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Starfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Charge rules..error maybe?

Powered Armor and other Armors?

Trick Attack need Quickdraw?

Can Identify replace Hacking for Passwords?

Dex to damage?

Android (Constructed)

Combat Drones and weapon proficiencies

Push action--what does that mean?

Cost of Adamantine Heavy Rounds

Getting more damage?

Some drone questions

Disguise and Perception

Racial Hit Points.

Starship movement with perfect maneuverability

Needler weapons and doses


Multiple weapon fighting

Multiple Starships

Skill Ranks

Wounding Weapons DC

Spell Chips - they are rad, but I need some feedback!

Android Renewal

Batteries and Item Charge Capacity

Bleed Damage on SP or HP?

What if I don't want a higher tier ship?

FAQ available

Computers Making Starship Checks

Perception and Distance

Engineers, Exocortex and Weapon Specialization

Monsters, NPCs and Stamina

Cartridge Ammunition Bulk?

Negative Strength Modifier on Grenade Reflex Save

Weapon Finesse

[1-1 Quest - Into the Unknown] no Faction Boon?

Mark Seifter's word and removes the +4 to the ghost's trick attacks?

The Solarian's Radiation Revelation

point buy

starship ugrades

Environmental Protections on Armor


Healer Connection and Mythic Cure

Weapon penetration vs hardness rules

Who can use bows?

Life Bubble and Armor

Perfect darkness solar manifestation

Confused by the Mechanic's Exocortex "Wireless Hack" wording

Envoy's Expertise and Skill Focus, also Icon oddness

NPC stats for EAC and KAC - eg space pirate in First Contact

No Modifiers To-Hit due to Size?

Feats: How often?

Does the drift pull in pieces of other dimensions?

Stats for Red Skinned Humans

How the heck do nets work?

Ranged attack question

Rules Question: Creating a DEX Soldier with low STR Access to Heavy armor?

Do bonus feats granted by class count for prerequisites?

I have a couple questions.

How does the Suppressive Fire feat work?

Grenade launcher and weapon specialization

trade goods

Can We Upgrade Items by Level or Do we Have to Accept Significant Wealth Decay (~25%)?

Ability score increase and HP

Ghosts cloaking field question.


Pilot / Gunner question (1 crew starships)

Size Modifiers

Starfinder Society Faction Cards?

Starting Gear: What is Available?

Haan vs Dragon Gland

Rules Illegal Equipment in the Core Rulebook?

Barricade - how many benefit?

Operative Weapons- Dex to hit and damage


Starships and credits


Unarmed strike

Ship-2-Ship and Basic Combat Rules

Vesk Fists Add Character Level?

Why no DEX to damage?

Starting Clothes

Can androids smell?

Operative: Trailblazer mistake? Page 99 should be sniper and not special?

2 move actions?

Gunnery Check and Piloting modifiers

Can Lashuntas always take Mystic Strike?

One Handed Weapon - and?

How do Heavy Weapons with the Explode property work?

Sunbolt Stellar Revelation

Maximum range of throwing?

How do Natural attacks work now?

Thoughts on Replacing Classes

1 Crew ships

Reading Enemy Stat Blocks

What tier fighters come with a carrier?

Theme Knowledge

SFS questions for the devs re: Hirelings.

Vesk and Armor Storm

Batteries not included?

Quest: Into the Unknown

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