spells Learned Added To Spellbook 400gp

Cash: 14gp 1sp 6cp (-1gp for publican bribe)
Total: 1768.58gp

Overall Total: 2700gp


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