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Man in Mask

DM Alexander Kilcoyne's page

7,385 posts. Alias of Alexander Kilcoyne.


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Your Humble Narrator

I'm fast approaching 4 months and there is no chain on either end of the transaction...

Your Humble Narrator

In most counties in the UK, the "local search" (various compulsory checks to enable purchase of property) takes 2-3 weeks.

My bumpkin home county estimates 6-8 weeks and does it in 10...

Had expected to be settled at this point.

Your Humble Narrator

I'm here. Should be moving into my new place in a couple of weeks. At my fathers right now and I don't even have a desk to use my laptop.

Your Humble Narrator

The spheres seemed capable of swift movement, moving from their pedestals but not shifting their positions much. Two small flaps opened on each of the constructs, revealing glows underneath that seemed to be their source of vision. Lacking the tactics to avoid the melee combatant or, perhaps, unwilling to give up their position to the swordsman; the three spheres each faced Kieran.

The two bronze spheres briefly lit up with an orange glow before releasing gouts of flame at the Half-Elf, while the marble construct pulsated an dark green before firing a third ray that matched the colour. Deciding to capitalise on the blow already struck and focus on the more unique construct, Kieran swayed in swift motions as he did his best to evade the bolts and strike; twisting with fine agility as his blade lashed out to strike the already exposed internal workings, cogs and rune-etched machinery. His blade ripped through the other end of the sphere with a hissing sound left in its wake, but it survived the sword blow nevertheless. While the simultaneously fired green bolt struck Kieran square in the chest, it seemed to have no effect upon the man; other than to briefly distract him long enough for the two gouts of flame to be directed at the nimble warrior, who was sorely burnt by both rays striking and melting through his clothing and flesh.

Kieran AOO (Base, Critical Threat): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28
Kieran AOO (Luck Re-Roll, Ignored): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
Kieran Critical Confirm (Base, Confirmed): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29
Kieran Critical Confirm (Luck Re-Roll, Ignored): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21
Damage: 2d8 + 6 ⇒ (7, 7) + 6 = 20

Kieran is cutting through AC20 like a hot knife through butter.

Marble Sphere Ranged Touch Attack (Hit): 1d20 + 10 - 4 ⇒ (18) + 10 - 4 = 24
Kieran Fortitude Save (Base): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21
Kieran Fortitude Save (Luck Re-Roll): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Bronze Sphere Ranged Touch Attack (Hit): 1d20 + 8 - 4 ⇒ (12) + 8 - 4 = 16
Damage (Fire): 1d6 ⇒ 5

Bronze Sphere Ranged Touch Attack (Hit): 1d20 + 8 - 4 ⇒ (11) + 8 - 4 = 15
Damage (Fire): 1d6 ⇒ 4

Kieran takes 9 points of fire damage.


The green ray fired at you by the marble construct confirmed your suspicions that it is the deadliest of the threats here. The ray had attempted to lock your muscles in place, to utterly paralyze you. It would have been a simple matter for the spheres to shunt you into certain death at the hands of the trap's blade-dense sections.

No change in positions from the last map. Jakob, Akirra and Ansha are up.

Your Humble Narrator

Very nice :).

Right. Lets continue all! I cannot guarantee a daily pace yet but i'd hate to let this go without giving myself a kick and getting things going again!

Your Humble Narrator

I had hoped to update weekend just gone, I couldn't unfortunately.

I promise i'll either get back into regular updates this weekend or call time of death, i'm sorry for how frustrating this has been.

Almost there with the house acquisition as well as two major work projects...

Your Humble Narrator

80 hours+ of work a week eats my brain enough without headache from house purchase and other half...

Your Humble Narrator


I'm hoping i'll be in a less busy place and can consider this a (long) hiatus. I'm currently in Denmark, once I return to the UK next week I think I might be able to update regularly again. Along with excessive doses of work i've also been moving into a house as a first time buyer as well as dealing with a long hiatus from my other half too.

Your Humble Narrator

I believe i'm actually waiting on you guys, this is a sandbox. I'm not railroading you, I need your intentions or actions.

I will ask Barak to post though.

Your Humble Narrator

Fenna can also spontaneously cast Dispel Magic.

You know I always roll saves for you in order to not slow up the narrative. You win some you lose some. Brutal rolls.

Allocation of treasure is a classic issue in PbP. I do recall urging it be done :).

Your Humble Narrator

More than 7 minutes have passed so i'm afraid Lead Blades has expired. Please re-roll the damage.

