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Hezzilreen the Cunning

BigDTBone's page

4,386 posts (4,431 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 2 wishlists. 7 aliases.


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Hama wrote:
NenkotaMoon wrote:
I think I liked how the new Star Trek movie handled sex in space.

I missed taht

It was at the end when Kirk and the bad guy made out for like 20 minutes in the slow-fall spiral-gravity vortex thing.

Had to dump out a portable hole full of gold so I could fill it with platinum. #level20problems

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Neal Litherland wrote:
Why should we take you with us on this raid against a bandit camp?

For the same reason you take on anyone unknown to you, we are willing to accept payment after.

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
I don't think Trump is campaigning for PotUS anymore. I think he has mostly written that off, and has full-time switched to campaigning for future viewers/consumers for whatever his post-election media career will be.

I hope he's not, pillbug, I sincerely hope not. You see Last Week Tonight this week?

Edit: Look, apparently I linked a truncated clip, but just keep searching Youtube till you get get the entire thing, it's hilarious. :)

Yeah, I saw it, and thought it was great. But Trump would (thankfully) never do it. It boggles me; I can't understand how Trump's ego could be so very massive and also be so very fragile.

Egos are like bubblegum bubbles; the bigger they get, the more fragile they are.

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It has been slow on multiple devices for me over the last couple of days. I even got /nostore on my laptop today.

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Can you split a turn by moving and then declaring a readied standard action? Or can you only ready an action if you have taken no other actions in that round?

Orfamay Quest wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
[W]ithout rebranding, Republicans are soon going to be incapable of winning the presidency.

And this, of course, isn't news to them.

From 2014: "The other, the federal wing, is increasingly marginalizing itself, and unless changes are made, it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future."

Further from that source:


Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. States in which our presidential candidates used to win, such as New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Florida, are increasingly voting Democratic. We are losing in too many places.

It has reached the point where in the past six presidential elections, four have gone to the Democratic nominee, at an average yield of 327 electoral votes to 211 for the Republican. During the preceding two decades, from 1968 to 1988, Republicans won five out of six elections, averaging 417 electoral votes to Democrats’ 113.

Public perception of the Party is at record lows. Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents, and many minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them or want them in the country. When someone rolls their eyes at us, they are not likely to open their ears to us.

At the federal level, much of what Republicans are doing is not working beyond the core constituencies that make up the Party.

What is also interesting to note is that in the one election of the last six where they did win the popular vote, John Kerry won more votes than any other presidential candidate in the history of the US up to that point, except for GWB in that same election. So, there is a ground swell.

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137ben wrote:
Anguish wrote:

That's the year Paizo loses me as a customer. Not hyperbole.

I'm an IT guy, so it's not technophobia or illiteracy. It's that when I elect to deal with Company A, I expect I am dealing with only Company A. Shifting anything into social media has inevitable data leakage. That's how they pay their bills.

Now, I can tolerate light integration, for instance allowing PayPal as a payment method. But the day I need to visit Facebook to discuss Pathfinder is the day I stop discussing Pathfinder.

If marketing demographics have value, they have value to me. I choose to keep that data where and when I can. It's sort of like savings.

You know that that is simply not true. When you come to, you aren't just dealing with Paizo. You're also dealing with your Internet Service Provider. You're dealing with the company that develops your browser. You're dealing with the company that produces your operating system (and yes, both Linux and BSD get funding from corporations). The PRD uses jQuery, so if you use the PRD you are also dealing with the jQuery Foundation (and, by extension, the corporate members of the jQuery Foundation.) You're also dealing with GoDaddy, which authorizes SSL for the secure portions of Paizo's website (at least if w3techs is accurate.

That is in addition to all the companies that make different hardware components which make up the computer you are using to access this website.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, then you are also sending telemetry data back to Mozilla. The same goes for most other browsers (including Chrome, MS Edge, and Safari.)

