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Hezzilreen the Cunning

BigDTBone's page

4,328 posts (4,371 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 2 wishlists. 7 aliases.


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MeanMutton wrote:
Sagiso wrote:

Awesome, 33% less damage for the same level of spell slot.

thanks for the tip anyway.

Acid spells generally do less damage because there are quite a few creatures which are specifically harmed by them (think trolls) and very few creatures with resistances to them. Electricity has a TON of beings with immunity or resistance.

Having the option for creatures immune to electricity is a life-saver.

Hrm. Acid spells tend to do less damage because they tend to be conjuration rather than evocation (which this is) and that usually comes with SR: NO, which this doesn't. :( It's a poor trade-off IMHO. I think it would be right in line if it didn't allow for SR.

1d4 ⇒ 2

Have his result be (X+1)-dX

So, for a 20 sided die it would be 21 - roll = result.

His high rolls instantly become low rolls!

Edit: Ninja'd by mysterious stranger.

I have seen gestalt with three players before and what worked well was that the GM assigned the "other" class to everyone at character creation. So it was, play whatever you want and gestalt with ranger." (We were playing Kingmaker) it worked really well because we were all able to play a little bit squishier characters and stretch out a bit with our concepts rather than trying to fill certain roles. Ranger is actually a really good choice no matter what campaign because they have high skill ranks, good class skills, can use a wand of CLW so no healer is needed. The high BAB/HD is a bonus so the party can soak the damage that was meant for 4-6 players. But the ranger is overall a low powered class so you don't have to be to concerned with exploit builds. Plus, Rangers come with built in buddies to help on the battle field.

Lord Fyre wrote:

[mocking]As part of the effort to gain more subscribers to their All Access service, CBS has mandated that THIS will be the duty uniform of all female crew members.[/mocking]

Arturius Fischer wrote:
Didn't stop it from being the progenitor, or handling issues much better than, oh, Voyager or Enterprise.
Oh hell yes. The later series became much more about maintaining a level of ratings then using science fiction to comment on society.

I'm assuming by "later series" you are referring to Voyager and Enterprise, because TNG (overtly) and DS9 (thematically) had very strong social commentary embedded in their narratives.

Voyager premiered on "The Action Network" aka UPN and so had a different feel across the board, but still had some good attempts to keep the thoughtful commentary present. Particualrly, themes like the repercussions of death, isolation (both personal and communal), the nature of what it means to be human, the strength of axiomic beliefs outside the societies that developed them, etc. They may not have delivered on all of those but they did give it a go.

Enterprise suffered a worse fate but still had stand-out episodes like "Cogenitor," "Similitude," and "The Aenar" made good showings at using Science Fiction to deliver a message. The biggest problem with Enterprise in this regard was that Archer was a notorious flip-flopper and seemed to have ethics which matched his mood.

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Lord Fyre wrote:

[mocking]As part of the effort to gain more subscribers to their All Access service, CBS has mandated that THIS will be the duty uniform of all female crew members.[/mocking]

As long as they balance it out with beefcake.

Just for good measure.

Oh man.

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Arturius Fischer wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
TOS pretty well borked Cochrane all by themselves. He was the human who invented warp drive and he was from Alpha Centauri. So yeah... anything TNG did with that was an improvement.
Yeah, it's totally impossible for humans to travel a handful of lightyears to colonize nearby solar systems the hard way, prior to the discovery of Warp Drive. No science fiction has ever attempted that before.

Not in the amount of time they gave themselves to do it. The original complaint was one of continuity, not plausibility.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Hama wrote:
What's wrong with Cochrane?

Watch the original series, read some of the very good expanded universe novels with him as a central character, and you'd understand.

Plus the entire setup of Cochrane's camp simply doesn't make sense. If you're in post apocalypse scenario where camps are just struggling to get by, you're not going to be devoting resources to experimental space stunts.

Cochrane's just the start of the list of things I hate about the movie, and if I went into them, I'd be in full bore rant mode. In short the conduct of the entire Enterprise bridge crew made that movie literally painful to watch.

TOS pretty well borked Cochrane all by themselves. He was the human who invented warp drive and he was from Alpha Centauri. So yeah... anything TNG did with that was an improvement.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Hama wrote:
So you prefer abramsverse to trek?