Vordakai- Villain of the Varnhold Vanishing

Round 2-

Ordered Initiative-

Kip- 24
Malthir- 19
Vordakai- 15
Fenna- 14
Casimir- 12
Water Elemental- 11
Ricter- 8
Kalev- 7

Active Effects-

Mirror Image (Casimir)- 3 images remain
Magic Circle against Evil (Kip, 10 feet)
Displacement (Vordakai)- 50% miss chance
Prayer- +1 to most rolls


Round 2 Map (I14)-


Kalev's blade met a great deal of resistance as he swept it through the water-creature but with the great strength and focus behind it, the creature certainly swayed as the blade tore apart the elemental energies powering it.

In a dire situation, Kip nevertheless worked his agile mind and found a solution, breaking from the tides that held him with the aid of a potion by virtue of bursting into a cloud of gas.

Malthir rushed the Undead Lich, the once-Cyclops catching him with a bony claw as he rushed in with sword raised and righteous fury flowing through him. He made for quite the tragic sight, frozen in that pose as a result of the ancient evil's touch!

Melee Touch Attack: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (7) + 17 = 24
Damage (Negative Energy): 1d8 + 11 ⇒ (2) + 11 = 13
Malthir Fortitude (Fail): 1d20 + 14 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 14 + 1 = 18

Malthir is PARALYZED!

The ancient Lich looked at the righteous fury and hatred in the trapped Paladin's eyes as he taunted-

"So much for the power of your New God. Your mind will tell me all about your heathen religion, later."

The Lich arrogantly strode back up to his throne, taking a seat once more. His hands grasping the handles of his great chair of bones, the only indication that he cast a spell at all was the whispered word of power as he glanced at Casimir, the red crystal set into his eye socket fixed upon the duelist...

Spellcraft DC17:

He is attempting to render someone Blind with Necromantic powers.

Casimir Fortitude (Fail): 1d20 + 8 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 8 + 1 = 11

Casimir realized with horror that his vision was clouding. As the black tendrils creeping at the edge of his vision were fully encompassed by darkness and spread to obscure his entire vision, Vordakai spoke once again, in a bored tone.

"I see through your simple illusion, Casimir. Now you see nothing at all..."

Casimir is BLIND!

With a single swipe of his hand and a spoken word, Vordakai had rendered two of Kardas' greatest champions near powerless.

Fenna and Casimir are up.

Your Humble Narrator

It's back on you again guys, if I was unclear.

Sorry for the slowdown on my part but we've got a chance to pick up pace again when people are ready.

Your Humble Narrator

Nice :).

Sorry for the delay works just been insane again and i'm now a director. Hoping to get some space and time to update tonight, really sorry.

Your Humble Narrator

A month already? Sorry guys, works been insane again. It will loosen up going forward, promise.

The Dwarves expressed (cautious) interest in the routes Marcus brought up and promised to be in touch.

XP Awarded- 5,500. New total- 61,400. Level 9 at- 75,000.

The group were utterly exhausted from the journey back and the locals certainly not in any mood to talk, the man shying from Durin's question and huddling in a makeshift tent. Khun-Duhn greeted his fellows with a round of drinks from the underground stores of the boarding house, which was currently well-supplied, but the revelries did not go late into the night; it was already late and many were exhausted from the intense march of the day and the two telling skirmishes of the day before. While magic had healed the physical wounds, the mental fatigue of battle, injury, shock and horror had not yet fully been shaken yet.

Day 11-

After a long morning of rest, the adventuring company sprang into action. Ale was drunk, bolts restocked, equipment sharpened and mended, food packed. Not much had changed within the Camp (except the time at which the drunks went home); a heavy ash wind had obviously descended in the adventurer's presence and several of the lean-to, makeshift buildings and tents had been destroyed or replaced. Other than the more prominent locals, many other bandits and ruffians had already drifted away to more promising parts, fresh meat from the more civilized lands replacing them. In the centre of town, the Usurer's steady hammer blows replaced an calm constant in what was clearly a turbulent, ever-changing settlement.

Samuel had little to report. He had spend some time trying to ingratiate himself with Skeribar and his rangers but had found them to be a cold, insular, tight-knit group of men for the most part. That did not stop him plundering their thoughts. He was able to put together a mental picture of the place Skeribar and his men called home; and it wasn't anywhere in The Camp, but a place within the eastern reaches of the Ashen Waste. A lush, verdant areas of gardens and forests; with animals, singing birds and trees soaring as high as eighty feet. In the centre of this verdant blooming of nature, a totem wall of thorny foliage, dense trees and tangling branches surrounds a crystalline pool of pure water, grown patches of moss acting as comfortable places to sleep in an idyllic, beautiful clearing inside the wall of foliage. Deeper, past the clearing, crude huts of sticks and mud plastering were situated. Roofs of grass and living moss cover these simple dwellings. At the east end of the clearing is a thick old oak with a few splinterlike branches atop its stunted trunk.