I'm not sure it was ever really possible to deal with "only Company A" over the internet. If it was possible at one time, though, that time has long since passed. You are using products from many, many different companies when you turn on your computer, boot...

Not the same at all. I go to walmart to buy groceries. I have to get off my couch (made by haverty's) and open my electric garage door (craftman) and get in my truck (Dodge, powered mostly by QT fuel) and drive on the roads (Dept of Transportation, Department of Public Safety) To get to walmart. I am prepared to take those steps. But if I get to Walmart and they require me to use their new 3rd party payment platform that wants to know all of my casual acquaintances and their email addressed and wants my permission to tell them about how I just used FaceCheck to buy bananas at walmart; then I'm gonna be pissy about the addition of this new party into the situation.

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137ben wrote:

Back when he was on the Daily Show, Larry Wilmore was never one of my favorite correspondents. When I heard he got his own show, I said at the time that I would have preferred The Nightly Show with Jessica Williams, or Wyatt Cenac, or Aasif Mandvi, or Jason Jones, or Jordan Klepper, or Samantha Bee, or...well, basically anyone else who was a correspondent at that time.

I watched it for awhile, but I was never really into it. I still think I would have preferred one of the other Daily Show correspondents taking over Colbert's old time slot. Samantha Bee now has her own show on a different network, which I've enjoyed so far much more than either the Nightly Show or the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

I wonder what CC will but there next....

I really liked Wilmore and I liked him on the Nightly Show; however, the first few weeks/months of the Nightly Show were not good. Namely, I think they had intended to produce a show recapping pop-culture/entertainment news of the day. Not sure if that was their stated goal but they seemed to spend a bunch of airtime covering those kinds of stories and guests who mirrored that impression. I stopped watching.

A few months later I decided to just leave it on after the Daily Show and they had changed to a more current events / political news show with a decidedly unique viewpoint. I watched every night from then on and basically loved the show. My worry is that they had a major change in the show but didn't really do justice to advertise it and get viewers.

Basically, I'm sad. I liked the show, and I think more people may have liked the show, and that some folks who saw an episode in the first couple of months may have been turned off.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Nikosandros wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Except, they eliminated the message boards to save money.
Except it wasn't to save money. It was to ignore the massive groundswell against 4th edition. They can restart their message boards now that they have a decent product.
WotC forums were closed less than a year ago, so it had nothing to do with 4th edition.
And now BioWare is closing theirs. Shifting fan interaction to social media is a trend, and while between PFS and general anti-tech sentiment of the fanbase the Paizo forums will last a few years longer, I believe we won't be posting here in 5 years tops.

Paizo has a web store, and the forums help to drive traffic to that web store. I don't see them leaving so quickly.

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Pan wrote:
I think the holodeck episodes might have been a symptom of having 24 episode seasons. Eventually you need to come up with some episodic filler. In the age of the 13 ep. season they will have less time for those shenanigans.

This is actually one of the things that makes me really sad. I miss 26 episode seasons. Some of the best episodes were one-off episodes that didn't necessarily tie into the larger plot. Sure some were bad, but others were fun, or campy, or truly exceptional. I wish they would bring back 20+ episode seasons.

Krensky wrote:
We'll see, but from what they've said they made the main character too high a rank. If they want to tell a story of someone growing up an learning about themselves and to work with others you should not use a department head. That's what ensigns or midshipmen are for.

Absolutely agree. The premise seems to excite an idea that the series would be like "the lower decks" which was hands down one of the best told TNG episodes. But with a Lt. Cmdr as the star it will be a bit off for that to work. :(

thejeff wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
Multiple peer reviewed studies have found that 97% or more of climate scientists and/or climate science studies agree that most (i.e. > 50%) of the observed global warming has been due to human activities.
Ironically, I and all those who I work with are included in that supposed statistic.

You're a "climate scientist".