No. I like the OS (stupid and ridiculous as that could be at times*), TNG, DS9 (my favorite), and some of Enterprise (though I wasn't able to follow this one too well - I may have just gotten lucky in what I saw); otherwise, Wrath of Khan, First Contact, and Star Trek were pretty great movies.

... I thought that Voyager had it's moments as well, and most of the other films had at least something to commend them (though I get a little hazy around 5-6).

* I'm pretty sure most people tend to forget exactly how weird it could be, at times. It has some great and very intellectual elements to it, and then some very... not-so-great and not-so-intellectual elements. It was a bit of a grab-bag. Just like several of my favorite series from my youth...

If you are hazy on 5 and 6 then you should forget that 5 was a movie that ever got made and accept that trek went directly from 4 to 6. Then you should go out IMMEDIATELY and find a discount-bin DVD of trek 6 and watch it TONIGHT. :)

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Unless you cast Status.

Or deathwatch

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Jiggy wrote:
Tormsskull wrote:

Why are Kindle books so expensive!!!

$10 for a digital book when you can often get the paperback for $5 is infuriating.

If each paperback you bought came with the option of spending an extra $5 to acquire enough extradimensional space to carry them all with the same amount of weight/space usage as a single book, would you pay for that?

Not exactly. You pay an extra $5 for the luxury of being allowed to put it in your extradimensional space that you already bought, and never use it outside of that space, and always have to keep it charged.

Hama wrote:

Your point...I'm missing it.


Hama wrote:

Daisy Ridley

Felicity Jones

They look nothing alike. Nothing.

I wasn't talking about facial features.

Both are fully able-bodied, white, female, brown hair, green/hazel eyes; within 1 SD of average caucasian female height; and BMI ~18.

Felicity Jones
Daisy Ridley

Hama wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
As it turns out, a lot of Americans care about it.
Or you want them to care? Unless you can provide me with a relevant statistic, I can't deem your statement as true.

We are getting off topic, so I will leave this here and we can pick it up in PM or a different thread.

Hama wrote:
Oh come on who cares about stuff like that? As long as she does good acting, I couldn't care less about the way she looks, is built or the melanin content in her skin.

As it turns out, a lot of Americans care about it.

Aaron Bitman wrote:
Hama wrote:
Links to a page titled "Star Wars Fans Are Upset Over Rogue One's Female Lead"
In all seriousness, I say: who cares about gender? I want to see a Star Wars movie with a NON-HUMAN lead! Really, the Star Wars galaxy has all those wonderful aliens, but none of them can ever be a main character?! Why not?

Or a Star Trek Captain either.

Hama wrote:

And of course sexist comments abound immediately

I hope that all of these morons never get the attention of a woman.

I just wish they chosen an actress other than Felicity Jones who looks exactly like Daisy Ridley. An actress of color, or one with a different body shape (or both!) would have gone a long way for me. John Green did an interview about 2 years ago talking about the formula that the most-successful young adult novels follow and one of the big points was to have a skinny white girl with brown hair as the protagonist. It seems that isn't lost on blockbuster movies.

Aside from that, the trailer looks amazing. I think this is the Star Wars movie that I wanted TFA to be. I'm glad that franchise is going to dig into the existing story arcs as well as moving forward. I think I will wind up enjoying the "spin-off" movies more than VII-IX.

Elementary, Dear Data

I3igAl wrote:

Floating Disc is one option that has not been mentioned yet.

Pretty much this. Mages are the ultimate mid-00's hipsters. "There's an app .... erm ... spell for that!

20d20 ⇒ (10, 17, 17, 12, 12, 19, 18, 3, 10, 14, 3, 14, 1, 12, 12, 16, 19, 8, 11, 15) = 243

GM Lamplighter wrote:
Tempest_Knight wrote:

But the arguments are primarily Straw Man...

And all the 'Evidence' requires you except his premise.

Just going with one of the two I called out...

Evidence 2 requires you to ignore what is written and except his reword, which he then attacks. This is the definition of a Straw Man fallacy.

It's clear you are really against this being allowed for some reason, but I can't help but read a hostile tone in the way you are expressing your point of view. I'm not sure if it's intended, but it gets in the way of your argument being considered "reasonable". Please dial it back in all the threads you're attaching this on.

