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Starfinder FAQ Updates

Starfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Little ships with big shields

Exocortex combat tracking and observation

Selling things worth less than 10 credits

Does Mechanic's overcharge and Shot on the Run work together?

Pact Worlds and Borais

Order of opperations when leveling up

A few questions regarding explosives

Line Weapon wording confusion

Combat Option: Single Target Burst?

Technomancer Caustic Conversation

Using Powered melee weapons when out of charge?

Star shaman's walk the void is the new star charter

Multiclassing and archetypes

How many beasties does Summon Creature get you?

Vesk in Powered Armor - Unarmed Attacks?

Armor Storm Enhanced Tank - Bonus UPGRADE or bonus Upgrade SLOT?

Is Starfinder Combat "broken"?

Technomancer's "Fabricate Arms" and "Extended Spell" Magic Hacks Combined?

Immune to critical hits

Enhanced armor- Access???

Does the Reflecting Armor spell block damage?

Automatic weapons vs mirror image

5 ft corridor, cover in plain sight?

Haan Player Character

Envoy's Clever Feint

can you take 10 on initiative rolls?

Can someone walk me through uses of terraform?

Ready Action initiative count change from Pathfinder intentional?


How do Constitution Track Poisons do damage?

Bulk Limits or "Can I really not pick up my friend?"

Critical hits - burn

Solarians are masochists?

Underwater property and thrown weapons

Is the Supernova ability a "Mental Action?"

Hyperspace Engines and PCU

What constitutes "adjacent" for Saving Shield?

Shadow Essence

Glide--I'm probably missing something

How to apply starship sensors modifier

FAQ:operative ghost specialisation?

Venom Spurs / Graft Weapons and Weapon Fusions

Hover Drones Discrepancy

Personal Gladiator

Persistent Damage from a Weapon dealing Nonlethal Damage

How do afflictions / rider effects interact with stamina / hit points?

Elemental Immunities

Does the Xenodruid Mystic's Grasping Vines affect you or your allies?

Altronus Level 1 attack is wrong?

Venom Spur as a swift action

Barathu reincarnation

Computer pcu usage?

Comm Unit Upgrade Question

did I math this right?

Diasporan rifle, tactical

Yet another Tracking Weapons thread

Operative Trick Attack bonus only nerfed for Ghost?

Laser Weapons and cover from smoke, fog and other clouds

Deadly Aim and Grenades

Twin linked point, broadside broad arcs and tracking weapons

Endbringer Devil's damage reduction

Breaking the Game Again With Crafting

Androids with the Tensile Reinforcement armor upgrade

Melee Attack with a ranged weapon?

Grenade Arrows

Encumbrance to Piloting, and Harry / Cover Fire Ammo Cost

Checking math on weapon fusions

Multiclassing as a Mystic

where do i find credit by lvl?

Confusion on wording of Extraordinary Abilities

Do you need a free hand to reload?

can i pull monsters from the pathfinder books to populate a starfinder dungeon.

What's an obstacle?

Phrenic Archetype and Mystic?

Is it one or two move actions to reload a weapon?

Bulk for ammo? Stupid question

Androids and Tensile Reinforcement

Destroyed Drone?

Changing weapon sizes


Envoy Expertise and Skill Focus

Mobility, Uncanny Mobility and Operative Feats

Trick Attack and Shot of the Run

Microbot Assault - Much interpretation.

Feat improved Critical ????

Are Stardhip Combat DC's too low?

Taking 10 / 20 on ability checks?

Is there a partial charge in surprise rounds?

Operative's Debilitating Strike, does it depend on the trick attack being successful?

Does Far Shot apply to starship weapons?

Curing Disease

Xenodruid Guided Rebirth limitations.

Zero G vs Armor's boots

Working out a complex Starship Combat

Sarcesian Void Flyer trait, vastly nerfed for players?

how do you stop parlizaton at lower levels

What is the "usual bonus" of a gunner when it comes to point weapons?

Starship Question - Recreation Suite

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