Please reread before opening your mouth and putting your foot into it. He never said he was a Climate Scientist. He only said that he does some data gathering for them on the local and regional level. Please think before posting so you don't look like a... Well, you get the idea.

Actually he said he wasn't and he just did gathering for them. Then he said he was included in the "97% or more of climate scientists". You know, right there in the bit quoted.

So, much like most of his posts, it's self-contradictory and makes very little sense.

Not if you understand how scientific papers are cited in review studies. The 97% number is taking all the authors of all the papers into the total number. If he is a co-author on his colleagues paper (which would be totally appropriate depending on how much contributory data he collected) that he says was misconstrued in the 97% number then he actually rightly would be one of those 97%. His personal self-identification as "not-a-scientist" doesn't mean he isn't represented in that statistic as one.

If it is for a bbeg then you just need to make a custom spell that is the highest level it can cast and call it a day. It discovered the ability via spell research. Yadda yadda. Put the spell into a daily use item for the cohort to activate. You need to be prepared for the adventurers to get ahold of the spell and item in the future.

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There has got to be at least one super fan running Star Trek RPGs in Bozeman.

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
The biggest problem with Enterprise in this regard was that Archer was a notorious flip-flopper and seemed to have ethics which matched his mood.
That's because what Archer did, depended on who was Leaping into him that day.

Oh boy.

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Not the most powerful for their levels, but the one's I've had the most fun casting are wandering star motes and damage loins.

Set wrote:

I'm not sure a new character, gay or otherwise, would be all that welcome, given that the old crew are, IMO, already getting short shrift from screentime, with Kirk, Spock and Uhura pretty much dominating the show, with a side of Scotty and Bones, and might-as-well-be-cameos from Sulu and Chekov. This new Trek doesn't even have 'room' for Lower Decks type characters like Rand and Chapel and M'benga, adding new characters seems like just throwing more straws on an already overburdened camel's back.

Yeah, ensemble casts work far better on TV. Preferably 26 hour-long episodes a year. Also, I'm sad that we don't live in that world anymore.

I do find some of the newer, popular shows to be insanely slow paced. I just can't watch The Walking Dead anymore (I find that every half-season stretches 1 episode into 3 and then smashes 3 episodes into 1 episode finale, which basically leaves me pissed off because neither of those is satisfying in any way.) But, I do find that episodic shows don't frustrate me. I feel like even if you are telling stories in long arcs (which I greatly enjoy) the each episode should have its own plot thread that rises and resolves

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Krensky wrote:

Sulu's daughter is in Generations.

As for sexuality, ignoring the mirror universe, where he was hitting on Uhura, when drink on polywater Sulu the musketeer was treating Uhura like a damsel in distress. Certainly not conclusive, but it's still suggestive.

Also, I know several gay men who have children (both their own natural progeny and via adoption.) I think given the politics of the 23rd century that "being gay" and "having a daughter" shouldn't be considered exclusionary statements.

Awesome! Thanks for the head's up Owen! I really like you #1 bullet points, and the talented class guides. It will be fun to dig into the rest of your work!

Jaçinto wrote:
Honestly I just don't think the Sulu thing matters at all. I just hope beyond is a good movie since into darkness was just trash, even ignoring the canon. I hope they get new writers and a director that actually cares about Star Trek, not a schlock action movie.

Given the box office numbers that isn't likely. It is far more likely that they will continue to milk their cash cow in its current form.

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Aberzombie wrote:


George Takei calls decision to make Star Trek’s Sulu gay 'really unfortunate'

Linked article wrote:
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Takei said he’s glad they’re adding a gay character to the Star Trek canon — but would prefer they didn’t fundamentally change a player from the original series. Takei officially came out in 2005, and has spent the past decade as an advocate for LGBT rights. But he also respects what Gene Roddenberry created with the original series (with Sulu played as a straight character), and actually asked the film’s creative team not to make the change.

