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Evangline Valeria Aurora's page

677 posts. Alias of Azure_Zero.

Full Name

Evangline Valeria Aurora


Assimar (with Ulfen blood)


Cleric(Theologian) 4 / Monk(Spirit Master) 2







Special Abilities

Daylight 1/day






Common, Celestial, and Elven


Barmaid, Seamstress, and Medic.

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Evangline Valeria Aurora

Evangline Valeria Aurora
Hit Points: 52/52
Init: +2

Melee: +6
Range: +6
Cestus 1d4, 19-20*2, B-P
Dagger 1d4, 19-20*2, 10ft, S-P

AC: 16

Cleric = 2+INT+FC = 4, Monk = 4+INT = 5
ACP = 1 //Armour Check Penalty
Format: Total = ranks + stat + trained(?) +other(noted) -ACP
*Acrobatics: 7 = 2 + DEX Mod + 3 - ACP;
*Appraise: 1 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Bluff: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Climb: 2 = 0 + STR Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Craft: 2 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
*Diplomacy: 13 = 5 + CHA Mod + 3 +2(Skilled);
Disable Device: NA = NA + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Disguise: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Escape Artist: 2 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Handle Animal: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Heal: 2 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
Intimidate: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Know(Arcana): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
*Know(Histor): 5 = 1 + INT Mod + 3;
*Know(Nobles): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
*Know(Planes): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
*Know(Religo): 9 = 5 + INT Mod + 3;
*Linguistics: NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
*Perception: 12 = 5 + WIS MOD + 3 +2(Skilled);
*Perform (Sing): 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Profession(Seamstress): 2 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
*Ride: 2 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Sense Motive: 11 = 6 + WIS Mod + 3;
Sleight of Hand: NA = NA + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Spell Craft: NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
*Stealth: 7 = 2 + DEX Mod + 3 -ACP;
Survival: 2 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
*Swim: 2 = 0 + STR Mod + 0 -ACP;
Use Magical Device: NA = NA + CHA Mod + 0;

Class features, Feats, Traits and Racial Traits:

Class features:
Channel 2d6
Focused Domain(Ferocity)
->Ferocious Strike (+1/2 cleric to damage, wis+3/day)

AC Bonus (Wis)
Flurry of blows,
Stunning fist (Feat),
Unarmed strike (1d6)
B-Feat(Combat Reflexes)
B-Feat(Improved Grapple)

Angelic Blood
Snapping Turtle Style
Snapping Turtle Clutch

Subject of Study(Undead)
Armour Expert
Magical Knack(Cleric)

Racial Traits:
Darkvision 60ft
Skilled: +2 Diplomacy and Perception checks.
Celestial Resistance (5, acid, cold, elect)
Spell-like ability: Daylight


DC = 10 + WIS + Level
Level-0: Unlimited use
Level-1: 4+1 = 3 + 1(WIS) + 1 Domain
Level-2: 3+1 = 2 + 1(WIS) + 1 Domain

Spells Known:
Level-0 (4):
Create Water
Purify Food and Drink
Detect Magic

Spells Known:
Level-1 (3+1):
Cure light
Hide from Undead

Level-2 (2+1):
Cure Mod
Bull's strength*

Domain Spells:
1:Enlarge person [1]
2:Bull's strength[1]
4:Spell Immunity
5:Righteous Might
6:Bull's strength(mass)
7:Grasping hand
8:Clenched Fist
9:Crushing hand

AC, Saves, Attacks:

AC: 17 = 10 + 4(Armour) +1(Shield) + +2(Dex);
Touch: 13 = 10 +1(Shield) +2(Dex);
Flat: 15 = 10 + 4(Armour) +1(Shield);

Fort: 9 = 4+3(base) +1(CON) +1(Cloak);
Ref: 7 = 1+3(base) + 2(DEX) +1(Cloak);
Will: 10 = 4+3(base) + 2(WIS) +1(Cloak);

Melee: 6 = 3+1(base) + 2(STR);
Range: 6 = 3+1(base) + 2(DEX);
CMB: 6 = 3+1(base) + 2(STR);
CMD: 19 =10 + 3+1(base) + 2(STR) + 2(DEX) +1(Shield);
+2 Grapple