Carved into this trunk is a crude face with a grim line of a mouth, well-defined nose, and two hollows for eyes. The entire carving gives the appearance of a giant wooden head resting on the ground. Green trails of ichor trickle from the hollows, like some slimy moss, collecting in a stone basin set before the old trunk.

He had also divined much of the Ranger's motives. They served a small druidic circle, situated in this verdant paradise, who venerated Telophus, the Lord of Crops and the Seasons. As well as earning coin for the good of the settlement and scouting the Desolation for their own purposes, one of the things Skeribar has been asked to do is to point travellers towards the grove. Unfortunately, none of the rank and file seem to know exactly why he has been asked to do this and Skeribar himself has been away from the camp for a few days now (though this itself is nothing unusual). Skeribar's men are skilled and hardy but other than brief visits to the peaceful grove, they know precious little of Telophus' creed and in truth are more loyal and devoted to Skeribar himself and coin, than to the faith.

Knowledge (Religion) DC10:

This god is the embodiment of the uncaring changing seasons. He is prayed to not so much to bring good crops, but to be convinced to hold off the early frost or bring the spring thaw.

Knowledge (Religion) DC15:

Telophus requires appeasement and devoted following, being known to test his followers’ faithfulness and resolve when it suits him.

Symbol: Raining cloud partially obscuring a radiant sun

Garb: Green and earth tone woolen robes and vestments

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Form of Worship and Holidays: Telophus is worshiped by harvest and planting celebrations as well as the first frost and first thaw.

Knowledge (Religion) DC20:

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water

All of the above plus Knowledge (History) DC20:

Followers of Telophus took no part in the conflict of Tsar and are generally known to be uninterested in the battle between good and evil; focused only on helping to restore balance and bring nature back to desolated areas of the world.

Adventuring will resume on Day 14, you'll have 3 days of downtime in which you are leveling up but can also shop etc.

Your Humble Narrator

Is Kalev enlarged? Damage dice suggests so?

@Ricter- yes, same for any of the corner squares.

Your Humble Narrator

Sneak attack applies. As Kieran's proposed movement will leave him taking damage am going to assume he ends up on the other side of the spheres using Acrobatics VS CMD.

Darting forward as the blades began to reach their full speed, Kieran spiral-dived through from a running leap, soaring through the dangerous avenue as several blades came within inches of his flesh. Somehow, he landed neatly and even his cloak was unscratched. Wasting no time, he performed a neat, tucked somersault over the marble sphere, the maneuver adding momentum to his strike; he had reversed his grip mid-air and upon landing, rammed the adamantine blade into the construct behind him. It pierced the marble of the sphere, revealing tightly wound mechanical legs that had not yet revealed themselves. The sphere wobbled precariously upon its pedestal.

Qhude stepped into the room and readied himself to strike.

The two wax golems stood in defensive positions, clearly content to act as guards for the less perilous paths.

Tebati is up.

Your Humble Narrator

Sorry all. Everything else is updated, this game is next. Fair bit of stuff to resolve on my side, I have a post mostly done.

Your Humble Narrator

Fenna threw me by including the Will save :).

Your Humble Narrator

Vordakai Will Save (Modifier hidden, success): 1d20 ⇒ 13

As much of the party surged forward, from an unseen signal from the Lich a creature emerged from the pool behind the smashed door. Though for a moment it looked like the pool was simply flooding, the mass of water quickly took shape as it formed into a vaguely humanoid shape; its flowing mass a myriad of small waterfalls and currents and quite clearly a water elemental. Striding forward and drenching the previous chamber, the mass was utterly huge in mass; and it sent an impressive wave of water crashing through the doorway, the water smashing into Kip and clutching him as the wave pulled back like the tide; dragging the poor Halfling with it from a distance of fifteen feet back through the doorway and seeking to trap him with powerful currents of its own devising...

Fluffy way of describing a grapple, which moved Kip to closest adjacent square as a result.

CMB (Grapple): 1d20 + 24 - 4 ⇒ (8) + 24 - 4 = 28

Kip is grappled, as is the water elemental.

Map Update

Ricter and Kalev left to act this round.

Your Humble Narrator

Just updated :).