I could be misremembering, but I don't recall any time from the original series or the movies where it was explicitly noted that Sulu was straight. I think the idea that "straight" = "default" is one we should fight against, even if that idea was pervasive when TOS was created. We don't have to interpret the work through the lens of the time it was created. And unless someone can point me toward a time where it was explicitly demonstrated the Sulu was straight, then in my mind he will have always been gay, and we just didn't know until now.

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Melkiador wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
What would you think of a feat that allowed my reach fighter to attack enemies from 100s of feet away with his polearm. It has a lot of prereqs like combat reflexes, power attack and weapon focus.
I would be totally fine with a 3 feat chain that ended in increasing the thrown distance increment of a pole arm to 50ft. So you could throw it 250ft with a -10 to hit.
So to follow the analogy, you think improved snap shot should also cause you to lose your bow when you use it? That sounds like a pretty big nerf.

No, but I do think it should lose the arrow. You should carry more pole arms if you want to throw them.

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Melkiador wrote:
What would you think of a feat that allowed my reach fighter to attack enemies from 100s of feet away with his polearm. It has a lot of prereqs like combat reflexes, power attack and weapon focus.

I would be totally fine with a 3 feat chain that ended in increasing the thrown distance increment of a pole arm to 50ft. So you could throw it 250ft with a -10 to hit.

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Melkiador wrote:
Yeah, bows being a better reach weapon than any actual reach weapon is a problem. And while martials need nice things, archery is already high on the power scale and not limited to just martials.

With 3 feats though. It isn't just "being a better reach weapon than any actual reach weapon," it comes at a high cost in a combat style that is already feat heavy.

Autonomous robots know where you live

Please stop inventing skynet.

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Torbyne wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
I like less is more for most things, but in a high tech society it can break my immersion a bit if all tech use falls under a single knowledge or profession heading. That being said, it can get unwieldly to have to track "Kn: Computer Programming, Kn: Senors, Kn: Communications, Kn: Warp Drive, Kn: Ship Repair..." Especially if those are tacked onto the existing list of knowledges.
Sure, I feel like most of that can be handled by the addition of "trade" (replacing profession) trade: electronics, trade: programming, trade: mechanic/repair, etc, and three knowledges science, magic, lore. For a total of 10. Then add pilot, athletics, acrobatics, artistry, social, perception, stealth. (Really, all-in, no more than 20 skills and the closer to 15 the better) Then encourage GM's to "average checks" where you tell a player to take the average of two skills and roll to get the granularity needed to allow for good immersion.

Its an interesting idea to roll two checks, i am not sure i like the extra rolling and math involved in it though... Granted it isnt much more work but i am not sure its the best way to tackle the problem of a complex task. It requires you to maintain multiple skills to be good at one thing as well which is frustrating for players. Not to mention the mix and matching that a GM can come up with might leave huge gaps in what your character is capable of.

You only roll one check. Example would be something like noticing something is out of place in the filing system of a computer. You have a +4 to perception, and a +8 to trade:prog. The GM tells you to average those two skills and roll a check. So you would be d20+6 to notice something amiss.

Scientists teach robots to hunt.

Please stop inventing skynet.

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Pretty much. The New York Post is a tabloid rag.

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Torbyne wrote:
I like less is more for most things, but in a high tech society it can break my immersion a bit if all tech use falls under a single knowledge or profession heading. That being said, it can get unwieldly to have to track "Kn: Computer Programming, Kn: Senors, Kn: Communications, Kn: Warp Drive, Kn: Ship Repair..." Especially if those are tacked onto the existing list of knowledges.

Sure, I feel like most of that can be handled by the addition of "trade" (replacing profession) trade: electronics, trade: programming, trade: mechanic/repair, etc, and three knowledges science, magic, lore. For a total of 10. Then add pilot, athletics, acrobatics, artistry, social, perception, stealth. (Really, all-in, no more than 20 skills and the closer to 15 the better) Then encourage GM's to "average checks" where you tell a player to take the average of two skills and roll to get the granularity needed to allow for good immersion.

