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Starfinder FAQ Updates

Starfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Weapons with Wound, effects question

Crafting and Cybernetics / Bioware Recycling

Mechanic Remote Hack limitations

Arcane Assailant soldier and Ethereal fusion

Crafting rules

Poisoned / diseased and ranged weapon damage penalties.

Ruling for Limited Telepathy

Ferran low-light vision

Mind Thrust and Robots

Identify Creatures

Supercolossal ships permitted to have capital weapons on turrets?

About Finances, UPBs, vs. Pathfinder

Technomancer Archetype Alternate Features (Level 2)

Deactivating a Solarian Mote

Can a mechanic's drone be hacked?

Pulse Gauntlet and Longarm weapon

Vesk Armor Storm

Megacelebrity: 10% Off UPBs?

Perception question.

How does the Suppressive Fire feat work?

Grenade damage stacking

How frequently do you save against environmental radiation?

Making archaic weapons magic

Wide-Spectrum Ocular Implant and darkvision

Cost of multiple crew quarters

Readying An Action to Shoot a Spellcaster

What kind of action is it use your own attack bonus via computer control module?

Drift engine PCU question

Can a supercolossal ship's brig hold it's entire crew complement?

Blue star plasma caster battery capacity

For purposes of feats that use the term "ally", does "ally" include you?

Theme Knowledge use

Comparative damage to hit and AC

Special Weapon Proficiency Feat

Starship Combat + Supercharge or Overcharbge

Telekinetic Projectile to "summon" objects

Technomancer Empower Weapon Magic Hack

Starship AC and Attacks

Rules for max throwing capacity?

Mechanic Overcharge on a Melee Weapon

Bring the past into the Future

Aeon Stone mounts

Level by level doesn’t matter on builds?

SRO and cybernetic implant

Micromissile Battery Reloading

Cache Capacitor Timing

NPC's With Deadly Aim - What's Their Bonus?

Afflictions and Frequency

Boot Clamps and Maneuvering Jets

Downloaded Datasets

Does Enervation Deal twice as many negative levels on a critical hit?

Number of Encounters per Level?

Does Junk armor provide environmental protection?

Solarian question - using stellar revelations

Envoy's Clever Feint

How far can you travel using the zenith revelation “Ray of Light”

Weapon / armor proficiency and feats

Mechanics and drones...huh?

Rapid Response and Power Armor

There are no prosthetic hands or feet?

Healing NPCs

Universal Expression and Unusual Creatures

Mystic Associated skills

Poison Saves

So the Mechanic's "Wireless Hack (Ex)" ability can't actually hack?

Telekinetic Projectile damage

Class's Weapon Specialization only apply to class's proficiency weapons?

Pathfinder Class Question

Solarian Stellar Modes changing and starting points

Starfinder FAQ: Pulse Caster Rifle Clarifications needed!

Mechanics of the drone mechanics action economy

Are Plasma Weapons screwed by Energy Resistance.

Are fusions basically half price?

Melee Attack with a ranged weapon?

Phrenic Archetype and Mystic?

Adaptive Fighting and Improved Combat Maneuver

Skill Checks and taking 20

What happens when you create an armor with Fabricate Arms while already wearing another?

Are Medpatches and Sprayflesh consumed on failure?

is a computer tier the same as its item level?

Push actions in Starship Combat

Repair costs and crafting costs using UPB seems way off balance. Fix?

Perfect darkness solar manifestation

Steward Officer: Military Training

Pact World SROS

Weapon Specialization confusion.

Dimensional Slice Curve Blade supposed to be powered?

Are Mechanics missing a Feat (Long Arms)

GM question: How many crew members should I put on an enemy ship?

Fabricate Arms (yet again)

Drone Meld vs carrying the thing on your back.

Multiple Injury Disease affects

Technomancer spell cache use

Sros and mending

Crafting Augmentations

Some help with caster lvl x spell lvl

Questions on Mechanic Expert Rig:

Operatives can't snipe?

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