Cestus 1d4, 19-20*2, B-P
Dagger 1d4, 19-20*2, 10ft, S-P
--Weight:2.0, 7gp

Chain shirt
--Weight:25.0, 100gp

Special Substances and items:
potion: lesser restoration
scroll: detect undead

Wonderous Items:
Cloak of resistance +1

Adventure Gear:
Back Pack
Bed roll
Chalk * 10
Flint and Steel
Pouch, Belt
Sewing Needle *2
String/Twine (50) * 2 (armoury)
Soap * 2
Water skin
Trail Rations * 4
--Weight:20.0, 9gp,3sp,4cp

Tools and Skill Kits:

Peasant (Red skirt, white shirt, Red bodice, White kerchief)
Travelers (See description)
--Weight:7.0 1gp,1sp

Weight Total:54.0
Light: 58, Med: 116, Heavy: 175

Cash: (240gp)
235 gp -117 = 118 + 2000
47 sp -3 = 44
30 cp -4 = 26


You see an Assimar(of Ulfen blood) Woman of about 6 foot 3 and around 235 pounds. She has a curvy human build with comely heavenly features and pale skin. Her face looks human, but is more heavenly. She has Sapphire blue eyes and lose Golden Blonde Hair that ends near her waist.

Travelers (combat clothes)
This add shorts (to mid thigh) and a bust bodice underneath chain shirt goes between the clothing and the bust bodice.

She is wearing a Red mid Calf length skirt, a white short sleeved shirt, a Red bodice that assists with her figure. A white kerchief on her head.

Data and Background:

Name: Evangline Valeria Aurora, (Eva for short)
Race: Assimar
Job: Cleric (Theologian) of Kurgess
Age: 16
Likes: Helping others, friendly fight tournaments,
Dislikes: Seeing Injustice, Undead, Greed, insect and Arachnid swarms (she can handle one or two)
Favorite: foods: Meats, potatoes, eggs, Milk, Honey, syrup, Fish, various veggies and fruits
Hobbies: Training, singing, sewing, helping out at a local orphanage or church.
Physical Description: Long Golden blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Voluptuous/Athletic hybrid build, white skin
(Bust_Rib_Wai_Hip H: X’x” W: XXXlb)
(44.2_32.6_30.4_44.2 H: 6’3” W: 235lb)

Background Info:
Eva was born a bastard child of Duke Titan Aurora, (an Ulfen blooded noble). His one time mistress (Luna). Titan was married to his wife, Heather and they had no children. When Eva around 4 years old her mother died and was adopted into the Aurora house, since she was of the Dukes blood and was better liked then Heather (a scheming b****). It was also decided at that time, that Eva would inherit everything, since Heather had not produced an heir. Heather did not take that well. Heather tried to produce an heir for 2 years, but to no aveal. When Heather was found plotting against the Eva when she was 6 years old. Heather was sentenced to death by the Duke, but Eva stopped it and had Heather exiled. Some 3 years later the Aurora house fell (some say Heather sold her soul for revenge on the house). Eva later was being looked after in a temple, whom were friends with the Aurora family and had an agreement with them. When she turned 14 she was told to find her position in the world from the head of the temple, as their obligation and agreement to the Aurora house had ended.
During her time at both Aurora house and the temple she was being trained one on one with a cleric, named Alkaid. Alkaid was known for her beauty and skill, but also in how she fought and defended herself. Alkaid taught Eva the Clerical arts, but also the basics of martial arts and how to keep the mind body and soul fit and beautiful.

After Eva left the temple she went wandering the land. One day she was attacked by a vampire spawn and she only survived in part to the professor's help. Since then she and the professor remained connected by sending letters about ever month. After the vampire spawn's attack, Eva been training in melee anti-undead combat fighting.

Family Background:
Mother: Luna
Race: Assimar (with Ulfen blood)
Class: Cleric (Theologian) of Kurgess
Job: Running an orphanage
Age: Unknown
Status: Deased
Physical Description: H: 6’ 0” W: 200 lb, Voluptuous build, Blonde hair, white skin, blue eyes
Persona Description: A gentle and caring woman, whom cares for the people, and her daughter.
Luna was a Cleric running a local orphanage, she was very popular with the locals and the children, Then one day she was invited to cure the Duke, since his physician was ill, and she was the only cleric nearby. The Florence Nightingale effect kicked in and an affair happened. A month after he was better their emotions cooled to what they were before. Luna gave birth to Eva 8 months later. A year and 3 months later the Duke dropped by the the orphanage to leave a donation. When he saw Luna caring for a baby of about 2 years, asked a few questions in a non-rude manor about the baby and was shocked to learn is was his daughter, as she could not tell a lie. The Duke promised Luna if anything happened to her, he would take care of Eva and see to it, the orphanage get a great person to take over and watch the other children. The duke kept it quiet until Luna died 2 years later.