I hope they go toward unchained with skills for this system. Less is more IMHO.

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Scythia wrote:

If of race is a medically useful concept, define it. Particularly how many races are there and what are the significant differences between them?

Edit: Note that any definition that requires genetic testing is worse for costs than simply testing for multiple conditions.

Well, full genome sequencing can be done for about $1000 and in less than a day's time. Right now, that information is about as good as a detailed medical history of immediate family.

But all of that is getting better by the day. Soon it will be more expensive to store the genome data than to sequence it. And the information we get from it will be so precise that we will only need to squence a handful of codons to get at what we want.

But while you are being high and mighty about individual evidence in medical treatment, there are liver transplant recipients of African descent who are thrilled their doctors/pharmacists insisted they receive a higher dose of anti-rejection medication because they are ultra-fast metabolizers. Not to mention all the Japanese folks with Hep C who are thrilled to not be getting telaprevir because they have grown fond of functioning kidneys.

AI that is better at dog-fighting than USAF combat pilot instructors.

Please stop inventing skynet.

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Steve Geddes wrote:

My apologies for the lack of clarity. I wasn't explaining what books were, I was agreeing with 137ben.

My only point of disagreement in this thread is that it doesn't cost money to access the information when a reprint comes out. Other than that, I'm not disagreeing with anyone (nor glossing over anything).

No worries. What was coming across from your post (which I now understand isn't your position) is that you thought people wanted books to be as flexible/updateable as electronic formats. I was just trying to affirm that people just want books that don't NEED to be flexible/updateable regardless of whether there is a free option for doing so.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
137ben wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

Yeah, the auto-update thing is a definite advantage of PDFs over hard copies. Not really any way around that though (other than to not update either, which seems perverse).

I just wanted to point out that it doesn't cost any money to keep abreast of changes, that's all. The information is provided free of charge. (The cost of reprinting the book is a function of the medium, not a result of paizo policy).

It costs time, convenience, and energy. Moreover, if someone is already comfortable referencing all the rules from Paizo's website, then they have no reason to buy the rulebooks at all. In some sense, everyone who buys Paizo's rulebooks is doing it for convenience. Referencing a hardcover book alongside a poorly-formatted errata PDF is not convenient, negating one of the primary reasons for buying the book in the first place.


I can't imagine any plausible counter to the claim that hardcovers do worse than PDFs when it comes to reprints/updates. The fact the rules get updated is a definite downside of buying hardcovers, if you care about having the most up-to-date printing.

Steve, I think what you are glossing over with this (and similar) replies is that most of the people you are talking to WANT hardcovers. Full stop. Given their druthers, they would buy the hardcover and love it and never look back. Indeed, many of us did that for 2 - 3 years. But we just got burned too many times. You can't drop $40 on a book to only have editing errors make it difficult to use on day one, then at the exact time that those issues get cleared up a good portion of the book gets functionally changed. In many cases those two overlap. You have an interesting option that isn't clearly written so you avoid using it then when they fix it they rewrite it to be virtually unrecognizable. After the 4th, 5th, 6th time you spend that kind of money you start to feel taken for granted/advantage of. Vic's statement about "no second run if you don't buy the first," really reinforces that feeling of being taken for granted. (Really though, the entire subscription model is centered around literally taking sales for granted, so that probably influenced his attitude here.)

Long story short, people want books, but they want good books that hold up after the first print. We understand the nature of books. You don't have to explain how books are static entities to us. We are saying we wish they would do better on the first go, and that we feel our trust in their QC has been violated too frequently to buy any book from them sight unseen or first run. Trust us, we wish it were different.

Jafar and Iago?