Your Humble Narrator

As Kieran entered the room, the two traps activated. The catches upon the poles instantly released, setting blades pointing in various angles and of various lengths and shapes to spin rapidly, creating a formidable barrier of deadly blades that reduced passage through the room to its edges and perhaps, for the daring, a central path that only one or two spinning blades swung into.

Having generated bottlenecks and deadly zones in the room upon triggering the Abjuration, Kieran and the others then heard an audible click as another ancient contingency was triggered. Two more Azlant humanoids, hauntingly human-looking in appearance but clearly identical to the golems encountered upon the first floor, dropped from sliding trapdoors in the ceiling, blocking the edges of the room. Simultaneously, from the floor on the far side of the chamber beyond the blades, three trapdoors opened on the far side of the room, a small recess in the floor beneath each of these trapdoors rising to send three small, perfect metal spheres up, each balanced on a small metal pedestal. The central sphere seemed to be sculpted from polished marble, while the two spheres that flanked it were crafted from gleaming bronze that caught the torchlight of the Everburning Torches in the room.

Knowledge (Engineering or Arcana) DC15:

You recognize the spheres from texts you have studied. These are perhaps far more advanced than what you would expect, but they are clearly sentinels of some kind. Typically these constructs are released as innocuous looking eggs but they are both surprisingly resilient as well as usually equipped with a ranged attack. Although often more expensive to build than animated objects and even Golems, sentinels are completely obedient and utterly unwavering in their duties.

Will PM you more info if you hit higher DC's.

Automated Defence

Round 1-

Group Initiative:

Ansha: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2
Qhude: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
Akirra: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5
Tebati: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11
Kieran: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24
Jakob: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
Wax Golems: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (16) - 1 = 15
1d20 ⇒ 2

Ordered Initiative-

Kieran- 24
Qhude- 22
Wax Golems- 15
Tebati- 11
Spheres- 9
Jakob- 8
Akirra- 5
Ansha- 2

Active Effects-

Bit of Luck on Kieran


Round 1


The path I mention in narrative is marked out in yellow. It would require a successful acrobatics check to pass through unharmed, failure would invoke a reflex save for half damage (Evasion applies).

The red squares are the denser areas where the blades are too dense to even hope to pass through (and will clearly deal high damage). These areas are dense enough to provide cover though.


Alert and lightning fast, Kieran was reacting even as the Golems dropped from the ceiling and the spheres rose from the floor...

Your Humble Narrator

Yes. Can only apologise, my life didn't get any less hectic.

Your Humble Narrator

The Lich looked upon the approaching Malthir and his shining sword intently before slowly moving south to man the bottleneck between himself and the pool. He spoke now not in a tongue familiar to all of you but in an unfamiliar language entirely as he plucked from (a clearly not ancient) spell pouch a scrap of leather. Vordakai tossed it into the pool as he chanted and his form began to continually appear as if shifting in various locations, varying by a few feet each time as he seemed difficult to track. Brief, ebony black clouds of mist sprang into being each time his position shifted, only to fade out moments later.

Spellcraft DC18:

The spell cast is Displacement.

The Lich replied in contempt, again audible to all in their native languages so that Fenna heard it in Gnome, Kip in Halfling, etc.-

"Iomedae? You worship a deity younger than myself. Such gods rise and fall every few thousand years. Pathetic."

Fenna and Casimir are up.

Your Humble Narrator
Kalev Lehola wrote:
You seem restless for someone who has a tomb to his name,

"Imprisoned in a tomb of my own design, no less. Restless? More curious, thus far. I have learnt much of this new world. Perhaps sending my Undead forth so soon was remiss of me. I am not yet ready to create my new empire."

Kip Bendybrook wrote:
The hair on Kip's neck stands on end as the entity on the throne speaks his name. His mouth suddenly very dry, Kip is only able to croak out one word, Awakening?

"For over 10,000 years I have slumbered... until an explorer stole a trinket from this place. Ancient alarms were triggered. I was released... unleashed"

Casimir wrote:

The five identical copies of Casimir take a few carefully measured steps into the room, dipping their swords to have the tips trail a few inches off the floor. The Spymaster of Kardas does his best to appear casual, but there is an edge of steel in his movements and voice.

"It would seem you have us at a disadvantage. You obviously know a great deal about us all, and what we know of you is mere scraps of knowledge gleaned from ancient legends and crumbled wall carvings. May we know who we face, so we can tell a proper tale of this encounter, in this life or the next?"

The copies of Casimir spread out a bit in a semi-circle, and Casimir hopes his companions will take the hint.

