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Man in Mask

DM Alexander Kilcoyne's page

7,140 posts. Alias of Alexander Kilcoyne.


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Your Humble Narrator

This games next on the update list. Sorry, finally got some time from work and then I was sick...

Your Humble Narrator

My deepest apologies for the delay. No map for this encounter; its a pain to draw and i'd rather get a post in while I can...

Gathered fairly close to Kip, the Guardians advanced down the corridor of naturally formed cavern. It eventually opened out into a large chamber.

This wide chamber appears to have been naturally formed; its ceiling rises 25 feet and is festooned with stalactites. The stink of sulfur and tar are strong, as a huge lake of bubbling black tar dominates the chamber. From rock outcrops here and there on the walls bubble small springs of milky looking water. Across the chamber, a stony shelf provides purchase for a door stoop before a black wooden door swollen in its frame. The broken stumps of two support posts protrude from the rock of the shelf as well as that of the main entrance near the pool’s edge, showing where a wooden bridge once spanned the inky soup.

At the far end of the bubbling, steaming hot pool of tar, a grey-bearded zombie, clearly once an old man, stood. To be more precise, the zombie stood amongst several images of himself; clearly generated by a Mirror Image spell. His feet also appeared to be hovering slightly above ground.

Combat Name

Round 1-

Ordered Initiative-
Casimir- 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Malthir- 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (10) + 0 = 10
Fenna- 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (5) + 0 = 5
Ricter- 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17
Kalev- 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18 (GM reminder- terrain bond woods: Kalev +3 init, party +2 init)
Kip- 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Zombie- 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11


Active Effects-

The air in this chamber is hideously noxious. Every round a creature breathes the air in the room, it must make a DC 15 Fortitude saving throw— failure indicates the creature is nauseated for 1 round. A saving throw of a natural 1 results in 1d4 points of Constitution damage from the toxic air. This is a poison effect.


Link (Basic!)



Map scale- 1 square is ten feet.


Kip, Kalev and Ricter are up. You've entered the map where the corridor begins to open up into the room proper.

Your Humble Narrator

Can't access map (or my macro) at work. Lothar would have followed the others around upstairs.

Please move my token into melee with either spider.

Example of what I post at the start of every round-

Top of Page

Characters in italic have acted or have actions declared, those free to act are bolded and theres always a reminder on who i'm waiting to act under "Round Actions" (as well as narrative/enemy actions as appropriate in initiative).

Reg is correct though. Its all down to personal preference. The way I run games is also about saving myself time as running 4 needs to be made quite efficient in order to keep up pacing.

Your Humble Narrator

I've decided to make my large updates for my games this weekend and then try and maintain pacing throughout next week. I'm just starting to come up for air at work today so I think the worst is behind me.

Your Humble Narrator

I've decided to make my large updates for my games this weekend and then try and maintain pacing throughout next week. I'm just starting to come up for air at work today so I think the worst is behind me.

Your Humble Narrator

I've decided to make my large updates for my games this weekend and then try and maintain pacing throughout next week. I'm just starting to come up for air at work today so I think the worst is behind me.

Your Humble Narrator

I've decided to make my large updates for my games this weekend and then try and maintain pacing throughout next week. I'm just starting to come up for air at work today so I think the worst is behind me.

Your Humble Narrator

I hope so too...

Will make updates this weekend. Got large ones to make to all of my games so once those are done hopefully I can keep things ticking at work.

Believe me I beat myself up over it more than enough.

Your Humble Narrator

Might be the word morphed.

Edit: Nope.

Your Humble Narrator
Joana wrote:

Oh, look, the DM lives. ;P

:( I can only apologise. I am so busy at work I don't even take my lunch hour... and its usually 14-15 hours a day at the moment.

Your Humble Narrator

Urgh, tablet.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Your Humble Narrator

I can't help but imagine a group of some worn-out, rather elderly adventurers, addicted to the effects of the Haste spell after years of over-use and performing tasks for payment in scrolls of Haste.

Your Humble Narrator

It sounds like your not making any further moves on people this evening so i'll move on with a narration to the next day if you like? After the rather tense discussion at the high table, no one (important) is going to initiative any truly relevant dialogue with you anyway.

Your Humble Narrator

Kirilarien began a circuit of the outer edges of the hill, taking into account the undead marching upon it. Meanwhile, Barak began another barrage of fast bolt-fire, into the advancing skeletons. His heavy bolts had little difficulty smashing apart any skeletons they met, with two bolts finding their mark.

Attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19
Damage: 1d10 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

Attack (Miss): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (2) + 11 = 13

Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21
Damage: 1d10 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12

Telurion focused some more of his magical energy and brought into being a brilliant flash of positive energy, that instantly burnt the undeath from a large group of skeletons.