Father: Titan Aurora
Title: Duke
Race: Human(Ulfen)
Class: Aristocrate
Job: Duke, lord of the land in is ward
Age: Unknown
Status: Deased
Physical Description: H: 6’ 6” W: 280 lb, Muscular build Blond hair, white skin, and blue eyes
Persona Description: Very energetic, charismatic, serious, thoughtful, stubborn and kind.
Titan ruled over his bit of land with a thoughtful heart and was married to Heather, During the first 4 years heather was resistant to the idea of children. He fell ill one day and since his physician was ill, and he call the only cleric nearby. The Florence Nightingale effect kicked in and an affair happened. A year later he remembered the Cleric who cured him and embraced him, and wanted to thank her, but he had to leave to a meeting with some high officials that would take a week of his time. The next year though he made a trip to the orphanage to leave a donation and found out about Eva. He promised Luna if anything happened to her, he would take care of Eva and see to it, the orphanage get a great person to take over and watch the other children. And he kept quiet about it for 2 years. When Luna died he kept his promise, and spilled the beans to the house, Heather was not pleased with the news. Eva grew to be like a lot by everyone for her good nature and it was decide that on the Duke death, Eva would inherit everything. The Duke and heather were “busy” for 2 years, and with no child. When Titan found out that Heather was going to kill Eva and with proof, A court session was quickly held and Titan ordered her death, But Eva entered the court room and was able to get Heather exiled instead. The Duke sensed that Heather would try something and made an agreement with a friend in the Orlovsky household, that is he dies to watch over Eva until she is an adult. And to let her find her place in the world. Three years later a terrible disease speads in the manor killing all, Lucky Eva and her teacher Alkaid were visiting the old orphanage of Luna's. As messanger soon arrived at the orphanage telling Eva and Alkaid to not go back to the manor, as a mysterious disease was infecting all the residents and killing them and also eating the items of value.

Step mother: Heather
Title: Duke
Race: Chilaxian
Class: Aristocrate/Sorcerer
Job: Duchess
Age: Unknown
Status: Deased
Physical Description: H: 5’ 9” W: 140 lb, Average build, Black hair, white skin, and brown eyes
Persona Description: ??
Heather married Titan using looks, words, and some magic. She was waiting for Titan to die with out an heir and then marry another Chilaxian to increase the influence of Chilax in Bevoy. She waited for a good day to give a deadly disease to Her husband and his physician, and be away for the following week or two. But fate had a different plan. When Eva entered the house and Titan explained the whole thing to Heather and the staff. Heather was shocked at the turn of events, but confident that things could still go her way. Eva over time gained the love of the staff and all those around her, Heather got more nervious about the plan, and was devastated when It was decided Eva would inherit everything. Then Heather changed the plan to producing her own heir, and worked at it for 2 years, after which she plotted to kill Eva.

But was caught with proof of the plan, and was going to be sentenced to death, but Eva intervened and got Exiled. With hatred, shame and embarrassment in her heart, she plotted revenge. She went so far as to make an agreement with a devil for her revenge. Her agreement in the contract though unexpectedly spared Eva and Alkaid from death. As she said destroy and kill everything on the grounds of the Manor.

Teacher: Alkaid
Race: Human(Ulfen)+ 1/2 Succubus
Class: Cleric/Monk
Job: Cleric(Theologian) of Kurgess
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Physical Description: H: 5’ 9” W: 160 lb, Voluptuous build, Red hair, white skin, and Golden eyes
Persona Description: Motherly, kind, polite, slightly tomboyish, brave
Alkaid was dropped off on at a temple of Cayden Cailean. The head priest noticed the demon blood and used an old forgotten ritual, that purifies the souls of evil outsiders. It worked and she was raised in the temple and got clerical training, but was picked on a bit. This lead to her being disciplined by a Clerical Martial Artist, whom taught her the clerical arts and the martial arts. She travels helping people out, and one day was offered a chance to privately tutor a child in the Clerical arts, she took the job and taught Eva the basics along with a few other things. When the training was done she said her good byes and left to help others in the world.

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