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Weekly Geeks - Revenge of the Kobald King Path (Inactive)

Game Master Krallek

Current Map
Crude Map

Welcome to the Revenge of the Kobald King Adventure Path and congratulations on your application. The campaign notes here will change from time to time as this is a living document. There are a few key points to mention first. I wouldn't characterize this campaign as low magic but magic items are likely to be less available than in most campaigns. That being said, the magic items you do find will be capable of great power. Most of the ordinary consumables are readily available though and that includes such things as potions, wands, staves, scrolls and the like. I have created a system of weapon upgrades that I'd like to think is flexible, cool, and fun. I've based it off of one item our group has found in the table top game I am a part of.

So without further ado. Welcome to the adventure.

Campaign Notes:
1. CRB, APG races and classes only. And players start at level 1. Medium track for xp.
2. 20 point buy or Roll 4d6 drop lowest 8 times and take your best 6 scores and place them where you like.
3. HP will be level 1 max and then roll for each level after that with a minimum of ½ your dice type. So if you use a d8 for your HP then the minimum roll would be 4.
4. The only house rule implemented from the beginning will be that players will be able to upgrade existing items throughout the discovery of various things about the world.
5. Much of the adventure will be outdoors so at least one character with those skills will be an asset.
6. 5-6 party members being accepted.
7. Role play/Roll play ratio is about 50:50. I encourage you to develop your character and give me some kind of background to work with. I will be selecting characters with good overall character concepts and a well thought out background.
8. Play begins in the nation of Andoran in a city called Almas at the “Hung, Drawn, and Quartered Pub”. It is a place of some disrepute with cheap drinks and even cheaper women are readily available and more importantly where down on your luck merchants hire down on your luck adventurers for various odd jobs.
9. Applications are to be in-character, here in the recruitment forum. Please feel free to interact with each other. Bartender Gill and ‘the red merchant’ will keep things moving along story wise.
10. Recruitment will end in 4 days after which I will post here with the final roster.
11. I like a fairly fast paced game to keep people’s attention so I ask that only those who can commit to posting at least once per day (including weekends) please apply. Of course real life gets busy at times so simply let us know if you are unable to be around for a period of time. In such cases, in role play situations it will be assumed that you choose to say/do nothing (or DM will make a play on your behalf). During combat the DM will simply gimp your turn (take it for you with a basic but sensible play … attack or other as the situation fits).

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