Damage: 5d4 ⇒ (2, 2, 2, 4, 3) = 13

Granted an extremely enhanced range, Durin waited for the enemy to approach.

Approach, they did. The skeletons advanced rapidly, with a different kind of Undead marching behind them. Some kind of fast moving zombies perhaps, these were rotting corpses, with plenty of dead flesh upon them as they scrambled forward. This time, the Dwarven force were already equipped for melee, having witnessed the Undead's unnatural speed in the last fight. They held their weapons high, ready to roar their defiance and battle on.

Map Update

Arachiel, Marcus, Lara to act.

Your Humble Narrator

Did Telurion have that spell when he joined? Didn't think Champions of Purity was out then. I may have to ask you to change it after the battle. That spell is crazy powerful for level 2.

Your Humble Narrator

Brutally busy with work. I've not even been at my PC today until now (and i'm now leaving)!

Your Humble Narrator

James- I strongly suggest you check this out.


Your Humble Narrator

Telurion to act. I will bot Barak this evening.

Your Humble Narrator

Moving around, Kieran carefully confirmed that the group and their strange new companion had successfully navigated the perimeter of this level of the structure. Five doors led west from the eastern corridor, with Ansha confirming that two of them led back into the plant-infested chamber.

Map Update

Your Humble Narrator

Fine words continued to be traded across the table, but there was a distinct sense of "us" and "them"; with them being Commander Reynolds and General Dante, who remained very quiet and impassive, looking less and less comfortable.

Eventually, Governor Kapak steered the conversation in a different direction, to the relief of many. General Dante visibly had problems holding his tongue at Silas' last mention of "sacrifice". The dinner was magnificent and incredibly satisfying- although decadent in the extreme.

As the banquet finished, people began to mingle once more; while others took to the dance floor while a classical group of musicians played soft, slow mellow music.

The Governor's Gala-

Scene 3: The Dance

Once the last of the dancing, drinking and socialising was done in this phase, the officers of the Aeternus would have no further chance this evening to influence the powerful in Damaris. Quite the charming crew for the most part, they found themselves increasingly waylaid by petty officials and lesser men, seeking to align themselves with the flavor of the month.

Sorry for the slow reply from me. Been in a bit of a funk the past few days. Lets get some momentum back :).

Your Humble Narrator

Moving out of the door, Casimir could see that the corridor likely led to a natural cavern. The corridor continually sloped around, so he could not see especially far here from the doorway. The Soul Eater was, apparently, long gone from the corridor.

Essentially you can follow it or investigate the other room through in the stone carved passage area.

Your Humble Narrator

As an Outsider (Native), Telurion cannot be targeted by Enlarge Person, as it requires a Humanoid target. Same for Arachiel. I will assume you enlarge Durin.

The weary Dwarves formed up once more to the barked commands of Thane Fenris and Old Gorrak. With Durin the size of a small giant, there was a little less ground to cover and the formation looked a little more robust. Thane Fenris took a position on the east side, taking Marcus' former spot.

This time, a smaller number of skeletons approached the hill; from 4 different directions. It looked to be about 50 Undead in all, once more marching relentlessly on the hill, their bones clicking and clacking as they came on, marching into the light.

Stand firm, Dwarves. Looks like it might just be the stragglers from the last attack Thane Fenris said, a bit of hope in his voice.

Waves of Doom Redux

Round 1-

Ordered Initiative-

Initiative Rolls:

Arachiel: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
Durin: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
Kirilarien: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21
Telurion: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Marcus: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14
Lara: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10
Barak: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19
Undead: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17
Dwarven Force: 1d20 ⇒ 12

Kirilarien- 21
Barak- 19
Telurion- 19
Durin- 18
Undead- 17
Arachiel- 15
Marcus- 14
Dwarven Force- 12
Lara- 10

Active Effects-

Enlarge Person on Durin (8 rounds left)
Bless on the defenders (7 rounds left)
Shield on Telurion (8 rounds left)


Link (Round 1)


Telurion UMD for Wand of Shield- 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (20) + 16 = 36

Round Actions-

Those bolded are up before the attackers advance.

Your Humble Narrator

You haven't discovered a full library in the structure itself yet. I said there was one below you in OOC, sorry for confusing things. Plus I was probably lying ;). But the camp itself does have some books, particularly ones you requisitioned in your research.

Your Humble Narrator

Its probably not completely apparent on the map but you have another option. The corridor does extend east and then south once more; likely completing the square outer corridor that seems to encircle the rooms on this level. That is not encouragement though. Do whatever you want :).

Your Humble Narrator

Many others echoed Silas Tyr's words, including Lady Orleans and Lord-Captain Locke, calling for unity and defending Irena Tyr and House Tyr's noble speech. Jeremiah Blitz looked a little unhappy but said nothing.

