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Goblins 2: The Wreckin'-ing! (Inactive)

Game Master Dave Young 992

Most adventurers consider goblins to be nothing more than little pests. These goblins are different. They're big pests!

Marsh Area Map
Dragonfly interior
Dragonfly exterior

These are the adventures of 4 Licktoad goblins from the Brinestump Marsh in the wilds of Varisia. They may seem cute to the untrained eye, but their behavior is not something you should try at home. You'd end up in prison, for sure.

They are:

Bucko Rakingclaw: Witch 8

Bucko is the "brains" of the group, and their main spellcaster. His best-known phrase is "abandon plan!" Goblins aren't very good with plans. These goblins, anyway.

Joboo: Ninja 8

A native of Kaer Maga, Joboo is the newest member of the foursome, and the only non-Licktoad. He's sneaky and stabby as it gets, but he's also literate. Weird, huh?

Klepy: (Deceased) Rogue Knifemaster-Scout 5/ Black Scorpion Assassin 2

Klepy was, as his name suggests, a kleptomaniac. This was only the most obvious of his psychoses. His obsession with "shinies" caused a few problems. He tended to get distracted at the worst possible times, and died from an angry naga's attack.

Reta Bigbad: Fighter 8

The only female in the group, Reta is loud and boisterous, and will slash anything or anyone to ribbons, with or without a reason. She's quite fond of her pet toad, Spotol, though.

Tark Bashflat: (Went home) Barbarian 1/ Cavalier (Gendarme) 7

Tark is strong and bashes anything he can with his earthbreaker, atop his trusty steed, a wolf named "Fangz." He's the de facto leader of the party, and leads it well, as long as they tell him what to do.

Velag Wordeater: Inquisitor of Norgorber 8

Velag is a skilled two-sworded goblin, and the spiritual guide of the party. They're not very spiritual, though, especially Velag.

Stix Gibber (Disappeared): Fighter (Archer) 8

Stix joined the Licktoads after Klepy shuffled off this mortal coil. They don't know what to make of him, yet. He rides a pony, so he's weird.
Chapter 1: Patrol (p. 1) Our heroes, fresh from their adventures in "We be Goblins," acquire mounts and patrol the area, keeping the tribe safe from danger, and have their first encounter with a threat that will take up a lot of their time to come.

Chapter 2: Riders of ________! (p. 4) The Licktoads get wind of a growing menace. But first, they have to deal with a dishonest broker; Gogi Furburn, the stoopit fire mage.

Chapter 3: Riders of the Black Moon (p. 7) Journeying through the deadly Mushfens, The Riders hasten to save their homeland. They encounter all kinds of deadly foes, including humans, and stay as guests of the Lizard King, where they all have visions using magic and mind-bending drugs.

Chapter 4: The Upside of Genocide (p. 12) The Riders continue on towards the lands of the Wind Whisperer tribe, crossing the perilous Yondabakari river accompanied by a lizardwoman named Nao, facing swampy death every step of the way.

Chapter 5: Celebration of the Lizard (p. 19) With new gear and magic, our heroes continue south, seeking knowledge in a long-buried temple of an ancient Thassilonian Runelord, and to learn the fate of the Wind Whisperers, their fellow goblin tribe.

Chapter 6: An Ill Wind (p.30) Arriving at the Wind Whisperer camp, the riders make a gruesome discovery. They'd been kidnapped! After killing a marsh giant and a few boggards that were eating goblin babies left behind, they left the surviving baby goblins to feast on the dead "froggies," and started tracking the trail of their kin and their abductors. Their rescue is complicated by the return of an old enemy.

Chapter 7: Evil vs. Evil (p.45) Having saved the Wind Whisperers, the Riders journey east to the land of the boggards. Klepy meets an ignominious fate, and the band is joined by Stix Gibber, an expert archer, just when things looked insurmountable. They plow through villages of boggards, arriving at last at boggard central, the home of the dreaded mogo!

Chapter 8: Ad Astra per Aspera (p.60) Victorious, the mighty Riders return laden with treasure and dreams of new magic. They meet an unexpected fellow, and take their adventure to the stars.

Currently, they just stopped a boggard population explosion, and have just exited a long-buried, collapsed Thassilonian tower (which was once on the ground) after killing a specially-blessed Mobogo. They just saved all the other races of the Mushfens, even the humans living just outside of it.

So, grab some sour pickles, a salted gnome leg, and some fermented apple rot, and jump in anywhere. You're sure to be entertained by the Riders of the Black Moon.

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