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The Pact Stone Pyramid (Inactive)

Game Master Pact Stone GM

A Pathfinder Module, converted from 3.5 to the Pathfinder system, with a party of level 7.

Welcome to “The Pact Stone Pyramid”, a Play-By-Post game.

Spoiler Free Synopsis

The Pactstone Pyramid is a Paizo adventure set in Osirion which features Ahn’Sehlota, a lost pyramid of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension. Ahn’Selohta conceals one of the greatest secrets of the pharaohs’ ancient power.

Although it is buried under thousands of tons of sand, Ahn’Selota’s location was recently discovered by Exemplar Khymrasa, an obscenely wealthy Osirion noblewoman who is privately trying to unearth the pyramid for her own (unknown) agenda.

Our beloved heroic PCs are the Dune Squad, a rag tag group adventurers. The Pathfinder Society has hired the Dune Squad. Hoping to raid the pyramid themselves, the Society has asked the Dune Squad to engage in skullduggery and slow down Khymrasa’s dig long enough for their own expert, Dr. Hoffenburrow to arrive. Then the PCs are tasked with sneaking the professor inside so the professor can find whatever it is that the Society is looking for.

At least that was what was supposed to happen in theory, but things never go as the module plans. . .

Cast of Characters

The Dune Squad

The Dune Squad is the nickname of our band of intrepid PCs. Each member has individually signed-up for a secretive mission in response to a request by Venture Captain Krenshar of the Sothis Chapter of the Pathfinders.

Breach Shattershield – A veteran of multiple underdark campaigns, the steady elder dwarf is the glue that holds the fractured Dune Squad together. Breach loves to collect trophy weapons, each one accompanied by an elaborate tale.

Donkor Sooron – Human Priest of Pharasma, the unpredictable Donkor has strange obsessions with death, prophesy and all things water. For the Dune Squad, few things are more dangerous than Donkor’s ideas. Having previously explored another pyramid of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension, Donkor and his unforgiving goddess alone know the true dangers that now await.

Halstadt Morgrym – Priest of Angradd, the dwarven god of the fire-forge, Halstadd searches for Ahn’Selota for a different reason than his comrades: his clan hierarchy has dispatched him to destroy an ancient evil lurking within the pyramid. Although as dour as any dwarf, the passion with which he pursues evil has earned him the respect of his comrades.

Karek Kogan – The youngest of the three dwarves, Karek hails from the northern Lands of the Linnorm kings. The bespectacled dwarf secretly searches for his vanished mother, whom he fears abandoned his family at an early age. Young Lawman and witch hunter, the iron-muscled and temperamental dwarf’s true talents lie in breaking things. Watch for his hidden friend, Bunky the weasel, who lives in his pack.

Moonpate the Potentate – Former barkeep turned powerful wizard, the rotund Potentate is on a personal quest to become a daivrat, a magical ally of genie-kind. Although he oscillates between bouts of extreme exuberant courage and deep insecurity, Moonpate is deeply adored by his fellow adventurers. His latest adventure to Osirion has become complicated by the strange visitations he receives from tiny demi-genies who seek to test and mentor him on his path to daivration.

Gandelplot Trapspringer – The halfling Pathfinder from Sothis is a true master of ancient lore. A custodian of the Pathfinder archives in Absalom, Gandel is stretching his wings with a critical field mission. The Dune Squad has come to rely upon the professor for his matchless knowledge of monsters and history as well as his magical ability to enhance their own attacks.

Hurgah the Reaver – Part-orc, part-dragon, part sorcerer, but all tooth and fang, this strange amalgamation of death has taken on the role of Moonpate’s personal bodyguard. Although Hurgah travelled to Osirion on his own, he is being tracked by a deadly evoker-assassin known as Sceptre, who seeks to fulfill a revenge contract, arising from the Reaver’s former bloody mission.

Xerissa Auraraun – An alchemist by trade, Xerissa is a thrill-seeker whose natural inclinations align-well with the Pathfinder Society for which she is a member. Her true passion though is to find what happened to her father, the famous Auraraun of the Lost Scroll, who disappeared on an expedition with Donkor Sooron into the Veinstone pyramid. Her love of fiery explosions and getting into trouble though rank a close second and third. [And if you believe any of this I have a bridge to sell you - it's Thalia people.]

The Beetle's Family Photo Album

Here are links to the campaign photos so far.

  • The Maps so far

  • A few Desert Shots

  • Halstadt Morgrym's Divination Vision from Angradd

  • The Voyage to A'Viss (a city in the elemental plane of water)

  • The Tumen Oasis

  • The Pyramid Interior

  • The NPCs

  • Miscellaneous (The stray photos that don't really have a home.)

  • Pictures of the PCs from the Players (Feel free to join me in nagging our derelict players to get theirs in. . .)

    The photos look better and are easier to navigate if you click the slideshow button.

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