General Dante, red-faced from arguing and the sudden rush of peers talking and shouting him down, looked quite resentful as he eventually quietened. The General looked as much contemplative as he was angry, for a moment. The change in the air and the subtle shift in political power that had gone against him was suddenly apparent to the veteran leader.

Your Humble Narrator

Dante bristled, obviously angry.

I am suggesting that those that actually have agency and an option to not die for Damaris themselves, should not speak of sacrifice. Not when all this fuss is made of much-vaunted "assistance" which appears to cost you very little. It belittles and disrespects those that will truly give their lives and their all in this conflict!

Your Humble Narrator

Deceive was fine.

Silas' resounding speech was met with applause; raucous in some cases, especially further down the tables- but mostly polite applause from the higher tables. Dante and Reynolds bowed their heads for a moment, acknowledging the toast. They both applauded; albeit with unreadable expressions on their faces.

As the tables became lively again and the banquet continued, General Dante spoke; quietly enough that his voice was loosely restricted to the top table.

Note- your in fairly close quarters with each other. Don't assume any conversation can't be overheard.

His natural authority had the table mostly quiet as he spoke, in a deep, resounding voice.

Courage... the men of Damaris cannot be said to lack. For hearth and home, they will bleed and fight. But I hear the word "Sacrifice" more and more as the Orks approach. Bandied about by classical nobility, Rogue Traders, Navy Commanders.

General Dante's gaze slowly rounded the table, with a fierce glare in his one non-bionic eye.

I do not think people understand what this word entails. What will you "sacrifice" for Damaris, you who seek to command good men and women who will die for you? While my men and I sacrifice ourselves on the ground and Commander Reynolds non warp-capable system ships fight in orbit, giving our all for Damaris... You will always have the option of retreat, while the only sacrifices you make will be the lives of crewmen so meaningless to you that you won't even know the names of countless thousands; life is cheap in the Imperium. I will do all I can to stop our forces from being used as chattel and cannon fodder.

Governor Kapak was the first to protest.

General Dante, this is hardly suitable talk for the dinner table. We must show unity, not discord...

To the surprise of many at the table, Hadron Shard, sat nearby, also spoke up. The tech-priest was sat on the other side of Dante (with Commander Reynolds on the other) and heir relationship seemed amiable enough. It was unlikely their seated positions were an accident; such things were crafted with purpose and design.

Your intent; impassioned but flawed, General. Your accusations; unfair. Lady Orleans; invested heavily in Damaris future. House Tyr; many hundreds of thousand gelt- promised as investment. Your fervor; strengthens not our walls. House Tyr's coin- will serve to this purpose.

Several other individuals also seemed to be waiting for a suitable moment to have their voices heard.

But i'm pausing to allow interjection so I don't spend too much of this gala talking my various NPC's to one another.

Your Humble Narrator

Enlarge Person takes a round to cast; I think this is still true when using a wand.

The slowed Soul Eater flew away to the west and south, floating down into an central alcove to the west and out of sight. The other continued its attack, again opting to attack Ricter and limit the amount of Guardians that could attack it. This time, Kalev was ready, stepping out from behind Malthir in order to strike. Between the bashing heads of the flail and Kalev's slashing polearm, the Soul Eater struggled to bring its claw to bear. This time it got past the shield wall, only for its claw to scrabble in vain against the Hellknight Plate. Another heavy blow from Ricter as it finished its dive run sent the Soul Eater crumpling to the ground, its form rapidly dissipating into nothingness.

Ricter Readied Attack (Hit): 1d20 + 17 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 17 + 1 = 32
Damage: 1d8 + 17 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 17 + 1 = 23

Kalev Weapon Damage: 1d10 ⇒ 1 21 damage

Soul Eater Attack (Miss): 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (9) + 18 = 27

Ricter AOO (Hit due to Prayer): 1d20 + 17 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 17 + 1 = 21
Damage: 1d8 + 17 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 17 + 1 = 19

Moments later, Kalev was enlarged by Kip's spell. Peering down the west alcove where the Soul Eater had disappeared revealed an open door leading to a more natural looking cavern than the stone-carved rooms of the dungeon so far- the Outsider had clearly not wanted to continue to fight while debilitated by the Slow spell. In addition to the door leading west, another door to the south-east led south.

Your Humble Narrator
Lord-Captain Silas Tyr wrote:

Scrutiny TN 45; Fail 1d100

Silas notes General Dante's and Commander Reynolds' less than enthusiastic response to the speech.

He now knows what to do get them on his side.

Silas asks the governor if he could make his own speech.

"Governor, I noticed that we need to get your military establishment on our side. Allow me to reach out to them by way of a speech."

Kapak motioned for Silas to go ahead with a wave of his hand.

