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Eponine's page

528 posts. Alias of markofbane.

About Eponine

Chaotic Good Female Changeling Cleric (Devout Pilgrim) 1
Medium Size (5’ 10”, 120 pounds, Eyes: one green, one blue, Hair: Chestnut Brown)
Age: 31
Move: 30’
Languages: Common, Varisian.

10 Strength 0 points
10 Dexterity 0 points
12 Constitution 5 points, -2 racial modifier
10 Intelligence 0 points
18 Wisdom 10 points, +2 racial modifier
16 Charisma 5 points, +2 racial modifier

Initiative: +0
AC: 10
CMB: +0
CMD: 10
Fort: +3 +2 base, +1 Constitution
Ref: +0 +0 base
Will: +6 +2 base, +4 Wisdom +2 trait vs. charm/compulsion
Hit Points: 10 d8 base, +1 Constitution, +1 Favored Class


L1: Selective Channeling. Can choose up to 3 targets to exclude when channeling
T: True Devotion. Once per day, can have a 20% chance to not lose a spell when casting it. One additional daily use of Bit O’ Luck ability
T: Creative Manipulator. Once per day, reroll Charisma check. Must take second result
T: Vain. When fails an opposed Charisma based check, take a -2 on Charisma based checks for 24 hours
T: Birthmark. acts as holy symbol, +2 vs. charm/compulsion


2 points per level: 2 class, 0 intelligence
+7 - Bluff (1+3+3+0) +2 racial if sexually attracted to her
+7 – Diplomacy (1+3+3+0)

Race/Class Abilities:

Favored Class: Cleric (1 used for hit points)
Changeling Abilities:
+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution, applied above.
Medium size, Normal speed. Humanoid (changeling subtype).
Green Widow. +2 to bluff checks if creature is sexually attracted to her
Hag Magic. DC of enchantment spells casts increases by 1. Gains spell-like abilities once per day: dancing lights, detect magic, disguise self and pass without trace. Replaces claws and natural armor.
Darkvision. 60’ range

Cleric Abilities:
Proficiencies. Simple weapons, light armor, starknife.
Aura.Emits a Chaotic and Good aura
Spells and Orisons. Spend one hour per day to prepare
Channel Energy. Positive Energy. 30’ burst. 1d6 effect. DC 13. Six per day
Spontaneous Casting. Can convert spells to “cure” spells.\
Domains. Liberation and Luck
Liberation. Can move as though under freedom of movement for one round per day
Bit O’ Luck. Standard action. Target rolls 2 d20 instead of one, picks better roll. Eight per day
Caravan Bond. One minute group prayer to designate targets, up to four. Can use domain powers on them up to 30’ away


Memorized: Spells in blue indicate they have been cast
Orisons (DC 14) 3: Guidance, Light, Resistance.
1st level spells (DC 15) 2+1: Magic Weapon, Bless, Remove Fear.



Encumbrance: , (33/66/100).

Traveler’s Outfit
Scarves (6), 3#
Studded Leather Armor, 25#
Starknife, 3#
Wooden Holy Symbol
Reinforced Scarf, 1#

Pocketed Scarf, ½#
-Flint and Steel
-18 sp
-Fortune Teller’s Deck, Masterwork, 1#

Waterproof Bag, ½#
-Soap, ½#
-Mirror, ½#
-Gear Maintenance Kit, 2#
-Mess Kit, 1#
-Honey (jar), ½#
-Twine (50’), ½#
-Waterskin, 4#
-Rations (5 days), 5#
-Scarves (2), 1#

Roll of Canvas (3’ x 12’), 4#
-Blanket, 3#
-Hammock, 3#

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