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Flintas's page

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When a Shield Champion Brawler throws his shield and it returns to him at the end of his turn, can he ready it so that he still has his shield bonus to AC or does he need to use a throwing shield if he wants to do this?

Hello all,

The players in my Wrath game are just about to move in on Citadel Drezen and I'm doing all my prep work now. Looking through the module, I really don't like Eustoyrix as a final boss.

I'm thinking of have the Xacarba that was listed as the original guardian still be alive, but the Nahyndrian elixir weakened him instead of killed him. My only problem is properly de-powering him. I'm going to leave him the same size, but applying the modifiers to make him Huge, except the dex, just to reduce the damage and DC on the poison a bit. Also remove the Hezrou from his summon list.

The rest I'm planning on applying negative levels to even him out, but my problem is that I'm not really sure how many to apply. I was thinking of giving him 4 negative levels, but wanted to know if this may still be too much.

As a power level gauge, my players took down Soltengrebbe in one round. And that's with one of the four of them being unable to get in range to attack.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

So this came up in my game the other day. One of the casters my players were fighting started casting summon monster. Casting time 1 round.

Since a 1 round spell casts as a full-round action, he did finish casting it on his turn, but then was killed before the monster materialized just before his next turn.

Would the summoned monster still appear or would the spell fizzle?

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Hey all,

I was just reading through one of the next modules I'm planning on running with my friends, My Enemy's Enemy to be specific, and came across an NPC that seems to have some potential history behind her in PFS modules. Dorianna Ouidda. A little digging and I found that, yes, she has appeared in several modules in the past.

So far I've found:

Fingerprints of the Fiend
Shadow's Last Stand (parts 1 and 2)
Rivalry's End

Does anyone know if there's a list out there with all of her appearances or does anyone know if I'm missing any? This seems like a good recurring villain and I'd like to run the full story behind her, in order, so that my group has the full story. She seems like an interesting adversary.

Hi All,

My friends and I recently started society play during our home game. I'm going to be starting GMing shortly for these games and had a quick question about the items on the chronicle sheet.

In the section of the guide for organized play dealing with filling out the chronicle sheet, step 7 states that you are to cross out any treasure the players didn't find. That part is fine. I get it.

The guide also states, "if you're running the lower subtier, always cross out all of the items listed for the higher subtier". So running the 1-2 subtier in a 1 - 5 tier module, you cross out the 4-5 subtier. But what if you're running the 4-5 subtier? Do you cross out the 1-2? I'd assume yes.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

One of my players came up with a tactic and was wondering if it would work. My gut reaction is yes, but I'd like a second opinion.

A character uses a ready action to ready a dimension door spell if an opponent starts casting a spell. The dimension door triggers and the character hops to be adjcent to the caster. Would the caster provoke an attack of opportunity since the character is now adjcent to him when he's casting?

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I just picked up the Mythic Adventures pdf and was looking through it when I came across an ability that made me question how it works.

The archmage path ability "Perfect Preparation" states that you no longer need to prepare spells from a spellbook or familiar and that you can keep or discard your spellbook or familiar. My question would be, how does this affect spells known? Do you still have the same limit on spells known or can you prepare any spell from your list like a cleric does?

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I'm trying to figure out if I've got this right. A Klar with a Bashing enchantment on it would be doing 2d6 damage on a shield bash, correct? A Klar's damage is listed as 1d6, bashing increases it by 2 sizes.
d6 ->d8->2d6.

Am I right on this or not. The reason I ask is because the Klar lists Slashing damage and a shield bash is normally Bludgeoning. The change could just be a flavor of the weapon thing. I'm not sure.

Hey all.

The GM for the game I'm playing in has asked us to make a backup character incase our characters die and and we're not able to bring them back. I'm playing a bard right now, and I'm thinking of a paladin for my backup character.

I was thinking of a sword and board build since the party presently consists of a barbarian, archer fighter and wizard, plus my bard of course. The problem is, I have no ideas for a build. I'm open to other builds and am more interrested in the rp aspect anyways. Any suggestions?

15 point buy.
azata-blooded aasimar (story reason, not changable)
can use anything on the d20pfsrd

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So I'm playing a LE paladin that follows devils (variant made for this game) and one of my friends is playing a summoner. Last session his Eidolon got killed, so we're going to be without him until we rest. We're in a dungeon, so that may be hard to do.