Your Humble Narrator

Irena's stark request seemed to snap the Bishop out of his slightly confused state.

I... What? Oh no, madam, the relic must remain protected. I cannot send my custodians to the walls and leave the relic at... at the mercy of some Ork sneak attack, a heretic, or some over-zealous fanatic!

Bishop Arint's impassioned speech became a low muttering as he walked away.

If the planet falls... the Relic cannot fall too...


The Governor's Gala-

Scene 2: The Feast

The initial phase of mingling eventually came to a close as the magnificent banquet was opened up to the guests. Nobility, officers and officials were all carefully seated according to a guest list. All of the Rogue Trader dynasties, as well as Lord-Captain Locke, General Dante, Governor Kapak and Commander Reynolds were present at the high table, while as the distance declined from that table, steadily less important officials took their seats.

Governor Kapak stood up and took a moment to address the gathered one hundred guests. It was actually quite an impressive speech.

Scrutiny +10:

Based on the pleasant and mildly surprised looks on the various noble's faces, it would seem that such an elegant speech and effort from Governor Kapak is not normal. It feels like Kapak is stepping up to his duties, perhaps after a period of decline over several years.

Good Evening, everyone. Thank you for joining me in our annual gala; and turning up in such finery despite the hasty rescheduling on my part. Despite some criticism for hosting a gala in a time where we are preparing for war... I felt it was important to honor the fine men and women of the Imperium and the Imperial Navy, who have honored us with their presence, their forces and their mighty starships. It is truly a testament to the people of this great planet of Damaris that not only our Imperial Navy garrison and old friends like Lady Orleans have committed itself to assist in the defence that is to come; but also benevolent strangers from the Blitz and Tyr dynasty. Our defence council is working tirelessly around the clock in order to prepare our forces and strategy. It is important for the people of Damaris to see that we are still going about our lives, our daily business; for if we do not seem unduly concerned by the menace approaching us, they will follow suit. Cancelling the gala would send a signal of distress and fear throughout the populace. I propose we raise a glass to both the triumphant and uplifting spirit of the people of Damaris; and to the many allies and friends that have pledged themselves to the fight.

Kapak raised a full glass of vintage wine and the room followed suit, following his toast. Kapak was not finished, though. Indeed, Kapak nodded gravely as the pitch of his voice expertly changed along with the subject matter.

While the Ork xenos is a foul threat, we are cautiously optimistic. We have the strength, the expertise and the zeal to fend off the greenskins. It will be a fierce fight- but we shall prevail and we will become stronger for it. Each of you is instrumental to the defence. Whether a sailor, an administrator, a priest, a soldier, a merchant, a captain of industry... you are all here because you embody the finest of Damaris' qualities. Unified in purpose and in spirit, we will stand as firm as our moon, the Bulwark itself. Irrepressible and resolute, our walls will hold firm, our soldiers zeal will near-match the Adeptus Astartes themselves. Damaris, will survive. Damaris, will thrive.

With a sweeping hand that encompassed the magnificent banquet laid out, Governor Kapak gave a kindly smile.

For now though... let us take a brief moment of respite and enjoy the fantastic food and beverages our efforts in the past decade have wrought. Eat, drink and be merry; for soon, Damaris will go to war.

The end of Kapak's speech was met with applause; although General Dante and Commander Reynolds made a point of making the very barest effort to contribute.

In close quarters with multiple noteworthy individuals, the opportunity for trying to win over a significant individual was limited. The merry making and close knit table was, however, a good opportunity to address multiple individuals at once; and perhaps to impress those yet to be won over with the plans House Tyr had began to put in place with regards to investing their own wealth.

Your Humble Narrator
Ansha wrote:

Personally I try to avoid thinking in terms of tropes. It just seems too jaded and cynical, and it breaks immersion for me.

^^ this.

You could probably find the answer in the library though!

But its downstairs. ;).

Likelihood of ancient knowledge of a treatise somehow being found in a plant infested room... seems low.

Your Humble Narrator

Throwing open the door revealed a statue-decorated, rectangular room. The ceilings matched almost every other roof you have seen in this ancient place; a little under 20 feet high; but in this case, the roof was smooth metal- like in the very first level of the structure. The room led through to a small corridor, which in turn seemed to lead to the next stairs leading down.

The floor of the chamber consisted of embossed iron. Set into the floor of the room, two tall metal poles, almost fifteen foot in length, pointed up at the ceiling, set evenly and perfectly spaced apart in the chamber. The only deviation from the symmetry of the room was the fact that the eastern edge of the room extended a little further than the west.

With the doors thrown open, an ancient contingency was triggered. A totally monotone voice emanated from the south side of the room, speaking in Azlant. It seemed to come from one of the statues on that side of the wall. These statues were depicted in greater detail than those in the corridors outside, and seemed to be more distinct and varied. Nevertheless, the theme of the statues remained unchanged, although there was clearly greater honor imparted to the individuals depicted.


