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RPG Superstar Top 16

Wednesday, December 12

Here are the top 16, chosen by you:

Alexander MacLeod, Raleigh, NC (USA)
   Freeholds of Karistynia, Malleus Maleficarum

Andrew Black, Florence, KY (USA)
   Spine Peaks, Goblin Strand of Ears

Christine Schneider, Neu-Isenburg, Hessen (Germany)
   Theocracy of Carnamach, Arcane Anvil

Clinton Boomer, Macomb, IL (USA)
   Cyrehllan, The Isle of Cold Tears, Crown of the Breaching Legion

Erik Anderson, Pittsfield, MA (USA)
   Ghost Hound Kinships of the Rolling Plains, Charts of the Shadow Voyage

Hal Maclean, Hubbards, Novia Scotia (Canada)
   Beria "Under New Management", Nausea Pill

James MacKenzie, Tucson, AZ (USA)
   Land of the Stained Peaks, Leash of the Shadowhound

Jason Nelson, Seattle, WA (USA)
   Bereket, Phial of Ebon Flame

Joe Outzen, Saint Louis Park, MN (USA)
   Moros Akalein: The Wandering Nation, Torch of Solidity

Joseph Yerger, Sarasota, FL (USA)
   The Prison Colony of Saran, Elemental Quiver

Neil McClean, Cantebury (United Kingdom)
   The Enlightened Kingdom of Vramaire, Shroud of Old Souls

Rob McCreary, Prague (Czech Republic)
   Iskandria, Coin Belt of Beguiling

Russell Taylor, Eugene, OR (USA)
   Eluraelon, Gloves of Force Shaping

Samuel Kisko, Morgantown, WV (USA)
   Yithnai, Migrus Locker

Walter Pullen, Seattle, WA (USA)
   Olanra: undersea enchantment, Blindspot Orb

William McNulty, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
   Akram Zafir, Mask of the Elemental Guardian

Silas McDermott was among the top 16, but elected to drop out of the competition before voting closed, allowing the 17th-highest vote-getter to advance.

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