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that makes us full up I do believe with 6. Nali I don't see a problem with it but we are likely doing the bottom tier so it may be a little trivial for your character, though I'm sure no one minds an experienced come-along!

I'm going to try and hammer through all three parts if we can but it all depends on how fast we go. I do have them all so it's possible. And theres definitely room for everyone, so far we're at 5 so we can take one more.

done and done, hopefully we garner some more interest.

A lanky Elven man dressed in dirty traveling clothes enters the room, scanning the varied crowd before announcing loudly "Friends, SharrowSmith Exports seeks brave souls willing to travel the Bandu hills. All interested parties should see the captain of The Sharrowsmith's Wake at the
eastern end of the docks. We aim to arrive in Nantambu before the 13th of Arodus.

With his message delivered the Elf departs as quickly as he arrived.

Recruitment Thread for PBP Game Day! Scions of the Sky Key Part 1.

Everyone please quickly make a post and delete so it shows up in your campaigns! Sorry this took so long to get up, it's been a busy week!

Yeah sorry, I'll get to both tomorrow! It's been a long day!

Velthas looks around, seeming overwhelmed by the influx of new faces. Standing quickly, he bows to each in turn. Velthas is pleased to make your acquaintance, most assuredly this group will be prepared for anything.

Glad to have you!

PBP Gameday VII, Starting on or about Aug 13th