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Ok, so you need a clean car to do anonymous things in. You don't need security cameras and PI's tracking you by your car. You value your privacy. This is a proposed method to legally (mostly) obtain a totally clean and untraceable (to you) car. Please point out the holes in the plan so they may be corrected! Plan costs approximately $15,000 that we will assume you also got from a clean method. (For this, I'm in favor of breaking $100 bills from your bank at different gas stations around town by buying a pack of gum. Will take a while to accomplish, but if privacy is paramount then it is worth the time.)


idea wrote:

First, go to a mall. Find a group of teenagers. Teenagers should match your outward gender appearance to decrease public suspicion. Ask the teenagers if they want to make $1000. They will presumably say, “yes.” Say, “OK, let’s go to Best Buy.”

Once you get to Best Buy give them instructions to go inside and buy a Chromebook. Give them $500. When they come back out trade them the Chromebook for $1000. Tell them to keep the change.

Take your new Chromebook and go to local community colleges until you find one with open access visitor Wifi that you can access from your car. Hit up craigslist and find a car from a private seller for about $5,000 in a city at least 100 miles away and preferably in another state.

Head down to the place in your chosen town where day-laborers hang out. Hire one who has a cell phone. Tell them to arrange to buy the car you found with a public meet up for later that day. You are going to give them the money and you are going to give them $7,500 when they bring the car back with the title. Drop the day-laborer a few blocks away from the arranged meet. Tell them to haggle but accept the $5000 if the seller won’t budge. Tell them to bring the car to a Walmart parking lot. Park your car in another large parking lot a few blocks away. Walk to the Walmart.

When they show up with the car, keys, and the title give them the $7,500. Tell them to keep the change. Take the laptop, wipe it down, and run it over with the car a few times. Put on cotton gloves, pull the hard drive out and throw the rest of the laptop into a lake. Preferably the middle of a lake, but spillways, or long docks will be OK. Take the hard drive, beat it with a sledge hammer until you split the casing. Squirt lighter fluid in and light it up. Take it to a wooded area in the middle of the night, dig a hole at least 4 feet deep somewhere without grass. Toss the hard drive in. Soak the cotton gloves in lighter fluid and burn them in the bottom of the hole. Fill the hole back in.

Drive the car back to a place near your town. Find a major strip shopping center. The kind with a Home Depot, Grocery Store, Hobby Lobby, you get the idea. Lots of heavy traffic stores. Preferably with one or two open 24 hours. Park the car toward the middle-back of the lot, between the two biggest stores areas. Don’t park it near a cart return.

Walk a few blocks away and try to find a pay phone. If you can’t then go into a non-corporate gas station and ask to use the phone and phone book. Call a taxi. Have the taxi take you back to the Walmart in the other town. Give the cabby $1000. Tell them to keep the change. Walk the few blocks back to your car. Drive your car home.

You now have clean car. If it will be a while before you need the clean car you should make sure to move it every couple of days. Always walking up to it from a few blocks off in a relatively busy time and then leaving it in a busy parking lot.

This is actually for a modern game I'm running, but the thought experiment is more interesting than the game so I posted it in the off-topic on purpose.

Steve Geddes wrote:

FWIW, I didn't get the impression that the playtest was going to be "invite only". I think James Sutter said something like "including some playtesting from members of the community so look out on the messageboards for how to be involved in that".

I got the impression there'd be an application process rather than some people being invited.

My guess is they want to keep it wrapped up behind an NDA so they can get the benefit of a big reveal at Gencon. They may even strongly favor folks who plan to attend Gencon 2017 so they can run demo tables.

standaloneghost wrote:
lowericon wrote:
Mark Norfolk wrote:
This where the DM is going to have to decide a ruling.

I adjudicated this once as GM and although my answer had no real basis in written rules, all the players were satisfied with this answer:

1) I roll fall damage for you as normal. Let's say you've fallen 40ft. I roll 4d6 and get 2+5+3+4= 14

2) Falling character must now make a DC 14 Strength* check to keep hold of the rod. They will still receive the full 14 damage, but they'll hold on.

