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****½ (based on 4 ratings)

Are you afraid of the dark? Or just of what lurks inside it? ... With Monsters of Twilight, the first volume in the Creature Codex series, you can learn the secrets of monsters from the Plane of Shadow, the depths of the earth and even outer space! The creatures of H.P. Lovecraft provide a strong...

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****½ (based on 5 ratings)

For as long as mankind has existed, we have sought to have some entity to explain why evil exists in the world. And as long as fantasy roleplaying games have existed, game statistics have allowed us to kill these princes of darkness and take their stuff. The fiends presented here are drawn from...

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****½ (based on 6 ratings)

Can you withstand to learn the shocking truth behind the creatures that came from the silver screen?! These five menacing monsters and two terrifying templates will give your game hours of thrills and chills! Painstaking research has ensured that these terrors from the past live up to the...

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****½ (based on 4 ratings)

Dire rats got you down? Sick of skeletons? Do your first-level games all feel the same? You may be suffering from a condition known as Limited Monster Palette Syndrome, or LIMPS. Common symptoms of LIMPS include ennui, upset stomach and listlessness. LIMPS can affect any GM, but it is most common...

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

The Fair Folk. The Little People. For centuries, the fey were seen as wild and dangerous enough that only flattering aliases were spoken aloud, for fear of attracting their attention. But these days, faeries tend to be associated with pixie dust and happy thoughts. ... It’s time to put the fear...

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***** (based on 1 rating)

The monstrous traditions of Europe have long been a major contributor to the shape of fantasy role-playing games. Although this world of griffons and ogres seems familiar, it is only a small fraction of the weird world of medieval tradition. Creature Codex Vol. 6: Europe's Forgotten Foes seeks to... Gift Certificates
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