Vordakai stood up slowly in response to Casimir's maneuvers.

"Yes... My name is Vordakai, of Ancient Casmaron. The sixteenth Vordakai. The last of my name. In the next life you may tell your betters that you had a chance to stop the death that came. That you failed."

Fenna Thistleswade wrote:

Knowledge(Religion): 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (9) + 16 = 25

Fenna looks upon the ancient creature through cold eyes, "Had your lessons of us not been drawn from the murder of our friends and allies, this meeting might have been more cordial... but your actions have marked you as an enemy of the people of Kardas, Vordakai, and you shall face judgement as such."

"It has become clear to me now that in this Age, you place a great deal of emphasis on the life of chattel. Your mewling, soft-skinned kind have grown soft, for the most part. There is no place for the weak in the natural order of things. Ancient Casmaron understood this."

Malthir Al Dagon wrote:

[ooc] knowledge religion 1d20+6

So you are the creature that has brought such ruin to the innocents of this land!
You are the thing that has threatened our kingdom!
You are the thing that has placed itself above the living in some vain attempt to hold onto what was a pitiful existence.
Know that it was the champions of Kardas that came here...we six that destroyed your guardians and sent you back to the grave!

The ancient Undead spread his arms wide with a toothy smile.

"Yes! I am the very same! I shepherded the population of an entire Kingdom into my lair, fed off their brains and souls! I reveled in it, and the knowledge devouring their minds gave me! I sent their souls screaming to the Four Horsemen and they shall reward my obeisance! Those that are left will be sold on other planes! Face me if you dare!" Vordakai shouted as the gem in his only eye socket flared red with power and he raised his ancient limbs in hostile intent...


You recognize Vordakai as some form of ancient Lich, an Undead being of unspeakable Evil. You recall little more other than the basic lore around such creatures, and the fact that magical bludgeoning weapons are far more effective against such beings.

DM Only:

V: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15
?: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11
Casimir: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
Malthir: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (19) + 0 = 19
Fenna: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (14) + 0 = 14
Ricter: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Kalev: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7
Kip: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

Vordakai- Villain of the Varnhold Vanishing

Round 1-

Ordered Initiative-

Kip- 24
Malthir- 19
Vordakai- 15
Fenna- 14
Casimir- 12
Something Happens- 11
Ricter- 8
Kalev- 7

Active Effects-

Mirror Image (Casimir)- 3 images remain


Round 1 Map



Kip and Malthir are up. Reminder- FINAL FIGHT OF CHAPTER 3!

Your Humble Narrator

Updating now, sorry for the delays. Is everyone's HP accurate, Fenna is looking pretty worse for wear in particular?

Your Humble Narrator

Hi all.

I'm very sorry to have to do this and my long silence has mostly been a case of hoping I can get my ducks lined up in order to start regular updates again. Sadly, i've simply got to admit to myself this simply isn't going to happen anytime soon, so I must apologise to players old and new for closing down the campaign. I went through an extreme period of busyness at work and even now with two extra staff members its not gotten any less intense. I have honestly had the time to update some evenings (though not many) but i'm utterly burnt out and mentally fatigued from work and have no concentration or mental energy left to update.

This is the newest of my four PbP's and in the hope of salvaging my other three its fairest to kill this one first. No blame on anyone but myself, thanks for bearing with me, and my apologies once again.

Your Humble Narrator

Sorry guys. Been going through a difficult few weeks both personally and professionally, i'm loathe to say more publicly.

My partner has returned to me this weekend and we've spent the time away from computers for the most part. With her back things should settle down for me again, fingers crossed.

Your Humble Narrator

Please level up to level 8 and post changes here in the OOC. You'll be spending a week of downtime in The Camp, mostly staying in your own boarding house.

Your Humble Narrator

Kirilarien flew back a short time after the group had settled down; she smugly told everyone willing to listen about how she had followed the mist into a concealed cavern, sticking the vampire she had followed with a stake made from his own coffin. Seeing more coffins, she had waited and dealt all of the others the same fate.

The group settled down fully for what was left of the night; watches still posted; this was the Desolation after all. However, what was left of the early hours was finally uneventful, as though the Desolation had finally been sated of chaos and bloodshed for the day; either that or perhaps the presence of the powerful Lich could still be felt and was keeping other predators at bay.

Exhausted, the Dwarves bade the group fond farewells, exchanging warrior-style forearm grips with amiable shoulder bashes and in some cases, warm embraces (the Dwarves seemed especially fond of trying to hug Lara goodbye).