If you are a true son or daughter of the Order of Arioch, or are accompanied by such, fully recite the 3rd Treatise of Arioch.

Knowledge Arcana DC17:

This is likely some kind of Magic Mouth spell. You correctly noted that the number of words used was exactly twenty-five; traditionally the maximum number that can be used in the glamour.

Map Update

Your Humble Narrator

A little more than usual, aye. Not a lot more. Usually its a bloodier, more drawn out melee.

The paranoia of the group paid off. Much to the disbelief and slight dismay of the doughty band of Dwarves, the familiar clacking sounds of more skeletons marching on the hill became audible an hour later, still deep into the night...

A look of confusion and trepidation comes over the faces of those Dwarves who are still wakeful at this late hour. The resounding echo of clicking and clattering floats across the plain. More skeletons are marching on the hill. Weary Dwarves got back to their feet, the few that had slept had done so in their armour. Crossbows were reloaded and the Dwarves lined up once more inside the fortified hill.

Any preparations before the next attack? All your prior buffs have expired.

Your Humble Narrator
Trien wrote:

Trien stared into his glass for a moment, lost in his thoughts.

I am...quite surprised for my name to have reached so far. In truth part of the reason I have come this far out is to escape my reputation. I would take it as a personal favour if you kept what you know to yourself, there are many people that would not have your outlook.

At this moment, we need to stand together

Trien raised his full glass once more, making sure the Marshalls glass was full as well.

Together Damaris will stand, I hope you will stand with us Marshall? ...

I stand for Damaris, of course. Your dynasty has made waves literally within hours of your arrival... So i'm happy to pledge what little political support I can. I have Lord-Captain Locke's ear... I'll be say the right words to her.

I allowed your Carouse to substitute for Charm as Thrace is quite a heavy drinker. No further roll needed. Just need to hear back from Irena as to whether she's fate pointing that roll. I'll move on this evening either way.

Your Humble Narrator

Sadly, these particular Undead are immune to critical hits :(.

While the soul eater's own attack proved fruitless, Ricter's flail arced perfectly to batter the extraplanar creature's black, smoky form. It hissed in pain and was sent reeling away as it finished its fly by attack.

Soul Eater Strife

Round 2-

Ordered Initiative-

Kip- 17
Soul Eaters- 16
Malthir - 3
Fenna- 1

Readied Actions to Strike-
Casimir, Kalev, Ricter.

Active Effects-
Haste on party.
Guidance on Malthir (expend for +1 bonus to a roll)
Mirror Image on Casimir (5)
Inspire Courage +2
Prayer- +1 on most checks for you, -1 for your foes.


Link (I17)


Soul Eaters 20 feet altitude.

Round Actions-

Just Kip to act. Not mandatory for my update but anyone with a readied attack is welcome to roll it. I know Casimir is still in wrong position on map; i'm at work and don't have Maptools here.

Your Humble Narrator

Want to fate point it? ;).

Your Humble Narrator

Jacob already queried me on Facebook. Cover (Ricter) prevented AOO on them via the squares they took, I did have it in mind :). Just Ricter's action left.

Your Humble Narrator

Please make a Charm roll at +10.

Your Humble Narrator

Note that although I set gaining Blitz's support as a Social Interaction Test, this was a mistake on my part. He is actually worth about the same amount of achievement points as, for example, Marshal Thrace or XO Kass. His main role is to act as a way to persuade Lady Orleans, in case you mess that up.

Obviously, getting him on-side is still a good thing. But won't run it as a full social interaction test again, if someone tries again later.

Your Humble Narrator

Not truly understanding Casimir's spell, the pair of Soul Eaters swooped around him and his six raised swords effortlessly and opted to attack Ricter. Just as the pair reached the Hellknight, Kip unleashed a wave of lethargic, mind-numbing energy at both of the Outsiders. It slowed one enough that it abandoned its attack on Ricter, barely managing to finish its flight back up to the roof of the room. The other Soul Eater shook off the magic's effects and raked a claw along the raised shields of Malthir and Ricter as they easily warded the attack between them. Like the other soul-eater, it finished its fly-by-attack and ascended to the roof. The two Soul Eaters kept their distance from one another, clearly wary of further magic. The stark contrast between the hasted movements of the Guardians and the slowed movements of the affected Soul Eater was quite astounding.

Will DC18 (Fail): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
Will DC18 (Success): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Attack VS Flat-Footed Ricter (Shield Wall, Miss): 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (5) + 18 = 23

Map Update (I14)

Ricter can make an AOO on his attacker; Fly-by attack doesn't prevent AOO.

Kalev, Ricter, Malthir and Fenna to act. The Soul Eaters are flying 20 feet above, hugging the top of the inside wall.

