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There are a lot of scary things out in the night, be sure to watch out for what lurks in the darkest shadows! ... Unnatural Codex is a supplement for Horrors in the Night but can be used with any WEG d6 system! ... Inside Bump in the Night you will find 3 new undead creatures, one of which can be...

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When aliens are suddenly being seen around Mount Carmel near Rutland, Vermont many enthusiats seek to see the aliens for themselves. ... As these UFO enthusiasts come to Mount Carmel, two young people go missing. With the search coming up empty and UFO groups in the area pushing their weak...

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Enter the realm of the night as you take on the wight. ... The evil of the wight reawakens in this supplement with quick rules on how to play wights if your game master is so daring with a quick wight template and a new race: the dreaded Half-Wight. A half undead creature that people tend to stay...

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In this Pathfinder Compatible supplement you will find: ... Three new Elven races that are both playable and usable as NPC's. That each have two of their very own alternate racial traits. ... Three new weapons and three new armours specifically for the elven race. ... Twelve new magic spells. ......

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Enter the brutal world of the Savage Drow in this new supplement. ... The savage drow are a civilized race that favour strength above all else. Those that are weak are not fit to live and are dealt with as shameful by their families. Fighting is encouraged and games of subtly are seen as...

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Face the might of the wight and see if you come out alive... or otherwise! The evil of the wight reawakens in this Pathfinder-compatible supplement featuring rules on how to play wights, plus information on a new race (Half-Wight) and 10 new wights, from the Dire Wight, the Energy Wight, and the...

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Welcome to the new horror rule set by Solace Games! ... I first started playing the d6 system when West End Games first published their ever famous space setting going on thirty years ago and fell in love with it. ... Since the rules are open content now I decided to use them in my first horror...

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Eternity Realms is a game based on a realm that connects to every world imaginable. It sits at a magical epicenter where all kinds of people and monsters converge. There are great realms of wonder and realms of dread. Majestic forests, snowy mountains and dreaded undead deserts and demon haunted... Gift Certificates
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