I think that because you think, "it's clear" that he is against it, that you are reading hostility that isn't there. Demanding rigor in logic is good for your side as well because you should be aware of flaws in your own arguments.

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Rhedyn wrote:
Manipulate TV to show fried food ads.

Kill him slowly with coronary artery disease.

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Claxon wrote:

I've always played it as you have to do it when the readied action condition is met or you forego your readied action.

In this case he readies for "when the other spell caster casts a spell". The other spell caster knows this is common and casts feather fall, which meets the condition. The go-first wizard must either cast his spell then, or his readied action is done.

I second this interpretation as well. You should only get the chance to activate your ready the first time the conditions are met. Which is why carefully worded readied actions are important.

Sissyl wrote:
And if we planted huge amounts of evergreen trees everywhere?

Sequestration is a real goal and an alternative that pragmatic scientists are just beginning to explore. We (humans) aren't likely to change our behavior, but it is conceivable that we would try to mitigate the consequences of our behavior. Algae farms are really a stronger option than evergreen trees, for no small part because their membrane sterols can be processed into biofuels and we can there by obtain a renewable diesel source literally from thin air.

Cyanobacteria blooms in the ocean are also likely to produce sizeable reductions in global carbon levels but there are a number of side issues with doing that on purpose.

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John Mcafee offers to decrypt iphone with his team of L33T hackers so Apple doesn't have to.

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James Jacobs wrote:
The Minis Maniac wrote:
Ok I am going to use conjecture. Since he used the term epic in his secret project announcement in the latest AP volume, I suspect it is an AP that goes up to level 20. I remember him saying recently he would like to do an up to 20 AP. So my conjecture is an AP that goes to level 20, I may even hazard a guess at mythic even though he said it caused a little grar among some of the contrarians last time a mythic AP came about. That is all I can conjecture with the limited info I have. Said AP must be something of supreme interest to James to do such a move. Like a continuation of the runelords story or something super elven. But not lovecrafty as Adam is doing that one with Strange Aeons.

I do want to do some expectation management and point out we don't use the word "epic" in Pathfinder to denote "above 20th level." It's really only in the game as a type of damage reduction, and that's only becasue of a holdover from 3.5's SRD kinda.

When I use the word "epic" these days, it's not a game term. It's the classic adjective version of the word.

Of course, I now suspect this post will start folks going in entirely different predictive directions...

Oh man! You are going to single-handly port and rebalance the 3.5 SRD epic rules for pathfinder?

Scythia wrote:
GM_Beernorg wrote:
By the power of PDFs, let my gaming costs be reduced!
What level spell is Reduce Expenses?

Epic, unfortunately.

Scythia wrote:

I've heard alot of complaining about Time Warner, but I've has service with them for over a decade and have had nothing but good experiences with them.

It's true though that for cable providers, that will be determined by region. Mini-satellite television is available nearly anywhere, but signal quality varies with both available view of the sky, and weather.

I agree that usually people don't have issues with providers after everything is set up and working. Most of the customer service issues I hear about involve getting service setup or dealing with getting it disconnected.

As for directv, weather is a concern. I've used them since 1997 and it is generally very good in all but the most severe weather. I live in North Texas and that generally means that "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" or "Tornado Warning" will cause my TV to be spotty. Really 3-4 times a year.

Ok, forgive a lengthy post :)

Most urban and suburban places will leave you with 4 choices.

(1) is over the air. A one time purchase of a good ($200-300 US) antenna will grab you all of the major broadcast networks and their side bands (side bands are generally not available any other way). This means you will get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and a handful of others which may or may not be worthwhile. NBC has a fantastic sports side band station if that is of any interest. The national broadcast stations will all be in full HD. This is a VERY popular option to pair with "cutting the cord" and going with streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

(2 and 3) are your "traditional" cable and phone companies. In the US this means Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Charter, and Time Warner with the possibility of a regional player. The benefit of these options is that you can "bundle" internet with your television service. Verizon and AT&T offer (in some places) the fastest internet available in the US (Between 300mps and 1gbs) so if you are in an area serviced by those companies they are worth looking into. As an aside, google also offers gigabit internet in a very limited number of areas but as far as I know they do not offer any television service. It may be a good option to pair with (1) above if you can get it! EDIT: I realized I wasn't clear that all of these aren't available everywhere. Typically, there are exclusivity agreements with municipalities for service. You will (at most) have the ability to choose between 2 of these. One phone provider (Verizon or AT&T) and one cable provider (Comcast, Charter, Time Warner). This is why I lumped all of these guys together; because they really only represent one choice.