Casimir is in D23. Forgot to move him pre-update.

Your Humble Narrator

Bishop Arint seemed a bit baffled.

Open... the relic? Oh no... you see I only have the codes to open the outer part... of the casket. I'm not sure any... still living... knows what truly lies inside... I believe it to be... Saint Drusus' severed hand... but I know not... how to fully open the casket...

Arint puffed out his chest in pride.

It is well protected... indeed! No less than... five hundred elite... custodians! They live only... to protect the relic... guard it in shifts of... 20...

Your Humble Narrator

I posted earlier on the bus while travelling on my iPad; but the stupid device swallowed it. Only need to finish Irena's scene now and we're done.

Master At Arms Ludicus Marleno wrote:

Intimidate (S:37):1d100

One degree of success, spending a fate point to add a second degree.

Executive Officer Kass seemed satisfied with Ludicus' zeal.

Alright, Marleno. I have some more questions for you but essentially, i'm sold. I'll put in a good word for you to Lord-Captain Locke, recommending she fall in behind you at the damned Defence Council. Hope you find a way to deal with Dante though... that man has been heard cursed around the Aegis a lot of late. Now, lets have that toast... and you can tell me how you lost the eyes.

___________________________________________________________________________ __

There was a significant pause in the telepathic communications between the expert telepath and the mere practitioner. It dragged on for several seconds, before Staysis finally responded.

Your commitment to your House is impressive, young one. Your gesture is noble; but I would caution you not to be so trusting in future. An unguarded mind... that is a perilous thing. In truth, I have a way off Damaris, in case things go truly awry. Provide me with your personal assurance that should my plans fall through in that contingency, the Aeternus will take me with her. In return... I will use what influence I have to shift things in favor of backing House Tyr as leader of the defence. I have not sifted your mind. But you would have no way of knowing if I had... so you will have to make up your own mind whether I felt the need to.

Just Irena's scene left to resolve.

Your Humble Narrator

Our foes power obviously has it's own daily limits, or we would surely not always face one assault a night. Still, we shall remain vigilant!

Your Humble Narrator

Kieran does not find any traps and the door seems to be unlocked too.

Your Humble Narrator

Were the foes that awaited the Guardians able to understand the language that the oncoming foes spoke, or were they able to recognise the tell-tale chanting as magical in nature, they would surely have launched the attack. As it was, the Guardians were able to magically prepare themselves and surge into the room, Malthir and Ricter locked into a shield wall...

Locking shields and spinning to face the attackers Malthir detected, the duo saw that they were both Soul Eaters; the same kind of summoned, foul Outsider that had hounded Kip in the skies and almost slain him. They were about to descend and attack with their shadowy claws, clearly expecting to have had the element of surprise. Instead, the Guardians were ready for a fight... and the shadowy creatures lurking/flying just under the roof of the room were no less ready to try and send their souls screaming to Abaddon.

Soul Eater Strife

Round 1-

Ordered Initiative-


Casimir- 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19
Malthir- 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (3) + 0 = 3
Fenna- 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (1) + 0 = 1
Ricter- 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Kalev- 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14 (GM reminder- terrain bond woods: Kalev +3 init, party +2 init)
Kip- 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26
Soul Eaters- 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16

Kip- 26
Casimir- 19
Soul Eaters- 16
Kalev- 14
Ricter- 8
Malthir- 3
Fenna- 1

Active Effects-

Haste on party.
Guidance on Malthir and Ricter (expend for +1 bonus to a roll)
Mirror Image on Casimir (please roll)
Inspire Courage (Rounds left being tracked? Its been a long day.)


Link (I26)


Soul Eaters begin the combat hovering 20 feet above their marked squares, at the roof of the stone room.

Round Actions-

Kip and Casimir are up...

Your Humble Narrator

Rounding the corner led to another long outer corridor. This time, there seemed to only be two doors; south-facing and spaced a fair distance apart. Statues and ever burning torches continued to line the walls.

Your Humble Narrator

Aye... Looks that we've survived another night. We owe you all a great debt Thane Fenris said solemnly. Old Gorrak gathered everyone briefly and healed wounds with a burst of channeled energy.

Healing: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 4) = 10

The camp began to settle down again after a tense twenty minutes, as most of the Dwarves began to settle in to try and sleep once more, with a few on watch.

Any actions or you resting too?

Your Humble Narrator
Iago Elias McKie wrote:

He finds an appropriate time to interject bluntly, but not accusingly, General Dante is not your only concern. Is there something else we should be worried about? Commander McKie makes it sound more like a statement than a question, but his tone is one that you'd take if asking a professional if there's something that would keep them from doing their job.

Locke wrestled with the idea of telling the charming First Officer before eventually giving in and sharing.