3) If they exceed the DC of the Strength check, they can reduce/negate the damage at a 1:1 ratio. So in our example, a Strength check of 16 would mean he only takes 12 points of damage instead of 14. A strength check of 28 would mean he takes no damage.

*in place of a Strength check, and Acrobatics check can also be substituted. The PC has to pick one (can't try the 2nd if the 1st one fails) but they do get to pick. This way both brawny and nimble characters have a chance of success.

Did you really need to necro a 2+ year old thread?

Meh. Thread necros aren't as frowned upon here. Particularly as they added something to the existing discussion rather than asking a new question on the same topic.

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Enterprise E

Battlestar Galactica (James Edward Olmos version)

Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Finlanderboy wrote:
Rysky wrote:
SCPRedMage wrote:

The problem is that we see slavery in the context of either how America enslaved blacks, which involved massive amounts of racism that deemed the slaves sub-human and denied them any rights, or modern human trafficking, which is nearly as abusive. As Finlanderboy pointed out, slavery has in fact existed in forms that weren't nearly as abusive, and thus would most certainly not be "evil", in those forms.

That said, perhaps the OP should re-examine why they want to play a slaver; if it's just to get a rise out of your fellow players, keep in mind that could actually genuinely upset them, meaning it could basically put them in a mood that kills their enjoyment of the game. Don't be that guy.

Otherwise, I'd still recommend playing it low-key.

"The problem with slavery" is that it exists.

Slavery is evil. Stop defending it.

Take away the racism? Well slavery still treats slaves as sub-human by dehumanizing them. When you're a slave you're not a person anymore, you're glorified property. You don't have rights or will of your own.

"Oh, well this institution of slavery over here wasn't as bad as other institutions" and "Oh, well this institution of slavery gave the slaves cookies once a month" makes it okay?

Slavery is an abomination. Stop trying to justify it. Stop trying to defend it. In any form or culture, slavery is evil.

So putting people in prisons is evil? Taking their rights and making them human cattle? Replacing their name with a number(very dehumanizing look at the standford prison study)? Making them work to repair the debt they damaged upon society is evil?



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Zaister wrote:

So, if you say yo do not need rule books any longer, only HeroLab. How do you know how combat works, how a combat round works, what actions are, how combat maneuvers work? How magic works, how schools interact? How to craft magic items?

This is just silly.

I have access to the 3.5 SRD

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Old Grognard wrote:

Back In My Day - Accurately map a dungeon thanks to having a 10' Pole.

Pole-Armed - Take Catch Off-Guard just to be able to fight with a 10' Pole without penalty.

You Should Have Bought A 10' Pole - GM Award for repeatedly putting needed quest items just out of reach of the players.

That's not a pole, this is a pole! Craft an 11' pole.

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Lakesidefantasy wrote:
I guess this undermines the classic technique of casting silence on an arrow or dagger and embedding it into the caster, thus avoiding giving them a Will save.

That's what tanglefoot bags are for...

Charm Person
Comprehend Languages
Floating disk (maybe?)
Feather Fall

See Invisibility
Make Whole

Dispel Magic

Dimension door
Detect Scrying
Emergency Force Sphere

Mage's Private Sanctum
Summon Monster V

Varun Creed wrote:

Does this AnyDice program use the right DPR calculation?

Don't think so, since I get 111DPR with Harry Hacker.. Not sure what's different though!
Edit #2:
Ah overlooked this rule:

Target AC of 24. This is the standard for AC at CR 10, according to the Bestiary monster building guidelines. Target touch AC, when relevant, is 12 because that seems as good as any number.

Versus AC24, Harry Hacker gets 105 DPR, closer to Shakalaka calculation. Still wondering what's different! :)

output [{23,18} vs 24 crit 17 3 dmg 2d6+35] named "Hacker Harry 1.1 Furious Falcata +23/+18, 2d6+35 dmg (17/x3)"

DPR Calculator that works

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Eldritch Heritage.

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