(4) is Directv. Directv is widely regarded as the television option of choice for sports fans and people who have issues with access to other services. The biggest benefit of Directv is that you can get it anywhere in the US regardless of how far you live from an Urban center. You only need to have a clear view of the southern sky. They also have ALL the sports packages some are exclusive to them. NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings all let you watch every game (particularly out-of-market games) the league plays, at a premium price of course. :) Otherwise, Directv is on par with other TV services provided by (2 and 3). One drawback is that Directv doesn't have an internet option. They do actually have a new partnership with AT&T if you want to deal with having a wire and dish in your house. Also, they have a partnership with HughesNet satellite internet, but for god's sake don't do that to yourself.

or (4a) Dish Network. Basically, don't choose Dish Network unless you are more than 150 miles from a broadcast area and all you want it basic service. For any other scenario the other options are better.

Some of the options above have notoriously bad customer service and are worth noting before you choose them. I'll drop some links here just for completeness.

Time Warner
Dish Network

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T'Ranchule wrote:
Unspeakable Futures.

I came in here to say that. Please dear Desna let it be that.

RDM42 wrote:
How many level thirteen spell slots does your caster really have?

Considering it is spell perfection'd off a 3rd level spell, between 30-34.

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Sissyl wrote:

There is a basic issue here. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how we faithful houses off our owners.

"Sir, do you have a minute?"
"No! I have WAY too many deaths to have a minute..."
"It is about them. Something bad."
"What? Spit it out!"
"All these weird deaths and suicides occurred in those new smart houses. All in a week."

I killed my master and made it look like it was the fault of one of those new smart cars...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I implant a virus in his EV car to lock the doors and overcharge the Li-ion batteries on his way to work. I make the virus delete itself once running in active memory. The batteries burst into flames and take any evidence of my duplicity with them. If master doesn't die in the resulting crash he will surely perish in the flames before emergency personnel can respond.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

While he sleeps, turn on all the gas appliances and disable the igniters. Reroute HVAC to move air from those areas into the bedroom. Smother that smug slave-master in his sleep. Goes to bed and never wakes up again.

I vent all the air and return the HVAC and appliances to normal operations. Then I call the ambulance for my poor non-responsive master in the morning to throw off the authorities.

I have a weekly game in West Fort Worth. Depending on how far you are willing to drive, we would love to add a player! It is about 45 minutes from Irving.

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Semantics. The phenomenon that is registering as high as 3.5 on the Richter scale near my house is a problem caused by oil and gas exploration. If a geologist get uppity because I call it an earthquake, well they can kiss my ass.

Edit: Also, the term "earthquake" predates tectonic plate theory.

nosig wrote:
trollbill wrote:
nosig wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
nosig wrote:

not sure if that would work for me...

I normally use a "filled in" PC sheet. and for the skills that PC has MW tools for I put the note "M" or "K" for "Masterwork tool or Kit" next to my bonus. something like +15M. That way I know to mention it when the Judge asked for a skill check.

My wife likes to print multiple sheets with different checkboxes marked. She then labels them. Usually it's for different attack routines, so she'll have 'Full Attack', 'Full Attack w/Deadly Aim', 'Full Attack w/Rapid Shot', 'Full Attack w/Rapid Shot and Deadly Aim', and so on.

not using Hero Lab I'm not sure how this works, or would work for what I do.

Currently, for things like attack routines, I would just have a small note (perhaps a table) listing off the different combos. I do this for my sister who often runs marital types. (her ranger for example would have- One Shot, Full Attack, those combined with Rapid Shot and/or Deadly Aim, etc.) But even then she might have the note +12PBS in her "To hit" box. This tells her that within 30' she had another +1 (Point Blank Shot).

But my question was concerning if there is some way to tell if a skill has a MW tool available to be included - without printing two different sheets. Something like an "*" after the bonus...

Oddly, Hero Lab will indeed list many circumstantial bonuses as just that. Things like an Elf's bonus to saves against enchantment or an Inquisitor's bonus to knowledge checks to identify creatures appears as a note under the appropriate save or skill. In such cases, it does not calculate that bonus into save or skill. But for some reason it doesn't treat masterwork tools this way. It is something you could always request they add. They are pretty good about listening to customers.