DM Only:

1d20 ⇒ 20
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 15
1d20 ⇒ 16
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 14

1d20 ⇒ 12
1d20 ⇒ 6
1d20 ⇒ 14
1d20 ⇒ 1
1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 8

1d100 ⇒ 5
1d100 ⇒ 21
1d100 ⇒ 63
1d100 ⇒ 90
1d100 ⇒ 55
1d100 ⇒ 82

The group hustled furiously to reach the relative safety of the camp in a single day; and with Kirlarien removing their fatigue on the march they did eventually reach the camp late that night. Nothing seemed to have changed much except that a few nervous looking men were actually out and about around the camp late, where normally they would be under shelter. Word of the destruction of the Hanged Man was clearly getting around...

See the OOC.

Your Humble Narrator

Maptools. The texture on this map is actually one of the defaults, but I have built up a 50GB folder of tokens, objects, textures and anything else I need since starting this whole PbP shenanigans.

Your Humble Narrator

Updating today, first day off work in some time :)

Your Humble Narrator

Retcon- Silas Tyr did not return from his sudden flight in the night. The meetings did happen- with Iago taking lead on them as the de facto leader in Silas' absence. He did face some awkward questions as to Silas Tyr's whereabouts- but Lord-Captain Locke helped to reestablish order.

Having visited General Dante aboard the Bulwark, the General had now made a visit to House Tyr's villa upon the planet. He had arrived in a magnificent, black state vehicle with several dedicated bodyguards. The perimeter was properly secured and the villa was, with Iago's permission, swept for any bugs before Dante eventually spoke with all of the senior officers. The meeting had a very conspiratorial feel about it and the General was obviously ill at ease. When he was finally sure he was able to speak freely, he began the meeting in earnest.

"Iago, thank you for your kind invitation to your villa here upon the planet. Now... i'd rather we don't get too bogged down in details today. You'll have my unconditional support and guidance in the war to come should you back my move for Governorship; and House Tyr will, of course, become the prominent great trading House that Damaris will build its best ties with. You'll supplant Lady Orleans and I, Governor Kapak. I'll bring in an era of strength and prosperity for my home with your support and we shall both mutually benefit from the arrangement. Perhaps most crucially... with your support, I would not have to make my move during the war itself. It can be delayed. Do I have your backing? If not... I have no qualms about telling you I will take action alone if I must!"

Your Humble Narrator

The ancient bronze door was little obstacle for the augmented strength of the Guardians; it came crashing down as though a giant had struck it, shattering into two pieces and landing hard upon the stone floor.

A burbling fountain and pool that stink of sulfur occupy the center of this chamber. A shallow channel cut into the stone of the floor passes beneath a pair of bronze double doors, funneling the foul-smelling water deeper into the chamber. The room was large, the water running into another pool of water. A small, ancient altar with fresh human heads lay to the south while some kind of archaic library occupied a northern alcove of the room. However, the sight that immediately demanded all of the Guardian's attention was the throne elevated just above the pool. It was the largest chair the Guardians had ever seen and was crafted from the bones of what must have been thousands of creatures. Sat upon it, his fleshless back straight and his single eye (clearly removed and replaced by a red sphere of pure crystal) fixed upon the adventurers, was a truly ancient Undead creature. It was obviously once a cyclops in life and although its flesh was grey, stretched and clearly dead it was not skeletal in nature.

Knowledge (Religion) checks please.

The thing upon the throne made no move to rise, but instead addressed the adventurers. Its voice was unnaturally clear and without accent; quite clearly projected and spoken magically rather than naturally in a smooth tone. It was perhaps, more unsettling than the raspy or ancient dialect the Guardians were more accustomed to coming from the Undead.

"Would-be kings of the land long-lost; look upon all that remains of ancient Casmaron" it said, gesturing to the dusty room, library, altar, his throne and the treasures heaped in a horde behind it. "Malthir... Casimir... Kip... Fenna... Ricter... Kalev..." he said, looking to each of you in turn, speaking Kip's voice with a particular vehemence. "I have learnt much of all of you since my awakening. I am Vordakai. Welcome to my tomb."

Both sides are tense and ready for a fight; if your reaction is honestly to immediately attack that's fine but anything other than dialogue will take us straight into initiative, no free actions or attempts to get a surprise round.

Map of the Room

Your Humble Narrator

Rather than write Silas out (again), going to retcon that he hasn't returned from his nightly departure at all. Slightly awkward, please roll with it and i'll be posting to that effect soon. Hell of a couple of works at work, sorry for stalling again.

Your Humble Narrator

I'll have situation resolved soon, sounds like you guys have the votes for Dante.

