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Ferox Kerr's page

529 posts. Alias of Mardigan77.

Full Name

Ferox Kerr




Inquisitor 7 AC=20; T=15; FF=15; HP=52/52












Taldane, Shoanti

Homepage URL

Obsidian Portal

About Ferox Kerr

Initiative: +10
BAB: +5, CMB: 6, CMD: 21

+1 Adaptive Composite Longbow:
(1)Adamantine Arrow, Attack +12, Dmg 1d8+2, Crit x3
(20)Arrow: Attack +12, Dmg 1d8+2, Crit x3
(60)Arrow, Blunt: Attack +12, Dmg 1d8+2, Crit x3
Can be used for non-lethal damage, -4 attack

+1 kukri: Attack +6, Dmg 1d4+2, Crit x2/18-20

HP: 52, AC: 20
Fort: +6, Ref: +7, Will: +8

Acrobatics 6
Appraise 6
Bluff 7
Climb 1
Diplomacy 11
Escape Artist 5
Heal 13
Intimidate 14
Knowledge: Religion 6
Knowledge: Dungeoneering 5
Knowledge: Local 5
Perception 18
Sense Motive 14
Stealth 15
Survival 13
- Track 21

Judgements (2/3/day), sacred bonuses, swift action
[+3] Destruction: weapon damage rolls
[ 3] Healing: fast healing
[+2] Justice: attack rolls,10th lvl – x2 bonus to confirm crit
[+3] Piercing: concentration/SR checks
[+2] Protection: armor class, 10th lvl – x2 bonus vs. confirm crit
[+2] Purity: saving throws,10th lvl – x2 vs curses, disease , poison
[ 2] Resiliency: DR/magic
[ 6] Resistance: energy resistance
Smiting: Weapons count as magic vs. DR

Bane(7/7 rnds/day)
Agile Feet (7/7 rnds/day)
Detect Lies (7/7 rnds/day)

0(DC 12): Brand, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Read Magic, Sift
1(5/5, DC 13): CLW, Divine Favor, Litany of Sloth, Protection from Evil, Wrath
2(4/4, DC 14): Blistering Invective, Detect Thoughts, Flames of the Faithful, See Invisible, Tongues
3(1/2, DC 15): Cure Serious Wounds, Heroism

Potion of Cure Light Wounds x 3
Scroll of Persuasive Goad x2
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds x3
Manacle with Simple Lock x2
Tanglefoot Bag
Courtier's Outfit (appropriate style and color for Abadaran clergy) with appropriate jewelry

XP: 9404/10,000
Harrow Pts: 3, swift action to:
1. Reroll any strength check or strength based skill check.
2. Be treated as one size category larger for a grapple check, resisting a Bull Rush, Trip, or
being swallowed whole. This bonus lasts for one encounter.
3. Gain a +5 Harrow bonus on all attacks against a chosen enemy in an encounter.
Alternately you can ignore Hardness for 1 round.
Fame: 1/8
Local Contact: Alusian Rootmason - +4 Diplomacy(Gather Info) and Knowledge(Local) in Korvosa
Teller of Abadar
Temple Membership: Church of Abadar

Boon: Saviors of the City: +2 bonus on all Bluff and Diplomacy checks made against Korvosan citizens.


Goods: 2
Influence: 5
Spent 3 Goods, +6 Survival check to make it safely through the Cinderlands
Spent 3 Influence, +6 Diplomacy check to negotiate with the Skoan-Quah

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