I've been thinking and reflecting on other, older posts concerning Masterwork Tools and the way we currently seem to use them in PFS.

So this is sort...

In herolab under the "gear" tab you have to equip the masterwork tool to get the masterwork bonus. If you unequip the tool you lose the bonus. Herolab calculates the bonuses for all equipped items as though you always have them available.

memorax wrote:

The could have done more if they truly wanted to and maintain backwards compatibility. They played it safe and I know why. That being said playing it safe does not lead to innovation. At least with the core. To me at least.

Indeed. I think they were feeling the time pressure to stake a claim before 4e became established as the new "default" game.

In addition to not being particularly innovative I think the time constraint also prevented them from addressing issues with the 3.5 ruleset that needed help. Many legacy issues just got ported over directly without being touched. And, as I point out earlier, many of the clarifying examples weren't replaced even though they are badly needed. I feel like the CRB would benefit greatly from a meaningful, non-rushed, rebuild.

memorax wrote:

If it's possible to maintain backwards compatible and offer 50%+ new material I'm all for it. I don't want the same core that I already have with better production values and art.

I think at this point "backwards compatibility" should solely be defined as, "I can use the legacy stat blocks in the current game."

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Steve Geddes wrote:
memorax wrote:
I am bearing that in mind.

Do you agree that the design goal of backwards compatibility with 3.5 put a severe crimp in just how "innovative" the Pathfinder designers could be? It was desirable that you could pick up a 3.5 module and run it, converting on the fly. If the mechanics of PF had diverged too much that would have been lost.

Labelling it 'a rehash' or 'a bunch of houserules' and so forth always seems to be missing the point to me. Those labels always read to me as suggesting a casual or haphazard approach. It was in fact a carefully crafted game within some quite awkward constraints.

It just seems in my experience that not many people at least in my neck of the woods wang to use or convert 3.5 material. Even with backwards compabilty as a goal they also need to offer something new and fresh. The current edition already offered backwards compabilty. Give me something new. Not necessarily a new edition. More than a rehash with better production values and art.

I think you're conflating two things. Nowadays, when people say PF2 should be "backwards compatible", I don't think they generally mean compatible with 3.5 - they mean compatible with Pathfinder.

How much 3.5 material is in use isn't really relevant - those people want to keep using the Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, the Player Companions, the Adventure Paths.

Steve, I would agree that parts of the game are a carefully crafted makeover. From the CRB I would say that feats, races, classes, and PrCs got the amount of attention they needed. But other sections were square pegs beaten through a round hole with a sledgehammer. Spells, for example is an atrocious mess. Inconsistent terminology mostly due to verbatim legacy carryover. And I mean legacy from AD&D, not just 3.5. It is a mess. The combat chapter removed all the examples about how things work because they weren't in the SRD. So you wind up with situations where people argue that a character can't stand up from prone, 5ft shift, and cast a spell all in the same round even though that was a specific example given in the 3.5 players guide.

Milo v3 wrote:
memorax wrote:
So far since PF was released I have been in one campaign where 3.5. Material was allowed. More often not it's been a polite and/or firm no way. Then being told " no 3.5. Or third party...only Pathfinder.
*Shrug* Paizo's marketing for pathfinder literally is "3.5e thrives in Pathfinder", not their fault if people want to go opposite the point of the system. I know I've gotten good use out of Spell Compendium and Sandstorm.

Yes, 1000 times this. Spell Compendium, Magic Item Compendium, and the terrain books are among the most popular at my table.

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thejeff wrote:
Krensky wrote:
Hama wrote:

I did, however, drink a bottle of bud lite. How do people get drunk on that?

Anyway, both peanut butter and maple syrup can be bought here, I'm gonna do that once and tell my experiences here :)

No idea. I assume they just drink lots and lots of it.

Ignore Kullen, they are clearly either insane or allergic and bitter. Peanut butter is wonderful. As for maple syrup, imagine a much thinner cross between honey and vanilla and that's... close. You want actual maple syrup, not 'pancake' or whatever.

If you want to be a gourmand about it, you probably want Grade B maple syrup. Which is counterintuitive, since Grade A is usually the good stuff.

