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Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! (Inactive)

Game Master Meowselsworth

A mafia type game with killer robots.

"Hello, my name is Mittens von Meowselsworth III. You may know me from prominent shows such as 'How Many Disgusting Things Can You Eat? *before you barf' or 'Stupid People Doing Stupid Things Seasons One Through Eleven'. I am proud to bring you what I think will be a tasteful and pleasant jaunt on the edge of new ethical grounds. I bring you Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! Get ready for a nifty ride!"

Full rules for all roles:

Criminals: Criminals have no special powers, but still are able to do a few things. They can vote for Team Leader (the format is 'Mittens votes for Belugabreath for Team Leader') or Team Loser (the format is 'Mittens votes for Belugabreath for Team Loser' or 'Mittens votes for Belugabreath for lynch'). These votes are all made in public. Criminals cannot use PMs. All other roles have the criminal abilities on top of their regular abilities. If there is a tie in either vote, nobody is elected Team Leader/Team Loser, depending on the vote.

Hired Muscle: The Hired Muscle can elect to protect one person each round. Anyone under the Hired Muscle's protection is immune to Killer Robot attacks. The Hired Muscle may protect anyone, themselves included. Protection is usually done via private message to Meowselsworth. If Hired Muscle chooses to use Protection in the main Gameplay thread, the format is 'Mittens protects Mittens'. I don't know why the Hired Muscle would choose to do that, though. Hired Muscle cannot use PMs. Anyone can make a 'Blank protects Blank' declaration, but if they are not the hired muscle, it is not counted.

Cat Burglar: The Cat Burglar can watch someone every round. At round's end, if anyone is targeting the person the Cat Burglar is watching, the Cat Burglar finds out who is doing the targeting. This is done via PM, but if the Cat Burglar chooses to use this ability in public, the format is 'Mittens watches Mittens'. The Cat Burglar can watch anyone, themselves included. Anyone can make a 'Blank watches Blank' declaration, but if they are not the Cat Burglar, it is not counted.

Snitch: The Snitch can investigate someone every round. At round's end, they have a 75% chance of finding the role of someone they are targeting. This is usually done via PM, but if the Snitch chooses to use this ability in public, the format is 'Mittens investigates Blank'. Anyone can make this declaration, but if they are not the Snitch, it is not counted. The Snitch can target anyone, themselves included.

Heisters: The Heisters know every other Heister in the game, and are able to communicate with their fellow Heisters via PM or any medium that could reasonably be argued as being fully interchangeable with PMs. Any criminal role that uses PMs to coordinate their characters will immediately die, the punishment for cheating.

Itchy Trigger Finger: This character will kill exactly one person who targets them each round, at random. Anyone targeting the Itchy Trigger Finger will have their power work successfully, if they still live. The exception is the killer robot vote: If more than one Killer Robot targets Itchy Trigger Finger, and one of the robots dies, then the Killer Robot attack on the Itchy Trigger Finger has failed. All Killer Robot votes are counted as 'targeting' Itchy Trigger Finger for the purpose of the rules, so even if the majority of robots are targeting someone else, and one robot targets Itchy Trigger Finger, that robot is counted in the random death selection. If the Itchy Trigger kills a non-robot and the robots have voted to kill them, however, the robots can still kill the Itchy Trigger Finger.

Deathbot: In addition to regular criminal powers, the Deathbot also gets to vote in the Deathbot vote. This vote is usually done via PM, but if you wish to publically make this vote, the format is Deathbot has locked onto Blank. If there is a tie in the Deathbot vote, the person who dies is determined randomly. If the Deathbots target one another, and that is the vote that is randomly determined or is the majority vote, then all Deathbot's targeting their fellow Deathbot find out that Deathbot's role, each other's roles, and the Deathbot being targeted finds out the same. All Deathbots who officially know one another's roles using these means can communicate and coordinate via PMs or any medium that can be argued as being interchangeable with PMs.

Scanbot: The Scanbot follows the rules of the Deathbot plus the Snitch. Scanbot scan is done via PM, but if you want to use it in public, the format is 'Scanbot scans Mittens'.

Sneakbot: The Sneakbot follows the Deathbot rules, but also has a special role. The Sneakbot can stalk one player each round, and if anyone targets that play, the Sneakbot will kill them. This supersedes the regular Deathbot vote, as the Deathbots will only get one kill each round. If multiple people target the Sneakbot's target, then the one who the Sneakbot kills is randomly determined. Stalking is chosen through PM, but if you wish to do it in public, the format is 'Sneakbot stalks Blank'

Team Leader: The Team Leader gets two votes in the round after they are elected. The Team Leader vote is the vote for the Team Leader in the next round, not in the present round. A character cannot be Team Leader for two consecutive rounds, and any votes for a present Team Leader is counted as a null vote. A vote for yourself as Team Leader is counted as a null vote, you cannot vote for yourself. The Team Leader gets two votes, and cannot be killed by the Killer robots in the round that they get their double vote.

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