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A Lesson in Taxonomy—Chapter Two: The Observation Post

A Lesson in Taxonomyby Dave Gross ... Chapter Two: The Observation PostAre you certain those are the females? ... Very certain, Most Excellent Count, said Amadi. I have seen where they lay their eggs. ... I lowered my spyglass and compared what I had seen through the mist with Amadi's sketch of the dinosaurs. His illustrations were astonishing for both their simplicity and their accuracy. At first glance, the dinosaurs we observed from our treetop post appeared identical to the brachiosaurus....
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Tags: Dave Gross J. P. Targete A Lesson in Taxonomy Pathfinder Tales

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A Lesson in Taxonomy—Chapter One: The Bestiary

A Lesson in Taxonomyby Dave Gross ... Chapter One: The BestiaryNo reprobate more taxes my patience than a drunkard. ... My new bodyguard entered my employ under a cloud. Since the adumbration of his character originated from the headquarters of the Order of the Scourge, I weighed its warning against the value of a favor to my cousin Ersilia. She pledged to place me foremost in her prayers should I offer the former Hellknight an opportunity to redeem his reputation. As my cousin is famed...
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Tags: Dave Gross J. P. Targete A Lesson in Taxonomy Pathfinder Tales

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Pathfinder Adventures—The Tiniest Table,

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Of Packages and Poppets,

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