Radavel and I have been talking over Facebook and I think we've agreed it would be best for him to bow out. I'll work in a retcon that will cover this.

We've had plenty of slow paced hiatus and long discussion. As soon as we fully resolve this little arc i'll throw some action your way :).

Your Humble Narrator

No, we're all waiting on me, apologies.

Your Humble Narrator

Kieran has traded away trapfinding and unfortunately, has no real means to try and disarm the magical ward on the area (assuming it is in fact a trap trigger of some kind). Shall I assume intention is to move up to one of the trapped poles and try and disable one?

Your Humble Narrator

To be fair, delving Tsar is an archaelogist's dream so shouldn't be a hard sell for Lara!

Your Humble Narrator

You'd need a return to camp to level, simply because even your Desolation outpost is not considered "safe" enough by yours truly to do so :). Thane Fenris' home would be another location in which you could do so.

I haven't worked out the XP but 99% sure you have enough for Level 8.

Your Humble Narrator

ACG classes can be discussed on case by case basis, not honestly had the time to look them over as I would like yet.

It would be a few weeks to go to the Dwarf Halls and back. I have honestly assumed your mission would take precedence; but it made sense IC for the Thane to offer.

Your Humble Narrator

Hes given the gifts according to his (subjective and specific) own judgement; they are to be distributed between your group's own judgement really.

Your Humble Narrator

Had a huge off-site work meeting on Wednesday, all day travel on Thursday :).

Your Humble Narrator

The orb proved incredibly resilient to even Durin's adamantine hammer, but as the blows rained down upon it and hairline cracks and fractures began to develop, a strange effect became discernible upon King Kroma's gear and remains. The black and brown corrupting influence upon the armour, flail and his bones began to crack and fade into dust upon the wind as the destruction continued. As the orb finally shattered in a small explosion of magical power that almost knocked Durin to the dirt, a soft, golden light of purifying fire seemed to pass over the bones, arms and armour; washing away the last of the corruption and clearly appearing to adjust the very magical properties of the enchantments upon them.

"Dwerfater's Fire- Behold!" Old Gorrak whispered reverently.

Thane Fenris himself knelt down and reverently wrapped the smooth, gleaming bones (along with the gray-bearded skull) in folds of exquisite silk, his movements almost ritualized and sacred in his care. With this done, Thane Fenris addressed the others and their suggestions solemnly

"Our new friends- our eternal battle-brothers, our rescuers. You honor those of us left from our original band by assisting us in our time of need. You honor our dead and ancestors by helping us to finally recover King Kroma; albeit that his final fate was not what we had expected. Durin, Barak, Arachiel, Marcus, Telurion, Kirilarien- and of course, our loyal expedition lead Lara Evangeline. You all have our utmost respect and gratitude. You are always welcome within our halls- and I firmly believe that the recovery of these bones will surely lead to Dwerfater's favor and the beginning of ascendance for our people. Now, we are all weary, so I will keep my decisions brief. We'll rest for a few hours and then my band will make haste for our home in the Stoneheart Mountains come midday. If you wish to accompany us; I will have the grandest feast prepared in your honour and a home away from home prepared for you in our sacred halls. If you do not, I will consider the feast postponed... and the invitation will always remain open."

Thane Fenris lifted the breastplate and handed it to Durin, having noted his eyes upon it. The breastplate was made of pure adamantine, giving another reason for it to be the hefty Dwarf he handed it to.

"The grandest piece of King Kroma's ancient battle-armour. Still as strong as the day it was forged in the hottest fires of our halls. I gift it to you and your travelling party and ask that you honor the Dwarf that wore it, not the twisted thing our last great ruler had become."

The armour is +3 Adamantine Breastplate.

The strong noble then handed the long-hafted, two handed flail to Barak.

"This flail was renowned as a holy weapon of Dwerfater. The tales say that King Kroma smashed the bodies of over a hundred Undead in a single pitched battle. The last time he was seen by a living member of our people, he sought to fight to the death, surrounded by foes. Before it was corrupted, this weapon knew and recognized evil where it struck it. I hope that in one of your hands, its great history can continue, the stain upon its legacy undone."

The weapon is a +2, Holy, Wounding, Heavy Flail.

Finally, the Thane handed the cloak King Kroma wore to Marcus, unclasping the silver, Unholy Symbol of Orcus and smashing it under a mailed foot.

"There is no history of a magical cloak that King Kroma wore into battle and it has no legacy to speak of. Nevertheless, I am certain it will serve you well in questing throughout this unholy region."