My friend told me today that he's been looking up summons to use for the remainer of the day and that his most likely will be a Babau. I don't think he's realized that it's a Demon or what my character's likely reaction will be. We haven't faced demons yet, and the fact that they are my main enemies has no tcome up, but he knows that I smite chaos instead of good and am part of the armies of hell.

Nothing has been said in game yet, but do you think I should let him know out of game of the potential problem of summoning a demon or should I just let it play out and attack the Babau when I see it appear? My friend has a good sense of humor, so he may appreciate it.

Anyone playing in Council of Thieves should stop reading here to avoid spoilers.

Let me set the scene. In the 5th module of Council of Thieves, the players are going through a mansion that is set up as a council training ground. Going in through the front door and following the flow of rooms, they come across a crawlway through a wall. The crawlway is trapped with a guillotine trap.

My players came in from the roof and worked their way down. They came into the room with the guillotine from the other direction. From this side, the guillotine is automatically visible. No check required. They disabled it so that they could go through the crawlway and continue exploring.

My first thought is to give half xp for the trap. They did still overcome it, but at no risk to themselves. I just wondering what others would do in my place?

Hi All,

Two part question.

1. Can you take the Ability Focus feat and apply it to the Channel Energy class ability.

2. If yes to #1, would it then apply to the Channel Smite feat or would that be considered a different special attack.

Personally I'd lean towards yes to both, but I'm looking for a second opinion.

Is there anything in Pathfinder that helps a Cleric archer the way Zen Archery did in 3.5 or is the Zen Archer Monk archetype the only real option for this. I know there's the Guided weapon enchantment, but that specifies that you use Wisdom in place of Strength, not Dexterity.

One of the players in my party is playing a gunslinger and due to his character's personality, he's not willing to give his gun to someone else for magical improvement. He doesn't have the feats available to take the master craftsman and craft arms and armor feats, so I'm thinking of producing a couple of tomes that he can use to learn the feats permanently as bonus feats.

The pre-reqs still need to be met to benefit from the books (eg. he still needs to have 5 ranks in craft (gunsmithing) before he can use the master craftsman tome and needs that tome to be able to use the craft arms and armor tome).

I was just trying to figure out what would be a legitimate value of these tomes, as I want to factor them into his character wealth to try to keep things as balanced as possible.

If you choose Martial Versatility with Weapon Focus, does it count as you have Weapon Focus with the rest of the weapons in the group for purposes of applying Penetrating Strike or is it just the bonus of Weapon Focus that applies and not "having" the feat?

Does Greater Trip still cause your tripped target to provoke an AoO if you tripped the target during an AoO in place of an attack?

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Hi All,

I'm making a new oracle curse for a game I'm in but need a little advise concerning the level bonuses. Here's what I have so far.

Oracle Curse of Youth.
The oracle with this curse stops aging physically between the ages of 6 and 12. They continue to mature mentally, but often have a childlike manner to them, either in speech, mannerisms or both. An oracle with the curse of youth has the following changes.

- Medium creature drop in size to small. They take a -4 penalty to Strength, -2 penalty to Constitution and a +2 bonus to Dexterity. They gain the following size bonuses. +1 Att/AC, -1 cmb/cmd, +2 Fly skill, +4 Stealth. Their base movement drops to 20ft.

- Small creature drop in size to Tiny. They take a -4 penalty to strength, and gain a +2 bonus to dexterity. They gain the following size bonuses. +2 Att/AC, -2 CMB/CMD, +4 Fly skill, +8 Stealth. Their base movement drops to 15 ft.

- All youth oracles take a -4 penalty on Diplomacy & Intimidate skills. Being young, people don't take them as seriously.

- Youth oracles take no penalties from aging.

Oracles with the Curse of Youth, cannot take the Time mystery.

Now the thing I'm running into a problem with is the other bonuses the curse grants while leveling. Normally a curse grants additional bonuses relating to the curse itself at levels 5, 10 and 15. I just can't think of anything that fits well.

I put in a +2 inherant charisma bonus at 5, 10 and 15, and my GM has already ok'd it, but it just comes off as kind of boring to me. Granted it's nice since the oracle is a charisma based class, but I want something fun, not just powerful. Anyone have any suggestions on what we could use to fill the gaps?

So I don't know is this is a Noob question or not, but can you take 10 to aid another while they take 10 on skill check? This is assuming it's a skill that can be done untrained or that you have ranks in.

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