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Chester Games Club (seasons 7-8)

Ye Olde King's Head, Chester

Event # 22022

Chester Games Club takes place every Monday night at the Watergates bar in the centre of Chester. New gamers are always welcome! Please note that we sometimes have modules (and longer scenarios) running across multiple sessions. If you can, please make contact via our PFS Facebook group in advance of your first visit so that we can make sure you can jump straight in.

For 2017, signups for games are now handled via our Warhorn site.

The 18+ age rating is due to the rules placed on the club by our venue; the content of the games is standard Pathfinder Society Organised Play.

Where Ye Olde King's Head
48-50 Lower Bridge Street
Chester, CH1 1RS
Great Britain
Contact Matt Lewis (Venture-Agent)

Age rating: 18+. Game complexity: Normal. Experience required: None.

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