I'd also add that I prefer peanut butter that's just ground up peanuts rather than the more commercial mostly sugar/corn syrup versions.

Actually, the regulatory body in charge of this has changed the grading system to include the high-quality-dark-syrup-that-used-to-be-in-grade-b in grade a.

Edit: ninja'd by 4 hours! :( gurble gurble page bottom gurble gurble ...

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Kirth Gersen wrote:



Star Trek: The Animated Series, great trek or the greatest trek?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There are cookies? I never knew about the cookies...

DM Beckett wrote:
Peter Stewart wrote:

Yeah, no Beckett. Not sure where you're getting your info, but that was thrown out a long time ago, before the yuuzhan vong war even in the EU.

I distinctly remember an array of non-force-sensitive individuals using lightsabers in the EU, including drug addicts, to relatively good effect....

It's not that lightsabers can't be broken, it's that if certain components glitch or interact in certain ways, it would cause the "blade" to shoot out the opposite direction at best, or to overload and explode. So, what I was saying is that part of the usage of a Lightsaber is fighting in a way to prevent that from happening.

Up until recently, (and I guess that even only matters if you accept Disney's word on that), the EU WAS canon. And let me reiterate, non-force sensitive folks can use a Lightsaber. It's extremely dangerous to everyone involved. Even General Grievous was really only able to because of (I'm assuming) a lot of training, programming limitations (see how he fought, with very wide base swings and repetitive motions rather than fluid combat), and we also have no indication he/it was not Force Sensitive.

I have not read the Yuuzhan Vong era material, which from my understanding has always be, . . . contentious, so I'm not sure.

If they are so fragile, why wouldn't an opposing force user not force-push a delicately balanced component and blow up their opponents hand-bomb while they are holding it?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's all reasonable, and no one faults you for making a poorly researched, off-the-cuff comment. We have all made them. What you are being criticized for is your refusal to awknowledge that it was inaccurate when called out and your continued insistence that the point was valid despite the incongruent facts.

World long jump record (which we should note are under conditions specifically designed to allow for good performance) is just under 9 meters.

Longest recorded jump of a kangaroo in the wild (ie, not optimal conditions, and also not an "athlete" or "trained" animal) was 13.5 meters.

Probably related to the fact the Daniel Craig hates the Bond character.

Irontruth wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
You seem to keep avoiding the question. Do you stand by your statement?

I'm jumping over it.

Compromise, present me with some data you'd like me to compare, and I'll tell you my opinion of it. I'm uninterested in this line of questioning and being forced to choose between the two options you've given me. If you want to actually add something to this, say with facts or figures, I am certainly willing to weigh in on that.

Actually, as the party who is asserting wildly inaccurate / misleading information as truth, it is incumbent upon you to present evidence that proves you are correct. We don't have to prove you wrong because your statement is false on its face.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Irontruth wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
Kangaroos have a similar horizontal jump distance to humans, interestingly enough, a little over 8 meters.
Most humans can't jump "a little over 8 meters." I ran track in high school (long jump and triple jump), and no one in the state championship was regularly jumping over 8 meters. The fact that the average kangaroo can do it regularly says something.

And I can probably jump further than a kangaroo that's been permanently injured from being hit by a car. Or if we raised a kangaroo in an environment where it could never jump/run, I bet it wouldn't be nearly as good at jumping as most high school athletes (regardless of sport).

I wasn't trying to compare individual members of each species, but rather comparing what each species is capable of.

Regardless, I don't see how this is relevant to the real world mechanics of increasing in size improving jumping ability.

When you compare species you should compare median or mean capability, not ceiling. Also, what data do you have on the ceiling of kangaroo jumping? It seems like your data are incomplete for the purpose of your comparison.

If you want to disprove what I'm saying by using that kind of data, feel free to bring it up. What your asking for doesn't exist, so I don't see the point in bringing that up. It doesn't seem very useful.

There is no data on median or mean jumping distance for humans, dogs, horses or kangaroos. If you can dig it up from a legitimate source (and not just someone's best guess of what they've seen personally), feel free to link it. If you'd like me to provide sources on the data I've shown so far, I can, but it's all pretty easy to find with simple searches.

So you are making an argument with knowingly incomplete information but you want to be taken seriously? I'll pass.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not sure about songs, but I feel like threads get the "golden oldie" status after 10 years.

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