Iago... This is not to be shared with anyone. Not even Silas Tyr. I feel like you are a man who will keep his word if I share this.

She lowered her voice to a whisper.

I have received orders to abandon Damaris, despite my position here as a garrisoned naval unit. Battlefleet Calixis claims it can ill-afford to send ships as the Margin Crusade has it stretched thin. I... I had been stalling here. I want to help and I believe Damaris is too valuable to not commit the Aegis to the fight, even in spite of my orders. Damaris is being treated as an acceptable loss.

Heres where the ludicrous degrees of success you achieved really kicks in.

I was not sure Damaris could be saved... But I think with House Tyr's support, we have a far better chance than I speculated a week ago. Iago: I will defy my orders. It may lead to a demotion or another backwater post, but at least I will have my honor, and fulfill the finest traditions of the Imperial Navy...


Navis Yosarni wrote:

Mouth tightening slightly to show a shift from pleasantries to business Navis continues "Times are only harder until the hill is crested and the path leads downhill. Damaris shall be the crest for all of us... House Tyr is as a mother stork disgorging the tendrils of our dynasty onto the planet to make it strong. Through strength it will endure... and all that is left unburnt will reap profit for us."

"I would not sway you from Lady Orleans, nor seek to winnow what contracts have already been written. We all profit the more that efforts are funneled and directed in unified route... and my Lord Captain is making similar entreaties to the Lady." swivelling to show Silas engaged in conversation with Orleans "House Tyr asks little of you Lord Captain Blitz... we merely offer you the opportunity to share in our inevitable success."

Deceive (TN=48-10=38): 1d100 - sigh, fate point spent 0/2 remaining
1d100 failure with five degrees - I give up :P

Off to a fairly mediocre start, Navis' attempts to deceive Jeremiah Blitz were utterly unsuccessful. The man's face said it all. He was utterly unconvinced he could trust anything Navis Yosarni said to him. With a slightly contemptuous air about him, he replied-

Your honeyed words reek of manipulation, Yosarni. Unified trade agreements? Utter nonsense. The tendrils you speak of... they sound more akin to a parasite; seeking to suck the planet dry. At my expense? Nay, sir. Kapak could not afford my price and I daresay your dynasty could not either. I will confer with Lady Orleans tomorrow. Until that point, I have nothing further to discuss with House Tyr or her representatives. Begone, away with you and your prattle...

Social Interaction Failed- Until circumstances change or another opportunity presents itself, you will be unable to try and get Jeremiah Blitz on side and negotiate for his support.


Master At Arms Ludicus Marleno wrote:

Ludicus grins, clearly enjoying the somewhat belligerent tension the moment has.

Refreshing, straight to the point and from the heart.

Still, before he answers, he does fix his eyes on his opposite number, doing his best to convey that they are on dangerous ground now.

"Can we put in as much as the people of this world?
Of course we cannot! This is their home, and they are an unknown quality to us as we are to them.
But we are here, we do not NEED to be here.
We're here to stand shoulder to shoulder with the defenders of Damaris, and when you say that the cannot leave, that Is a sword that cuts both ways no?
They cannot leave and we can, but WE could have ignored the call as well."

Ludicus takes a small sip from his own glass to wet his throat before continuing.
"That we are here by choice does not mean that we will contribute less than our best.
And I better than most know what kind of camaraderie is formed between men and women who share a war for survival."

Leaning in very close and speaking with a low and very precise voice, Ludicus delivers a point that does not force his voice to rise, but still carries an emotional investment.

"Would we be as devastated? As things stand now, no. But IF it comes to that, find us, look into our eyes and see if that has not changed by then. Because then the people here will MEAN something to us beyond what they do now."

Leaning back, Ludicus seems to relax and become his previous affable self again.
"But that is a moot point, because we will NOT fail here. I foresee our triumph here, and I am ready to toast it"
The last is delivered with enough force to be heard by anyone nearby that may be listening.

Please make an Intimidate test. The speech was quite forceful so i'll allow it in place of Charm in this instance.

Your Humble Narrator
Arannis Crane wrote:

Arannis simply smiles at the older psyker's request for telepathic communication and then remains silent, the rest of the conversation happening with words only the two of them can hear.

"Of course, Chief Astropath," Arannis returns, the echoing whisper that is the younger man's telepathic "voice" sent directly to Staysis' mind. "If I did not before, I certainly do now, judging from the... sensations, the taste I can feel in my mouth and mind. You must be powerful and quite skilled in using that power to send not only the memory of the various foods and drinks, but their taste and texture as well."