Cloak of Resistance +2

Thane Fenris was weary, but he was keen for an answer before he slept.

"Will you be joining us tomorrow?"

Your Humble Narrator

Good question. These still apply-


Core rulebook and APG are permitted sources, although the following classes are banned without exception- Alchemist, Gunslinger, Magus, Summoner, Ninja, Samurai. Cavaliers are permitted but there are a significant amount of dungeons and thus may want to consider an archetype that de-emphasises the mounted combat or playing a small race. The spell Bestow Grace is banned, and the Vital Strike feat automatically upgrades to the next feat in the chain at the appropriate BAB. Archetypes and feats from UM and UC are generally permitted but check with me first before committing to one, especially a feat chain. All player companion books are generally OK. Equipment from UM and UC generally banned.

ACG spells are no-no. Feats and archetypes may be approved but run them by me first. I'm most concerned by spell-bloat and I apply that philosophy to the games I run.

Your Humble Narrator

From the relative safety of the doorway, Kieran's eyes scanned the room for hidden danger or threats while Ansha looked for presence of magic. They both found what they were looking for...


You spot cunningly concealed, thin folds of razor sharp metal that are currently lying vertically parallel to the central poles on which they are clearly mounted. You can't see any kind of trigger mechanism, but you can surmise the workings of such a trap once it was activated; the two poles are designed to spin rapidly after the folded blades are released, releasing them into various horizontal points that would spin with the central poles; culminating into a rather deadly spinning blade trap that would serve to not only threaten life and limb, but also block passage through the room.


You detect the presence of a magical aura that seems to permeate the floor of the entire room. Concentration and scrutiny reveal this aura to be one of Minor Abjuration.

Your Humble Narrator

Believe we're waiting on Silas to respond.

I've been away from computer since Wednesday unfortunately (long birthday weekend for my partner) so admittedly i've not been in a huge hurry.

I cannot, however, advance the game without you guys having a clear plan for today's IC deadline- responding to Dante's proposal.

Your Humble Narrator

Peering into the water suspiciously, Casimir perceived nothing of immediate danger from it other than the smell of sulfur and the noxious, bubbling, slightly distasteful looking water itself. The group formed up and made ready to storm the subsequent chamber...

Following post (likely tomorrow, not been at a computer in days sorry) will be a big one...

Your Humble Narrator
Kirilarien wrote:
A reminder Kiri was chasing after some gaseous forms.

Not forgotten. Very little time has passed yet.

Your Humble Narrator

The exhausted Dwarven warriors tended to their own, with the immediate danger having passed they took to the beers Barak had given them, too exhausted and shocked to even utter more than a numb nod in thanks.

Between Telurion and Marcus' considerable knowledge and divinations, they identified the phylactery as the iron orb eye Durin held. Old Gorrak listened carefully to their discussions as they surmised why the Lich would so brazenly display his one true weakness and offered a theory.

"Men... You can't forget he was a Dwarf first, and a Lich second. The stories tell us he was slain, utterly surrounded. Clearly, these tales were false. He was captured. Subverted to evil, likely tortured... The darkest of hearts love nothing more than to corrupt the greatest of good people. I would think... I think some part of King Kroma's twisted, tortured soul is ashamed of what he became. To commit such vast resources to slay his own kin and risk his own form so; I think he could not stand the shame of his kin knowing his true fate. I believe King Kroma sought to break the cauldrons and sink the boats. To slaughter us all or be destroyed in turn. Secretly, I think perhaps he had hoped to be slain, to be released. Or perhaps the process that made him a Lich simply rendered him mad."

Old Gorrak paused for a moment and exchanged glances with Thane Fenris, who was knelt solemnly by his ancestors remains, still encased in the magnificent adamantine breastplate, cloaked and bearing his centuries old battlecrown, the magnificent heavy flail he was wielding lying discarded upon the field nearby. Oddly, the Lich's bones seemed in immaculate condition- the massive blows from Arachiel and Durin seeming to not have harmed them at all. However, the bones were sickly looking, black and brown stains upon them that pulsed with magic seeming to indicate the corruption that coursed through the Undead being's physical form.

Thane Fenris nodded grimly back at the old cleric, having not yet said a word. Old Gorrak spoke for him, addressing Durin and gesturing with his axe towards Durin's adamantine hammer.

"Do it. Smash that thing of evil and free our King's soul."

Hardness 20, HP 40!

Your Humble Narrator

You have a way forwards. I'd suggest looking into the room that has the stairs leading down.

No harshness intended, its just part of the plot (and the challenge) :).

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