There is a pause as the Aeternus' Choir-master savors the sensation before he continues. "But then again that was to be expected, considering the wide-projection transmission you and the other Astropaths managed to sent out. Quite a feat. And one that my Lord-Captain asked me if I could repeat. I have to admit that his idea has merit, yes? Another such distress signal may find more ships and people willing to come to Damaris' aid. But it is not something that falls within my abilities... at least, not yet." Another smile.

The older Astropath did not return the smiles but neither did he seem at all hostile as he replied.

I have been sending astropathic messages for over six decades. The Empyrean has been quiet as of late. I fear that all the aid we can expect has arrived. Sending another message would tax the choir for little gain; it would be a matter of weeks for the message to even reach the entire Koronus Expanse; months to reach another segmentum. Anyone who might come is already here, or on their way.

Staysis fixed Crane with the closest thing a blind man could manage to a dead stare as his mental voice continued to communicate telepathically.

Since we have the luxury of communicating in total privacy, tell me: Do you truly believe the forces we have mustered here and now can stop an Ork invasion? I am told most planets in such a situation fall; or end up being nuked from orbit once the Ork have infested the world.

While the Astropath is clearly enjoying the conversation, to win him over to use his influence to aid your dynasty, you are going to have to reassure him or win him over in some manner. An unconventional tactic, but one that could have occur to Arannis, is to offer your mind openly to the other Psyker; he is obviously adept with Telepathic techniques. Such a procedure does of course, place you in a state of great vulnerability. Can you trust this man you have barely met with your very mind? You find yourself wondering if he has already, subtly, made the attempt on you and your allies...


Trien wrote:

Trien hung his head in dismay as the final group departed from his company. He'd made no progress, in fact he was pretty sure if anything he'd made things slightly worse.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the Marshal heading directly towards him. He knew that she would have some influence, if not directly then at least she might know someone that would. He decided to improve his odds, he looked to the future.

Trien is going to use foreshadowing at a +10 because he is specialised in it, perception test d100 to pass he needed per + 10 = 47 so he passes.

Trien concentrates on his third eye, and uses it not to look directly at the warp, but to look through it, he suddenly gets a strange feeling. It is almost like he has a word on the tip of his tongue. He looks towards the Marshall and suddenly knows exactly what to do.

Trien is going to use all 3 of his secrets on a Carouse test to get her drunk and more friendly.

Secret 1: +10
Secret 2: d10 +10
Secret 3: d10 +10

Ok so the final Carouse test is a 53 to pass (half skill = 23 + 30)


pass with 1 degree of success

As the Marshall reaches him, she opens up with

Well, I dare say your about as loveable as one of my cyber hounds. I've seen people flee slower from an oncoming Rhino APC. What's behind the mask then? You get your costume mixed up or are you just too darn pretty for the world to see?

Trien looks at her for half a second, and then without looking grabs a bottle of a strong caramel liquor from a passing waiter.

Marshall, if you're going to discuss what hides behind my mask, you're going to need a lot more alcohol in you.

He flashed her slightly too white smile, she would just be able to see the gleam of his teeth through the slit.

Marshall Thrace seemed amused by the playful answer; and apparently she was either off-duty at the party or simply open to drinking while on it; it was not entirely clear. She raised her glass and Trien poured for both of them.

Based on the complaints i've had about you in the short time you've been here, I was half-expecting to have to put you in cuffs. You seem friendly enough to me. But don't think I won't throw you out if your excessively drunk and disorderly. Cheers!

Marshal Thrace: Carouse: 1d100 ⇒ 78

Oh dear.

Thrace continued to mock Trien with minor insults, seemingly testing whether he would lose his temper over them. In the process, she made the mistake of matching the mutant's ever-increasing drinking pace. Obviously enjoying herself as time went by and she became increasingly inebriated, much to the amusement of passers by who occasionally drifted in and out of conversation, she made a confession to the Navigator.

Marshal Thrace: Common Lore Underworld -30: 1d100 ⇒ 1


You know, I've heard stories about you... Trien. It took me a while to connect the dots, the rumors. You've been involved in some very murky business, so I gather. Business that would make a Magister concerned... But you know; none of that really matters here. We all have a past. And I understand... i've heard whispers... that the Tyr dynasty is showing rapid commitment to Damaris. That's good enough for me...

Another update to follow in an hour or so from home.

Your Humble Narrator

A burst of positive energy washed over the skeletons; indiscriminately putting almost every single one of them to rest as the bones crumpled to the ground, purified and purged of negative energy. A volley of fire from Barak and Lara combined with the Dwarves rushing the few skeletons that had been out of range swiftly dispatched the rest.

The hilltop had been defended with no losses. The Dwarves were in awe of Telurion's powerful channel, but swiftly got to work gathering up bones and adding them to the pile, their darkvision making it quite easy to move around even when the magical light faded. Old Gorrak addressed Marcus and the others.

We've quite a few wounded. Do you object if I call upon Torag once more for some healing?

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